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September 20


 “This is a good thing” thought Scorpius. “Rose has someone so I can stop thinking about her. I need to focus on school anyway, and quidditch is beginning next week. Rupert will hold Merlin knows how many practices.” Scorpius continued fruitlessly to try and convince himself that fancying Rose was ridiculous. Finally giving up on research he went for a walk. He stopped by the kitchens and was greeted by an elf named Liam.


“Hello nice master, how can Liam serve you today?”


“Hello Liam, do you by chance have any sandwiches? Also could I have a glass of butterbeer?”


“Yes of course young master! Liam will bring it out right now please take a seat sir!”


Scorpius ate quietly and began to think more on pursuing Rose. Granted she was with Gregory now, but he was rather dim and not worth her time. He didn’t think it would last long. Yes, he would go after Rose. And if she wanted nothing more than friendship he would know he tried. He left the kitchens in somewhat better spirits and went to the common room where he found a glum Rupert.


 “What’s got you down mate?”


“Well. For starters my grade in DADA is doomed seeing as half my team will not talk to each other. Secondly, James Potter just got the new Firebolt which puts you at a disadvantage as seeker, oh and Acacia won’t go out with me since my blood is apparently mucked with ‘muggle filth’ as she put it.” Rupert was clearly even more upset then he was showing and Scorpius knew this immediately.


“I thought you didn’t like Acacia? I know you find her fit but even you don’t go for just looks contrary to what you say” Rupert gave a small smile at that.


“I know, but I like her ambition and for some reason I enjoy when she puts me in my place. No other girl can. I’ve never known her to care about blood purity, it’s nonsense anyway, she’s always been a civil Slytherin. Hell, most of them are now since the war.” Rupert continued to stare into the fire in the common room.


“Well mate, maybe there is another reason? I agree she has never been a pure blood fanatic. If it helps I found Rose snogging Gregory Flint. He’s an arse if I’ve ever seen one. Acacia is at least not off with another bloke.” Scorpius tried to lift his friend’s spirits with that thought however it hurt him to say it out loud.


“Oh. Really? Tough luck Scorpius. She’ll see reason, Rose is a smart girl and Flint is just lucky to have made it this far in school. Not to mention you’re so much hotter, according to the Hogwarts grapevine” Rupert laughed at his own joke as Scorpius just glared.


“You know Rupert, you’re an idiot. Maybe I’ll let James Potter catch the snitch, just to piss you off.”


“Nah your father would murder you. Can’t have a Malfoy lose to a Potter now can we!” Rupert seemed back to his old self. The boys settled in for the night to write a two foot potions essay. The following day was filled with homework and no one made much progress with their task until Thursday evening.


“I think I give up. I want to play quidditch so I don’t really need the grade in DADA anyway” said a haggard looking Roger.


“Well Roger that is just too bad because some of us care about our grades.” Snapped a frustrated Rose.


“I feel as if we are overlooking the obvious you know? There is something we have not thought of. I know Slytherins been dead for thousands of years but there should be a better account on him than these random textbooks!” Grace appeared just as put out as Roger.


“MERLIN’S BEARD! We are so stupid! The Bloody Baron! He has to know something right? You were right Grace that is so obvious! Rose, are you friendly with him at all?” Scorpius’s heart was racing from excitement.


“How did we not think of that? And well, as friendly as you can be I suppose, he tends to keep to himself, the Baron. We can try tonight? He’s always roaming the dungeons.”


“This is great! Do you think anyone else has thought to ask a ghost? I know it’s only been three days but I would love a nice lead!” Grace started talking fast in all her excitement.


“Well I for one think we could just talk to him now! What’s stopping us anyway?” Merlin Roger could be dim at times.


“Well Roger, you see talking to him now would be a giveaway, seeing as everyone is out and about the castle. We don’t want to give any other teams help.” Scorpius said as nice as possible.


“Oh yea, that makes sense. Well are we done for today? We’ll meet during dinner yea?”


“Sure Roger, that’s fine.” Scorpius again almost rolled his eyes. But he was trying to be kind to Roger despite his annoyance.


