They entered the front door of the Burrow and Ginny ran upstairs before Harry even shut the door. When Harry got up to Ron’s room he looked around Ginny sat next to Ron’s still inert figure, Hermione stood behind Ginny and Mrs. Weasley was bustling about. Harry walked over and put a hand on Ginny’s shoulder. She looked at him gratefully and Harry noticed that she had tear tracks down her face. Suddenly Ron sat up in bed and said, “America, west half, remedy plant!” And he lay back down and fell asleep again. A sudden determination filled Harry and he knew that he could not rest until he found a cure for Ron, he would go to America and find this plant for Ron. Mr. Weasley entered the room and motioned Harry over. “Harry I want you and Ginny to tell me what you found out.”


Harry nodded, “I’ll go get her and we’ll be down in a second.” Mr. Weasley nodded and left the room. Harry walked over to Ginny, “Your dad wants us downstairs.” He whispered. She nodded, stood up and walked out of the room with him.

“Know what?” Ginny said on the way down. “While I was sitting in there I all the sudden felt like I had to find a cure for Ron and I wouldn’t stop till I did.”

“I felt that too.” Harry told her.

“Is that how you felt when you went after Voldemort?” She asked.

Harry thought for a moment then said, “I think so. Even if I didn’t know at the time.”

“I want to leave as soon as possible.” She said. Harry agreed. Mr. Weasley was waiting for them when they entered.

“I want you to tell me about what you found out.” Mr. Weasley said gravely.

So they did and when they finished Harry said, “I volunteer to go.” Harry told Mr. Weasley.

“Me too, I want to go!” Ginny said and Harry knew she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Harry, I don’t think you should but I can’t tell you what to do, so if you’re sure then, alright.” Mr. Weasley said. “But Ginny, I’m your father, and I say that you are too young.”

“NO! Dad no, I have to go!” Ginny said, “I couldn’t stay here. Please!”

Mr. Weasley looked down at her sternly. “Ginny no, I said no. Besides why would you have to?”

“Because I do, if I didn’t I would not be able to bear it. When I was up there I got this feeling, it was like I could never ever rest until I found him a cure! Please!” Ginny said, she was close to tears now, or at least it looked that way. She gave Mr. Weasley a look that Harry thought Arthur could never refuse.

Arthur sighed, “Alright, but you’re going to need more help, maybe I should come.”

“Wait, I think William could help us more Mr. Weasley, no offense, but he’s had some experience in looking for cure’s, and besides you need to work.” Harry told him.

“Yes that’s true. Alright if you think he’s trustworthy, then bring him.” Arthur told them. “If you want to bring him then go see him tomorrow. You’ll have to plan and have Hermione tell you what this plant is.”

Harry looked out the window, he hadn’t even noticed that it was dark out or the fact that Mr. Weasley had lit the lamps. “Alright, we’ll go see him tomorrow.” Harry said, “I’m going to bed.”

“Oh, Harry, you’ll be using Fred and George’s old room now.” Mr. Weasley said, “As Ron’s is, well, we don’t want you to get sick.”

“I’ll come up too.” Ginny said. The two of them said goodnight to Arthur and headed upstairs.

The next morning found Harry and Ginny walking down to the book store again. On the way down Harry said, “If he’ll come then I think we should do some planning this afternoon.” Ginny agreed. The closed sign was still on the door but they saw William bustling around getting the shop ready to open. They knocked and William looked around, he saw them and walked to the door. He unlocked it and let them in. “Hi,” He said, “How’s your friend?”

“He’s okay. We were wondering if you’d do us a favor.” Harry said.

“Of course, what do you need?” William asked.

“We decided to let you to come with us to America to find Ron’s cure.” Ginny said.

“Oh, um, is that where it is? All the way in America?” He sounded surprised.

“Yes will you come? It’ll be me and Ginny.” Harry said.

“Well, I don’t see how to refuse. I got you into this, I’ll help get you out.” William agreed.

