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“What have you put in your trunk?” Blake asked as he pushed the trolley ahead of us. He seemed out of breath.

“Oh, just my books and robes and other small stuff.” I waved his complaints aside.

“Just a lot of books.” He muttered under his breath.

I ignored him as we made our way through the crowd and reached the barrier.

“Ok. Mum, dad you go first.” Blake instructed. Dad caught mom’s hand and trying to appear nonchalant, walked right through the barrier.

“Ally, you next.” I took a deep breath and put Nala down. “And remember to move away from the mouth of the barrier this time.” Blake called after me. Nala walked to the wall. Pretending to follow her, I walked behind her and together we disappeared from the muggle world and into the magical world.

The Hogwarts Express stood there puffing out smoke. Even though it had been built back in 1936, it still shone as if it had been polished yesterday. There were many notices hanging near the board and I was curious to know what was written in them. But remembering Blake’s warning I quickly moved ahead.



We both hugged each other as if we had not seen each other for years. In fact, we had met 2 days previously to check if we had all the things on our list and other additional books we would need.

“Jeez, get a room.” Someone called behind us.

“Will!” I shouted and punched him on his shoulder. “You go get a room and have fun with Ms. Smith.” He glared at me. Bonnie laughed. I saw Will was holding Bonnie’s luggage too. Gryffindors through and through; chivalrous to the core.

 “Will! Where have you been my whole life?” Blake asked Will as he pushed the crowd aside and hugged Will.

“Aww Blakey. You know I can’t stray now. I am in a relationship.” Will said unsuccessfully trying to push Blake off him. “Get off me, you fuckwit!”

Blake immediately let go and smacked Will on his head.


“Language bro. We have young sisters standing next to us.” Blake told Will in a stern voice.

“Sorry girls. Don’t pay attention to what I say.” Whatever you say Will.
 “And say man, what’s up?” Blake asked Will.

“Nothing dude.  Being a curse-breaker is so much shitty work. Mags is really worried that it will affect my health badly.” A grin from Will, smirk from Blake. “How’s Adele by the way? I saw her yesterday. All that curse breaking practice is taking a toll at her health.”

“I know.” Blake rubbed his forehead lightly. “But she won’t listen. Apparently she loves the profession.”

“Aww. This is so cute. Blake worried about Adele.” I sighed.

“Seriously Blake, why don’t you just marry her?” Will asked.

“I think you two would look lovely together. Not to mention, Adele is forever going on and on about the perks of being married. Marriage will definitely suit her.” Bonnie said.

“I am going to propose her soon. Just waiting for the right time. And also I am too young to be married” Blake argued back.

Poor boy. Being ganged up on since morning.

“Where is Hazel?” I asked Bonnie as the boys started discussing best ways to propose.

I spotted my parents standing with Bonnie’s folks and waved to them.

“She is not here yet.” Bonnie said.

“Duh. I can see that.” I pointed out. Bonnie ignored me. She usually does.

“Mr. And Mrs. Goldstein are busy so they won’t be able to come to drop her today.”

“Tom?” I asked Bonnie.

“Yeah. He is coming to drop her. She said she wanted to tell us something important.” Bonnie furrowed her forehead looking troubled. “I wonder where she is now. There is only 15 minutes left for the train to leave.”

We both looked up at the clock on the platform, quarter to eleven.

“Calm down Bonnie. It will be alright. She must be coming. You know how Tom is. Must have been late.” Even I could hear the urgency in my voice.

Hazel was never, ever late. This was so unlike her. I knew it had something to do with Tom. Something that involved a bed and a chick. And a night which turned into morning.

“Will.” Bonnie called out. I could see she was getting tensed. “Was Tom coming here today?”

“Yes. He said he would come to drop off Hazel. Oh man, he is not here yet right? Wait, I’ll give him a call.” He pulled out his wizphone and proceeded to dial Tom’s number (yes, the magical world has finally embraced the concept of phone and with a few tweaks in the normal phone’s inner frequency level, chip sizes, memory size and the always charged battery, they were now a rave).

“Hello Bastard. Where are you? Hazel is supposed to be-” he listened for a few seconds. “Well then get your fucking ass here as soon as you can. You have 5 minutes tops.” He pocketed his phone.

