Ollie was brushing her hair violently, 'Ahhh!' she screamed, throwing down her brush in frustration, onto the bed.

'Hey, what's the matter?' Heather asked, coming up behind Ollie

'My hair!' Ollie moaned, pointing towards the tangled black mess on her head. 'It's the trial today and I'm meant to look smart and respectable and it looks like I've been through a hedge backwards!'

Heather picked up Ollie's discarded hairbrush and started to brush her friend's hair gently and slowly brushing out the tangles. The brushing seemed to calm Ollie down.

'It's going to be alright' Heather said putting down the brush, having managed to tame Ollie's unruly curls.

'Ooh, let me help' came Phoenix's eager voice, noticing the two girls sitting on the four poster bed. She sat down next to Heather, behind Ollie and began to play with Ollie's hair. Methodically Phoenix began to weave Ollie's black hair into a French plait.

'You've worked an absolute miracle!' Ollie exclaimed, once Phee had finished, standing up to admire her friend's handiwork.

Suddenly Maisie, another one of her classmates, stuck her head around the dormitory door and told Ollie that Teddy Lupin was waiting in the common room and needed to speak to her. Ollie stood up, smoothed out her shirt and picked up her wand. She checked to see if her falcon broach was straight and that she had her lucky pendent around her neck before heading towards the door.

'Good luck' Heather whispered, giving Ollie a hug

'You'll be fine' Phoenix added as Ollie left the safety of her dormitory and entered the mad common room.

'Dad told me to tell you that McGonagall told him that Aunt Cissa has arrived and is waiting in her office' Teddy said, over the din if the loud common room as the rest of the house got ready for the quidditch match.


'I guess she's the one taking you to the Ministry' Teddy suggested before Ollie ran out of the common room to the Headmistress' office. She was able to get into McGonagall's office using the same password Gabby had used last time.

'Sorry I'm late' she said as she burst into the office.

'Don't worry Miss Potter, you're quite alright for time' McGonagall stated calmly as Narcissa walked over to the fourteen year old girl.

'Well, don't you scrub up nicely' she remarked, tucking a stray stand of curl behind Ollie's ear and straightening the falcon broach which had become wonky 'That's better'

'What are you doing here?' Ollie asked, before realising she sounded rude 'I mean, I just wasn't expecting you' she added hastily.

'It's ok dear' Cissa replied 'Andromeda was going to come and get you but she was running late, so will be meeting us at the Ministry and Nymphadora is busy sorting out the Aurors. Your Godmother was also planning on coming but got stuck with the Weasleys'

Cissa's explanation was cut short by a McGonagall gesturing towards the clock on the wall. Narcissa took the hint and lead Ollie over to the fireplace where, via the floo network they were transported into the Atrium at the Ministry.

Ollie picked herself up from the tiled floor of the atrium after she had fallen out of the fireplace and found herself staring at an amazing gold fountain of a Phoenix rising from the flames. She spotted Andromeda standing at the base of it.

'Hello Ollie' Nandy said, giving her adopted granddaughter a hug 'all set?'

Ollie just shrugged; she really did not know what was going to happen inside that courtroom besides the fact that Susan, who was defending her father and whoever was prosecuting him would ask her questions.

'Dora's going to meet us on level 10' Nandy added as they walked towards the lifts, the pair of Black sisters attracting quite a lot of attention from curious onlookers.

They were pushed to the back of the lift as more ministry employees piled in. One man was reading the Daily Prophet which Ollie noticed had a picture of her father being brought to the Ministry on the front page.

Finally they arrived at level 10 having been thrown side to side by the manic lifts. Slightly unsteady, Ollie walked out of the lift, quite dizzy from the ordeal. She was greeted by a woman with chocolate brown hair gently curled down to her waist, framing her heart shaped face. She was also wearing a set of Auror robes.

'Wotcher Ollie' the woman said

'Aunt Dora, is that you?' Ollie asked in disbelief, staring at the woman.

