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“Oi, Weaselette!”

            Ginny turned around. Had Blaise Zabini really just addressed her like that?

            “Go to the ball with me.”

            “You’re off your rocker, Zabini. Ever heard of a thing called manners?”

            “Yeah. Draco lives in one, and so do I.”

            “You’re so dumb, Zabini.”

            “You like my dumbness.”

            “As if,” she snorted. “Now, did you need something?”

            “Yeah, I wanted to know if you’d go to that Hogwarts Reunion Ball with me.”

            “No, I won’t.”

            Blaise looked shocked.

            “Why not?”

            Ginny glared at him.

            “Did someone else already ask you?”

            She still glared.

            “Don’t tell me you’re going with Pothead!” he declared dramatically.

            “It’s Potter. Treat him with some respect at least, Zabini. And no, Harry’s going with some girl he met at work.”

            “Got stood up then?” he grinned.

            “Shut it, Zabini. And if you must know, I broke up with Harry ages ago.”

            “Over what?” he asked curiously.

            “None of your business,” she replied primly.

            “So then why won’t you go with me? I asked you!” he wailed.

            “No, you didn’t. You demanded. You always do, Zabini, and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of you demanding I go on dates with you when your dates bail. I’m tired of being your replacement friend when Draco’s off with his own girlfriend. I’m tired of you, Zabini, so sod off.”

            With those words, Ginny stalked off angrily out of the stadium. Blaise watched her, mesmerized. The way her hips sashayed when she was angry, the way her face grew red until it matched her hair, the way her eyes sparkled like brown gems under a spotlight…everything about Ginny Weasley simply entranced Blaise. He didn’t demand she go on dates because other dates bailed…he just told her that to make her jealous. He didn’t replace Draco with her while Drake was off with his girlfriend- he just wanted an excuse to see her. But was she right? Did he always demand things instead of asking? Perhaps…still, that was no reason to be downright rude like she’d been to him. He was Blaise Zabini! Girls loved him. They wanted to be Ginny Weasley. Angrily, he walked towards the lockers.

            He and Ginny had been coworkers- teammates really- for several years now. Blaise had been signed first by Puddlemere United. Originally, he’d played Beater for the Wimbledon Wasps, but brought so many wins to them that Puddlemere insisted they get Blaise to play for them. Ginny had been signed on to play for the Holyhead Harpies after graduation. This satisfied her for several years, until Gwenog left the team to retire. The Harpies started losing, despite Ginny’s attempts. She was a brilliant Chaser, and Puddlemere was quick to note that. They met with her, arranged a contract, and introduced her to the team after. Ginny fainted when she saw Blaise. After that, she tried ignoring him at practice, which led to bickering until Oliver Wood told them that if they didn’t start acting nicely to one anther that their manager, Sidley Hartman, was bound to fire the lot of them.

            Blaise couldn’t let these emotions get to him, however. They were playing Chudley in less than an hour. The Cannons had become pretty good after they hired Ron Weasley. He would never let the weasel win. Never.

            The rest of the team arrived. They started gearing up and changed into their billowing robes. Their broomkeepers- similar to golf caddies- polished and readied the matching Lightening Streak brooms. Blaise grabbed his Beater’s bat and gripped it with unusual ferocity. Ginny gave him the cold shoulder.

            “Are you lot ready?!” Sidley yelled into the locker room.

            “Bloody hell, Sid, give us a moment would ya?” the other beater yelled.

            “Shut up, O’Shay! The Cannons are already out there,” the seeker yelled back.

            “I don’t bloody care! Just mount the brooms and fly out now!” Sid cried.

            “Bloody drama queen,” Ginny snorted. Oliver laughed. Blaise gave him the look. Oliver just shrugged.      

            “And…here comes Puddlemere United! Keeper Oliver Wood heads straight towards the goal post. He’s not one to joke around. Hadley O’Shay, back from injury, looks ready to aim some bludgers. And there’s Liam Tracey, the new Chaser just acquired from the Tornadoes. He’s someone to keep an eye ought for. Seeker Patricia Clemmens, lovely as ever…but don’t let the pouty lips fool you. She’ll be prepared to slam McCulloch, don’t you worry. And Blaise Zabini- wonder what tickled his wand? He looks mad as can be. Of course, the gorgeous Ginny Weasley can competently divert our attention from Zabini’s glowering,” the announcer joked. “Ah, the game has started. Tracey’s grabbed the Quaffle, barely dogging a Bludger aimed by Young. He passes to Weasley, who aims- Weasley tries to block, but the other Weasley scores. Puddlemere in the lead…” the commentator started.

            Blaise gritted his teeth. He absolutely detested Zacharias Smith. He’d hated the bloke at school, and he hated him even more as an official commentator. Angrily, he smacked a Bludger at Dennis Young. Young grinned at Blaise, before hitting the same Bludger at…Ginny Weasley. She didn’t even see it coming. It hit her straight in the chest, and she fell. There were hundreds of feet of air between her and the ground, but that distance was quickly shortening. Blaise didn’t even think about it- he shot straight towards Ginny, catching her just as she was about to hit the ground. Healers rushed towards the fiery Chaser. While everyone was distracted, Patricia Clemmens took the opportunity. Spotting the golden fleck, she chased after it, kicking the opposing Seeker while the refs weren’t looking, and caught the golden snitch.

            “Puddlemere wins in a record time of 1 minute and 24 seconds!” Smith announced.

            “Ennervate! Episkey!” the Healers murmured quickly.

            “Blaise, what happened?”

            “You got hit by a bludger, love. You’ll be alright though, I promise,” he soothed.

            “Zabini, get away from my sister! Gin, are you ok?”

            “Sod off, Ronald, can’t you see I’m busy?”

            Ron glared at his sister, but obeyed her. He instead joined his disgruntled teammates.

            “Ask me.”

            “Ask you what?”

            “Ask me what you were demanding from me earlier.”

            Blaise was confused.

            “Merlin are you really that daft?!” she yelled. “You know, the reunion…”


            “Ginevra Molly Weasley, would you do me the highest honor of accompanying me, Blaise Pierre Zabini, to the Reunion Ball?”

            “So you do have manners,” Ginny whispered softly with a smile.


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