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Red Rubber Boots by CassiePotter
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: Boxes
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*Author's Note* hello everyone! I thought I'd try something a little different, so I wrote a Harry and Ginny one-shot. I hope you enjoy!

Cassie :)

The small cottage was nestled in between two hills, and the blue sky stretched out above it. You wouldn't find it if you didn't know what you were looking for. Once you did, however, it was hard to believe that you never knew it was there. The blue shutters and yellow door on the house were old, and the stairs creaked, but that was just how the family liked it.

Pictures cluttered the walls, and the people inside them dozed in the soft afternoon light that was streaming through the window. The house was quiet, but had once been filled with the sounds of laughing children, feet pattering up and down the stairs, and whispered goodnights.

The woman who lived there with her husband picked up a box, and set it on the floor in the living room. She pushed back her red hair that was now streaked with gray. Opening the box, she smiled as she pulled out an old, worn blanket, that used to be blue, but was now closer to gray. The next thing to come out of the box was a rather tattered copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

A toy broomstick, a few broken quills, and a single slipper joined the small pile that she had created on the floor of their parlor. She heard the front door open, and then shut. She knew it was her husband, home from work.

"Gin? Where are you?" he called. She loved that he still used the nickname that he had started calling her years ago.

"I'm in here, Harry."

"What's all this? I thought we were moving it to the attic, not the floor," he chuckled

"I know. I just wanted to look through all of this again. Mum still does this with our old things. Remind me why we have to move it?"

"Because I'd like to be able to actually see the room," he said with a small smirk.

He wrapped his arms around her, and she turned to kiss his lips lightly. Although he looked tired, his green eyes still shone brightly behind his glasses.

"I can't believe we kept all this stuff," he said, releasing her so he could look through the pile beside him.

"Remember when we lost the other slipper?" she asked.

"James still claims that nargles hid it. I think he dropped it the pond. But this one still fits!" he said, sticking it on his foot.

Ginny laughed with him. "That doesn't mean I'm letting you wear it."

"Look at these," Harry said, pulling a pair of small Wellington boots out of the box.

They were still a bright red color, despite the years of not being worn. They had belonged to Albus, and Ginny could still remember when they'd given them to him for his birthday. He wouldn't take them off for a week, running about the house dressed in boots and his blue pajamas. Four year old Lily had taken them from Albus once, but decided she didn't like them after finding a toad in one.

"It brings back a lot of memories looking through this," Harry said, smiling contently.

"I think there are some more boxes upstairs," Ginny said, smiling back at him.

The two spent several hours looking through those boxes, cherishing all the memories that had come along with them.

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Red Rubber Boots: Chapter 1: Boxes


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