“Well I’ve got a test in Herbology to study for so I’m off, Rose you coming?” Rose shook her head and Grace left. Soon Roger left the library as well to do something Scorpius didn’t even bother listening to.


“Rose, are you okay?”


“What? Oh yes I’m fine. Oh and about the other night, um I’m sorry, I’m normally not the type of girl to be snogging random men in the corridors”


“Oh yes. Well I mean if he’s your boyfriend I suppose that’s understandable. It was just a shock I guess. I imagined you with someone with more um, I guess just um more.” After realizing how rude that sounded Scorpius quickly tried to make up for it. “I’m sorry it’s none of my business who you date Rose! I was just surprised that’s all!”


“Hah, oh Scorpius you really are too sweet sometimes. You didn’t let me explain. I would never date Gregory Flint. It was a dare! No one was supposed to know! The girls and I were playing a game and I lost so that was the punishment! Gregory of course did not mind seeing how gross he is.” At those words Scorpius felt his heart lighten considerably.


“Really Rose? That’s great! Brilliant in fact! You deserve loads better then Flint!” Scorpius quickly stopped himself; it was way too soon for him to say these things to her.


“Oh you think so Scorpius?” Rose blushed at his words.


“I er-, I um, yea I really do Rose. I had a question actually,” Here it is. The perfect opening. He could ask her to Hogsmeade or a simple walk around the grounds. Anything he wanted! “um, why did Acacia turn down Rupert?” Damn. That was not what he wanted to say at all.


“Oh. That. I really don’t know. She seems interested in him, I thought at first she was playing hard to get but she insulted his family so it doesn’t appear so. Anyway I guess I’ll be off. I’ll talk to you tonight Scorpius.”


As Rose left the library Scorpius could have punched himself. “Idiot, idiot, idiot!” He trudged up to Ravenclaw tower with these thoughts. He needed advice. Girl advice, not Rupert’s nonsense or Lysander’s ramblings on fleewillows or nargles or whatever else there was. He went to his closest female friend Aphrodite. Aphrodite’s name suited her, guys gravitated to her beauty, Rupert was one of the few proud to say he dated her of course. She was average height with big green eyes, tan skin, and wavy chocolate brown hair. Her flawless smile and body made every guy dream of her. Scorpius however, never really thought of her like that. She was definitely fit, but she was just his friend.  


“Hey Aphrodite can I speak with you please? I need help.”


“Of course Scorpius, let me just finish editing my paper.” After a few minutes she put her stuff in her common room and came to join Scorpius.


“Come, let’s take a walk there are too many people in here and I don’t want to be overheard.” Aphrodite followed him as they left the tower and went to walk the grounds.


“So… There’s this girl and –“ He was immediately cut off.


“You fancy Rose Weasley but are too nervous to do anything about it because of your parent’s and because well, you are generally nervous about girls. Correct?”


“Is it that obvious?” Scorpius asked worryingly.


“No Scorpius it’s not, I just know you and I’ve only seen you date maybe two people here at Hogwarts and it was never anything serious. You just seem happier when you are with her.”


“Well yes because I am! She’s everything I’m attracted too! But more than that to you know?” He ran a hand through his blonde hair in frustration. “I just don’t know how to go about it.”


“Well Scorpius, the thing is your families cannot rule your love life. This is not the 1800’s. I think you need to go for it, do you know how she feels about you?”


“No not really. But we get along great! I’ve only really talked to her about DADA though.”


“Well that’s just it, get to know her better, see where it goes, try again in a week or so to ask her out. Don’t rush it too much, if you rush into dating her and find out it’s not what you wanted than that would be bad for everyone including your families for no reason”


“I knew you were in Ravenclaw for some reason Aphrodite. So I heard about you and Albus Potter, is that right?” She blushed furiously.


“How on earth did you find out about that!?”


“Well Aphro, you’re not the only observant one. If anyone can snag the only quiet Potter it’s you.”


“Well thank you for your vote of confidence Scorpius. But let’s just go to dinner, I’m still waiting for him to make a move already and maybe tonight’s the night!”


“Someone’s determined…” Scorpius smiled as they walked back to dinner.