“Great! We we’re doing some planning this afternoon, around two o’ clock.” Ginny told him.

“I’ll be there.” He paused, “Uh where exactly do you live?”

“You take the road leading north out of town, and after about five minutes you’ll see a path, it won’t look like much so you’ll have to look carefully. Take that path and you’ll come up on our place.” Ginny told him, “Or one of us can just come take you.”

William smiled, “I’d feel better if one of you took me.” Harry volunteered. “Alright I’ll see you two at two.” The two teens waved and walked out of the shop.

Back in Ron’s room Ginny told the Mr. and Mrs. Weasley what they had learned. After she finished Hermione looked at Ron worriedly, “I hope you can find it in time.” She said.

“We all do.” Mrs. Weasley.

Suddenly Ron sat bolt upright in bed, “America, west half, remedy plant!”

“Oh I wish he’d stop that!” Hermione said, “It worries me!”

“Has he been doing it while we were gone?” Ginny asked.

“Yes, he did it once.” Mrs. Weasley told them.

“We’re meeting William at two to plan.” Harry told them, “Hermione, what do you know about the remedy plant?”

“I’ll go get my books and I’ll show you.” Hermione said and left the room. She came back in less than a minute, “Here, it says: The remedy plant is a little known plant that has the power to heal illness of any kind, with the exception of the diversus rememdium, unless it is the cure for diversus rememdium. Once found, one must pick the leaves off the plant and make tea from them, whom ever has the illness must then drink the tea, they will be fully cured after a time.” She finished.

“Does it say what it looks like?” Ginny asked.

Hermione turned the page, “Yes right here. To recognize the remedy plant look for a small leafy plant with yellow spots on the leaves, the base of the plant will be orange. Here there is a picture.” She handed the book to Harry, he saw a colored photo of a green plant with an orange base and yellow markings on the leaves, just like the book had described. He handed it to Ginny, she studied it for a moment then handed it back to Hermione.

“Well at least we know what it looks like now.” Harry said.

“Yeah we have two parts figured out, America, and remedy plant, but what about west half?” Ginny said.

“Wait, we have America figured out?” Harry asked.

Hermione smiled, “Obviously Harry, it means the United States of America.”

“Oh right.” He had been so focused on the plant he had not thought of America, “So what about west half?”

“Well in America they have fifty states, so it probably means if you split the country in half then it’s on the western half.” Hermione reasoned.

“That makes sense I guess.” Harry said.

“It also says that the Remedy Plant is mostly found in famous deserted wizard dwellings, parks, underground or big cities.” Hermione said.

“Okay.” Harry said.

“Alright why don’t you dears go get some lunch, you’ll need something to eat before you meet with William.” Mrs. Weasley told them, so they went downstairs to the kitchen. Harry ate some leftover chicken which tasted wonderful, he hadn’t realized how hungry he was.

As they ate he and Ginny talked about what they wanted to talk about with William. “I think we should tell him about the plant.” Ginny said.

“Yes, and we should talk about how to get to America, and were we’ll get some money.” Harry added.

“And where we ought to look, I mean yes we’ll look in the western states, but where in the states.” Ginny put in.

“And when we’ll leave. And then I think we should spend time talking about where we’ll stay.” Harry finished.

“Okay, I think that settles it.” Ginny said. She had finished eating now, “I think I’ll take a nap before you go get him.”

“Alright see you.” Harry said.

“Wake me up before you go get him.” She told him.

“Will do.” He agreed. She walked upstairs and Harry followed her, after he had grabbed some more food, but went farther, all the way up to Ron’s bedroom. Hermione sat there reading a book. “Here you go I brought you something to eat.” Harry handed her the food he had brought up for her.

“Thank you.” She said.

Harry sat down and stared at Ron, “He looks like he’s getting worse.”

“I know, I think he is.” She agreed. “He’s gotten paler. Where’s Ginny.”

“She’s resting.” Harry told her.

