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Author’s note: Usual Disclaimer I don’t own harry potter or the music. I had loads of fun writing this chapter. I tried going with old songs. 1*unforgettable by nat king cole,*2 The times they are a-changin by bob Dylan.*3 Largo by Johann Sabastian Bach during the very special scene.(Mentioned since its instrumental) *4 You’re my Thrill,By billie holiday. Vectors dance with Mione song is *5 Grande Masquerade by Nox Arcana. (Not in the fic but in case you’re curious on what the instrumental was)Italic lines belong to those artists mentioned.I take no credit for any of it. If its Italics and Stared it’s not mine.  Read the rating warnings on my story before reading this. Oh again Language.


      Draco after having put the cloths in one of the drawers of their room; he went back and waited outside of the door of Susan’s room.  He stared at the painting in front of the door that was of a Greek woman looking out to the sea from a cliff, her dress blowing in the wind, she seemed sad. For some odd reason he couldn’t stop staring at that painting. He leaned next to the door, watching the painting. He didn’t hear a woman saying his name until the fifth or sixth time it was said.

  “Draco?, Draco…DRACO!” The unknown woman shouted.  

  Draco Jumped and turned his head, tense that he had been caught off guard. What if it had been Vector or Montague?

“What? Why are you shouting? Who are you?” He asked quickly noticing that it wasn’t Susan, or Hermione coming out of the room.

“You seemed to have spaced. I’m shouting because I’ve been calling your name for three minutes. My name is Willow, I’m Damascus’s wife.” The dirty blond held out her hand. Draco just stared and resisted not to insult her. Taking her hand he quickly shook it.

“You obviously already know my name.” He spoke with sarcasm.

“Jeez Granger sure knows how to pick’em” willow laughed at his obvious irritation.

“She’s not my girlfriend! How many times do I have to say that?”

“Oh, really?” Willow smirked obviously up to something. Draco didn’t like that look.

“Yes really”

“Then, it shouldn’t bother you to hear that Vector’s planning on dancing with her Saturday?”She teased in a sickenly sweet voice. 

  This caused the same feeling he got earlier when Granger was talking to Edward to bubble up inside of him. He clenched his teeth to keep her from noticing. 

“No, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.” He lied; He knew instantly that he didn’t fool her one bit.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you if you were waiting for Granger It will probably be another hour. So you might as well go do something else. “She informed him.

“An Hour?! God women take forever.”

“We have to look good so. Scadattle.” she pushed him down the hall, getting the point Draco headed off toward the direction of the hunting grounds.  

“Bloody women, He muttered.” When he finally did reach the grounds, after being careful about the top part of the house so nothing caved in; He jumped up into one of the nearest trees, sitting on the branch. He watched the animals and other creatures around him in the moonlight waiting for time to pass.

  Draco had been on the branch, watching several deer bound off. For barely ten minutes before he heard voices, realizing he couldn’t be seen, or smelled since he was up wind. He crouched hiding himself straining to listen.

“So, how are your plans going with that Granger girl?” A male voice with a lyrical accent spoke slowly, Draco recognized it as Montague.

“Not so good, She is very closed and all she wants to do is talk about books or history or whatever nonsense.”

  Draco Tensed, Continuing to listen, leaning forward so he could hear better.

“We had a deal Vector” Montague growled; Get her defenses down enough to find out what her relationship with Draco is. I want to know her every weakness.

 “We also agreed.” Vector said, there was a long pause and he continued. “That I could do what I wanted before hand, so you’re just going to have to be patient with me. I want her she’d make a good meal, and more. I’ll get you your information, stop pestering me.”

“Use Saturday to your advantage” Montague growled and both voices slowly faded. Draco waited until he was absolutely sure that they were gone, after twenty minutes and he still didn’t hear or see anything. He let the panic course through him, though he kept calm. Jumping down from the tree he casually walked back inside.

    So he wouldn’t draw unnecessary attention to himself. He acted casually as he made his way toward the chambers he shared with Hermione. When he got there he sighed in relief he could smell mione’s scent through the door.

  Opening it quickly he ran over to her, at that moment not really caring he pulled her into a tight hug. Something he normally didn’t do. He was tempted to kiss her but quickly squashed that feeling down.

