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It had been a long train journey and James was pretty sure it was almost the end he couldn’t wait to show them his entire house, James could tell Sirius was excited about showing the girls the Potter House too. Remus and Pete had seen it before, James sort of wished his parents would be there to, but he knew his mum would be very embarrassing about Lily, and James was trying to convince himself he didn’t feel that way about her anymore.

Things were going good with Hannah and James would like to keep it that way, he could tell Hannah had a problem with Lily but he tried to brush it off and just tell himself that maybe it was a good thing they weren’t friends otherwise things would be awkward, plus she was back with that prick Paul, she obviously didn’t want him if she was going to be with a boy who treated her like shit again. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the train coming to a halt.

They were at platform nine and three quarters, it was weird to think when they would arrive here again they would never be going back to Hogwarts.

“Right children” James said clapping his hands together when they were stood in a group on the platform with their entire luggage, “we will be apparating, I will apparate with Pete as it is likely he might get confused” he said shooting his short, nervous looking friend a grin, Peter smiled back, James turned back to the group a continued “Sirius will apparate with Rosie and Remus will apparate with Louise. Sirius and I will come back for Lily and Alex, right boys, apparating into the living room please” with that James was gone.

A few seconds later he was standing in his living room with Pete, they dumped their luggage down and shoved it to the side as Remus and Louise appeared and doing the same thing and a second later Sirius and Rosie appeared, Rosie picked up the luggage and carried it to the side.

“Right Prongs when you’re ready?” Sirius grinned, James grabbed onto his arm and they apparated back to the station where Lily and Alex stood looking freezing, James beamed at Lily when they saw them.

“Right Padfoot you apparate with Miss McCord and I shall take Mrs Potter here” James winked at Lily who hit him, “Im kidding Lils, im kidding, it’s not like that anymore sweet” he winked at her, she shook her head and smiled at him.

“Im not apparating with him” Alex said shocked, James rolled his eyes.

“Oh what the hell” Sirius groaned, Alex frowned at him.

“Alex you are apparating with him get over it, right Paddie see you on the other side” James saluted Sirius who saluted him back.

A few seconds later he and Lily were standing in his living room surrounded by Remus, Louise, Rosie and Peter. They stood back waiting for Sirius and Alex who arrive just shortly after them, the minute their feet touched the floor, Alex shoved away Sirius arm but he pulled her into a huge bear hug, which she reluctantly returned.

“Right if everyone will follow me, except you Padfoot, you can go to your room I know you missed you television” James snickered; Sirius mouthed ‘thanks’ and ran off.

“Television? You do know that’s a muggle thing right?” Louise asked curiously.

“Yes I am aware, Sirius practically begged for one from me for his birthday so I and my parents bought him one as a joint present” James chuckled. Louise grinned.

“Typical Sirius” Remus muttered jokingly.

“Hey Moons and Pete? You’ve got the same room as last year, so if you wanna go on up and get settled you know where they are” James told them, Pete smiled and made his way up, Remus gave Louise a kiss and followed him up there. James turned to face the girls.

“Right ladies you are all on the third floor, boys are on the second, if you need us just shout, you have separate rooms but they are all conjoining unlike us boys, so if you need each other you are right there” James smiled at them.

They nodded and followed him to the third floor. They reached the first room which was painted purple, he opened the door, it had a massive double bed which had Rosie’s name engraved in the wood on it.

“Miss Rosie Chaplin, your room” James smiled at her, Rosie squealed and ran in dumping her stuff on the bed, she ran back out and flung her arms around James’ neck.

“Thanks, I love it” She squealed.

“S’alright, it’s conjoined to Louise’s room, which is the room we shall be seeing next, all the rooms change to how the person wants their ideal room to be” Rosie shut her door and followed them to the next room which was painted cream and had lilac stripes painted over the cream, James looked at Louise who had her mouth wide open.

