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 Now that I was used to the Potters doing magic, they frequently used it around the house. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Potter and James could, Al and Lily weren't old enough yet.



 I had always noticed that they did things impossibly fast . . . now I know why. In fact, I feel incredibly stupid because it's so obvious. I really wonder sometimes how Jimmy, Callie, and Lola are so oblivious.



 I was so fascinated by the whole magical world. James and I had set up a deal: I would spend an hour teaching him muggle stuff, then he would spend an hour telling me about magic. In the past few days I had learned why the Potters didn't know anything (because magical people don't have to know about the Communitive Property of Addition), what Hogwarts did teach (cool things like Potions, Charms, and some weird thing called 'Divination'), and why it was so funny when I called the family muggles. Did you know that a muggle was a person who had no magical powers?



 As I kept learning more and more about this whole secret world, I realized, I wanna be a part of it! *Looks up at the sky* WHY DO I HAVE TO BE A DAMN MUGGLE? WHYYYYYYYY?



 Okay, maybe that was a little over-the-top.



 Anyway, James and I have been getting really close. We have developed this little game where we ask completely random questions out of the blue.



 "Okay, James, what is an alveoli?" I asked.



"Okay, Abi, what is you're favorite color?"



Like that.



 "Hmmm, that's a hard one," I said. I considered that for a second before giving my final answer. "Oh, PINK! No, PURPLE!" I sounded stupid. Then a lightbulb went off. "Ooooh! Purp-ink!"



 "Purp-ink?" James asked incredulously.



 "What? What's your favorite color?"



 "Gryffindor red, and Ravenclaw blue," James told me immediately.






 "The houses at Hogwarts," He explained. "Okay, how about this? Favorite family memory."



 "That's a really hard one, as many of them consist of my insane relatives getting mad and throwing glass objects across the room," I explained. "My best must have to be . . . this time when I was seven and my great aunt from California came over. She totally spoiled Callie and I, and it was nice to get away from Mom and Dad."



James looked at me in disbelief.



 "What?" I asked him. "True story! Look at this cut here from last week!" I showed him my huge cut that ran down my arm.



 "What's that from?"



 "My dad said he wanted to get a flat screen TV, and my mom disagreed."



 "Wow, your parents sound crazy."



 "They are. What's your best memory?" I was sure it was more interesting then mine.



 "Last summer, for a week, our parents randomly took us and all of our cousins to some place in the middle of the forest. All we had was our wands, some food, and a magical tent. We survived on our own. We had this whole system: Roxie, Lily and Rose cooked, Freddie, Al and I collected firewood, Molly and -"



 "I get it. How many freaking cousins do you have?"



 "Way too many," he answered.



 "Your family sounds so cool! I mean, you have a thousand wizard cousins, like ten wizard aunt and uncles, and, like, a whole wizard family," I finished lamely.



 "I know. I miss them," James said. "This is the longest I've gone without seeing any of them. They're probably off having fun at the Burrow, and the year I finally graduate, we move to America

and I have to go to a muggle school."



 That was too much information for me. I wasn't even going to ask what the Burrow was.



  "Okay, favorite iPhone app. Go!" I yelped at him.



"What the fuck is an iPhone?" James asked.



 I stared at him, my mouth hanging open.



James shrugged.



 "Only the best invention ever!" I screamed. "OMG, you have to learn about the marvelous world of Apple!"



 James looked terrified.



 I unlocked my iPhone, and handed it gently to James.



 "Hurt Hannah, and I kill you," I said menacingly (I hope), referring to my iPhone. Yes, my iPhone's name is Hannah. My friend Ella named her a few weeks ago.



James looked at me, then at the device. He hesitantly tapped it, and when an app opened, his face showed a mixture of fright and wonder. I reached over and showed him how to slide between pages, and how to open and close apps.



 He abruptly stood up and ran down the hallway, banging hard on one of the many doors.






 Al slumped into the hallway. His eyes were closed and his messy hair was unusually all over the place, as if he had just spent a few hours with his fingers in electric outlets. "What the hell? I was sleeping!"



 I looked at my watched. "At 3:30?" I screamed down the hall.



 "Anyway, look at this cool . . . thing that Abi has!" James stuffed Hannah in Al's face, and showed off all of her amazing features. Al reached out and tapped the screen.



 "Woah," he whispered.