  “Draco? What’s wrong? Are you ok what happened? “

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the tasks earlier I just wanted you to rest…are you ok?

 “Yes Draco I’m fine, why are you hugging me are you ok?”

 “Promise me Granger; Promise me you won’t go near vector alone.

“I can take care of myself and I don’t take orders from you, but fine if it will make you feel better I’ll be more careful.”  

  Draco reluctantly let Granger go, with a sigh he went over to the other side of the room, closing his mercury blue eyes trying to fight back the vampire in him. The urge to bite her..No not bite. Mark. Granger was strong sudden, and confused him.

    “I got some information out of Damien.”  He finally spoke to fill the awkward silence that fell between them.  He didn’t rust his own thoughts at that moment.  “Nothing at all useful and we hadn’t already guessed or figured out though.”

  “Really?  I got some information out of Susan, but it is of no help really, not anything we hadn’t already guessed. Except that apparently after Afina married Obsidian she told Susan that if anything ever happened to look in the silver dragon; whatever that meant.”  She sighed.

“Well that was oh so helpful, But it’s a start I guess” Draco said half sarcastically.

   They spent the rest of the day searching records of any item that may have been dragon formed, there was nothing. At first they thought it was a personal object, but they couldn’t get into Afina’s room. Willow was the only one with a key and she wouldn’t be back until Saturday.  

   The next two day’s indeed proved to be long and painful. It seemed that every time he turned around or was away from Hermione for even a moment, Either Vector or Montague were there, therefore he got in the habit of, constantly watching her. He didn’t sleep much either he was tense and constantly alert.

  More than once he got paranoid of the slightest noise, He really needed to get a grip on himself, he felt like an over protective parent. He conveniently didn’t link it to “boyfriend” being protective. 

  “If you don’t stop following me around like that, I will hex you!” Granger snapped finally for the sixth time that Saturday morning. “Honestly, I think this masquerade will do us both some good” She continued.

“You need to get out, I think you’re getting cabin fever”

“No, I need people to stop threatening us every five minutes” He countered.

“Ugh, I’m going to get ready, I’ll see you later.” She grabbed her beaded hand bag and headed out the door.

“It’s only 11:00! The thing isn’t even until 6pm how long do you need?” He asked incredulously. Seriously how long did it take to get dressed?

“Susan said she wanted me in there early. Also we will be meeting you boys there, you can stay out of trouble for one day can’t you?” She questioned with a small knowing smirk on her lips.

  Draco just glared and grabbed the nearest book. (Failing to notice it was upside down).

 “My point exactly.” Hermione took one last look at him before leaving.

  He shot a glare at the now closed door. “Hmph, Women” he muttered.

  The rest of the day passed very slowly for him. On more than one occasion he made a sweep of the corridor where Hermione was.  Unbeknownst to her, Mostly out of his own paranoia that he wouldn’t even admit that it was because he was concerned about her.

  Every time he was caught by Damien who gave a knowing smirk and wink; And each time, was immediately met by Draco giving him a very rude finger gesture.

  “I got things handled here Draco, Neither will even come down here because I’m right next door.”Damien said at Draco’s 6th “Just Checking” Round.

  “I know It’s just…I don’t even know why I keep checking” Draco admitted.

 “It is because you care for her.”Damien insisted, which got a look from Draco that clearly said “you’re nuts.”

  “Obviously you’ve subconsciously made her your mate.” He continued ignoring Draco’s look.

   “Now I know you’re crazy” Draco said glaring. “I didn’t subconsciously do anything. She’s my responsibility that’s all. “

  “I’m not crazy, think about it. When she’s around all you do is stare at her and you get very jealous, I’ve seen this.  I will also take a wild guess that her scent affects you more than anyone else’s, How else do you think you can always find her in crowds? “

   Draco just flashed his fangs. “I’ve always been able to find her that has nothing to do with me being a vampire or her scent, I know her well enough to know where she goes.” With that he went back to his room to get ready. He missed the knowing smirk that graced the vampire lord’s lips.