“Oh, so what’ll you talk to William about?” Hermione asked him. He told her everything he and Ginny discussed at lunch. “Okay, I think that sounds good.” Harry headed downstairs to find Mrs. Weasley tying several letters to the family’s old owl Errol.

“What were all those?” He asked.

“Just some letters to the family, telling them about Ron.” She answered.

“Oh, I see.” Harry said, he checked his watch, he’d leave to pick up William in an hour. He went into the sitting room and sat on the sofa. He felt bored and a bit lonely, Hermione wouldn’t leave Ron’s bedside, Ron was in no state to get out of bed and Ginny was asleep. He wanted to leave right then to go find the remedy plant. He sat until he could not stand it any longer. He stood up and walked outside, he walked around and down to the lake where he, Ron, Hermione and Ginny had swam the other day. He grabbed a rock and tossed it in the water, it splashed in and sank to the bottom. He sighed, going over the meeting topics in his head. He kept throwing stones in the lake and thinking about Ron, the meeting and America, he checked his watch every several minutes until he let the thoughts that he had been blocking since the battle fill his head. He remembered the girl Ginny had been talking to when he had been walking to the final battle, he thought of all the people who had died and remembered the great hall full with injured or dead people. He remembered how he felt when he walked to the forbidden forest. He felt a great sense of guilt and sadness. Finally he thought he ought to wake up Ginny, so he headed back inside and upstairs to Ginny’s room. He walked in and shook her gently, “Ginny wakeup, it’s time to wake up.”

Her eyes fluttered open, “Harry?” She sat up, “Are you leaving?” He nodded. “Okay, thanks for waking me up.” She stretched and got out of bed.

He walked down to the kitchen where Mrs. Weasley was busy. “I’m leaving to go get William.” He told her.

“Alright, don’t be long.” She replied. He walked out the front door and down the path toward the village.

He entered the book store and the bell tinkled over his head and William came out of the back room. “Hello Harry, should we go?”

“That’s what I’m here for.” Harry told him.

“Alright, let’s go.” William said and they left the shop. On the way to the Burrow William said, “Alright so tell me exactly what he’s been saying.”

“Well, he always sits up and says ‘America, west half, remedy plant’ and lays back down. We reason that he means the United States of America, then you split that in half and it’s on the western half. Then the remedy plant is just that.” Harry told William.

“You’re lucky. Your friend says exactly what the cure is, my dad never said exactly what it was.” They turned onto the path that led to the Burrow. After several more minutes they arrived at the Burrow, “Wow! That is a strange house!” William exclaimed.

“Yeah, but we should get inside now, Ginny will be waiting for us.” Harry urged William on.

Ginny was waiting for them when they got into the kitchen, “There you guys are. Well should we get to it then?” The two men agreed.

“Okay, so first we were going to tell you about the remedy plant.” Harry told William. He nodded. “Well once we find it we’ll have to get it back here and make tea from it then Ron will have to drink the tea and over a time he’ll be cured.”

“Okay what does it look like?” William asked.

“It is green and leafy with yellow spots on the leaves and its base is orange.” Ginny told him.

“And where is it found?” William asked.

“It is mostly found in famous deserted wizard dwellings, parks, underground or big cities.” Harry said.

William nodded, “And now how’ll we get there, we could take a ship in which case we should have to find one that’ll take us or a vacation ship. Or we could do an airplane, so we’d have to get passports and a ticket.” William told them.

“Well an airplane sounds like a lot more work to get.” Ginny said. Harry agreed.

“So does that mean you guys want to do a ship, I need to warn you though it takes longer to get there on a ship.” William told them.

“Well we’d have to get passports and all that if we went on an airplane.” Harry stated. “I’d say it’ll take just as long with an airplane then with a ship.”

“Yes, but with a ship there is sea sickness, and there is sometimes storms, also sometimes there can be problems with the motor.” William warned them.

“And with the airplane there’s turbulence and there can be problems with the engine and storms surely have effect on those too.” Ginny put in.

“Yes, I’d say so.” William agreed, “So what’ll it be, ship or airplane?”

