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Confusion by evans_4eva
Chapter 49 : Chapter 49
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Thank you soooo much for reading!! Please review, I'm back from holidays now so should start updating regularly again :)

"I’ll see you all back here at 8 o’clock...”


“God, I hate it when teachers tell you they’re disappointed in you,” James sighed, disgruntled, as we sat down for lunch.

Sirius nodded in agreement. “Yeah, me too. Rage, fire and brimstone...all hell breaking loose...that I can cope with. Not disappointment.”

I shrugged a little guiltily. “She’s right though. We do need to start acting like adults.”

“Yes and that’s the worst part,” Peter mumbled. “Growing up is dull.”

“This year’s been pretty poor for Marauder pranks,” James mused.

“And I expect that’s why she let us off with only a week’s detention,” I replied. “Didn’t you think that was a little more...tolerant...than usual?”

Lily smiled teasingly. “Good ol’ McGonagall. She must have missed them as much as the rest of the castle.”

I winked at James. “It was a pretty good prank though.”

The rest of the day passed uneventfully and at 8 o’clock we all traipsed back up McGonagall’s office.

She sent us down to one of the most enormous trophy rooms in the castle and instructed us to start polishing the trophies, “Without magic. I’ll be back in two hours.”

As soon as she left, we all began talking. It was so good to catch up with Severus, without fear of being caught. The two hours passed with companionable talk and soon Professor McGonagall reappeared, announcing that we could continue the next evening where we had left off.

The next night, the conversation returned to pranking again.

“Could’ve gone better,” James admitted.

“Definitely,” Sirius agreed.

“For sure,” Pete nodded.

I grinned. “Well...”

“No, Remus,” Lily cautioned. “Please. Don’t encourage more -”

“Go on,” Sirius interrupted, smiling cheekily.

Lily looked over at me pleadingly but I turned away.

“Here’s the thing...” I began. “I’ve been thinking about our...predicament...for a while...and...well...”

“C’mon Remus!” James urged me. “Spit it out!”

I laughed at his impatience. “I’ve got this idea. It’s something we could target at the entire school...and so it’s not malicious...and it will create complete and utter chaos throughout Howarts...”

“Doesn’t sound very realistic,” James murmured. “What kind of -”

Sirius glared at him. “Shut up for a minute, Prongs. Let him explain.”

“I’ve been working on a new spell,” I admitted. “I’m not absolutely sure it will work completely but -”

“A new spell?!” Severus cut in. “That’s cool. What does it do?”

“Can we try and guess?” Lily asked, excited in spite of herself.

I nodded, wondering what they would assume me capable of and whether they’d guess.

“Something new...something Remus is good at...something worthy of causing chaos throughout the entire school...” Peter mused.

They all fell silent for a moment, but no one offered an idea.

“Think about it,” I grinned. “Regardless of whether we are male or female...of which house the students are in, which classes the professors teach...even regardless of whether we are students or professors... If you think about every single person in this school...what’s the one thing that unites all of us?”

There was a pause. Then Sirius turned to me, a wide smile creeping onto his face. “Language.”

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Confusion: Chapter 49


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