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Chapter 8 - Beaulour Cross

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“What plan? You don't even know me, why do you want to hurt me?” Gabrielle said quietly she was a lot weaker willed than Ginny and had already given up trying to escape his grasps.

“The Weasley's need punishing, Hermionie is too clever to fall for my traps and your the only other family friend with a, what do you call it, romantic interest.” He smiled she didn't understand.

“What are you talking about I don't even have a boyfriend?” She had no idea how he could have known that she secretly fancied George but who else?

“Why George of course! You too are so close and he is a blood traitor, he deserves this. He was so worried about protecting you that he started to ignore you. Now enough talk, I'll be back later.” He got up and left the pub leaving her stunned and terrified. She desperately tried to escape, she shook the door and banged on the windows, but no-one came. She slumped on the nearest chair, her leg shaking and got her wand out of her pocket, an envelope fell out her pocket which was slightly heavier than normal. The front read;


Gabby, Fleur gave this to me, and said to only use it if you are in serious danger she also said something about the beaulour chant? No idea what she means though. George x


Even though the envelope had been in her pocket unopened for about a week, Gabrielle had no desire to open it, she already knew what was in it and was determined to never use it. It was the beaulour cross, a charmed necklace which allowed part veela's to use the powers hidden deep within them. Gabrielle hated the fact she was part veela, to her it was like a dirty secret, it was never mentioned it to anyone. However, this was her only chance of escape, she could use it this one time as long as it got her to safety. She held the gold cross in her hand and started chanting the beaulour chant, she had learnt it at Beauxbatons with her sister quite a few years ago. Her skin started tingling and almost straight away she heard people banging at the doors, it had worked! She stepped closer to the door and the banging got louder and after a while a few hands broke through and a mass of men came running in babbling about one job or another, declaring there undying love for her. She ran through them and said the chant again, they simply looked dazed and walked off.

She was free. She sprinted into the alleyway next to the pub and just when she was about to apparate a streak of white blonde hair came past her, she stopped and saw Draco staring at her, his eyes were slits and he walked quickly over to her, she started walking backwards to get out the way but he shoved her against the wall and started shouting at her, calling her a common animal and saying that she should be killed, tears were forming in her eyes and he was holding her so tightly that she let the cross go. He grabbed her arm and pulled up her sleeve, he stroked her forearm and an instant burning sensation hit her,it felt like being burnt alive, she thought the pain would never end. She screamed and screamed and fell to the floor, the pain died down and she opened her eyes to find Draco had gone. She stared at her arm and was stunned into silence, there was a burning red mark identical to the one on Ginny's face, what if she became as ill as Ginny? What would George do when he found out? A wave of pain hit her again and she started to close her eyes, just as she did so she could see a blurry figure run towards her.

“Gabby, wake up! Come on please?” A familiar voice sounded, she slowly opened her eyes and saw George staring down at her.; she could see the relief in his eyes. He put his arms around her and started hugging her. She felt so safe in his arms but, how could she tell him about Draco, what would he say? “What happened, I went looking for you at about 12 last night and you were lying on the floor? Was it Draco?” He looked like he genuinely cared about her but she was scared, he must have known. “Hey just tell me, whatever it is!”

“It was all my fault, I’m so sorry. I wrote to Draco.” George looked stunned “I wanted to know what was going on I assumed he hadn't done anything that bad. So I arranged to meet up with him he said he could help Ginny. I'm so stupid.”

“Well, how come you were in the alley?” George looked scared but not too angry.

“He tried to capture me but I got away, then he saw me and did something to my arm. I deserved it I shouldn't have been so stupid George. Please forgive me?” She was scared about losing him now.

“I'm not angry at you, it's not your fault. I shouldn't have kept you in the dark, let me see your arm.” George put out his hand and Gabrielle reluctantly put her arm into it, his mouth gaped open with shock “What did he do? Are you OK? Wait, this is the same as Ginny's!” Gabrielle was terrified now, George looked scared and worried and every other emotion except happy.

Suddenly pain shot through her body, she could smell the leaky cauldrons fire and see Draco shouting at her and casting crucio, in the distance she could hear George but the pain was so overwhelming all she could do was scream it felt like she was in the leaky cauldron again;like Draco had caught her. She shouted at Draco to let her go and leave her alone but he wouldn't, after a while the pain stopped and she opened her screwed up eyes to see George staring at her in horror. “George he's going to kill me. Help me, please.” George stared at her and gave her a reassuring look then a hug, and held her close until she was asleep. If this was what Ginny felt every time how would she cope, she was no where near as strong as Ginny.

When she was asleep, George went to check on Ginny, she had started screaming at the same time as Gabrielle. Mrs Weasley was next to her kneeling on the floor, George whispered to her to come outside. “Gabrielle has got the mark too, Draco promised to help Ginny if she met him and she did.” Mrs Weasley sat down on the floor and shook her head.

“Why would she meet him, the poor girl. Has she had any pain yet?” Mrs Weasley's face was pale.

“Yes, she started screaming about 15 minutes ago it was horrible!” tears started prickling his eyes “she was so scared and in so much pain I can't stand it. I need to find Draco and figure this thing out before Ginny or Gabrielle die." Mrs Weasley nodded and went to bed, George went into Gabby's room and lay on the floor next to her she looked so peaceful he looked at her and realised just how much he loved her. He couldn't live without her; he wanted to hold her in his arms forever and never let go, to protect her from everything but he couldn't.

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