“I say ship.” Ginny said.

“I agree with Ginny.” Harry said.

“Well I guess even if I said airplane I’d be out numbered.” William laughed, “But no I agree with you two. Airplanes sound like way to much work!”

“Right, next, I think we’ll probably need some money.” Harry told them.

“Well I’ve got some that I’ve been saving up, I’ve got no idea why I’ve saved it but I have so we can use that.” Ginny said.

“Is it muggle money or wizard?” Harry asked.

“Muggle, every time I found muggle money I’d collect it.” She confirmed.

“And I’ve got a bunch from my store that we could use.” William offered.

“No William, you’re doing enough just coming with us, we’ll find the money.” Harry stopped him.

“Where, well, where will you get the rest? I know that I’ve got enough for the three of us to go on a ship.” William asked.

“Okay, how about this, Ginny and I will get as much as we can before we leave and then, however much more we need you can supply.” Harry suggested.

“Alright, that sounds good to me.” William agreed.

“Now, when will we leave?” Harry asked.

“Well we’ll have to find a ship and then see when it’ll leave for America.” William said, “So we’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Okay then where will we all look in the western half?” Ginny asked.

“Well I brought a map of the states with me.” William reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a map. “So let’s see, I’d say that half would be right about here.” He pointed to a line down what looked like the middle on the western half were the states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California. Harry thought that these were very strange names but he thought there must be some reason behind them. “So we’ll look in these states right here.” William pointed to the ones Harry had just looked at.

Ginny nodded, “Alright so will we just look at them top to bottom and right to left?”

“I think that’ll be our best option.” Harry said.

“Okay then, now where’ll we stay?” Ginny asked.

“Well we should probably just stay in hotels.” William said.

“Okay that sounds good to me.” Harry said.

“And how much money do you think we’ll need over all?” Ginny asked.

“Well the boat we’re just going to have to see, but then for hotels that is gonna be a lot. Because if we have to stay at one every night for maybe over half a year, for three of us it’s probably about fifty U.S. dollars so it’s one hundred fifty dollars each night unless we find somewhere else to stay.” William told them.

“That will be a lot!” Ginny exclaimed. Harry agreed.

“Yes but, we’ll make up for some of that by not having to drive. We’ll just apparate where ever we need to go.” William reassured.

“But still,” Harry said, “That’ll be so much. Wait do you think that we could just conjure some up?” He asked.

“Probably not unless we have some already then we can multiply it.” William said.

“You know when me, Ron and Hermione were hunting horcruxes we just had a tent that had a extension charm on it and it had a little kitchen and stuff so it was just like a miniature house, maybe we could use that some of the time.” Harry suggested.

“Is that where you disappeared to?” William asked.

“Yes, but I’ll be able to tell you about it while we’re gone. What do you think of that idea?” Harry asked.

“I think it’s a fine idea.” William said.

“Me too.” Ginny agreed.

“Hermione has it right now but I’m sure we could get it from her.” Harry decided.

“Okay anything else?” William asked. When no one answered he said, “Then I’ll find a boat and I’ll let you know.”

“And we’ll get the tent.” Harry said. They said there goodbyes and William headed back to his store.

“Well that went well.” Ginny said, Harry agreed. After awhile they decided to go up to Ron’s room. They walked into the room to find Hermione still sitting next to Ron’s bed.

“Oh hello you two, how’d the meeting go?” Hermione asked.

Harry sat down next to Ginny, “It was fine.” He said.

“When’re you leaving?” Hermione asked.

“We’re not sure yet, hopefully not long.” Ginny replied. “Just when ever we find a ship.”

“Oh.” Hermione said.

“Hermione, we need to borrow the tent we used for hunting horcruxes.” Harry told her.

“Harry, you know as well as I that that tent got stolen by the Death Eaters.” Hermione said.

“I know but the one you borrowed from Bill.” He said.

“Oh, well I gave that one back.” She said.