    Later that night Draco found himself waiting at the bottom of the stairs for Granger. The ball was being held near the city’s oldest graveyard in an out of the way mansion. Looking around Draco didn’t feel as bad. Some people were wearing worse clothing than him. Still. He was glad he wore the mask, even if no one knew him here. He felt uncomfortable in muggle clothing. Well, Old fashioned muggle clothing.

    A few minutes later soft music started to drift into the hall. It was an instrumental he wasn’t familiar with. But, it was classical nonetheless. Damascus’s girl willow was the first to arrive. She wore a honey yellow dress that went to her feet and had her hair up in a bun. She had chosen a much older style than Draco did. It looked Greek, Spartan if his memory was correct. He supposed it was to match Damascus who literally looked like he might have walked out of an ancient Greek painting. They stood out quite a lot as everyone else was wearing styles ranging from the 16th century to the 18th. There masks simple one colored, hers was a yellow held onto by a stick. Damascus’s was a simple plain white.

   Draco watched the top of the stairs hoping She’d come soon, He would relax more when she was closer he knew that.  The Gypsy was the second to arrive. Still wearing traditional clothing but with a little Special occasion looking. He started to get impatient after Axel who wore a gypsy’s male dress clothing his black hair as ever still tied in an old fashioned pony tail. (Held up by ribbon). Both wore black masks.


   He boredly hit the back of his head against the wall trying not to appear impatient. He of course seemed to be failing miserably at this. Just then Damien appeared beside him patiently waiting for Susan. Damien wore the same clothing as Draco, only his pants were a midnight blue, as were his vest and jacket. His ascot tie thing Draco didn’t know what that was called was neatly tucked into his white shirt. His mask was midnight blue with Silver crows, Handiwork done by his wife most likely by the detail and obvious love and attention she put into it.

  “Relax everything’s going to be fine.” Damien chuckled watching Draco’s impatient squirming.

  “You do not know Hermione, Danger follows her everywhere something always happens!”

  Damien chuckled and Draco sent a glare.

 “Come on!” A lyrical voice spoke at the top of the stairs. “Now isn’t the time to get all shy!”

  Draco and Damien both looked up to see a woman in an owl mask, that was white with brown around the edges and black around the eyes, the beak where her nose was. She was wearing a floor length ball gown that puffed up a bit. It was white with glitter and brown around the edge of the dress and straps that rested on her upper arm.  There was some form of glittery material over the skirt that just confused Draco, he never did understand women’s taste in clothing.

 “See” Damien said. “I told you they would get here just fine. “

  Draco however wasn’t paying even the slightest bit attention. The woman, who he guessed by now was Susan had managed to coax the other girl from behind the entrance door.  If he had been breathing, he was sure he would have stopped. He suddenly had flashbacks of when he saw her at the Yule ball there first year.

  The red and gold corset she wore had a lion; Causing him to chuckle at the Obvious Gryffindor influence. He noticed that unlike fourth year she fit into the dress more, she was curvier and it showed that off. He watched as she nervously played with the chiffon of the sleeves, also noting the lions. The skirt part he was sure she would trip on but was pleasantly surprised at how gracefully she was able to move. Her hair was left loose but it fell in soft curls unlike its normal bushyness.Her mask again had lions and it made her chocolate brown eyes more notable, in fact, he couldn’t stop staring at her eyes, Why hadn’t he ever noticed the amber gold flecks in them before?

  Remembering his manners he walked over to her just as she reached the bottom of the stairs. He bowed and gently kissed the back of her hand; which caused a faint blush to appear on her cheeks. He smirked satisfied he had at least some affect on her. 

  “Do you want to dance? He asked why leading her into the room. “



   Hermione soon found out why Susan wanted her so early. It was basically to hang out and have girl time. Hermione wasn’t quite used to this. She was used to just observing Ginny and the other girls of her year that it took her a while to get used to being included. Soon she found herself discussing how things have changed over the centuries.

  “This is the 6th time Draco’s passed by this door!” Susan giggled why doing willows hair in a complicated bun.

  “Really? “ Hermione looked up interested. As Aurora did her hair in soft curls after spending an hour getting it un-bushy.

  “Yes I think he’s worried.” Willow piped in.

 “Yeah Right.” Hermione said as she put on her skirt and shoes, about to let Aurora lace her corset.

