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September 15

“So Rupert how did you first team meeting go? Is Team Hufflepuff going to be threat?” Scorpius knew Rupert was having trouble with his team already and was having fun jeering his friend.


“Oi, shut it Scorpius. Acacia Zabini may be hot but she won’t stop talking about how much it sucks to be Team Hufflepuff, and then Christy and Lorilee basically just bitch about some bloke in Gryffindor they both dated. We’re doomed. But at least I don’t have that arse Roger! I thought you would be the one to hex him for what he said, not Rose! But man whatever spell she used was downright scary! Speaking of Rose, is there anything there? I saw she ran after you and she is a nice sight mate.”


“Well she is really fit and easy to talk to. But I barely know her and considering the history between our families I doubt she’d ever think about me like that. She’s just so nice, especially after I stormed off, she already has figured out so much about Hogwarts and the founders, and have you seen her hair? She just – what?” Rupert just smirked. “Oh shut up. It could never work. We can just be friends and I can just happen to find her attractive you know, not all of us try to snog every girl we can”


“Say what you can Malfoy, you fancy her. And also, I don’t snog every girl I can, I snog every girl worth snogging! I’m not a complete man whore though, I can make a fine boyfriend. Look at this hair, this quidditch toned body, my loving personality, this award winning smile! Merlin, I’m a babe!”


“Yes Rupert, not to mention your astounding humbleness. Maybe you and Zabini can get together, and have a child who will win the award for biggest head.”


“Ah Scorpius, don’t be so bitter. Not everyone can be this great! Come on now mate! Let’s find Lysander and go out to fly some!”


“You’re one of a kind Rupe, one of a kind.” Sometimes Scorpius could not believe this was his best friend, but he had to admit the bloke was downright hilarious and witty. And even if he would never admit it out loud, Rupert was a very caring guy. Scorpius knew their friendship was solid.


They found Lysander in the library and after several minutes of arguing about how the weather demanded flying they took off to the pitch.


“So Lysander how is your team? Mine is downright horrid and Scorpius basically just stares at Rose over on the Slytherin side” trust Rupert to be blunt.


“Well. I believe we will accomplish great things. Albus is quiet but I believe he is often meditating. Taylor Longbottom is very confident that we will prevail. And Allison stares a lot. I believe we in Team Gryffindor will succeed.” Lysander said in an airy tone.


“Uh what do you mean she stares?” Said a winded Scorpius who had just recovered from a steep dive.


“Well she looks at me quite a bit. I believe it’s the nargles. They often make people dazed you know. My mother has done many studies on the side effects.”


Rupert roared with laughter, after catching his breath he quickly said “Mate its cause she fancies you! You’re a claw, come on and use that logic you’re suppose have!”


“Oh. I suppose that could be a possible hypothesis. She is rather pretty. I think I’ll go ask her to Hogsmeade. Goodbye.” Lysander quickly landed and calmly walked to put up his broom and went to find Allison.


“Well. That was just… Odd?” Scorpius said.


“That’s our Lysander. He’s becoming a man Scorpius! She is a nice sight, nice legs, alright chest, but a very pretty face with that wavy hair. I always liked blondes.”


“I really don’t know what to call you. Some of those were kind compliments, the others rather blunt you know.” Scorpius just shook his head at his friend.


“Maybe, but I could compliment Rose with much more detail” Rupert said with an evil grin.


“Stop. Let’s go to dinner. I hate you, you know?”


“Ah well, that’s why I am your best mate. Come along now, if you’re lucky you’ll find a good seat to stare at Rose from!”

After dinner a small Ravenclaw second year ran up to Scorpius. “Aphrodite asked me to tell you that she couldn’t do prefect duty tonight! She said she got someone to cover for her!” Said the small girl.


“Oh well thank you for letting me know, what’s your name?”


“Ashley Banes!”


“Well I am Scorpius Malfoy, pleasure to meet you Ms. Banes. Please tell Aphro it is no problem at all.” He said with a charming smile.


The young girl blushed and ran off to the girl’s side of Ravenclaw Tower.


