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Disclaimer: Any towns, schools and characters you recognize from the Harry Potter series do not belong to me, but to JK Rowling.


“Wake up, sleepyhead,” Alicia singsongs. “It’s a beautiful Thursday, and someone,” she says, opening the curtains. “Has a lot of catching up to do!”

                “Leamealo,” I grumble. I’m so tired. Why can’t they understand that and let me sleep in until noon? Screw school. I’m pregnant and exhausted.

                “Up you get,” Maeve says, throwing a pillow at my head. It misses it’s mark and hits the floor. I grab it and cover my head with it.

                “Please go away,” I mutter.

                “No can do. We have strict orders from the headmistress to insure that you don’t wile away in our dorm all day.” I sit up. Alicia and Maeve are completely dressed, their hair done and teeth brushed.

                “What time is it?” I groan. My head hurts.

                Maeve frowns. “Like, eight? You missed breakfast.”

                “Oh shit.” I jump up from my warm bed, staggering to my trunk. “Why didn’t you guys wake me up?”

                Alicia shrugs. “We weren’t told to until after breakfast. We thought you could get yourself up, but apparently not.” She brushes her dark hair behind her ears. “We saved you some toast,” she says, holding out a small stack of bread, absolutely dripping in butter. My stomach churns.

                “I’m fine,” I mutter, picking up a white collared shirt and tie. “I’ll be down in a minute, you guys go ahead.”

                Alicia and Maeve saunter out the door. I pick up the stack of ‘toast’ and throw it in the rubbish bin. I’ve never felt this shitty in my life. My head hurts, my stomach hurts. I’m tired. I’m dreading what is to come. My boobs have swollen so much that they ache worse than when I first got my period.

                I grab a bra out of my trunk. It’s too small. I sigh, and clasp it on anyway. My life sucks.




                Classes, as I expected, were awful.

                Not only did I have to try and hide how awful I felt, but the teachers were glaring at me in either disappointment or anger. The students, on the other hand, kept asking me where I had been yesterday. I lied, of course, telling them I had just been hiding out in my dorm and not in Hogsmeade. I still had some dignity. And on top of all that, I had to concentrate, take careful notes, brew potions in a room so hot I was afraid of passing out, cast spells on birds and pretend the reason my spells weren’t coming out well was because I hadn’t been practicing AND avoid the questioning eyes of our headmistress.

                I suppose the lesson to this all is either “Don’t have sex while drunk” or “Use a condom, for chrissakes.”

                I stifle a groan. My nausea stopped at about noon, but my headache is still here, worse than ever. I can’t focus on my homework. “I’m going to bed early,” I whisper to Alicia. She nods, not looking up from her essay. I walk up the stairs, slow and steady, wishing they would move and carry me upstairs.

                When I get to my dormitory, I plop down at the desk and pull out a fresh sheet of parchment. I need to start planning something- I mean, I can’t just expect the baby to pop out and take care of itself for the rest of its life. I actually need a financial plan, a family plan, a home plan.

                I pick up my muggle pen. They’re so much easier to write with, no smudging or smearing involved, you know? I don’t need to replenish it every five seconds either, which is nice. I begin to write.

Money and House

1)      Drop out of school after baby is born

2)      Get muggle job in London


No, that wouldn’t work, I needed a flat before I could get a job. And with a flat comes the need of furniture- cribs, a table, chairs, fridge, a bed for me, dinnerware… I lay my head on the desk. Where the hell was all this money going to come from? Mum had done fine when we were little, and had enough to ensure Christmas gifts and fun birthdays and such without us going hungry. But I hardly had anything in my Gringotts account, and all the things I need for a comfortable home won’t come free.

Maybe I could borrow money from Devin. His dragon job was going great in America, he was being transferred to Canada in just a few weeks. But that would require me telling him I was going to have a baby, and that probably wouldn’t go very well.

What the hell am I thinking? Eventually I’ll need to tell someone I’m knocked up. The baby will start showing in just a few months, and then where am I? At school, with a baby bump and no money, being whispered about by malicious idiots who respected me until they got the opportunity to name me school smut tart.


I look up. Maeve is standing in the doorway, her bag slung over her shoulder.

“Yeah?” I say, crumpling up the piece of paper I was writing on.

“Oh, nothing, I just thought you were working on homework with ‘Lish.” She drops her bag on the ground. “Writers block on your potions essay?”

I glance at the crumpled up paper in my hand. “Oh. Yeah, writers block.” I toss the paper in the rubbish bin before she can get a good look at it.

“Need any help?” she asks hopefully. Potions is one of the subjects Maeve is really good at. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer with much else, if you know what I mean. She was devastated when she got her OWLs back, and Potions was the only pass grade. Now she wants to help everyone with everything that has to do with it, to show that she’s not completely helpless.

“Yeah, sure,” I say, scooting over and patting the spot next to me. Maeve plops down, pulling out a fresh sheet of paper.

“So basically, you need a really good start that presents the question you need to be answering, but not as a question. So instead of saying….” I zone out. Should I tell Maeve about the baby? She’d probably be freaked out. Maeve has sex with a lot of guys, but she’s on a muggle pill and always carries around a strip of condoms. It was her who gave ‘Lish and I “The Talk” when we were in second year, since my mom was too scared to bring up anything but puberty and Alicia’s parents were the same- so it was her who told us about birth control and safe sex and STDs and everything. It was less awkward with her, but still awkward to talk about it (in my defense, I was twelve years old).

I sigh. No one will know tonight, or tomorrow night. Maybe I can run away to one of those safe shelters for threatened women, say that I have a fear of being beaten up by rumors and such. Yeah. Right.

“Isobel, are you listening?” Maeve says impatiently. “You need to write this down.”

I pick up my pen and do as I’m told until the essay is complete. Maeve smiles once we’re done.

“Thanks for helping,” I say hastily.

“No problem,” she says. “It’s nice to be able to be the one helping for once.” She gets up and turns to leave.

“Maeve?” I say suddenly. “Can I-“ I stop. “Um, borrow your mascara? Mines run out.”

“Yeah, sure, fine,” she says, picking up her bag and digging through it. “Mine’s brown though, and your eyelashes are black.”

“I don’t care,” I shrug, trying to look nonchalant. She hands me the pink tube.

“Bring it back soon, okay?” She says as she walks out the door. I lean back in the chair, curling my fist around the little bottle. I’m tired, my headache hasn’t left, and now- I feel sort of hollow. Like how I felt when I was seven and stole Devin’s toy broom and then lost it. When he was being scolded by Mum about taking responsibility for his things, I thought I was going to pass out from guilt. That’s exactly how I feel now… hollow with guilt.




A/N: And so ends chapter four. How do you guys like it so far? As I’m writing this, it’s the last day of 2011 (though I can’t publish it since the queue is closed for a few more days)!!! Goodbye 2011, hello, 2012! But anyways, since I’m dying (as always) to know what you guys think of this chapter, please rate and review!! Does anyone want to see James again? What do you guys think will happen to him once he finds out he got Isobel pregnant- if he finds out. And how do you think Isobel will cope with keeping her unborn child a secret until she has to tell someone?




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