  “It’s true” Susan said seriously. I meant what I said about you aura’s being intertwined!

  Hermione rolled her eyes. “I’m sure he’s just paranoid about something. He’s been odd since we got here.”

   Once her corset was laced Hermione put on her mask; though out of all there masks. Susan’s owl was her favorite.  Following the girls she made sure to put on the sun necklace Aurora gave her weeks ago around her neck.

   Willow and Aurora were the first to go in. Hermione stood nervously outside; she didn’t know why she was so nervous. She felt like something was going to happen tonight, but she didn’t know what or whether it was good or bad. 

  She wasn’t allowed to hesitate to long, for soon Susan Dragged her inside. She stood at the top of the steps. As she peaked out from behind the corner; she had a major déjà’ vu moment.  She was somewhat shocked to see Draco was waiting for her at the foot of the stairs. Soft instrumental music filled the hall. Draco was wearing a green suit and out of everyone blended in the most. She could tell it was him because of the tell-tale sign of his hair. That and he was wearing green and a mask with embroidered silver snakes. She had to admit. Susan had a major sense of humor.

  As she started to go down the steps she found herself in an eye lock with the Slytherin. She had never noticed the silver in his blue eyes before.

  She found herself to be shocked again when he kissed the back of her hand. She felt her cheeks burn. She hoped he couldn’t tell. By his smirk it was a wish made in vain.

   Hermione let him lead her to the main ballroom. She was amazed at the room. It was a large hall that she couldn’t see the end of really. The ceiling had glass windows to let in the light of the full moon and stars act as a natural lighting. The windows had to be at least 10 feet high with Blood red curtains Opened.  Marble pillars on either side of each window. There were Chandeliers between them slightly in front of the window near the ceiling. The floor was white tile that gleamed with some red and black flecks.  A smaller room adjacent had tables and chairs and also a small bar. She figured that was where they would eat and rest occasionally. She was officially excited she loved dancing and she hoped this would turn better than fourth year even if she was with Malfoy.

  The classical music that was changing turned to another song. One Hermione loved. It was defiantly for the younger couples because the older ones went off to go rest  or watch them.

   Draco spun her to face him.  She couldn’t help but giggle. At that moment she didn’t care if she was Granger and he was Malfoy or their house; actually now that she thought about it. That stopped mattering the second she said she’d help him. 

  He started in a gentle slow waltz

*1* Unforgettable…that’s what you are.

   He gently turned her, Hermione felt increased nervousness but a few slow breaths caused her to calm down. She allowed her mind to empty as she slowly, with gaining confidence, moved with him.

.   She held onto his shoulders as he lifted her to turn her. It was then she realized. She had grown to really trust him. When she was back on her feet, she moved a bit closer to him smiling up at him.  Which earned her a rare real smile from him. 

   She spun only to be pulled back against him, her back against his chest and her head on his shoulder. His chin went to rest on her shoulder; their fingers intertwining. Slowing until they were in a gentle sway.

   She looked up their eyes locking and Hermione felt for the second time that night. Drawn in and she couldn’t bring herself to remove her gaze from his. As the instrumental solo started she closed her eyes. One of his arms wrapped around her waist. Their hands still intertwined. When did there hate turn to trust an affection? She wondered as she was spun, wrapping one arm so it was around his neck.

    As the song came to a close they had moved their faces closer their noses touching, but Draco pulled back from her, but didn’t let her go.

  “You really need to eat something…You haven’t eaten all day.” Draco spoke softly in her ear, leading her toward the other room. She realized he was right. She had forgotten to eat in all the hype.

  “How did you know?” She question. Still holding his hand she walked beside him. Neither of them noticed a woman in an owl mask watching with a triumphant smile on her face.

  “I know you Granger.” He chuckled. “8 years of going to school with you, I noticed that when you were really caught up in your work or whatever you and weasel and potter were up to That you forgot to eat.”

  “Besides.” He continued after seeing her shocked look. Did she think that he never paid attention to her habits in school? He did more than he wanted to admit even to himself. “I can smell your blood remember? Your blood sugars low. “

  Oh, she blushed red allowing him to pull out her chair and she sat down thanking him, before he took a seat next to her. She watched him curious to what he was thinking. 