“Alright then we’ll talk to him about it.” Ginny said. “Mum is having the family over for dinner, we’ll do it then.” Harry agreed.

Harry and Ginny went down to the sitting room, “I hope it doesn’t take to long for William to find a ship.” Harry said.

“I know. I can’t bear it after so many years living with him it hurts.” Ginny said sadly.

Harry sat down next to her on the sofa and put his arm around her trying to comfort her, “It’ll be fine.” He said he knew they were empty words but he had to say something. She buried her face in his shoulder and started to cry, he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her.

After a few minutes she pulled her self together and lifted her head, “Thanks.” She sniffed, and hugged him.

“We’ll go and we will find that cure.” Harry said defiantly.

“I wish I had your confidence.” She told him.

He smiled, “You know I really like your hair that length.”

“Really? Thanks.” She blushed.

“You want to go for a walk or something?” He asked.

“Sure, maybe it’ll take my mind off of everything. But we’ve got to be back by dinner.” She agreed. With that they got up and walked out the front door, they started down a path leading through the garden and out to the apple orchard.

Harry took her hand, “So tell me about what Hogwarts was like last year.”

“No way, not until you tell me about what you guys were up to.” She said indignantly.

“I told you I’d tell you and William about it while we’re gone.” He reminded her.

“Alright, fine, well I heard Neville told you some of it when he was bringing you into Hogwarts.” Ginny said.

“Yes but I don’t know what it was like for you.” Harry said.

“Well there’s not much to tell. It was awful. Neville, Luna and I tried to keep the D.A. going but after several incidents we had a hard time with it. Then Luna got carried off the express and I never came back after Easter so Neville stopped trying but still had to get away.” She summarized.

“I know all that, but what was it like for you?” He asked

“Well, the Carrows were the worst. I hardly ever saw Snape, except when I tried to steal the sword, although I don’t suppose you heard about that.” She said.

“Actually I did, we were camping next to a river one night when Dean, Ted Tonks, another guy from the ministry and two goblins came up next to the tent and started talking about it.”

“You mean Dean Thomas?” She asked.

“The very same.” Harry said.

“Well any way the Carrows did not like me one bit. They were the ones who were in charge of punishment, and they loved it. One time I got caught talking to Luna and we both got a detention, which I’m sure Neville told you that detentions were the Cruciatis curse.” She told him.

“Yes he did, but he said that teachers tried not to tell the Carrows when something happened.” Harry said.

“Well yes, but that time it was Alecto that caught me. And you know McGonagall got tortured once for not telling them, so after that the teachers would only sometimes tell the Carrows.” She said.

“I see.” Harry said.

“So yeah that’s pretty much it. Oh and we didn’t have Quidditch.” She remembered.

“That wouldn’t be fun!” Harry said. They were back to the garden now so they went back inside where Mrs. Weasley was busy preparing dinner.

“Here mum let me help.” Ginny said.

“Oh thank you dear.” Mrs. Weasley gladly accepted her help. Harry walked upstairs to Ron’s room.

“Oh hello Harry.” Hermione said.

“Hey.” Harry said sitting next to her.

“How is he?” Harry asked.

“I’m not sure.” She said, “It’s hard to tell when he’s unconscious.”

Ron sat up in bed and said, “America, west half, remedy plant!” But this time he did not lie back down. He looked around his gaze landed on Hermione, he stared at her for a moment then stood up.

“Ron?” Hermione asked hopefully. He started walking toward her, and then when he was about two feet away he jumped toward her and yelled.

He grabbed for her but Harry whipped out his wand and yelled, “Relashio!” Ron’s hands flew off her. He looked at Harry and then charged him. Harry dodged him at the last second and Ron hit the night stand. He howled in pain and spun around toward Harry. “Stupefy!” Harry yelled. A red bolt of light hit Ron and he fell to the ground.

Hermione stood up, shaken. “Th-th-thanks.” She stuttered. Harry levitated Ron up into his bed and covered him up again. Then he walked back downstairs.

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