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Reality Wish by Greencac000
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: Skeletal Revelance
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter or any of those characters unfortunately. However, I do own Arrayah Minya Black.

Chapter 2: Skeltal Revealence

I looked at her like I had just entered an insane asylum and had accidentally bumped on in to her. (AN: I am not trying to offend the people in the insane asylum and I am not putting them down either) My jaw may have even dropped at the statement. The thought that my mother could be working with Emily crossed my mind but she looked to serious for that. Mother could never keep a straight face when assisting with pranks, I would know. I closed my mouth and she continued.

"Well you see sweet heart you are a half-blood" My eyes became a little bigger than they normal were, so not only was I a witch but a half-blood. " I am a muggle born and your father is a pureblood." She looked at me to see what my reaction was to this.

I processed this and remembered the purebloods with the last name of Black had no heir and both males died. It would be definitely be impossible to Regulas's daughter and just as impossible to Sirus's daughter.

"It seems impossible according to the books but the truth of what happened to your father never was publish, in fact very now of the truth." At this point I realized I had voiced my thoughts. "The truth is"

"Girls I'm home." Dad came in to the room. Apparently it was later than I thought, who knew it was already six in the evening. Once Dad entered the room fully and took a look around he realized that we were not alone. "Minnie what's a matter? Did something happen to Harry, Ginny or the kids?" He had a worried look on his face.

"No Sirus, they are fine. I am" replied Headmistress McGonagal

She never got to finish that sentence. "Wait! Wh...what did you just say Dad? Who are Harry and Ginny? Seriously are you on this prank or are these real people? Mom is claiming that I'm a witch and that both of you can do magic, can someone please explain this?"

Dad looked confused, which quickly turned into realization. He took a seat next to mother. "Arrayah... Harry is my godson, and Ginny is his wife. They have three children, one is actually your age. Honey your mother is telling the truth." I looked at him like he had said that he just bought us a hippo. "I am not Seth Michael Black, and your mother isn't Anastasia Black either."

That was when I stood up and yelled "What! You mean you have been lying to me my entire life? Are you even my parents?"

"Dad" was surprisingly being calm about it. "Yes, I can assure you that we are indeed your parents. You see my real name is Sirius Orion Black and your mother's real name is Marlene Black née McKinnon. I know according to the books that I am suppose to be dead but well the books were right in a way but they didn't cover the years after the war."

"Mr. Black I have to go, I will be seeing you soon. Nice to see you all again." With that Headmistress McGonagal disappeared into thin air, this is what I can only assume is apparting.

"You see honey" dad continued after of course he said good bye too the Headmistress (which was done before she apparted). " A few years after the war they were tweaking with the Veil of Death. They were able to figure out how to save people who accidentally fell in and were presumed to be dead. They told your godfather about this and..."

"Wait my godfather?" I asked confused.

"Oh sorry I forgot to mention that Harry is your godfather and Ginny is your godmother."

"You mean the Great Harry Potter is my godfather?" I questioned in disbelief.

"Yes, yes all the same. Anyway, so the told Harry that they could do this and I was the first one to be recovered from the Veil. Your godfather was so happy. I was welcomed back a hero."

"Wait... but I thought the whole wizarding community saw you as a mass murder?" I asked.

"Well..." he said

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Reality Wish: Chapter 2: Skeletal Revelance


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