  “Where and when did you learn to dance? I saw you fourth year, I actually don’t recall you even dancing.” She started attempting a conversation why she started to eat the Zama soup one of the caterers brought; pleasantly surprised that she liked it. She noticed Draco eating as well.

  “I can still eat, I just don’t need to eat as often since my diet consists of mostly blood but, I think because my wizarding blood is still active I require the nutrients. “ He explained

  “I learned at home my father insisted that purebloods should learn. I actually enjoy dancing. I took lessons as a kid up until Hogwarts and still had classes in the summer; mother insisted I had a gift.” He smiled talking about his mother.

  “She’s right, you’re a fantastic dancer.” She agreed between spoonfuls.

  “Thank you Hermione.”

  Wait, Did Malfoy just call her by her first name? She shook it off continuing to listen. As a pork pilaf was put in front of her and they were asked what they wanted. She ordered a saramura, since that was the only thing she was familiar with, it was just a salty grilled carp so it was fish. With a cabbage roll. Why Draco Ordered muschi poiana, and a cabbage roll.

  Once the waiter moved away she turned her attention back on Draco. “Whats Muschi Poiana?”

   “Ah, something you don’t know mione. “ He chuckled. “It’s a mushroom and bacon stuffed beef in a puree of vegetables and tomato sauce.

 “So it’s a soup?” She questioned.

“Yes it’s a soup Hermione. As for why you didn’t see me dancing fourth year, was because I can’t stand Pansy, She can’t dance at all anyway. And it was crowded, not enough room to dance.” 

  “So, Draco” She was determined to find out more about him. “How did you learn to fight like that?  You never did tell me. “

  “I didn’t did I?” “Well As you know my family is very old, it is also very stuck on traditions. I hated training but my father insisted I learn to keep “Traditions” alive. Wizards as you know used to use swords along with magic in battle. Why do you think Godric Gryffindor had a Sword for his heirloom? Anyway I’m glad now for the training or we would both be dead.”

  Hermione nodded in agreement. Before long they had started to talk about their childhoods. Discovering a whole different Side of Draco that she never knew existed until then. She now understood why he was so stuck on status; she would be too if she had that drilled into her head.

  Just as there food arrived the song changed to another non-instrumental


*2*Times they are a changin.

  Another muggle Song Draco wasn’t familiar with, But he saw Hermione’s eyes light up at hearing it, and between bites of her cabbage roll she sang along, Causing him to smile. He couldn’t remember seeing granger relaxed and happy at the same time.

. Things have changed he realized. He actually LIKED granger, no not like. Something was far stronger than that. A feeling he couldn’t quite put his finger on yet.  Things were changing.

  How long had he liked her? When did his hate become more? As Draco thought about it, He realized with a sinking feeling that it wasn’t recent. He started caring second year after her attack. He also remembered how he started arguing more with her just for an excuse to talk to her.

  Concern grew into protectiveness and jealousy. He remembered fourth year when he saw Krum almost kiss her. He remembered he cursed him. So that he kissed her hand instead of her lips. Then it happened again at the manor when she was being torture by his aunt. He remembered that weird panicked feeling he got; which occurred again in the attack several weeks ago.

  He looked at Hermione, really looked at her with new eyes, Sudden understanding everything made perfect sense, he had just been too stupid to realize it.

  He needed to show her somehow, but how? He only had one shot at this.

  If he did anything to soon. One He might scare her, two she would think he was insane, and three would wonder what changed suddenly. Then he remembered he could put memories and thoughts into other people’s heads. He had been doing that to the teachers back in school.

   Nothing could be predictable. He couldn’t tell her how things would go. He didn’t even know how much time he would have with her. He would take as much time as he could, one step at a time.

  Then he Remembered Harry and how her heart used to skip when he was mentioned. Now that didn’t happen. Did that mean he might be growing on her? When he got her home would they go back to hating each other?

  No, the time here in Romania changed them. It would keep changing them.

  He smirked, he could get used to Hermione’s friends if it met he could still be near her. He sat still Trying to slow his own thoughts and feelings. He wouldn’t jump into anything; he’d ease her into it.

