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Disclaimer: Any towns, schools or characters you recognize from the Harry Potter series do not belong to me.


“…completely irresponsible, not to mention reckless. This is not the type of behavior we usually see from you, Ms. Olivier. What would have happened to you if that sales clerk hadn’t owled us asking if there was a student missing? This is by far…”

                I tune out Professor McGonagall. Back when my mum was here, she was the Transfiguration teacher, but she’s been the headmistress ever since the war back in 1999. I resist the urge to bite my fingernail. I can’t believe that nasty old lady from the book store ratted me out. I told her I was 19 and everything, but no, she had to put her beaky nose in my business. Bitch.

                “…we’ll have to notify your parents immediately,” Professor McGonagall says, the flab of skin below her chin trembling. “I was under the impression you wanted to be a Healer, Ms. Olivier. You need top marks, and you won’t be getting them by going to Hogsmeade in the middle of the day.” She leans forward. Oh hell, her eyes look watery. I suppose I was the model student for our year. Prefect and everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if it broke her heart that I had decided to blow off school for a day. She opens her mouth as if to say something, but shuts it, shaking her head. “You may leave, Ms. Olivier. I’m sure Ms. Henson and Ms. Byrne have taken notes for you.” She turns away and looks out the window. I stand and walk out the door, feeling horribly guilty. Mum will be pissed. She’ll probably come and “visit” for the next five months to make sure I don’t do this again.

                According to our Uncle Reg, Mum was quite the party animal when she was a teenager. And ever since she realized all the horrible mistakes she made, she’s tried her hardest to turn us onto the books and turn us away from becoming potential prostitutes. Of course, she’s not as crazy as Alicia’s parents, who barely give her breathing room while she’s at school, let alone at home. I almost wish Mum was like Alicia’s parents- at least then I wouldn’t have gotten drunk at the party last month.

                I lean my head against the stone wall of the hallway. It feels cold and rough against my head, wishing it would give me something to think about besides the party in September. I calculate the months quickly in my mind. It took nine months for a baby to be born, the party was September 28th…. That made my due date June 28th. Shit. That meant I would have the baby right during our exams.

                I continued walking. Did that mean I’d have to quit school before I ended my sixth year? The best job I could get now was the same job as that old crank back at the book store who tattled on me. How the hell was I supposed to support a child will making about two knuts an hour?




                “Where have you been?!” Alicia asks, jumping up from her chair by the window, her eyes wide. “When you didn’t show up we thought it was because of your stomach, you know, since you threwing up in the morning, so we went to the hospital wing and you weren’t there! So then we figured you had gone to the loo and were just hiding out, so then Maeve-“

                God ‘Lish, take a breath, will you?” Maeve snapped. She turns back to me. “We heard you ditched.” My face goes red with embarrassment as I plop down in a chair across from them.

                “I needed air,” I lie. “So I decided to take the day off and-“

                “And went to Hogsmeade?” Alicia says. She looks annoyed. “Isobel, what the hell were you thinking?”

                “I love it,” Maeve says, popping this ‘l.’ “You, mon amie, are much better off living your life this way than you were before. I mean, seriously? Prefect? Finishing your homework before dinner? Reading boring muggle books for fun? That’s not living the way you should.”

                Alicia glares at Maeve. “Don’t encourage her! Ever since she drank at that party…” Alicia shakes her head. “I knew that something like this would end up happening.”

                “So? Yeah, we found her passed out on the couch the next day, but who the hell cares? We’re young once. It’s not like she ended up naked on a beach in Spain or had sex with three guys at once, she just drank a little. What did your parents program into your head, ‘Lish?”

                Alicia turns pink. “Nothing! They informed me of the dangers of drinking and stuff, that’s all. And besides, it’s better than being a dirty slut like Roxanne!”

                Roxanne Weasley is the biggest tart in school. She’s the party animal of her family, which is somewhat surprising, seeing as everyone says her dad, Percy, is pompous and strict as anything.

                Maeve rolls her eyes. “Whatever. At least she knows how to live her life, and isn’t constantly craving her parent’s approval!”

                “I do not!”

                “Yes, you do!”

                “Name one time I’ve ‘craved’ their attention,” Alicia snaps, using air quotes.

                I roll my eyes and pick up Alicia’s pink and baby blue notebook. How is it that my two best friends in the world can be so different? They’ve never actually gotten into a legit fight, but they bicker every other minute about almost everything that comes up.

                I flip through Alicia’s notes for the day. Each subject has its own ink color. Is it even healthy to be that organized?

                “No, it does not!”

                “Sending your parents a letter with all the grades you got that month is asking for attention!”

                “They asked me to.”

                “Would you two just fucking stop already?” I snap. It comes out sharper than I intended, but I’m so tired of them bitching at each other.

                Maeve gives me a weird look. “Geez, Princess Attitude, so offense meant.”

                “Princess Attitude?”

                “That’s all you’ve been the past few days.”

                “Whatever,” I snap, grabbing Alicia’s notes and standing up. “I’m going back to our room.”

                “Have fun,” Maeve says sarcastically. As I head toward the stairs, I hear her whisper to Alicia, “What do you think her deal is?”

                I quickly look back. Alicia is taking a book from her bag. “No fucking clue,” she says, shaking her head.




A/N: And so ends chapter three. Nothing much to say about this chapter, it didn’t take me very long to write. Please rate and review!



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