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Authors Note:  Sensitive topic/theme/Issue .Again I made this long, some sensitive topic theme. I know last chapter was dark, but this one is a lot lighter, the next chapter will be in 2 parts. Language warning. Thank you all who have stuck by me this long, and any new readers.  This would have been up sooner but I had to resubmit the other.


    Draco bit his tongue hard, for the third time that day he was again tempted to curse Edward “Vecter” Or whatever his last name was. It had been a week since their attack. Hermione was finally back to herself and able to wander about. At that moment, Draco wished she was still bed ridden. Instead of sitting there talking to Vector for the past Half hour.

   He irritatedly threw a crumpled piece of paper at her. He did this three times, charming the three pieces to start hitting her repeatedly; he smirked watching as she started to get irritated. He always could get a rise out of her.  Finally after ten minutes of effort she swung around and glared.

  “What do you want Ferret!” She hissed, Gathering the attention of Susan and Damien who were supervising. 

   “I wanted to get your attention. Isn’t that obvious?” Draco stared right at Vector as he spoke; the other vampire smirked behind Granger’s back. Proving to him that he did know exactly what he was doing and that he knew that it was obviously irritating him.  

  “Then ask like a normal person! Don’t throw things at me.” She glared crossing her arms in front of her chest.

  “I tried asking” He sighed. “But, you’ve been so distracted talking to “Edward” “he spoke sarcastically. “About the history of this castle you failed to hear or understand what I was saying. “

  “Well then say what is on your mind.” She shot back in annoyance. 

    Instead of replying he stood up, and walked out of the room.  Because as he was about to ask Granger about muggles; But was unable too. Edward had brought her attention back to himself with stupid questions surrounding Vlads defense against invaders of Romania.   

  “Stupid book-worm.” He muttered to himself.

  “Trouble in paradise?” A cold voice spoke from behind him. He knew bye the Hungarian accent who it was. 

  “Shut up Montague.” He turned staring at the male. His fingers clutched the hilt of his wand.

  “No, I don’t think I will shut up. Thanks.” The wraith grinned and leaned against the opposite wall from Draco. “I see your girlfriend has finally recovered. I’ll just have to try harder next time wont I? “

    Without thinking Draco pinned the male, pushing his wand to his throat. “Come near Mione again I will find a way to destroy you, you may be a Rare Highbred but I don’t care.  I’m not afraid of you. I wasn’t during the war, and I am certainly not now! “

 “She’s not my girlfriend” Draco let go, adding that like an afterthought and stormed down the hallway and to his and Hermione’s room, Leaving the laughing lunatic behind him.

   Wait, did he just refer to Granger as Mione? He shook his head; he needed his mental health examined. He entered the room that was covered in books and notes. Since they found out about their ancestors they had been trying to figure out the truth.

   But they had been unsuccessful. The murders were covered up very well. They couldn’t find a lick of information about any of the events from that night tell a year after. But, if the wounds were like Susan said. They couldn’t be right. 

  He was angry at Hermione, angry at not being able to find out anything their ancestors murders, and unable to think in their shared room since everything smelled of her. It was driving him mad. Twice he had nearly bitten her.

  He was so consumed by trying to sort out his own muddled thoughts, that he was almost startled by Hermione’s hand on his arm. More startled at her touch, not that she had entered the room. Her scent had hit him like a hippogriff and he had been hit by one before. He knew that feeling. His tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, suddenly dry. 

 “What’s wrong Draco?” She asked softly in that tone that made him almost want to sink his teeth into her. But, he resisted, somehow.

  “What’s wrong?” He turned locking eyes with her, she backed up some. He smirked; knowing his anger scared her gave him a small since of satisfaction and feeling of control. Something he didn’t have much of at that moment. 

  “You’re getting way to comfterble with our rival the past week; it is getting on my nerves. Second. I wanted to ask you about muggles. But you seemed to think that a history lesson was far more important. “He half yelled half whispered. 

  She bristled. “I’ve been trying to find out about him, ever heard of getting to know your enemy?  Also why do you want to know about muggles? I just assumed you had something stupid to say like you usually do.

“Our next task Granger, Well not really a task this one’s more like a trial before the next true test. They want to see how well we blend in with muggles. Most here where muggles before they were changed. I however don’t know the first thing about them. They are also sending us to a masquerade. Since its Halloween this weekend.. Just in case one of us does slip up, no one will take it seriously.

