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Harry Potter 2 A New Beginning by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 1 : Prolgue-creating a new beggining
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"it's finally over" Hermione sighed as she looked out across the Black Lake. it felt

strange, standing there, they had been fighting Voldemort for so long it felt strange to

have peace once again, Hermione was beggining to feel like she would never feel

peace  in her chaotic life again. this war had cost so much for so little. Severus Snape,

Dumbledore, Mr.Weasley, Percy , Fleur, Ginny, Her mum and dad...all gone. Hermione

nearly let a tear fall when "It's a beautiful night" a deep voice said. Hermione turned

"Harry..." the tears vanished.  "may i join you?" he asked, Hermione smiled gently and

nodded in agreement. Harry pushed himself away from the balcony door way and

made his way over toward her. resting his arms on the balcony railing harry looked out

on the Lake, "Beautiful scene, this is" Harry said turning toward Hermione only to

catch a glimpse of a tear unwillingly falling from her eye before she brushed it away.

"me and ginny before she....passed...." hermione said the word sadly Harry never felt

the way about Ginny people thought he did he always had his eye on another girl. "we

would come here and talk, relax, and just forget about our life, i was afraid it wouldnt

be the same now i wish it would go away. it only brings up bad memories." Hermione

closed her eyes painfully wanting to make the images of the war go away. only to

open them back up quickly as warm arms embraced her protectivly. Hermione

blushed, she remembered how she had announced her feelings to Harry (and the

rest of the world) by accident. Voldemort had her at wand point her wand had

previously been flung out of her hands and she was completely defenseless, she

closed her eyes knowing what was coming, the last thing she saw was a green light

shot at her that would never hit its target. at the last moment Hermione felt warm arms

pull her to safety and "AVEDA KEDAVRE" following it. a blood curtling scream filled the

air and then complete silence, hermione slowly opened her eyes to find a heavy

breathing Harry holding her in his lap. "its over.." he said smiling at her. hermione was

so filled with joy she tackled him then and there knocking him and her to the ground.

she had her arms wrapped around his neck when she lifted herself off the ground a

few inches to look him in the eyes. "Harry! It's over!." she smiled then looked him in

the eyes and leaned down and kissed him. finally breaking apart she hugged him

again and said to him and only him "i love you Harry James Potter." she lifted to see

him smiling as if he had been waiting for those words then he kissed her. no words

had to be spoken for her to know what he was feeling. "i love you too Hermione."

Hermione blushed a much more scarlet red at the memory. " Bad memories or good,

memories are what keeps are loved ones close and cherished, they are an essence

of life." Harry said resting his head on her shoulder, Hermione relaxed "you sound just

like Dumbledore." she laughed. Harry laughed with her. "it'sNew Years Eve." harry

said looking at the sky Hermione looked up. "yes I suppose it is huh?" she smiled, 'It'll

end tonight and start anew' Hermione thought. "10...9...8...7" harry said "6...5..4..."

Hermione continued. together they finished "3...2...1..." but before anything else could

occur Harry spun Hermione around, knelt down on one knee, pulled out a diamond

ring with two golden leafs holding it inplace and two smaller diamonds on the end of

the leaves and said "Hermione Jane Granger will you create a New Beggining with

me... As HERMIONE JANE POTTER!?" hermione paused then said or rather yelled ,

"YES! YES! OH HARRY JAMES POTTER I WILL!." harry stood up and as soon as he

did so Hermione jumped on him, but years have made Harry quick and he swiftly

caught her holding her up right, Hermione smiled and just as the fireworks began to

go off Hermione leaned down and passionatly kissed Harry. they pulled away and

harry smiled "i believe the term is "I Do"


2 years later

January 1st 12:00pm, "Congradulations, Mr. and Mrs. Potter, its a beautiful baby girl!

what shall her name be?" the nuse handed Hermione her newborn daughter,

Hermione took her daughter carefully in her arms then looked at her sleeping face,

she looked at her husband then back at her daughter and said "Lylia, Lylia Renee

Potter," she smiled then hugged her precious daughter closer, "my innocent New

Beggining" Hermione looked at her Husband and said "Mr. Potter would you like to

hold your daughter?" she held their baby out to him. Harry's face went pale, as he took

the fragile little girl from Hermione's weak arms. hermione couldnt help herself she

broke out in laughter, "why Harry you look more frightend then when you fought

Voldemort" Hermione couldnt have been more right, Harry was frightened, she was

so small and delicate he thought he would drop her and whats worst he thought as

he looked at her sleeping face, that he would never be a good father. and almost as if

reading his mind, Hermione placed her hand on his arm, "dont worry Harry you'll be a

great father." he looked at her leaned over and kissed her forhead, " you did great love

thank you," she smiled then became serious and said "never again!" Harry looked at

her and she began to laugh. he smiled then looked at his daugher just as she began

to wake up. he looked into her big hazel- blue eyes with a slight golden ring around

the pupil, and smiled. Lylia began to laugh then grabbed her daddy's nose. harry

laughed then replace his nose in her small hand with his finger. then and there he

knew that this little girl, delicate as glass, would bring all his happiness and joy~

along with his wife~ and all of his worries and fears into his life.


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Harry Potter 2 A New Beginning: Prolgue-creating a new beggining


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