“Okay Rose! Lead us to the Baron!” Roger shouted eagerly.


Team Slytherin walked determinedly down to the dungeons in search of the Bloody Baron.


“Now each of you needs to leave me to the talking, he is rather short with other houses.”


They each nodded their heads. When they finally reached the Baron Rose stepped forward.


“Hello Baron, may I speak with you?”


“Yes, I know what you seek. I can tell you little other than this, Salazar’s password is not the name of a love object, or trait dealing with our grand house. But a word in the language of the true pure blood. I wish you luck.”


And with that the cold Baron floated through the walls and left them.


“Well. That was helpful, I think?” Trust Grace to find the silver lining when it was obvious none of them knew parseltongue.


“Hmm, Rose didn’t Harry Potter speak Parseltongue? I believe it said something to that effect in my textbook.” Scorpius found a ray of hope in his statement.


“Well yes, but he lost the ability with the death of Voldemort.”


“Wait! Rose didn’t you father know some as well? My dad said back in their day they tried to mimic Harry Potter in his sleep and your dad was best at it!” Roger sounded so excited and Scoprius could not help but be happy with this realization as well.


“Yes, yes you’re right Roger! I will write him immediately and see if he can help! We still need to locate the room of course but this is a big step.” Rose looked so passionate when she was determined, Scorpius stared at her for a while before he realized they were heading back to the Great Hall.


“Oh hey um Rose! Could you help me with Potions tonight? The recent essay was difficult and you mentioned you were quite good at it.” Scorpius looked at Rose and saw a small smile play as he waited for her response.


“Sure Scor, I’ll meet you after dinner in the library!” She walked off to the Slytherin table and Scorpius headed back up to his dorm to make his finished Potions essay completely horrid and worthy of a Troll grade. When he finally got to the library he waited for Rose. She came in shortly and sat down.


“Scor, sweety, you were not lying this is horrid! Not to be blunt but I know you can do better than this! I’ve been your partner before and you normally have a good grasp on the subject!”


“I know Rose, I’ve just been so distracted with the task I guess I’ve been doing poorly. So Rose why is Potions your favorite subject anyway?” He decided in order to get to know her better he should ask questions about her.


“Well I suppose because making something out of nothing intrigues me. And I like helping people, I hope to be healer maybe. My mother dreams of me going into the ministry though, and my father dreams of me staying a little girl.”


“Well, your mother cannot always choose for you. Sometimes you need to follow your dream and not someone else’s. And what father doesn’t dream of his daughter staying young forever?”


“You’re a wise Ravenclaw aren’t you Scor?” Rose gave him the smile that melted his heart. ”So what do you dream of doing Scor?”


“You’ll laugh trust me.”


“Oh come on tell me! I told you! It’s only fair!”


“You know Rose I think I’m going to turn in for the night so I’ll be taking my leave…” The next thing he knew Scorpius was being tickled by Rose and yelled at by Madam Hughes.


“Both of you out! Out of my library!”


They left cracking up and out of breath from their laughter. “So are you going to answer me now Scor?”


“Oh yes, that. Well I want to be an auror.” He waited for it, the laughter, and the jokes. He chanced a look at her and saw nothing but a smile. “Really? No jokes about who would hire a Malfoy to protect them from dark wizards?”


“I don’t care that you’re a Malfoy. You will make a great auror, you have the grades and ambition. You care about doing what’s good for people. I would never laugh at that Scorpius.”


She looked at him in a way no else had ever looked at him. With Rose, Scorpius did not feel like he was trying to impress someone with trying to cleanse the Malfoy name. He was just Scorpius.


“Thank you Rose, really that means a lot. Especially coming from a weasel” he earned a playful smack to the arm with that.


“Call me weasel again and that will be a hex instead Malfoy!” She smiled and gave him a quick hug as she walked to her dorm.


Then he realized it, he was falling for Rose Weasley. He would do whatever it took to call her his girlfriend.


A/N There is no way Rose would ever be with Gregory Flint! Did you like the idea of the Bloody Baron? I found it difficult to write how he would talk. Any thoughts on the developing relationship between Rose and Scorpius? As always praise and constructive criticism are welcome! 

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