“James I love it” She smiled, she walked in put her stuff and down and lay on her bed which also had her name engraved on it with a small heart doodled on the side with Remus’ name in a heart and had Lily’s, Alex’s and Rosie’s names wrote in small letters continuously along the top of the headboard, it looked very similar to her room at her own house just a lot bigger “bloody comfy too”. James chuckled.

“It joins to Alex’s room, so if you would all follow me” James smiled them.

Alex’s room had been painted maroon, also her favorite color, it was similar to the other two’s apart from the color and the large Scarlet and Gold banners hung up, celebrating Alex’s house pride and the large drawing of a golden snitch on one wall. Alex’s reaction was pretty much the same to the others, she had squealed and given James a hug.

“It’s joined to Lily’s room” James added as he motioned the girls to follow him to the final room, he opened the door, the room was emerald green and painted behind the double bed was a large white Lily. Lily gasped. James turned to look at her.

“My mum painted this when I told her about you in second year, this is the only bedroom which stays the same” James blushed, Lily smiled.

“James I love it, it’s gorgeous, it’s… wow” Lily smiled at him.

“It joins onto Rosie’s and Alex’s room. You’ve all got your own bathroom, I’ll be downstairs if you need me just shout” James said heading down the stairs, he looked out the window, it was snowing.

‘This will be the perfect Christmas’ he thought.


Lily was unpacking her stuff in her beautiful room; James said he would send up his house elf when it was time for dinner. Lily hoped it was soon she was starving. She looked around her room and opened the door which led to Alex’s room and to her surprise Louise and Rosie were sat in there as well, whilst Alex was unpacking, they were deep in conversation about something and Lily felt annoyed they hadn’t asked her to join as well. Lily cleared her throat all three of them jumped around looking shocked to see her there.

“Sorry am I interrupting something?” Lily asked angrily.

“No” Louise replied casually, “We were just talking about what we’d all got you for Christmas that’s why we didn’t invite you to join our conversation” Lily scowled Louise had practically read her mind. Lily looked at Rosie who looked like she was trying to choke down a laugh, Lily smiled at her, Rosie smiled back, she joined them on the bed and they were deep in conversation when a knock at the door made them all jump. Alex went to answer the door.

“Excuse me mam but Master Potter requires all his guests to come down for dinner” The little house elf squeaked.

“Of course” Alex smiled at her.

Alex was always overly nice to house elves as her parents had treated her house elf like scum and Alex had always felt really bad for her. They made their way down the stairs following James’ house elf, they got to the boys floor, when Alex stopped.

“Hold on” She smirked, Lily glanced at her curiously, Alex had made her way into Sirius’ bedroom, Louise giggled they followed her, they were all curious to see what the boys bedrooms looked like.

They had just made their way inside and were starting to look around, Sirius had a unusually clean room, it was painted gold and deep red, Gryffindor colors, he had Gryffindor banners pinned up on the wall and draped round his bed he also had a couple of muggle magazines chucked on the floor and some photos pinned to the wall, one of him and the other Marauders, a few of him and James, the group photo that was on Alex’s headboard and One of him and Alex kissing and holding hands. Alex walked over to it and tried to pull it off but it wouldn’t come off, she sighed Lily walked over to her, feeling sorry for her.

“Sticking charm” Alex muttered, Lily put an arm around her shoulders.

“Find anything interesting?” Came Sirius’ casual voice from the doorway, he was stood there with James both smirking. Alex went bright red and walked to the window, Lily, Louise and Rosie turned to face them.

“Just having a look” Rosie shrugged, “We were going to look at all of them, how did you know where we were?”

“James’ house elf Amarietta came down and said you had taken a detour to Master Sirius’ room” Sirius grinned cheekily, Alex turned to face them, “So we thought we’d get some amusement out of it, we’ve been watching you for a while”.

“Photo won’t come off eh Al?” James chuckled. Alex flushed and shook her head.

“Come on, I wanna eat” Sirius whined pulling them all out of the door.

“All you do is eat” Rosie smirked.