“They have reached the station. Will be here as soon as they can.” He said. I heard Bonnie sigh. With relief, I guess.

“Where is Nala?” Bonnie asked me. Nala? Where was she? I didn’t know.

“I don’t know.” Insert panic alarm. “She walked in here with me.” Insert a little scanning of the crowd on the platform. “Where are you my little lioness?” Insert a quick sigh of relief. “There she is.”

Nala was currently sitting near the luggage of someone.

“I’ll get her.” Bonnie said and walked towards her, her arms outstretched. “Kitty, Kitty!” she called in her sweetest voice. “Come to mama.” She crept behind Nala and bent down picking her up gingerly.

“That’s like a good girl.” She said as Nala licked her face. “Stop it, you’re tickling me.” Nala gave a little purr and Bonnie scratched her ears. She was still bent on her knees.

She then got up, or tried to at least. She ended up bumping into a boy; Fred Weasley.  

“Steady there.” Fred said as he helped her up.

“Thank you.” Bonnie whispered back shyly and cradled Nala to her chest.

I nudged Will and Blake and pointed towards Fred who was trying to look at Bonnie’s face. Probably trying to see who this golden haired beauty was.

“You okay?” he asked her with concern in his voice. Since when did Weasley care if she was okay or not?

Bonnie nodded and then finally looked up.

It seemed as if lightning had struck Fred. He stared at Bonnie unblinkingly. It was like he was seeing her clearly for the first time. Can’t blame him. Our Bonnie was beautiful.

“You are Bon-nnie right? Bonnie Higgs?” he stuttered over her name. Bonnie did not seem to notice. She just nodded.

“I am Fred. Fred Weasley.” Fred brought out his hand .Bonnie shifted Nala to one arm and shook his hand.

“Hey Fred.” Fred seemed to overcome his momentary shock.

“Ravenclaw?” Fred asked her. Bonnie nodded again. 

“Intelligent and pretty, I like it.” Fred winked at Bonnie. Bonnie turned the deepest shade of red. Cheesy Weasley, real cheesy.

 Fred was still holding her hand.

“Ok. I am stepping in now.” Will seemed to be getting into his brother mode now.

 “Hey Bonnie!” He shouted. Both of them looked over to Will. Fred dropped Bonnie’s hand as if burned.

“Come. It’s time for your train.” Bonnie gave him a nod before turning back to Fred.

 “Your brother is calling you.” Fred said reluctantly.

“Yeah. I guess it really is getting late.” Naive Bonnie, really thought Will was calling her back because it was getting late.

“I’ll see you around then.” even more reluctantly. Oh man, get a grip Weasley.

“Yeah.” Bonnie shot him a huge smile. “See you.” She called over her shoulder as she walked back here.

Fred just stood there, staring at the retrieving figure of Bonnie. I could see James and Louis doubling over with laughter nearby and all their other family members looking from Bonnie to Fred to Bonnie to Fred... you get the idea.

“Why are you and Blake laughing so much?” Bonnie asked me as she came back, carrying Nala in her arms. I didn’t even realise that I was shaking with laughter. Beside me, Blake could be seen doing the same. Will just stood there, his lips twitching.  I took Nala from her steady hands into my shaking ones.

“I am so glad I didn’t miss that. A Weasley, dumbstruck? That’s a sight you don’t see every day.” Hazel’s unmistakable voice came from behind. Both I and Bonnie spun around and jumped on her. Just to hug her guys, nothing else.

“You are late.” I told her as we released each other.

She just pointed towards Tom. As if it gave all the explanation. Which it did, kind of.  I rolled my eyes. Bonnie rounded on Tom.

“Seriously Tom. You knew you had to drop her off today. Couldn’t you have held off your “recreational activities”-”

“Sex. It is called sex” Hazel interjected in between, earning a glare from Will, Blake and Tom.

“Recreational activities” Bonnie glared at Hazel as she continued. “For tomorrow? It’s shameful...”

The Hogwarts Express gave a whistle, cutting Bonnie off in the middle.

“Go now. You’ll miss the train otherwise.” Tom shooed us as if we were dogs. Bonnie glared at him again. Swearing was not in her dictionary, so she usually settled to giving people what I call death glares.

Our parents came to see us off. I hugged my mom and felt the tears forming in my eyes. I know, 17 and still crying because I was off to school?