That night Scorpius waited at the statue of Albus Dumbledore to meet his partner. It was Rose Weasley, good, he thought, it wouldn’t be too bad of a night at all.


“Good evening Rose, how was your day?”


“Hi Scor, and it was okay. A bit hectic with quidditch but besides that it was lovely. How


was your day?”


“Pretty good, went flying for a bit with Rupert and Xander, then Xander ran off to ask out Allison. It was pretty funny.”


“Oh gosh she’s been drooling over him for years! About time on his part!”


“Yes well considering he thought the nargles just made her stare a lot, cut the bloke some slack!”


She laughed at that, Scorpius decided he liked her laugh. They continued walking through the top floors of Hogwarts.


“So Scorpius, if you could live anywhere, where would you live?”


“That’s quite random. But I suppose I would live in Australia.”


“And why is that?”


“Well, Australia has a very interesting way of hiding magic. It fascinates me, and also my family went there for a time after the war because people are very friendly there and weren’t affected by the war very much.”


“Was it really that hard, you know after the war?”


“Well, more so for my grandfather since he’s in Azkaban, but he deserves it there. Harry Potter let my grandma and dad go free which was a huge blessing. But my father was hated and they lost the entire Malfoy fortune and estate. I agree they deserved to lose it all really, I mean they needed to be punished. But they received threats for a long time and we still do periodically. It’s sad really, I feel terrible for my father. When I first started Hogwarts I promised him that I would make sure no one thought ill of the Malfoy’s because of me.”


“Well you have certainly done a great job, you’re not what I expected when I first met you. I guess I was also raised with my own prejudice.”


“Considering how my father treated your parents I’m surprised you talk to me at all.” He said half-jokingly.


“Well, my mother is probably the most level headed person to ever live so she would be upset if I never gave you a chance. And my father, well, he doesn’t need to know.” Scorpius laughed at that.


“Oh yes, I have heard stories of fights between him and my dad plenty of times. I must say I understand where you get your temper Weasel.”


“Oh shut it, every Weasley has a temper. Well and Lily to, even though she’s a Potter.”


“What’s it like to be a Weasley?” The question just came out, but after he said it he felt quite curious. It had to be weird being the child of Ron and Hermione Weasley.


“Well, my mum and dad are like everyone else’s except everyone knows who they are I guess. I grew up with reporters waiting for me and my cousins to mess up. When I was sorted into Slytherin they did an entire story on that. It can be terrible sometimes. But at the same time I love being a Weasley because I have the best family ever! Hugo and I are very close actually, he’s definitely the wild child. But my parents expect a lot out of me which is stressful sometimes.”


“I’m sure you’ve earned their expectations though, because you do make fantastic grades. You could have been an incredible Ravenclaw. I think you are extremely lucky to have such a close family. And a huge one at that. I’m very close with my parent’s and grandma but I wish I had cousins or siblings. It can get boring.”


“I bet. I honestly can’t imagine not having my cousins around always making noise, or Hugo pranking me, or James making a fool of himself.”


“Yes James is one of a kind, to be honest everyone in your family is one of a kind.” Rose laughed again at that.


“Oh really now? Well you are one of a kind as well Mr. Malfoy.” He gave her his famous smirk and a comfortable quietness settled around them until they ended their rounds and said goodbye.

The following day was Monday. The tournament was to begin. The sixth years taking DADA were whispering everywhere and a few detentions were given to those talking during class. After Charms, Scorpius rushed to DADA in excitement to learn of the first task.


Professor Jordan quickly began class, “Good afternoon class, I see everyone is eager so let’s begin! Headmaster Taping is here to help explain part of your first task.”


Headmaster Taping was a stern but likeable man. He held no prejudice for any house. He was around sixty from the looks of it and often wore regular robes instead of the fancy ones most men of power chose. He gained recognition for his studies on the use of thestral’s claws.


“Hello everyone, as you know this adventure we have prepared for you focuses on the founders of our great school. So to begin your task I will give you some useful knowledge.”


Many began to take out parchment and quills to take notes and the headmaster waited for the class to quiet.


