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Chapter Five: Loveless Letters

“The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned.”
-William Somerset Maugham

“Oh, come on. It is clear that the Baron would dominate Nearly Headless Nick,” Mar said to Andrew when I walked up to them. “His head is completely attached!”

“But he’s emotionally disturbed! Nick is in his right mind and cou—”

“Come on now,” I cut in, “It’s clear that the Grey Lady wound use her superior feminine wits to cause them to go insane. Now, let’s go.”

Amongst their protests to my answer, I forced them through the doors of the Great Hall and onto seats. Mar sighed and took some toast onto her plate; Andrew decided to take half the eggs as his own.

I poured myself a glass of juice, “Where were you going with that debate?”

“Oh, you know, bored ramblings of hungry sixth years…” Mar trailed off. “I admit it, I’m dying. This is supposed to be one of the easy years, right? Why I it easy if I’m taking advanced classes that pull all the energy and relevant thoughts from my mind?”

“It’s all for show, Mar, I’ve been telling you this, if you’d only listen.” I rolled my eyes. “The even numbered years are supposed to be easier than the others, simply because that separates things. It’s another—”

“One of those advertising things, yes, yes,” Marlene stuffed toast into her mouth. “You know, I often regret asking you things.”

If she’d pay attention to me, maybe she’d learn something about society. Everything is done in a certain way for certain purposes, whether people know about it or not.

“You’re both being ridiculous,” Andrew, the self-proclaimed logical one, began. “Marlene, you’re doing just fine in your classes and you know it. Merlin, you weren’t put in Ravenclaw just for kicks…and Lynn…well, clearly this year will be interesting for you.”

Here we go again. “What’s wrong with only taking six classes?”

“Nothing at all,” Mar rolled her eyes and stood up. “If you weren’t taking the most difficult ones; what are you ever going to do with N.E.W.T. level Transfiguration, or Potions or Advanced Arithmancy? For the love of Godric, you’re schedule is ridiculous.”

“We mustn’t forget about Ancient Studies, the most important one of all,” Andrew retorted. “Aren’t you one of the three people in that class? And aren’t the two others in my year?”

Mar’s eyes widened, “Of course! Gryffindor Princess Lily Evans and that abnormal claw Georgie Down.”

“She’s not abnormal, she’s brilliant…” Of course, nothing else can be said about the Head Girl.

Mar walked to the orange juice and poured some before coming back, “Oh, look, the mail’s here.”

I looked up to see the owls soaring above. A beautiful sight really, especially considering they don’t let them rain on us during our meal. Strange, is that mom’s bird?

Horns gently landed in front of me, her black wings stretching out before flying away without the letter she came with. I stifled a yawn before opening the blue envelope.


You will not be coming home for Christmas; don’t worry things are fine, just too busy with work and such. I miss you, sweetheart and will see you sooner than you think!

Love, Mum


“Everything alright, Lynn?” Mar asked from across the table.

“Oh,” Mind out of the fog, Lynn, “All’s good, I just have to stay here for…the winter holidays because…Ancient Studies is having a few special Muggle classes, and my mom didn’t take it that well.”

“Oh no, having to work during your break? That’s horrible,” Mar frowned. “You’ll write me though, won’t you? I’m going to France to visit a friend of my mother’s. Je vais apprendre à parler le langage de l'amour.”

“…Do you not already know how to speak it then?” Andrew raised an eyebrow.

Mar blushed, “I speak only a little.”

“I have to go to class, don’t want to be late for the wonders of Defense.” I got up from my seat and pulled my bag to my shoulder. “With the Gryffindors none the less.”

Defense Against the Dark arts wasn’t horrible, not as bad as the first day when I realized the Gryffindors were always supposed to sit on the right side of the classroom. Of course, being the only blue in the bloody sea of red was a nice change of scenery; the professor of this year clearly could care less about anything and simply went on with his teachings of vampires. With his extremely pale skin and constant drinking out of an unmarked dark bottle…merlin, he probably is one.