“Bye honey. Take care. And don’t forget to write to me.” She said.

“Yeah mom. Will do.” I said, a little lump in my throat.

“And my little ginger, take care of yourself. Don’t go off lecturing people.” My dad ruffled my hair. I stuck out my tongue at him.

“And Hazel, no more complaints this year. I mean it.” Daphne Higgs told Hazel. She was forever trying to get Hazel to behave like a lady. Her tries were always met with a laugh. She had taken Lillian’s place in trying to make Hazel behave a little properly. Lillian had given up long ago.

“Sure Mrs. Higgs” Hazel replied, sounding completely innocent. Mrs. Higgs just sighed. I guess even she knew it was a lost cause. She waved us once and then went with my mom to join her sister Astoria, who had come to drop off her son and daughter.

“Now girls, be good this year and study hard.” Mr. Higgs told us in a stern voice. “This is your last year and extremely important as this year you will be taking you N.E.W.T’s exams and the results-”

“Will determine our future.” I finished for him.

Bonnie rolled her eyes.

“Take a chill pill Mr. Higgs. We’ll be fine.” Hazel reassured him.

Mr. Higgs sighed and muttered something about “today’s generation” under his breath. My dad just laughed then went to join the moms.

 The train gave another whistle.

“Bye guys, we’ll miss you.” Bonnie called out as she hugged Will and sprinted towards the train.

“Take care of your girls.” I gave Blake a hug. “And find someone Tom. It’ll be a huge favour for us.” Tom rolled his eyes at me.

“And sleep early, hopefully in your own bed.” Hazel called towards our brothers. Tom gave her the finger. Blake slapped him in the back.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see the 3 Wotter boys standing and watching us. It was unusual for them to pay us attention. Shaking off the weird feeling, I joined my 2 girls near the foot of the train and took Nala from Bonnie’s arms.

I waved to my brother and parents the last time and then got up the train, my mind already 1000 miles away, roaming freely in the Hogwarts castle.


“Finally.” I cried and threw myself in one of the seats. We had been roaming for 15 minutes, desperately searching for an empty compartment. This was the only empty one left, I guess. I put my cat on my lap and stroked her orange fur. She purred in happiness.

Bonnie sat in the seat across me. An evil grin crossed Hazel’s face as she sat beside me.

“You know I have a song for you two.” And then she started singing in a horrible voice.

“Someone’s got a crush on the Weasley boy, Weasley boy, Weasley boy. Someone’s got a crush on Weasley boy, she is so in troubleeeee” Hazel screamed at the last part as she got hit with a book on the head.

She deserved it. Teasing poor little Bonnie alone. She should have asked me to join in.

“I do not have a crush on any Weasley boy.” Bonnie muttered as she retrieved her book. Hazel looked at me and mouthed go. I grinned and we started singing again.

“Someone’s got a crush on Weasley boy, Weasley boy, Weasley boy. Someone’s got a crusshhhhh- ouch.” A loud smack on the head with a book made us scream mid-song in pain.

“Bonnie.” Hazel shouted.

“Please call your beastly book back.” I begged her.

“Nopes.” Bonnie almost sounded bored. Whatever good I said about this girl I take back. She is evil, a Slytherin.

“Ok ok. You don’t have a crush on Fred. Just stop this book from hitting us.” I yelled in pain as the book hit me on my ear.

Bonnie flicked her wand and the book flew back in her hands. Bloody wanker.

“Bloody wanker.” I massaged my head with my hand. Hazel looked murderous.

“You are so going to pay for this.”Hazel muttered.

“Are you okay?” She is worried about us now? Bonnie needs to sort out her priorities. Whether to be angry or worried.

“No.” Hazel said. “So, Fred Weasley huh?” Bonnie turned red again.

“Someone’s blushing.” I called out to her.

“Really Ally and Hazel. Enough is enough. I don’t like Fred Weasley. I have just talked to twice or thrice in my whole Hogwarts year.” Bonnie pointed out.

“She’s got a point.” Hazel mused.

“Anyways, what important thing did you want to tell us?” Bonnie asked Hazel. I leaned in curious.

“Promise me no freak outs and no being a pessimist Ally.” Hazel said in a stern voice. I leaned in, a little more curious. 