'What do you think?' Tonks asked, giving a little twirl 'you can see why I normally keep my hair short and pink?'

'Wow Andy, that's scary' Narcissa remarked to her sister, as they joined Ollie and Tonks

'I know' Andromeda replied looking at her daughter, it was really rare that she ever saw her daughter's real appearance. It could be said that Andromeda looked like her late older sister Bellatrix, only softer. Well Tonks was like a blurred version of her mother, which meant that there was a big family resemblance, though Tonks had inherited her muggleborn father's brown eyes instead of the haughty Black grey.

'Dora, why are you like this?' Ollie asked, gesturing to Tonk's appearance.

'Well, it was Gabby's idea' Tonks replied as she started to lead them towards the courtroom. 'we need to make an impression on Wizengamot as they enter and the delegation from the ministry so they don't underestimate us'

'I must say this Gabby knows what she is talking about' Narcissa whispered as members of the ministry turned to look at their little group as they walked along the corridor. Ollie began to look down, embarrassed by all these strangers' curious stares.

'Ollie, stand up straight and look up' Andromeda hissed. 'Walk with confidence, you are a Potter and a Black, walk with pride. You need to be strong, ignore the stares, you are above all of them, and they are just nosy busy bodies who want to know what's going on'

With Nandy's words of wisdom and encouragement, Ollie began to walk next to her Aunt Dora more confidently. She looked up and smiled because up ahead she could see that the Weasleys were here.

Molly Weasley looked up as a hush descended on the corridor. She wondered who everyone was looking at until she caught sight of four people walking towards the entrance to the court room, where they had all gathered, waiting for the start of the trial. The blonde haired woman was looking ahead imperiously, the brown haired lady on the right of the small black haired girl was whispering something in the girl's ear before adopting the same expression as the blonde. The girl then looked straight ahead holding on tightly to the other brunette's hand, who had a calm expression of authority on her face.

'Merlin's beard, it can't be!' Molly heard her husband next to her exclaim in amazement. Then the girl with black hair gave Molly a small smile and she finally realised who it was. It was Ollie walking along side Narcissa Malfoy, Andromeda Tonks and what must be Nymphadora.

It was a sight to see, the last remaining members of the noble and most ancient house of Black walking side by side. Molly did not know how she failed to spot the resemblance between Ollie and that family as it was now so clear to see.

'Hi Mrs Weasley' Ollie said smiling at Molly

'Hello Ollie' she replied

'You ok, Kitten?' Luna asked coming over to greet her Goddaughter

'I'm fine Luna'

'I'm sorry I was not there this morning but I was stuck with Ginny at the Burrow' and she gestured towards the red haired woman who was standing over by Ron and Hermione. 'She has been absolutely distraught since the Aurors came to take Harry yesterday' Luna added. Ollie looked closer at Ginny, she looked pale with puffy red rimmed eyes, highlighting that she had been crying a lot recently.

'How are things between Ginny and Dad?' Ollie asked quietly

'I think they have sorted out their differences' Luna replied evasively

'Luna!' Ollie said in frustration; wanting to know what happened please tell me!'

'Ollie now is not the time'

'So what is going on between you and Professor Longbottom?' Ollie asked mischievously, trying to take her mind off the trial. However, Luna's reply was cut off by the courtroom door opening and Percy Weasley appearing.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, you may now proceed into the court room' he announced pompously. Immediately there was a great surge towards the door.

'How's Dad?' Ollie asked Percy as he held the door open and the wizards and witches piled in.

'Harry's ok, I guess' he replied. 'The ministry tried to get information out of him yesterday after he was brought and it took Tonks storming down to the cells to get them to stop interrogating Harry. He would not say anything though, stayed silent the entire time. This morning he asked me to give this to you' and Percy handed Ollie a charm bracelet which had a small key and a wooden deer on it.

Ollie looked down at the bracelet; it was to be used in case of an emergency since it contained a copy of the key to the Potter family vault and the wooden deer was an emergency porkey, which would take her to a safe location. Ollie just guessed that her Dad was being paranoid.