“Yes, many are unaware of this but every founder when they made Hogwarts created their own room. These rooms were really just their own personal offices. Every founder had one of their own that they hid in the castle. And if you have Salazar Slytherin no, it is not the Chamber of Secrets. Anyway, these rooms each have something to do with the founder’s personality, what they deemed important, and so on. So for example Rowena would like to be near the library, Helga by the entrance to greet people perhaps, Salazar near the trophy room where he could feel power and ambition, and Godric maybe by the knights. These are all good guesses and make sense. Your job for this month is simply to find the office. Each office is noted to have a password that the founder would have wanted. Perhaps the name of a loved one or something they valued. You can think of your own house passwords for example. While researching you will learn a lot about that house and how the contributions came to affect Hogwarts. But be warned, working together can either bring out the best in some whereas the worst in others. And finally, winning this competition says a lot about you, it shows those wishing to hire you in the future a lot about your character and work ethic. Make me proud as you embark upon this adventure. Winning could mean a lot for your futures.”


The room was silent as they listened on to Professor Taping.


“Well that is all I have, you can continue on now Lee I have a meeting with the ghosts! Cheerio class!”


As he left everyone was left wondering what this competition would mean if they won. They were broken out of their stupor quickly by the Professor.


“He always has a way with words yea? For those of you wondering I will explain how you will be graded this year. For completing your task you will get a test grade based on if you’re the first to complete it or last. Your quiz and homework grade this year will be made up of your research which you will turn in every two weeks. Research can be anything from notes about your founder, or perhaps a picture or some information collected from an outside source. Now please get with your groups and begin to plan!” Professor Jordan went and sat behind his desk as the class went to the separate corners once again.


“Well Rose, as the Slytherin in our group do you have any ideas on things important to Salazar?” Scorpius questioned.


“Well obviously blood purity, but there is nowhere like that in the castle since the Chamber is off limits. Ambition does go well with the trophy room. Strategy and cunning though. I feel like that could go well somewhere since we’re looking for a study but nothing fits in my mind”. Rose looked deep in thought when Grace spoke.


“I believe we should look into Salazar’s hobbies as well. I think a personal study would be, well you know, personal. I know Helga loved animals so I could imagine hers to be facing the forest or something like that. I don’t know anything about Salazar though.”


“That’s a great idea Grace, I’m sure my father would have something useful on Salazar!” Scorpius made a mental note to write his father immediately.


“I bet it’s in the dungeons. Sounds like a Slytherin thing to do, you know?” Oh Roger really just did not know when to not talk. They all just ignored him as they continued to brainstorm things on Slytherin until class ended.


That night Scorpius had the first dream. He was with Rose, and well the dream ended with Scorpius feeling very uncomfortable and in need of a cold shower. ‘This is getting out of hand, maybe if I date someone else this crush will leave. She is a Weasley, my father has changed but he is not that changed!’


After thinking this Scorpius began to look around his common room for any girl who could maybe be someone of interest.


Instead he thought only of Rose. Rose was simply captivating to him. He always knew she was beautiful but now as he was getting to know her he began to see her beauty as a person as well.


‘Too bad about our surnames. Maybe I’ll just deal with this crush until I move on. Yes that seems best.’ Scorpius made his decision and made his way to the library to find any books on Salazar Slytherin. On his way down he found Rose.


She was snogging Gregory Flint.


“Oh my I am so uh,” he could just stutter and try not to punch Gregory across the face.


“Malfoy get out of here!” Gregory quickly retorted!


“Scor this is so embarrassing” a blush creeped across Rose’s face and Scorpius found it endearing. But out of his awkwardness and anger he just left the corridor and continued to the library.

A/N I couldn’t have it be too easy now could I? What a boring story that would be. Hah how do you feel about Roger? Annoying but occasionally funny I think. Reminds me of his dad Seamus when he was a total jerk to Harry in OOTP, but was still a good guy. Also this chapter gave you better insight on the friendship between Rupert and Scorpius. I love writing Rupert, he’s a funny character. Anyway, review please!

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