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“Oh my god! That’s me! I’m Voldemort!” Alex screamed, when she recognized the person on the photo.

“What are you talking about?” James laughed at her.

“Crazy, much?” Sirius said.

“This is me! I’ve got to go!” she quickly got up and ran out of the great hall.

They all started to get up, worried about her.

“I’ll go,” Sirius stopped them and followed her, alone.

He soon caught up with her.

“What was that all about?”

“Sirius, you don’t understand. I’m Voldemort. In my dreams I’m Voldemort,” she sobbed.

“What? How did you not know that before, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well I’ve never seen his picture and I only vaguely described what I looked like, to you. I thought I was just an average twenty to thirty-year-old guy. Well, except that I was killing people.”

“How did we not figure this out? How did he call his followers?”

“Sometimes, he called them Death eaters, but I told you that.”

“Alex,” Sirius groaned, “You didn’t tell me that.”

“I did.”

“I think I would remember!”

“Well, I’m sorry, I was always upset after my dreams.”

“You have no idea what this means!”

“I know! I’m the most evil wizard of this generation!”

“That is not you! They are just dreams. But you have to go to Dumbledore.”

“Why, Sirius?”

“Because, this is starting to get out of our hands. You might have a connection to the dark lord.”

“The dark lord? Why are you calling him that? Only his followers call him that.”

“I vowed this would never happen,” he cussed.


“It’s my parent’s influence. But no, I will not fall under it, I swear.”

“I know you won’t,” Alex said kindly.

“You have to go to Dumbledore.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“Alex, I don’t care and I’m sorry to be doing this, but I’m going to go and get him if you don’t come with me.”

“Ok, I’ll go,” Alex stuck her tong out at him.

“Real mature, Alex.”

“I don’t care.”

He laughed and they went along the corridor.

“I still hate you, for making me do this,” she said as they got to the Gargoyle.

”I’m ok with that.”

“What do we do now?”

“Password?” the Gargoyle asked.

“Oh, no,” said Alex sarcastically.

“Prof. Dumbledore!” Sirius yelled at the top of his voice.

“Are you crazy?!” Alex covered his mouth, but he yelled again.

“Sirius! Shut up!”

Nothing could stop him, he yelled again. Dumbledore appeared at the top of the staircase and Sirius looked please.

“Mr. Black, I take it, that this is something very urgent, otherwise you would not be standing here, shouting at the top of your voice,” he said, looking amused.

“Yes, Prof. Dumbledore, it is something very urgent.”

“Well, then come in.”

The Gargoyle jumped aside and they followed him up the twisted staircase. This was the first time Alex had been in Dumbledore’s office and she looked around, interested. There were numerous portraits on the walls and underneath them the name of each headmaster or headmistress, before Dumbledore. Dumbledore waved his wand and two soft chairs appeared. He gestured to them to sit down.

“So, tell me to what do I owe this visit.”

Alex launched herself into the long explanation and with some help from Sirius, managed to tell the whole story. After they finished, Dumbledore was quiet for a few minutes.

“I hope I did the right thing, bringing her here, sir,” Sirius said, wondering if he shouldn’t have wasted the headmaster’s time.

“Yes, of course you did, young boy. I’m just thinking everything through. We are not sure what this is. It might just be a fiction of a child imagination- not that there’s anything wrong with that, I sometimes still wish I was able to do that.”

“So what should I do?” Alex asked timidly.

“I think you should just wait and see and whenever you have one of your dreams, don’t hesitate to come to me. The password is ‘Chocolate frogs’.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to bother you, sir.”

“Yes, You should most definitely come. And don’t worry about it to much,” he smiled at her through his spectacles.

“You should head of to class now,” he said.

“Goodbye Prof. Dumbledore and sorry for the khm noise, sir,” Sirius said.

They left his office and Dumbledore rested his head in his palms. He made sure not to let Alex see just how worried he really was. He didn’t want to ruin her childhood just yet, so he decided to try and protect her from the truth, as long as possible. She was still so innocent and as long as He didn’t know, there was nothing to worry about. But Dumbledore still couldn’t help himself from being worried.


The Easter holidays came and went. Soon everyone was in full studying mode for their exams. Alex hadn’t had a dream recently, she somehow felt more peaceful after she had talked to Dumbledore. It also helped that she was so busy with her exams and studying. And somehow they managed to get through it, even Peter who was the least bright of them all.

“Can you believe it? The first year is almost over,” James sighed happily.

“Yes and now I have to go home to my dark-magic-loving family,” Sirius seemed to get grimmer each day.

“I personally couldn’t be happier to be going home,” Lily said, glaring at James and making it clear she couldn’t wait to be away from him. If Alex wasn’t mistaken James had asked her out a total of 63 times, this month.

“Nobody cares for your personal opinion, flower,” Sirius snapped.

“I care!” James protected his lady.

“That worse than nobody caring,” Lily sighed.

“I care as well,” Alex stood up for her.

“Whatever. I’m going to bed,” Sirius stood up.

“You do that, spreading your bad mood on us is a waste of time,” Alex said.

“Goodnight to you too Taylor.”

“Night, Black.”

“I think you guys haven’t fought in over a week. That must be a new record,” Remus noted and Peter laughed.

“Yeah, I just don’t have the energy. All these exams have tired me out. I think I’ll follow Sirius.”

“Yeah, just don’t follow him literally, not that he’d mind.”

“I would rather die that go to bed with him, ew.”

“We’ll see about that,” James said.

“There will be absolutely nothing to see, I can assure you that!”

“Oh, please, you could cut the chemistry between you two with a knife!” Lily snorted.