Sirius hit her playfully on the shoulder. They made their way down to James’ dining room which was huge but Lily wasn’t surprised, Remus and Peter were already sat there waiting for them, Lily sat down next to James and Rosie, when they had all sat down, their main course appeared magically in front of them.

“Couldn’t be bothered with starters, Sirius said they were a waste of time, he said let’s just dig in why fuck around with a bloody starter” James said doing an impression of Sirius, Sirius chucked his chicken leg at him but James put up a shield charm.

“Ha, very clever” Lily smiled.

“Well I am the clever one out of me and Sirius” James said proudly, he got another hit on the head with the chicken wing for that but this time forgot to put up a shield charm. When dinner was over, they made their way into the lounge where they sat and chatted for ages.

“Right children I’m off to bed” James chuckled.

“Night James” Came the replies of six of them, all but Sirius who cooed;

“Night Jamie Darling.”

Lily giggled.

James chuckled and they heard him make his way up the stairs, Lily watched him go up and turned to face everyone else and to her surprise they were all watching her with smirks on their faces.

“What” She asked nonchalantly.

“Has he got a nice bum Lil?” Sirius smirked, Rosie chuckled at this. Lily went bright red.

“I don’t know what your talking about Sirius” She said playing the fool.

“Oh I think you do, checking out Prongsies bum were you?” Sirius retorted mischeviously.

“I was not” Lily replied hotly.

“What were you doing then Lily?” Peter squeaked, Remus laughed.

“Lily do you like him?” Remus asked her kindly.

“No I bloody don’t we’re just friends” She snapped at them.

“You’re in love” Sirius said simply.

“She is” Louise squeaked, Remus laughed.

“Louise” Lily squealed shocked.

“They were going to find out soon enough, and they won’t tell anyone because you’re going to tell James yourself, right boys?” Rosie said dangerously, they all nodded.

“I am not in love with James Potter” Lily hissed at them as she made her way out of the living room and stormed up the stairs.


The next few days flew by, on the 23rd of December; James said he needed to get some shopping so Lily and Alex offered to go with him. He had to buy Hannah’s present which he had forgot and he couldn’t find anything to buy Louise either. So the girls had offered to help.

“So what do you actually want to get Hannah?” Alex asked James as they were walking round the local muggle shopping Centre.

They hadn’t got time to go to Diagon Alley and James had been afraid he might bump into her there and that would’ve been awkward, Alex had to buy some flowers today anyway, on the 28th of December she would be visiting her Grandmothers grave, that would’ve been her birthday.

Luckily her Grandmother was buried in London and that’s where James’ house was, also on boxing day they would be looking at cheap four bedroom flats in London and so would the boys, they had decided they would buy the cheapest one and renovate it with magic, they all wanted to live near each other too.

“I dunno like a really nice necklace or something, we’ve been together like a month and we’re quite sirius, pardon the pun” James joked, Alex looked at Lily who was looking at a beautiful golden necklace with a large green emerald in the middle, she looked a little sad and Alex assumed this was because of James but she didn’t say anything.

“How about this one” Lily suddenly said picking up a silver locket and on the front it said mine. Alex had to admit it was beautiful and James seemed to think so too as he grabbed it out of Lily’s hand and muttered ‘thanks’ and ran to the till, Lily burst into tears and ran out of the shop.

“James?” Alex yelled, he turned around, “We’re going to the loo meet you back here in like 15 minutes k?” he nodded and Alex ran after Lily.

She was in the toilets on the bottom floor of the shopping center when Alex eventually found her, nobody else was in the toilets, so Alex sat down next to her and put and arm around her.

“Really seems like he’s given up doesn’t it?” Lily sniffed.

“With you? Never, you’re the love of his life” Alex reassured her. Lily shook her head.

“Not any more” She whispered, “he said they were serious, he’s buying her jewelry, Sirius only bought you jewelry when you’d been together for like four months, and you two were serious, I mean if he’s buying her jewelry now they must be like you and Sirius”.