“Oh, I’m sorry Draco..” She apologized sincerely. 

“Please…just I don’t know be more careful around him you are far to comftorble. His intentions aren’t good.” He covered his nose her scent about to drive him up the wall.

 “What do you mean?” She looked confused and her brow furrowed.

   He stood there, staring at her seriously debating whether or not to remind her that he was an expert in  Legilimency and Occulmency,. He decided against it. “I can read by his body language, he isn’t asking you questions for no reason. He has ulterior motives.  They say you’re smart. Figure it out.”

   Her confused look quickly turned angry. “Pardon me for trying to figure things out about your enemy’s then. As for muggles, you will just have to learn as you go. When is the masquerade? “She leaned against the wall her arms still crossed.   

 “Saturday, so three days” He replied, looking at the bookcase. He refused to look at her except the corner of his eye.

  “Well, that doesn’t give me much time then.” She huffed. “You couldn’t of told me this a week ago!” 

 “I don’t see the big deal, honestly. It’s a dance; I didn’t think it was that important to say until it was closer to the time of it.” Draco took a book off the book shelf; Pretending to flip through its pages. 

  “I don’t have anything appropriate to wear. Ugh, I better ask Susan if she has something I could wear.  You better ask Damien. He seems to be the closest to your size for a muggle suit. Your dress robes won’t do and I doubt you actually packed anything. “With one last huff she walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

  Draco let out a slow breath; He didn’t realize he was holding. Even though he no longer needed to breath, he still did out of habit. Then it hit him, He really didn’t have anything to wear, the whole point was to fit in with muggles without being detected. Made sense, one wouldn’t want their food getting suspicious, though he never killed his human victims. 

  Hating that Granger was right, He left the room after he was sure she was a safe distance away from him, his tongue darted out to lick his now dry lips. That was way to close.   

 “You alright there Malfoy?” Came a voice behind him thick Romanian accent. He turned, seeing it was only Damien.

 “Yeah, I was just going to look for you actually” He smiled a bit toward him; He noted his dark hair looked a mess.  

“Ah, what is it you need?” Damien moved so that he was walking beside Draco.

“Hermione has informed me, that I will need a muggle Suit? “ He asked well almost questioned. Draco didn’t know what muggle form of dress robes there were.

“Haha! Let me guess. There’s no way in Hell she’d let you go in everyday cloths am I right?”

“How’d you guess? Also the point is to blend in.” Draco chuckled.

“It’s a girl thing. Susan does it to me, all the damn time. It’s like. But I’m comfortable and she always does this pout thing and folds her arms until I cave. Aurora does it to axel as well. She was the gypsy that pointed you in the right direction.”

  “At any rate, I think I have something that may fit you, If not I’m sure you know a few spells that will get it to fit. “ Damien veered left as he spoke leading down to what he remembered being Damien’s room, which was beside Susan’s and adjacent to each others.  

  “You’re what about 5’9? “ He questioned as he started shifting cloths aside, Draco noted there wasn’t that many choices. 

 “Yes” He had to catch the suit that was thrown at him.  It was an old fashioned 17th century wear; He knew that much from old pictures he had seen in museums. It was green trousers with a green button up vest, with a white under shirt and a green jacket; there was silver detail into it. And also some shoes.

“Also, here’s this, my mate made for you especially. “ Damien handed him a small face mask, green with silver snakes coiled around the fabric, Draco could see individual scales and emerald eyes sewn right in.  

“This is..Incredible detailing. She made this?” He looked at Damien managing to tare his eyes away from the incredible work. 

“Yes, She said you’d like it, she heard you were in slytherin at school, she is also quite familiar with your family’s history, since she was Rikiar’s and Afina’s best friend. 

 “What was he like?” Draco questioned as he muttered some spells over the costume, Damien was wider in the shoulders than he was. 

 “Well, I didn’t’ know him to well, He was crazy about Afina, protected her with his life, No one could touch him in hand and hand combat, his wizarding skills were unparallel as well, so we don’t know exactly how he was killed, we assume some form of spell, the only markings were strange bruises on his wrists. 

“I don’t know of any curse that can do that…We are looking into it. “ Draco reassured, the questions were burning him, and there was one he was sure Damien would be able to answer.

