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Chapter Two: Famous Firsts

“There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.”
-Maya Angelou

This time it will work. I can feel it. No, I will not be interrupted. It will be mine and only mine. Well, some of it should go to the others…and it may not be best to hog all of it again…of course no one else seems to like it much, strange people. And I don’t want anymore eyes to be on me then the Badge is already causing.

I still can’t believe Mar actually forced me to wear it.

“Pay attention, you’re supposed to be setting an example,” Mar whispered and gently smacked my arm. “Besides, you’ll be the only one eating that crap anyway.”

Like she has anything to say about paying attention—all she has been doing is staring at Andrew. No clue why, sure his summer must have been spent playing Quidditch and tanning, judging by the new muscles on him arms and the glow about his skin…but, he is no Regulus. Mar kept staring at the back of the poor boy’s head, her long red hair falling into my Dragon’s Blood. I bit back a scream and used my knife to lift it from the wonderful liquid.

I looked up at Dumbledore from the bowl filled with Dragon’s Blood. No, it’s not actually a real dragon’s blood…that’s disgusting. It’s some sort of fruit jam, and it’s the best thing ever created.

Headmaster, please wrap it up. I respect him, but sometimes he just rambles on with the usual introduction to the First Years. It’s really only for the First Years, the rest of us know how different Hogwarts really is on the inside. I groaned softly when he continued about the war we’re in.

I go back to staring at the small, white bowl filled with the wonderful purple liquid.

“Temptation plays a large factor in this,” I looked back up to the Headmaster. “Neither for one specific family nor House are the…Death Eaters…recruiting from, but any witch or wizard.”

The Houses always play into the game, dear Headmaster.

Whether they know it or not, the House a first year is put into will affect their entire life. I often wonder if I would’ve turned out differently had I been in another House. In Hufflepuff I probably would’ve spent my days alone…but in Gryffindor I would’ve probably had a lot more friends. I glanced up to the table next to ours. That would’ve been interesting…

I pictured myself in black and green robes, brown hair in the same messy style it always is. Using my wand to push my way through the crowd with that one Black…Bellatrix? No, she’s the crazy one…it’s the blonde one. Well, I’m walking along with her and we seem to be having fun. That’s when I stop and she keeps going. Next thing I know I’m wrapped up in the embrace of a certain dark-haired Slytherin cousin of hers.

“Are you alright?” Mar put her hand on my shoulder, shaking me out of my daze.

“Huh?” I shook my head a bit. “Wha—oh, yes, I’m fine.”

“Really? Because you’ve been staring at the Slytherin table and the rest of the food’s been out for five minutes,” She raised an eyebrow
I grabbed a leg off the turkey platter, a look of disgust thrown at me from a seventh year which I ignored. I took the knife and cut the meat off the bone, perfect. With some Dragon’s Blood poured on top, I grinned at the masterpiece.

“Yeah, you’ve gone insane,” Mar nodded to her self. “How’d the meeting go?”

I took a bite of the turkey and practically moaned.

“Um, Lynn?”

I set my fork down and wiped at my face with a napkin before I made even more of a fool of myself. “Sorry, what was the question?”
Her other eyebrow raised, “Just wondering how the meeting went…”

She looked back to her own plate and took a bite of her Sheppard’s Pie. While chewing she faced me again and flicked her fork around. “You get your patrol partner?”

I quickly took another piece of turkey to my mouth, easiest way to avoid the answer and she knew it. I saw a smirk start to form on her face as she put the puzzle together in her mind; she wasn’t made a Ravenclaw for nothing.

“You got him, didn’t you?” She smirked. “Oh, this is perfect! I love it, I’m always right, I knew this would be the year, I just knew it.”
I shushed her before she got too loud.

“We’ll talk later,” I said and continued eating the best thing that Hogwarts had to offer.

As everyone began finishing up their first meal of the new school year, Dumbledore stood up again and announced travel to the common rooms is welcome.

I stood up with Mar and we began walking up the steps to the Great Hall, she stopped before reaching the top and Andrew came up to her.

“Walk you to your Common Room, m’lady?” He bowed and she blushed. She blushed? The hell?

“Well—” I cut her off.

“Actually, I’m supposed to help the first years or something…I’ll see you later, Mar,” I shrugged and nodded at him. “Andrew.”
“Oh, alright,” Mar smiled. “See you in the Dorms, then.”

I let them wander off before turning around. Oh Merlin.

In front of me stood three boys and four girls…about half my size; Great. I looked down at their partially blue robes and sighed. How did I get into this again? Boot walked up next to me, badge perfectly shined to make it as obvious as possible. My sign turned into a silent groan.

“Glad to see you’re on time this time, Grey,” He smirked and turned to the younger Ravenclaws. “Now if you all will just follow me I will take you to your home away from home for the next seven years.”
He lead the group forward, I stared, confused, after them. He looked back at me and glared. I jolted out of my confusion and followed quickly behind the group.

Between Boot and I walked the seven First Years in complete awe. Even though most of their parents told them all about their own days at Hogwarts, they always held the same expressions on their faces; Always. As I followed behind the group my mind wandered back to Dumbledore. Why he made me of all people a Prefect was beyond my mind. I was an outcast, well… a Ravenclaw who stayed out of most people’s way. Except Boot, I seem to always be in his way.

“And to our left is a beautiful painting of Harriet the Humble, can you tell the group what year it was painted in, Grey?” His voice rang out from a few paces ahead.

I glared lightly towards him and answered with, “1117 Anno Domini.”

He looked surprised for a moment, as if he had forgotten what House we are in, but shook it off with a simple ‘Correct’. One of the girls raised an eyebrow at me. Great, even First Years are wondering why he degrades me so, too bad they will soon learn.

“Here we are, the entrance to the Ravenclaw dorms,” Boot motioned to the bronze, eagle-shaped knocker after we had climbed the thin staircase.

“Do the paths of Arithmetic inconvenience you? Draw the pattern to a close, plug in a reply, and you shall enter.

1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, 6=3, 7=5, 8=5, 9=4, 10=3 11=…”

“Ah, yes,” Boot continued, “He likes to begin the year with more…difficult ones. As the year progresses you will get used to answering these riddles and will be able to get in more easily.”

One equals three? Well, the eagle’s Arithmetic usually involves words more so than numbers…

“As we are discovering, if you do not know the answer you have to wait for someone to come around who does. Sadly enough, that is the way we learn.”

The First Years had strange looks on their faces as they tried to be the first to figure the answer. I let out a small laugh as one of the boys let out an annoyed growl. Boot glared at me.

I smiled and looked to the knocker, “The solution would only be six for that is the number of letters in the word.”

“Beautifully said.”

I led the group into the Common Room and heard gasps from some. Boot began talking about the room and some of the things around, but the First Years didn’t seem to be paying attention as they were distracted by the midnight blue carpet and starred ceiling. I myself glanced around and saw that nothing had changed; though it looked like the Elves had polished Rowena’s statue a bit more this year.

“…and that is all you need to know to get along with your Common Room.” Boot finished and seemed to smirk at the confused looks coming from the First Years. “Any other questions can be directed at my friend, Lynnette Grey.”

Bloody bastard.

A/N: Alright, sorry for any confusion...I'm editing this a bit so am clearly behind where it should be. Don't fret, as soon as chapter six comes out, chapter seven should follow. Okay: review, etc.


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