“As I said, I’d rather die.”

Alex said goodnight to them and left for the dormitory (her own, not he boy’s). But when she climbed to bed she couldn’t help thinking about what the guys said.

“Could there be something there?” she said to herself.

He was handsome, that’s for sure, with his dark shaggy hair and brown eyes. But still, it was Black and she hated him. Well not for real, but she sure thought she did at least a few times a week. The thought of Sirius was soon pushed out of her head, replaced by a much darker image.

Long time, no see,” I chuckled at the old women who opened the door that I knocked on. She gasped in surprise, when she saw me.

Tom, what are you doing here?”

I could feel the disgust in her voice and my blood boiled. I pushed the door open.

Get out of here, you are not wanted,” she said.

Nobody tells me what to do,” I laughed.

You were like that as a child, you didn’t listen to anyone, not even to me,” she reminisced.

As I said, I don’t listen to anybody. I didn’t back then and I don’t now.”

What do you want, Tom?”

I want a lot of things,” I said pulling my wand out of my pocket.

Tom what are you doing?” I could see the fear in her eyes, “I have nothing of yours, you didn’t have any possessions. You were different as a child.”

Are their anymore people here that remember me? Mrs. Parkinson? Is she alive?”

No, she died, I’m the oldest here, Tom what are you doing?” her voice quivered.

If you are the only one left, then that makes this a whole lot easier,” I chuckled.

Tom, please, I saw how you were born,” she backed away and hit herself on the edge of the table.

That’s exactly why I’m doing this. Avada Kedavra!”

Her body fell to the floor. I went to the front door and left the building like a shadow. Before I apparated, I glanced back one last time. I saw the notice that read: Sunshine Orphanage.

It didn’t feel very sunny, back then,” I thought scornfully.

“Why? Why?” Alex moaned, waking up.

Why do the dreams always come back, when she least needs them? Her exams were over and that left her with an empty mind. She got up and looked around. Paige’s bed was empty. Where was that girl? She always seemed to be in her own little world. Alex decided to go and see Dumbledore immediately, because she wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway.

“Chocolate frogs,” she murmured to the Gargoyle.

“You are a late bird,” it said, but jumped aside never the less.

Alex cautiously knocked on the headmaster’s office, suddenly wondering if it was a little late to be barging in on him.

“Enter,” she heard his voice.

“Hi, sorry for bothering you, sir, but I had a dream,” she said, realizing how childish this sounded.

“Ok, Alex, sit down and tell me,” he didn’t seem upset about her late visit.

So, like many previous times, she sat down on the chair he conjured up and told him everything.

“Do you know the place he was at, or the women he killed?” she asked him in the end.

“I’m afraid I do.”

“And why was she calling him Tom?”

“Tom Riddle is Voldemort’s real name, but not many people know that, I’m sure that’s why he killed her.”

“What? Because she knew his real name?”

“You see, you don’t understand his logic. It’s not really about the name, but about the person he was before. I think, Tom-that’s what we’ll call him from now-wants to cut all his connections to his childhood, so he can become exactly, who he wants to be. He doesn’t want risking people knowing to much about him.”

“How come, you know him that well, sir?”

“I was his teacher, when he was at Hogwarts,” he said simply.

“You were his teacher?” she yelled surprised by the news and then quickly added “Sir.”

“Yes, I was. Probably one of the rare ones, who saw him for who he was-even though I say it myself. That’s probably the reason why Tom never liked me; I wasn’t under his charms. You see Tom is very charismatic and knows how to please people, if that will help him. I tried to help him, I hoped he wasn’t going to become what I saw in his eyes. I believed there was still hope.”

“Do you still believe that, sir?”

“Yes. I think there will always be a good part in Tom, even though he might not realize it, until it’s to late. His soul is so powered with hate, that it will never be the same again,” Dumbledore said sadly.

“What do you want me to do, professor?”

“Nothing for now. You should take this summer as a waiting period and just see what happens. Now go to sleep, Alex,” he smiled.

She started getting up.

“When you come back next year, you’ll get my message when to come and see me. And enjoy your holidays.”

“Goodnight, sir.”

“Goodnight, Alex.”


“All onboard!”

They heard the piercing sound of a whistle and hurried onto the train. James found them a compartment and they sat down, the end-of-the-year feeling, finally sinking in.

“Where’s Lily?” James asked.

“I think with some of her friends,” Alex said, not wanting to hurt James’s feelings, telling him she took the first opportunity to get away from them.

“Oh, I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.”

“Absence, makes the heart grow fonder,” Sirius said.

“Does that mean, she’ll be in love with me when we come back?”

“You never know,” Remus smiled.

“Can you believe it? Just six more years to go,” Peter said.

“It’s scary, isn’t it?” Alex said, shifting in her seat.

“Can you imagine what the people that have just finished Hogwarts, must be feeling like?” James wondered.

“They’re going into their real life and we’ve just started.”

“We’ve got a long way to go,” Sirius barked.

“But I can’t wait,” Alex grinned.

A/N: Sorry, kind of a cheesy end, but what can I say, it had to be done. One year down and six to go. So I'd like to say a couple of things: I've published another story, it's called Hogwarts for dummies so if you like this one go and check it out, please. The other thing is, I would like to thank hpfanno1, who left me two lovely reviews that really made my day and also Maddy who's been the most faithful reviewer! Thank you so much! Plus a few months ago a user Catherine asked for Alice Longbottom to be in this story, I don't know if your still following it, but don't worry she will appear soon. Please review you guys! It means the world to me, review!

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