 “Ok. Here it goes. IamtheHeadGirlthisyear.”

“We have got ears, not radars. Go slow.” I scolded her.

Hazel took a deep breath and said again, this time slower.

“I am the Head Girl this year.”

There was a pin drop silence in the compartment. And then Bonnie and I squealed at the same time.

“Oh. Congratulations Hazel. This is so cool.”

“What? You have to be kidding me.” Yeah. That’s me. The optimist.

Hazel looked annoyed and put her hands in her skirt pocket. She brought out a shiny badge which read Head Girl.

“You are the Head Girl. Blimey Hazel. You’ve got the most number of detentions in your name amongst girls in our school. I don’t mean it a rude way. Just a little shocked right now. ” I abruptly shut myself up noticing the look Bonnie was giving me. Hazel just looked a little confused. She was used to me being sometimes brutally honest. Even through the truth was bitter.

 “I am pretty puzzled myself as to why ol’ Minnie made me the Head Girl. I wasn’t even a Prefect.” Hazel stated.

“Maybe she thought you would turn into a new leaf? Maybe she hoped you would stop all your stupid pranks and for once actually try and follow rules?”

“Get real Bonnie! You know I’ll never turn into a new leaf. I am a human. Until I die and get a rebirth in the form of a plant, I ain’t gonna turn into a new leaf.” Hazel said with a thoughtful look on her face and then continued with the same look “Perhaps we can do one of those quick spells ol’ Minnie teaches in Transfiguration. Then we can actually all turn into leaves.” I groaned. I really hated when she tried to make a joke looking serious and ended up giving really boring answers.

“Jeez Hazel! Fine. You won’t turn into a new leaf.” Bonnie sighed exasperatedly. Hazel stuck her tongue out at her.

“Maybe” I said slyly “she thought with all the Head girl duties you won’t have time to interact with a certain Mr. Louis Weasley and there might be fewer explosions in the school and you will forget him.” Hazel rolled her eyes at me.

“Seriously Ally, you are forgetting something. 1) I don’t like to interact with Blondie. 2) I don’t think Head Girl duties will keep me from hating him and 3) He has a very irritating habit of popping up wherever I am like a bloody stalker.”

Just then the gate opened and lo and behold, it was Mr. Weasley and his gang. Louis strolled in with the air of someone who owned the worlds. Which he did, kind of. At least the wizarding world. He was a Weasley after all. His blonde hair fell on his face, making him look angelic. Louis Weasley was beautiful, in a manly way. But still, he was a pest.

 Bonnie and I pushed ourselves closer to the window. Nala meowed in protest.

“Shush Nala.” I told her.

“Hello ladies.” Bonnie and I murmured quiet hellos. Hazel just glared at Louis.

“What do you want Weasley?” Hazel spat at him. Louis smirked at her. And smirked. Without saying anything.  

“See something you like?” Hazel asked him, her voice showing her annoyance with him.

“Shouldn’t you be talking to me a little more politely now.” Louis asked her.

“And why so?” Hazel said, now looking a little unsure.  

“Oh my God! This is awesome. You really don’t know?” Louis seemed unable to believe what he was hearing.

“Spit it out Weasley! I don’t have time for your nonsense. I have other work to do.” Hazel seemed to be growing more annoyed and angry by the second. I guess Louis Weasley having the upper hand didn’t sit with her well.

Fred and James came and sat beside Bonnie. Bonnie turned a light pink. I do not like him my ass.

Louis was still smirking and looking triumphant. He walked towards Hazel with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Hazel shuffled a little closer to me, squishing me right up to the window.

Nala whined at being pressed.

“Move over Hazel. You’re squishing me and my kitty.” I tried to push her with my hands but to no avail.

“I can’t believe the school didn’t tell you this. This is going to be so much fun. Hey James, do me a favour and snap a picture of her when I tell her.” James gave him a thumbs up.

Louis then did something incredibly brave and foolish. He came and stood right in front of Hazel and slowly put his hand in his pocket.

I squirmed a little in my place.

With a cheeky grin on his face, he brought out a batch, just like Hazel’s, only difference it read Head Boy.

And then Hazel roared.

“You’re the fucking Head Boy this year?”

I think my ears just popped off.

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