After grabbing some food from the Hall, I walked up the many flights of stairs to the Astronomy classroom. Us being wizards and all, one would think we’d come up with a better way to get high. I giggled, the words I chose worry me at times; but honestly, even Muggles have invented scale-eators, or something like that. Of course, that’s along with all their herbology work that does nothing to heal the senses, simply preventing them from working properly.

I change my mind; stairs are probably for the best.

I took as much air into my lungs before reaching the top step. Once my foot touched the solid stone, I let the breath out. At least this daily hike keeps me somewhat fit, though I should probably start jogging or something. No stamina what so ever.

The classroom door open, I walked inside and took my usual seat. Waiting for the class to get started, I rested my head back and looked at the painted sky on the ceiling. Oh, look it’s the brightest star in Leo.
Of course it catches my eye.

A lazy smile comes across my face as my mind wanders. He does have those famous Black family looks; not to mention the eyes, it’s a wonder where those grey eyes came from when the rest of his family has dark. The grey, foggy eyes that capture every moment, holding thoughts behind them that one can only begin to wonder about. What is it that makes him happy in life? Why is he a Slytherin, yet his brother such a Gryffindor? When he walks, is the elegant strut on purpose, or has it been pressed into his memory by pureblood fanatic parents?

I sighed happily.

“Ms. Grey, where in the galaxy are most stars born?”

I snapped my head to look at the Professor, “Near the molecular clouds in which the conditions were correct.”

“Correct,” She smiled. “Now remember that tonight we will be meeting up stairs with the other class to see our spacious findings in person. Have a nice rest of your day.”

I quickly got my things together before rushing to the library. Why must they have two classes? There are only five people in each…I will never completely understand the inner workings of the educational systems at Hogwarts.

Five o’clock, that’s six hours before I will heave myself up those stairs again. Schoolwork until seven? Then sleep; perfect plan, Lynnette.

Mother of Merlin. Why does this kind of thing happen? I mean, okay…the Prefect thing was bound to happen on his part, but the name picking? That was weird…but that was once…coincidence. This, though? OF ALL THE BLOODY PEOPLE, why must he be my partner?

Not that I’m really complaining, the irony is simply killing me.

He walked in late to the dark, ceiling-less room at the highest point of the castle. Since I said before that I’d be fine working by myself (an odd number before he came up, of course), I was the odd one out. Until he showed, I didn’t even know he took this class. Of course, I don’t know half of the classes he’s taking. This is unbelievable.

“Continue everyone, Ms. Grey, share with Mr. Black what we are doing.”

I rolled my eyes and he looked sheepishly at me. “Sorry about that, I got distracted.”

“It happens,” I sighed and then smiled with the familiarity of this conversation. “We are noticing the patterns of constellations.”

He went to look through the telescope I had perfectly set up to study my new favorite. Wait—wait—“Wait!”

He jumped and almost knocked over the telescope, “What?”

“Oh, um,” I blushed. “Sorry, I just haven’t set things up yet. Which…um, would you like to look at? We will have to write a three page essay about its formation and such.”

He coughed a laugh, “Merlin, I thought I was going to ruin something or something.”

“No, sorry, I just—yeah.”

“Which constellation is your favorite?”

Yours. “Well, I always thought…um,” Quick, a constellation that’s not in his family. Oh, yes, because I completely know his family tree…what name hasn’t been used by his family? Damn Purebloods and there fancy names. Why is he looking in the telescope? Why is he smirking?

Damn Slytherin confidence.

This is embarrassing.

“Well, it looks like the telescope found us Leo,” He raised his eyes toward mine.

I let out a small laugh, “Ironic, don’t you think?”

“Ironic, indeed. This is probably the best one, for our project, I mean, I know a lot about it,” He took a breath and shook his head. “It does have my namesake after all.”

“May I look?” I leaned over next to him and put my hand against the cold wall. I glanced through the lens at the beauty of the stars. I reached over and turned the knob a bit to enhance the view of a certain star. I waited until the bright blue ball of energy was completely seen.

Ah, Regulus.

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