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i am sorry...i had to hurry this chapter....i know many people wil not be satisfied with this i didnt want to abandon this story so i had to hurry the ending....
plz review...


Draco stared at the '18th century' female. She looked different. She was out of place. He was planning his next move when he saw here looking here and there. It appeared as if she was searching for someone was something. Was she waiting for someone? Or was she here with someone?Draco couldn't put his finger.

"Mate..we don't have the whole do know that...and given her looks she can leave any second."

"She is not going to leave anytime soon." Draco said still eyeing his target.

"What makes you say that?"

"Just look at her. She is possibly searching someone, and she is not going to leave until she finds what she needs."

Blaise was amazed. But his eyes shone with a different light.


Hermione took another swing of her drink. She had never felt so light, so relaxed, it felt like all her past was washed away. She looked around for Ginny but her red head friend was nowhere to be seen. She looked around but couldnot find her.

She got up to find her friend and headed towards the dancefloor. She looked for her friend but couldn't find her.

Suddenly a pair of strong hands wrapped her from the back. And she was pulled closer to a strong chest. She could feel the movement of the person's chest. She was scared and to relax herself took a deep breath.

Her eyes widened...a masculine fragrance intoxicated her lungs. She was drawn to it. She knew she should push the guy but her drinks stopped her from doing that.

She felt warm breath on her earlobe. She was scared that he might kiss her. She flinched a little and the arms around her loosened a bit.

" Hi. There. I was seeing you from my seat. You seem..."

She knew this voice. But she couldn't believe it. How was it possible? It couldn't be. She turned in the arms and came face to face with the last person she wanted to see.

Draco's eyes widened. It was her. But how could it be? After so many years he was seeing her. She had not changed a bit.

Hermione pushed into the chest with as much force as possible.

"Ron....what are you doing?"

"Com'on no hi how are you...didn't you miss me 'mione?"

Hermione pushed Ron.

"Ron its best you leave me. I have to look for....."

"This isn't your type of place....are you here with someone...?"

"I am...."

"She's with me Weasealy."

And with that Draco pressed his lips to hers. She didn't want to but her lips parted and Draco entered her. It had been such a long time since she's been kissed like this..

Said Draco while pulling Hermione out of Ron's arm to his. Hermione was too shocked to utter a word. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Well looks like when it comes to you....she hasn't changed much.."

"You got a problem with that."

"Ron its best you leave."

"Come on 'mione don't be so touchy with Malfoy am here for....."

Hermione didn't have enough time to react...she didn't even have time to register what had happend. All she knew that Ron's nose was bleeding and Draco's hand was holding Ron's collar.

"We are leaving NOW." and with that he pulled her out of the crowd and out of the club.

They both walked out of the club.

At a corner in the club by the bar stood Ginny and Blaise. Ron walked to them.

"You both so owe me one.." Ron said wiping the blood from his nose.

"That was great...I had not expected such a response from him...."

"What do you think they might be doing..."

Blaise smiled at Ginny.."Possibly making up for all the old time..."

"Eww..your such a gross person Blaise.." saying this Ginny playfully hit Blaise on the arm.


Hermione touched her lips and could still feel his touch. She had missed this man and his touch alot.

Draco moved his hands through his hair. And looked at Hermione.

"I hope i didn't do anything wrong. I didn't know how else to react. You looked quite uncomfortable. I just couldn't stop myself, so I...."

Hermione kissed Draco on his lips. Shocking Draco he had not expected such a response from her of all people. Hermione stopped and looked in his eyes...those sliver eyes always had the charm to stop her breath.

Draco pushed Hermione to the near by wall and collided his lips with hers. He kissed her like it was their last day. Hermione pushed Draco's jacket and started opening his shirt. Draco kept on kissing her.

Draco stopped and looked in Hermione's eye.

"Don't stop Draco. I have already controlled alot."

"Not here. Anyone going by will think we are hungry for eachother."

"Isn't that true?"

"It is...Hermione...I love you."

"I love you too Draco."

"I can't wait any more. Let's go to your place"

"My place?? My my some wild cat you are."

Hermione blushed she was very happy. She had missed this guy so much. The hollowness of her heart was now filled. And it was not because of the drinks she had had..but because of this person. She had never been so happy since that christmas.


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