   It was then He noticed a man in a Ravens mask was watching them. The mask looked like a raven, but had silver lines to make the feathers of it made out of the same material stand out, and markings around the eyes. The man sunk into the shadows and the lines glowed Green, Tribal markings Draco knew immediately the man wasn’t hiding. He wanted Draco to know that He was caught. He recognized the scent from the coven’s home. But he didn’t recognize the Red hair or the Piercing yellow eyes.  The man was short, no more than 5’10 or 5’11. He had a stiff posture. Draco suddenly remembered that scent from when he was changed he guessed it was one of the three leaders, His money was that it was obsidian himself. Obsidian smirked and turned leaving the room and the hall.

   A man in a Poseidon’s Horse mask stood near the door. Soon followed obsidian the mask was blue and the main looked like water. On the forehead there was the trident. If it wasn’t for Forest’s uniquely orange eyes, he would have no idea who that was. It interested him as to why he was following obsidian. Most likely he had his own agenda.

   Every alarm bell in his body was going off. Something was going to happen tonight, He just knew it. It may not be a fight like he hoped, but he had a feeling he was going to find out information or something.

  So much was going on right now personally and Non personally it was almost hard for him to think. Let alone concentrate. What if someone found out about him and Hermione?

   It didn’t matter he realized. Once he was turned he became a new person. He wasn’t bound to his parents anymore. He didn’t need to worry if somehow the prophet or another paper found out about them. No one knew them here.  As for when they got home. He was determined to get her home in one piece and safe. They could face whatever the wizarding world had to throw at them. He needed to take things slowly with granger though.

   One thing was certain. Obsidian wouldn’t be in charge much longer. Draco refused to be controlled and was determined to stop Obsidians plans, whatever they were.

   Through the trials he would prove himself, He would cross the line once he finished it. He would end the curse cast over his ancestor and Hermione’s. He would help them find peace.

   Was he really willing to change everything forget the past an change the future. Had he gone that insane? Looking at Hermione he shook his head. He had gone mental.

  From what Susan and Damien have told him. Obsidian was losing his grip and the only reason why the vampires still followed him was out of fear. Draco wasn’t afraid of him. He was a death eater After the Dark lord. He doubted anyone else could scare him.

  For Now. Draco would play his part, and play it well. But he was about to turn the vampire community upside down.

  “You ok Draco? You spaced out there.” Hermione laughed as she Waved her hand in front of his face to gain his attention.

  “Sorry. I was thinking. That’s all suddenly things and what I need to do make sense.”

 “Oh? And what is it you need to do? It looks quite painful “She smiled.

  “Get you back on the dance floor” He grinned. Popping a Cornulete cu nuca into his mouth that he hadn’t realized had been placed in front of him. He ignored her subtle dig at his brain power. ‘Now that I know for certain you won’t faint on me.”

  He watched as Granger giggled and let him lead her to the dance floor. Another instrumental started up. This time, it was one he recognized.

*3* Largo by Bach. Remembering his lessons he gently twirled her.  He relaxed when her arms wrapped around his neck. His world blurred and she took over every sense. This time he didn’t resist.

   Half way through they had stopped completely, their forehead’s touching. Draco slowly inhaled her scent. Their noses touched. His eyes closed. Wrapping one arm around her waist he pulled her flush against him, he leaned in close. Right before their lips touched he spoke softly.

“The hell with it.”

  He took his chance before she asked what he meant and closed the distance between them. His lips touched hers lightly before he sealed them in a deep kiss. Shock was the only thing he could describe the feeling. It felt like a lightning bolt hit him and was traveling down his spine.

   One hand reached behind her and gently entangled in her hair. His darted his tongue over her lips. Determined to taste what had been driving him mad since school started back up. He was happily surprised when her lips parted. His tongue coaxed hers into a mini dominance fight. Which he won.

  After a few seconds the urge to bite became to strong and his fangs nicked her tongue. The second her blood touched his lips he calmed, though taken by surprise when she took control of the kiss. Sucking lightly at the wound, He pulled back when he sensed she needed to breathe. His saliva healing the wound easily he kissed lightly at her neck. Not noticing the song had changed.