“You’ve said that she was married to obsidian. That’s the vampire leader correct? Why did she marry him if she was so in love with my ancestor? “ 

  “Susan knows more about that than I. What I do know is. There was a point in time she loved obsidian and he loved her, but they had barely been married a year when he started to. Change you could say.  He became darker and distant, much like he is now. He’d lock himself in his room for hours, searching for something.

   “Rikiar and Afina had been friends since he got the job to protect her when she was 16 and he had just finished his wizarding studies. 19 I think. It is unsure when they had gotten together, but it was forbidden, she was what you would call a muggle, and a princess at that. Why he was a wizard and back then interrelationships were more of a scandal than they are now a day. So if they were seeing each other, that was probably the reason she married obsidian instead of him.  

  “Or he forced her into it” Draco Interrupted, Saying what both of them knew could be a very real possibility, Times had changed, But Draco was good enough at history to know that women often were bullied into a marriage or it was arranged, more often arranged back then.  Very few females married for love. It was all political.  But that still left Draco with more and more questions. If she was muggle, why was she able to use these “powers” that saved Hermione and she supposedly inherited.

  Damien didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. 

   Draco was the one who decided to break the sad silence. “Thank you very much for letting me borrow this for the masquerade thing.  Your wife is very talented.”

“She is, she insisted on hand making your mask, Saying that it would look better if she did it than having someone else. I will have to say, she was right, I don’t think anyone else could have done that.”

Draco folded the clothing and tucked it under his arm, holding the shoes in his other hand; waving a goodbye to Damien.

  He wasn’t looking forward to Saturday, but, at the same time, something inside of him; seemed to be excited about the upcoming event especially when his thoughts lingered to long on Granger. 



    Hermione walked briskly, her anger spurning her on, Draco had been acting weird since before they left Hogwarts, He had protected her more times than she could count, and she couldn’t get his motive one way or another. Now was he really showing jealousy over Edward? She really had just been trying to wiggle some info out of him subtly, but Draco’s behavior just now; Did vector really have an ulterior motive for talking to her? If he did what was it.

   She was also quite in a mood because Draco waited until nearly last minute what their next test was. She didn’t like losing tests, even if she wasn’t the one really being graded or watched. If Draco failed this, it wouldn’t just look bad for him; But, her as well. She would have been expected to guide him.  If he had taken muggle studies, this wouldn’t have been a problem. She hoped the masquerade could cover up any slip ups on malfoy’s part for being a wizard and having no knowledge of muggles, or muggle mannerisms.

  Before she knew it she had found herself in front of Susan’s door, She knocked four times quickly. When the door opened, she was surprised to see it wasn’t Susan that opened the door, but a tall woman with an hourglass form, she wore a white gown and had long dirty blond hair and Hazel eyes that drew people’s attention. 

 “Um, Hello. Did I get the wrong room?” She slowly asked the woman her cheeks flushing red.

  “No, this is Susan’s room, Hi I’m willow Damascus’s wife. Nice to meet you, we’ve been expecting you!  Though we thought you’d come a lot sooner.. “Willow led Hermione into the room where she was greeted by Susan whose raven hair was tied up in a bun and the Gypsy woman Aurora was there as well.

“We’ve expected you sooner; luckily Willow is quick with alterations. “ Susan stood Hermione in the middle of the room and went into the closet, shuffling around dresses, occasionally taking one or two and holding them up to Hermione. Before tossing them aside onto a chair, soon the room had dresses everywhere, some of them she found out were Aurora’s and Willow’s  

  “You were expecting me to come to you about this?” She questioned blinking, barely having time to keep up with the mass of blurring montage of colors.

  “Were else were you going to get anything to wear? Besides, we all had ones from previous years. Its held every year, its why it really isn’t a proper test, it’s just to see how well you blend in. These games are only held once every 100 years. So we just incorporate the yearly masquerade into it. “Aurora said taking a thin blue dress holding it up to Hermione. “Ugh, no!  Not her color at all.” 

  Willow suddenly squealed. “I know! Afina’s 16th birthday Dress!”

 “That’s an excellent Idea! Go get it!!” Aurora and Susan said at the same time in excited voices.  

 “Her 16th?” Hermione questioned as Willow left the room.

  “Yes,” Susan’s eyes became unfocused as if lot into a memory.

 “She made it to 16 no one thought she would since she had a rare blood disease. She got married a year after, to Obsidian. She died a year after that, a week after her 18th birthday. “

  “What..Exactly was her relationship with Obsidian? And Rikiar. “Hermione pushed curiously. “You were her best friend, anything you could tell me could help me and Draco find out what really happened and what they are up to now, any information at all.  

