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    Molly Prewett waited impatiently at Kings Cross Station, searching frantically every two minutes for her best friend, Arthur Weasley, there was so much she needed to tell him, but she couldn’t find him anywhere. Suddenly a voice behind whispered; “Boo!” She turned around as fast as lightning prepared to hit whoever had caused her a fright, but her lips turned up in a smile when she saw who it was and her face lit up, they exchanged a friendly embrace. Molly was hoping with all her might that he couldn’t her pounding heart.

    “Hey Molly, good to see you! Looking good as always,” he said lifting a finger through her long straight red hair.

    “Hey Arthur, you’re not looking to bad, if we just get rid of a spots here and there, you’d be perfect!” Molly replied, laughing.

    “Perfect for what?” Arthur said seriously, as he too dreamed of being more than just Molly’s best friend. But Molly had no time to reply as the large clock that was stuck on the wall with a sticking charm was about to strike eleven o’ clock. Tingles were sent down Molly’s spine when she realised that her and Arthur were hand in hand, it hadn’t been intentional, well not for Molly anyway. They found a compartment a long way down at the back as they were quite late on. They waved and blew kisses to their families as the train made its departure from the station. Once everything was out of sight, the train went down the familiar track to Hogwarts.

    “So how was your summer?” Arthur asked.

    “It was great; Gideon got me a new owl, say hello to Sol!” Molly said showing Arthur a small light brown barn owl with large brown eyes.

    “He’s lovely, so anyway, Molly I want to talk to you about something!” He said hopefulness in his voice.

    “Sure, what is it, is something wrong?” Molly said anxiously.
    Arthur replied with a sigh, “No, no, nothing like that, it’s just that well Molly, I want-”

    “Anything from the trolley?” A familiar face asked, it was a witch in a pointy hat and purple robes, who looked about twenty-five years old. She was pulling a large trolley filled with all kinds of wizard chocolate, from Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans to Liquorice Wands. She was always friendly but always came at the worst time.

    “Yes please, Arthur anything for you?” Molly asked kindly. Arthur shook his head; he had gone red from ear to ear. Molly went out and bought two pumpkin pasties while Arthur opened the compartment window to cool himself down, if only had the courage he wanted, Molly would be his When Molly came back she plonked herself down beside him.

    “So what were you saying?” Molly asked.

    “Oh, I can’t remember now, it mustn’t have been too important!” Arthur lied.

    “Oh, okay,” replied Molly trying to hide her disappointment, she had been hoping, just hoping, for him to say something interesting, “So how was your summer?” Molly asked.

    “It was good; dad brought me to a museum in London, it had the first fellyfone and car but mostly I’ve been doing a lot of thinking” Arthur said, Molly laughed.

    “You and your Muggle obsession!” You’re unbelievable.” Molly said smiling.

    “They’re just so fascinating!” Arthur said with a chuckle, forgetting his embarrassment “Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I got you something!” Arthur reached into his trunk and pulled out a large box, he handed it over to Molly. She tore it open and looked inside.

    “Thank you, I love fizzing whizzbees!” Said Molly thankfully, “I have something for you too but unfortunately you stole my idea of going and getting a large quantity of sweets!” She said and rolled her eyes and giggling. She pulled out a large box not unlike the one she had just received and put it on Arthur lap. He ripped it open greedily.

    “Drooble’s best blowing bubble gum, you know me so well!” He laughed, and stored it away in his trunk. The compartment door opened and in walked Bruchella Waters, a tall girl in their year with short brown hair and very large nose.

    “Hello, what are you doing?” She said to Molly completely ignoring Arthur as in there second year Arthur had given her a very nice pigs nose using a spell that he found in an old book in the library. Unfortunately, Madam Pomfrey, a kind young witch who was the new nurse at Hogwarts, took many days until coming up with a remedy.

    “Oh nothing really, just waiting for the train to stop and then we’ll be back at glorious Hogwarts!” Said Molly, half-sarcastically, she didn’t particularly like Bruchella.

    “Yes well, the driver says we’ll be there in about an hour, so I wouldn’t be worrying to much.” Bruchella said, and left the compartment, throwing a cold look at Arthur.

    “Wow, I forgot how much I hate her” he said, pushing his hand through his hand through his light red hair. Arthur was quite good-looking; he was tall, thin and handsome, with dark brown eyes and pale skin. Molly on the other hand was very pretty, with long straight dark red hair that passed her shoulders, he had brown eyes as well with long eyelashes that fluttered when she looked up, he had a small mouth with white pink lips, she was a bit smaller than Arthur and she was quite popular. Many people liked her, Arthur was popular too but only because he was Molly’s best friend.

    “She can be a slight pain at times, or a big pain, at all times!” Molly replied making the two of them shake with laughter.

    “So I’m going to go and find Dedalus and get my robes on” Arthur said, winking as he left the compartment. Molly wished Arthur would be like this for the rest of the year. She also hoped that one day they would be more than friends, but she wasn’t the one who could make this happen, or was she? She tried to get rid of this ridiculous thought and put her robes on quickly.

    Meanwhile Arthur was down in Dedalus Diggle’s compartment with some of his other friends. Dedalus had a puffskein in his hand and was planning on putting it in one of his potions during the year for experimenting.

    “So what’s the story with Prewett?” Dedalus asked.

    “Same as it was three months ago!” Arthur replied.

    “Do you know if she’s seeing anybody?” Dedalus asked eagerly. Arthur didn't know why but rage rose in side of him at the question.

    “Yes, she has someone back home; Diggle and I know very well she has no interest in you!” Arthur lied and left the compartment, pacing down to Molly, once he saw her pretty face, all anger was forgotten, he was much happier now. They talked about what they were going to do once inside Hogwarts. After a while, Arthur was in a great mood, knowing Molly was all his, well not Dedalus’s he meant.

    Finally the castle came in view; Molly grabbed his hand tightly with excitement. They made there way of the train through the crowds of student eager to go back to Hogwarts. Hand in hand, they went in the carriages to Hogwarts, not even letting go when they reached those giant wooden doors…

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