*4* You’re my thrill.

  She shivered as she felt his lips graze her neck. Admittedly she had been confused at what he meant when he said.

“The hell with it.”

 Her tongue still tingled from the bite. His kiss had put so many feelings at once into her that it almost overwhelmed her but it wasn’t like it was a bad experience in fact. Each kiss and nip was quite enjoyable.

  She shook her head shivering at the kiss to her neck. Great, She was being kissed and there she was analyzing it! The sparks she felt at the initial contact still had her electrified and very energetic. She moved to gently nuzzle his neck leaving a hesitating but loving kiss at his neck.

  “You really should stop analyzing everything Hermione; learn to just go for the moment for once.” He whispered in her ear making her flush.

  “How did you know I was analyzing?” She pouted letting him give her a playful spin.

  “You furrow your brow when you’re thinking. “ He smiled untangling their necklaces that had got caught together and were omitting a eerie glow which stopped when they got untangled. That was strange.

  She glared and playfully hit his arm. Deciding to figure out the necklace thing later she allowed Draco to pull her into another five dances, with an occasional stolen kiss.

    When the last song finally ended they broke apart and went to sit down to rest. Their eyes never leaving the others; No words were spoken it wasn’t needed. They understood what they had just gotten themselves into. It was a mutual decision.

  She was just getting her strength back when a man in an Anubis mask walked up to her bowing low enough that she could see the “Ankh” Symbol clearly.

“Care to dance my lady?” A voice that was familiar buts he couldn’t place. Hermione looked at Draco. He seemed angry but nodded once giving her the ok, noticing people around them were watching.  She took his hand.

  She soon found herself back on the dance floor; subconsciously she remained in everyone’s line of few.  A slow haunting melody started to fill the room.

*5*Grande Masquerade.


   Draco watched Vector and Hermione closely.  It took him a few moments to realize that Susan, Damien and Aurora had sat down next to him. Until one of the girls started to giggle. He turned at the noise seeing as it was Aurora and Susan both exchanging giggles.

  “So I see you have yourself a girlfriend “ Damien spoke smirking.

  “She’s not my..”

“Draco Malfoy! If you finish that sentence after what we just witnessed. I will go over there and slap some sense into you.” Susan interrupted him. 

  He huffed. “It’s complicated!”

  “Complicated my ass.” Damien smirked.

   Draco Huffed and got up. Heading toward the dance floor leaning against the wall he watched their every movement glad that hew wasn’t getting to close. Or he would have caused a scene.

  “Is she you’re girlfriend?”A voice to his right spoke and he turned to look at the stranger. It appeared to be a 12 year old kid.

 “Who?” He asked even though he already knew the answer

   “The Lion lady” He grinned.

 “Kind of kid. What are you doing here anyway? Isn’t it past your bedtime?” He looked at the kid who wore a golden mask that seemed like a dragon. 

 “My mistress begged me to give you a message.” He still smiled.

 “What might that be? “ He asked looking at Hermione and by the scent He recognized the man in the Anubis mask to be Vector.”

 “If you want to know about Afina and Rikiar, To come to the graveyard,  near the coliseum at midnight. She can only make an appearance on All Hallows eve, Midnight, and only when it’s a full moon. “

Draco turned after hearing that to ask the kid how he knew about Afina and rikiar But he was gone. The song also ended and Hermione walked over to him.

 “Is everything alright?” She questioned noticing him staring at the empty spot in front of him.

“yeah, Hermione.”

 “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to you saying my name but go on” She folded her arms.

 “How do you feel about graveyards?” He looked at her smiling.

“They are ok I guess why?”

 “Come on, there’s someplace we need to be before midnight. It’s already 11:30” He took her hand and pulled her out of the ballroom and out of the mansion.

“Draco, where are you taking me?” She questioned.

Deciding to make her wait a little longer he didn’t give her a real answer, just a simple. “You’ll see.”



Authors note: >< this was very hard to write it took me forever. I’m still not quite happy with their first kiss. I just couldn’t get it right, this was my second attempt at a kiss anyway so I hope  it was at least passable. Those of you who are curious about the unnamed music.  All was from nox arcana’s Transylvania cd.



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