  “Well, It will take Willow a while to Afina’s old room, Why don’t you go ahead and tell her” Aurora prompted. “She will figure things out sooner or later, let’s have it sooner rather than the later.”

   “Alright, Where should I start?, I guess the day Rikiar arrived since that was when everything started to change. “

 “He was appointed Afina’s personal guardian since she had been getting threats from not just muggles but magical beings and wizards as well. They didn’t want to do anything until she reached 16 to know that she would survive.  Once she did, Romania’s version of your ministry sent him, he was the top Auror at the time.  Skilled in both muggle and magical ways of fighting, and could often combine them. “

    “Afina was already dating Obsidian at the time. She loved him to an extent; I don’t think she even fully understood what she felt for Obsidian. I guess she was all she knew, we didn’t get many visitors. She met him through his sister Rikarie, we used to make fun of how similar her and Rikiar’s names were.  He courted her. So when he asked her to marry him she said yes. “

     “The problem was, she had gotten close to Rikiar. But it wasn’t until the night after her wedding that she said something..Odd, I don’t quite know what it meant even now. I wonder if it would have made any difference”

   “What did she say? “ Hermione asked eagerly. 

  “That Obsidian found something out the night of their wedding, she wouldn’t say what. He also asked her to do something she said she wouldn’t be able to do it, and that if anything ever happened to her, Do look in the silver Dragon. Whatever that meant, It wasn’t tell later that I found out that she had been Rikiar’s gf since before the wedding, she said they couldn’t be together, but she made the worst mistake in choosing to go along with Obsidian. “

  “Hm, I’ll see if I can find out what she meant by look in the silver dragon. “ Hermione spoke softly. “You’ve been a big help.”

    At that moment the door burst open and in came Willow. The mood instantly lifted. “I found it in her closet, its been untouched and seemed to have a good protective charm on it. So it should still be good after all this time!”

  Hermione went over to it and quietly removed the charms. She opened the dusty trunk and gave a sharp gasp.

  “There’s no way I can wear this! It’s too much!”

 “Nonsense “Susan said “It’s yours by birth right anyway. She would have wanted you to have it, in fact she would have insisted. It’s why she kept it. She didn’t believe in wearing something only once. ” 

   Hermione nodded, reaching into the trunk she lifted a red and gold corset that had an embroidered lion in on the right part, with paw prints going from it to the bottom left edge. It was made out of a silk like material. Next she brought up the skirt, which was the same silk material, red with gold swirls of embroidered color into it, It also had a top layer of a Dark red wine colored chiffon, it was silky with gold sparkles and kind of had a net like appearance. There was also a simple white underskirt that would make it poof out some.  She then brought out two pieces was red flats, they didn’t have heels back then.

  “I have something else you can borrow. If you want, “Willow said noting the shoes.

  “I love them; I can’t walk in heels very well.” 

     Finally the last two pieces, Were of the same silk as the skirt and top, but were armlets that had the same embroidered Lion, that had the same colored chiffon that was on the skirt It attached from the bottom part of the armlet It was long. It was small around the top part, but the bottom became longer and would go to her knees at least. The top part of the armlet had red wine ruffle. That only went to the sides leaving the back which was under her arm clear. 

  “Put it on, I will have to adjust it; you’re smaller than she was.”

  Half an hour later, Hermione found herself back in the room she was staying in. The girls had her dress stored; according to them she and they would meet the boys at the place Saturday. She had just settled down and was reading a diary she had hoped would give her some clue. When Draco came bursting in.

  “There you are…Are you ok?”He questioned, pulling her into an unexpected hug. She gave a small one armed hug back confused.

  “I’m fine Draco why? “ She blinked again he had confused her.

  “I’m sorry about not telling you about the task yet..I just wanted you to rest.”

 “It’s fine..Why are you hugging me? I’m fine really, jeez”

 “It’s nothing don’t worry about it.”He sighed looking like he had something to say but didn’t say it. “Just something I overheard. Don’t go anywhere or be alone with Vector alright.

“I’ll do what I want, but if you’re so worried, fine I’ll stay away. “

“Thank you.”

It was going to be a long two days.


Authors Note: Part two- I left it in a bit of a confusing cliffhanger, but I swear that his reason for doing what he just did will be explained at the beginning of the next chapter. And a reminder, I have a meet the authors page.






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