“Well then they’ll break up like me and Sirius too” Alex chuckled.

“But look at you and Sirius now, you’re both with people and you’re crazy about each other” Lily muttered, “What if they break up and me and James got together but he still liked her”.

“That won’t happen, it’s different you and James are meant to be together” Alex smiled.

“So are you and Sirius” Lily pointed out.

“I’m pretty sure it’ll all work out for the best” Alex said hugging her.

Lily sighed, Alex stood up pulling Lily with her, Lily wiped her eyes so it didn’t look like she had been crying and the two girls walked out of the bathrooms to find James who had bought the necklace and was waiting for them on a bench.

“Where the hell have you been?” James scowled at them as they walked over to him, he paused, “Lily have you been crying?” Alex looked at Lily, who was bright red, Alex knew it was times like these her best friend would need her, so she came to her defense.

“There was water all over the floor in the toilets, Lily slipped and hit her back, she landed really awkwardly on her leg too, luckily there were no muggle’s around so I could do a couple of healing spells” Alex made up. James looked convinced.

“Are you ok?” He asked Lily, she nodded, Alex tried to hide her smirk.

“Right let’s go get Louise’s present and you’ve got your flowers?” James added to Alex, she smiled and nodded so they made their way to a clothes shop, James sat on a beanbag whilst the girls tried to find Louise a nice top or something.

“Alex over here!” Lily shouted from the other end of the shop.

“Ooh that’s nice” Alex said.

“What’s nice?” Came James’ voice.

“She would like this” Lily added.

“Ok, whatever you think, she’s the hardest to shop for, I got all your presents weeks ago, but she’s hard” James added hastily.

“Well she’d love this” Lily smiled. It was a beautiful bracelet with different shaped stars coming off it, it was simple but pretty and a perfect present to give a friend.

“Okay, I’ll go pay, see you in a minute” He said with a wink.

“James we’ll meet you outside” Lily yelled at him. Alex and Lily walked out the shop, deep in conversation when they bumped straight into someone.

“Oops sorry” Lily said looking up at the women who they had bumped into, Alex recognized her slightly, she was tall and thin with bleached blonde hair, she was with a large man who appeared to be the same age as her, probably her boyfriend, “Oh” Lily continued.

“Don’t look at me like that you little freak” Petunia Evans spat at them.

“Look at you like what?” Lily retorted.

“Look at me like I’m not a special and gifted person like you and your little freak friend here” Petunia snarled. Her boyfriend, Alex thought his name was Vernon, looked very confused.

“Nice to see you too Tuney, how’s Mum and Dad?” Lily asked politely.

“They’re fine” Petunia said sharply.

“What’s new with you?” Lily asked her.

“We’re engaged” Petunia said coolly.

“YOU’RE WHAT?” Lily yelped, surprised, “Im sorry your engaged? For how long?” she added quieter

“A few months now why?” Petunia replied casually.

“Thanks for letting your only sister know”

“Why do you care Lily? You’re off at that school pretending your so special besides I don’t know how to contact you at freak school, you might get a wedding invite nearer the time, but don’t get your hopes up” Petunia spat, before turning on her heel and walking out of sight. Lily looked shocked, but not upset.

“Lily are you ok?” Alex asked her kindly.

“Fine, a little shocked, but fine” Lily replied still looking stunned.

“She will invite you Lily, you’re still her sister”

“Not to her im not, im just some little freak who can perform magic tricks” Lily mumbled.

“You’re special Lily Evans and you know it” Said James Potter who was stood behind them and had been listening to their whole conversation, Alex turned around and smiled at him but Lily shook her head.

“Im not, my sister hates me, half the school hates me because they love you and im constantly called a Mudblood” she sighed, James put a hand on her shoulder, “Sometimes life would’ve been easier if I had been a muggle”. Alex gave her a sad smile and James wrapped them both in a bear hug before apparating back to his house.

I hopes you likes:D

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