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Chapter 10

Great Chapter Image by Phoenix Flames @ TDA
Harry knocked on Ginny's door and went in with James in his arms, “Darling it's going to be OK, George and I are going to find Draco and sort this! James needs his mum and I need you to get better. I can't live without you.” Ginny looked anxious at this but took James from Harry and gave him a hug then handed him back.
“OK , but be careful he needs his dad as well! Please look after George if gets carried away who knows what will happen!” Ginny lay back down and Harry gave her a kiss and left. As he shut the door he saw George coming out of Gabrielle's room. George had his wand in his hand and nodded to Harry,
“How is she? Gabrielle is getting worse we need to leave now!” He then went over to James and gave him a little flower which James took and laughed as it turned into a toad. “Always be on your toes little one!”
“George, he's only 4 months he doesn't even know what toes are,” They went downstairs together and handed James to Mrs Weasley, Fleur was already ready and gave Victoire a hug then they all apparated to Malfoy Manor.

Fleur had never seen the manor before and looked amazed at it's size, they walked up to the big iron gates and stared at the dark polished building ahead. They jumped a bit when the gates opened and they went in, the boys tried to put on a brave face and puffed their chest out, Fleur simply held her head high as they walked to the main entrance. George being the eldest wrapped on the door. “DRACO! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW!” he shouted
“So much for subtle George!” Fleur said giving him an accusing look, George shrugged and took a step back as the door opened, Draco stood in the door way looking smug,
“Well, how's Ginny and what's her name Gabrielle?” George and Harry were held back by Fleur who was surprisingly strong.
“Why Draco? What did they ever do to you? Gabrielle doesn't even know you why her?” Fleur asked, George shifted uncomfortably, he had figured out that Draco had got Gabby because of the fact they loved each other.
“Ah little Gabby, no she doesn’t know me but she knows the Weasley's very well.” He stared at George “Especially George?”
“What is he talking about George? Did you and Gabby? Are you..?” Fleur asked confused, Harry simply stood their shocked. George stared at the floor then looked up and stared Fleur straight in the face
“We love each other all right? But no we haven't done anything, we were going to tell you when she was better.” He left out their little make out session the other night. Fleur, much to George's amazement, smiled at him.
“Draco, why are you targeting them though what have they done to you? You better get those marks off them or so help you!” Harry said firmly
“Or what? You can't kill me because then they will both die.” He smirked grimly

18 months earlier at Malfoy Manor:

Malfoy point of view:
He looked out my window and saw his parents leaving together, “I should be like that hand in hand with the love of my life, not sat in bed on my own. How come the filthy blood traitors the Weasley's could find their perfect people when all they deserve is the gutters, they don't deserve it? What have they done that is so special anyway? Weasel tagged along with Harry and suddenly he is a hero, he is a coward! How come he and the rest of the family get all the happiness over one heroic moment. I have done everything under my power to prove myself to my family and the dark lord, surely that deserves happiness risking my life, spending all my time worshipping The Dark Lord, and destroying all chance of a normal life to be heroic like my father and Aunt Bellatrix. They have both suffered, my father spent time in askaban for his loyalty and Aunt Bellatrix died, at the hands of Molly Weasley, for being heroic and loyal towards The Dark Lord. I need to get back at them once and for all, they don't deserve what they have and they will pay. They will feel the pain I felt, go through the loneliness despite all their efforts. Killing them would be to easy, no they will watch their loved ones suffer, I will make them suffer. I WILL!” He thought
He slammed his fist at the wall, and walked meaningfully downstairs to the library. He knew what he was looking for his great Uncle had mentioned it once, the Malfoy Mark. He didn't know much about it except that it was dangerous. His father had told him stories of it as a child which his mother disapproved of but he needed to have some sort of power over the Weasley. He went downstairs and through a dark corridor to a large library; the walls were covered in different books and the one spare wall had the Malfoy family tree on. He looked at the huge amount of people on it and went over to the dark magic section, there were many books that hadn't been used in years. He pulled out one called specialised spells, dust poured out as he opened it. He looked at the contents and saw a note which had been written in and was faded but still said the mark, he flicked to the right page and saw a hand written set of instructions;

The Malfoy Mark

Mix the following potion and place it on your hands, once placed on the victim it will start to penetrate their skin and you simply have to say the spell while touching where you want the mark to be to place the Mark. You will have full control of the victims pain and their visions. You can make them feel the worse pain they have ever felt, you can talk to them and they will hear and you can make any vision you want and put it in their head. Warning; if left on the victim too long it will weaken them so much, it could be fatal. It also gives you ultimate protection, you are bound to them so if you die so do they, but if they die you don't.
Spell: Kious Malvada

He read the potion and got the ingredients, it took about a fortnight to brew and once the desired black colour he placed it in a vile. He made a mental note of the spell and returned to his room to plan his revenge. They deserved it after all, in his mind they did anyway.

He decided he had to get someone, Hermionie Granger was too clever the only other person is Ginny Weasley. However she wouldn't got out without Harry easily, he needed to break them up to give himself enough time to capture Ginny. He chose to place charms on each Harry so he would be stubborn and not listen to Ginny in the hope she would be lonely enough to get close to Draco.

I hope you understand now why Draco is doing this, if you don't then ask me on a review and I will explain. Please write reviews and thanks for reading :)


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