Tonks kissed the top Ollie's head before walking into the courtroom to join the other members of the Auror department. Andromeda led Ollie up to a seat in the octagonal court room, where she sat next to Luna and Gabby. Andromeda then left her in their care as she went to take up the Black family seat in Wizengamot. Ollie watched as Nandy made her way across the room, stuffling along the row until she sat next to Narcissa and Draco who was in the Malfoy seat. They had all donned the burgundy coloured Wizengamot robes.

Susan had once tried to explain to Ollie how Wizengamot was formed. She said that there were some seats that people were elected to, some seats that were appointed and then some seats that were family seats and were passed down the generations until the line died out

Ollie looked around, she spotted Mr Weasley and his oldest son Bill up there among the other members of Wizengamot, while Mrs Weasley, Hermione, Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys were sitting up in the spectator seats since they had come to give Harry some moral support. She saw Aunt Dora and her Dad's old friend Ron, amongst the other Aurors, decked out in their ceremonial scarlet robes. This trial was obviously a big deal. Ollie also scanned the room looking out for Susan who was defending her father.

'Where's Susan?' she whispered to Gabby along the bench.

'Don't worry, she's here' Gabby replied 'she just wants to make and entrance'

'Does it have to this dramatic?' Ollie remarked referring to all the members of the Black family coming together and now Susan arriving 'late'

'Ollie, we want the ministry to feel overconfident, especially the minister' Gabby replied, gesturing to Kingsley Shaklebolt, who was sitting on his perch, smirking at Harry's lack of defence. Ollie wondered how this man had gone from being a respected war hero and honourable Auror. Maybe it was power that turned him into a mean egotistical Minister for Magic.

Ollie looked at Luna to the left of her, wondering what she made of the situation and the theatre of everything. She also wondered why Susan needed Luna as a witness. She looked down at her watch, wondering when the trial was going to start.

'Patience Ollie' Luna said, putting a calming hand on the girl's shoulder as she began to fidget with impatience. 'It's nearly time' she said before returning to stare serenely at the celing as if nothing was wrong.

Ollie turned to look back at Gabby and Dennis who were sitting close together, their hand intertwined. Their heads were bend as the whispered reassuring words to each other. Gabby was like Draco's wife Astoria, in the fact that to Ollie she always seemed to dressed immaculately, with not a single hair out of place, however, though she still looked perfect, today she looked really nervous.

Ollie began to play with the pendent around her neck, she twisted it nervously round her finger, feeling the contrasting textures of the smooth silver compared to the rough crystal which was in the middle. She prayed that everything was going to be ok. Everyone kept on telling her that everything was going to be ok, but she could sense that they were as nervous as she was. Her Dad had tried to reassure her but she knew what a tough case this was going to be to win. Her Dad had killed Dawlish, head of the Auror Department, whether t was deliberate of accidental, she did not know. Her dad did not tell her what went happened on missions.

As Ollie worried what would happen to her if her Dad was sentenced to prison, the court room door opened. She watched as her Dad was led into the courtroom by some members of law enforcement. He was put into the old wooden chair in the centre of the vast room. Ollie let out a gasp as iron chains sprung up out of the chair and chained her father to it, clasping his wrists and ankles.

Kingsley banned his hammer to gain everyone's attention to start the proceedings. 'Trail of the 17th January' he said in his measured booming voice 'to investigate the murder of John Dawlish, killed by Harry James Potter. Interrogators: Kingsley Shaklebolt, Minister for magic, Otto McIrish, Acting head of the Auror department, Percy Ignatius Weasley, Senior under secretary to the minister, court scribe Rose Christine Zeller-'

'-For the defence: Susan Amelia Edna Bones'

As a loud gasp was emitted by several members of Wizengamot as they looked at the auburn haired witch, Ollie let out a sigh of relief, Susan was here and the trial as about to begin.

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