 I grabbed Hannah, shook her in front of their faces, and ran back into James' room. They ran after me. I heard a beep, and I knew that meant I had a new text. I opened it up, and tried to read it, but before I could even glance at it, Al tackled me and captured Hannah.



 "Hey! That was my friend Ella!" I exclaimed. "I haven't spoken to her in forever!"



"Yea, well," James said. He then sat down next to me on his bed. Al stood standing and playing on my iPhone.



 I absent-mindedly grabbed an old textbook from the floor and started flipping through it. I was amazed at how easy everything seemed, in third grade it had been so hard. I looked over at James, he seemed to be engrossed in some comic book with moving pictures. Al was still messing with Hannah.



 "Hey Al, what's your favorite Hogwarts class?" I asked, trying to distract him from Hannah. Al sometimes took part in our awesome game.



 Fine. Our game is pretty pointless.



 "Defense Against the Dark Arts," Al responded, not taking his eyes off Hannah. I looked over, and he was playing Angry Birds. I find it hilarious that they're FUCKING WIZARDS, yet they find Angry Birds amusing.



"Why do you need a Defense Against the Dark Arts class? Your dad is freaking Harry Potter!" I exclaimed. I knew all about Mr. Potter and Voldemort and him saving the world.



"Old habits die hard," Albus said with a shrug. I looked at him in confusion. "Plus, it's easily the best class."



"Abi, what's your favorite muggle class?" James asked me.



"English is my favorite academic subject. Drama/Theatre is my favorite . . . other subject."



 "Oh, you do theatre, too? Callie told me she liked it," Al said.



 Speaking of Callie, where was she?



"Al?" I asked cautiously.



"What?!" Al asked.



 "If you're out here in the hallway . . . what are Jimmy and Callie doing in your room? Shouldn't they be wondering what you're doing and come check?" I said. I knew I was right; Callie always had this indescribable curiosity of everything, she would've wanted to know where Al was going in a second.



 James looked at me, clearly not understanding, while Albus put Hannah down and went to his door.



 He slowly knocked, and when there was no answer, he just barged in. His face changed from

confused to angry. He gestured for us to come forward, but then put his index finger to his lips, telling us to be silent.



I slowly moved forward, very scared at what I was going to see.



What I saw I didn't really understand, but I knew it was bad.



Jimmy was holding a wooden stick, which I guessed was Albus's wand, and was expecting it closely, while pointing it at Callie. Callie's eyes were wide with fear, and she was dancing. Ballet. She was on her toes, her hands above her head, spinning around. She was pretty amazing. I knew something was wrong. Callie doesn't dance.



"What the hell . . . ?!" James whispered.



 "What's happening?" I asked, confused.



 "Is he . . . ?" Al started, looking at James with wide eyes. James nodded, seeming to know exactly what Al meant.



"Go get Mum and Dad," James told me. "I don't know what to do."



 I ran down the stairs. In the kitchen, Mrs. Potter was reading a newspaper. I looked at it, and I noticed that the pictures were moving. I guess it was some kind of magic thing. Mr. Potter was reading it over her shoulder, and immediately looked up when I rushed in.



"What's wrong?" he asked.



"Jimmy . . . Callie . . . Magic . . . Dancing!" I tried to communicated, I was all out of breath from running down all of those stairs. Mr. Potter looked confused. "Jimmy was holding Al's wand . . . he was doing something to Callie."



 Mr. Potter exchanged a look with Mrs. Potter, before brushing past me and running up the stairs. Mrs. Potter chased after him. I was left to heave myself back up the horrid stairs all by myself.



 "She's dancing. Does she dance a lot?" Mr. Potter asked me.



 "Callie?" I silently laughed. "Callie does not dance."



 "Jimmy. How's he doing magic without being magical?" James pointed out. "It takes a lot of power to do a Imperius Curse!"



 "Imperius?" I asked.



 "He's doing the Imperius Curse? He could get in serious trouble!" Al exclaimed.



 I guess it was really loud, because Lily slipped out of her room, Lola trailing her.



"What's going on?" she asked.



 I leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "Jimmy is doing something called the 'Imperius Curse'."



Lily's eyes went wide, then she pushed Lola back into her room.






 Now all of the Potters knew, but I still didn't. I wondered very much what was happening, why it was so bad, and what was going to happen.



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