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 Authors Note: One I don’t own harry potter, and any mythical beasts go to respective cultures. There is slight Alcohol abuse. keep getting rejected for forgetting to put up that warning. What else. Strong Language and violence and sensitive topic themed. I think this is all the warnings I need to give. I don’t want to be rejected for them. I know this chapter is very violent and depressing but it’s important to the plot.  I have officially been writing for a year on here so I wanted to make it extra long. So I couldn’t get it up before the staff’s vacation. Then. Even though it was record long a friend challenged me to write a 4000+ chapter so. Here it is!! Please Rate and Review.  *Edit* I edited this as best i could. It isn't perfect. But I hope its better


      Without Thinking Draco pushed Hermione sideways into the wall, just as the animal leapt toward her.  Growls filled the cavern, 20 sets of the same red eyes started to appear in the mist. “Deprimo” He muttered wind shot out of his wand, causing the mist and fog to clear.  One thing he noticed. The Jackals were huge. Twice the size of any man and had razor sharp yellowing teeth; and eerie red eyes.  Actually He wasn’t even sure they were jackals they looked like them, but they were way too huge.

“Protificus totalus” He heard Hermione cry out from somewhere behind him to the nearest Jackal binding it.

      Draco ducked as one went toward him, “Icendio! “ The spell hit the beast’s tail causing it to catch fire and start smoking, with a high pitched yip that sounded like a cackle it ran out of the cave and out of sight.  Draco backed up, both of them getting cornered. Draco saw an opening. Draco picked up a startled Hermione and ran using his speed he jumped behind the Jackals. He landed cat like, putting Hermione to her feet, they ran toward the exit; both of them shooting spells to repel the Jackals.  

    They nearly tripped over the bound one that was snarling unable to move. Hermione screamed and ducked. Draco barely had enough time to register jet black feathers. Ducking himself, Hermione sealed the entrance of the cave, capturing the giant Jackal like creatures.  But they were faced with something far worse. At that moment, Draco wished the giant beasts were all they had to deal with.  The bird was  as large as a Dragon , it’s wings were as black as shadow with  soft feathers, its beak had saliva and bugs and something that looked like human bone stuck to its beak.  It’s piercing red eyes fixated on the two . It’s talons latched into the stone of the mountain creating large claw marks as it took off diving for them again.  Draco recognized it as an Ekek also known as a wak wak. He however didn’t have time to wonder what it was doing so far north.

   Sharp cold wind hit Draco but it didn’t seem to bother him.  However the wind was so powerful it cut Hermione along her cheeks and some of her arms. She shot Spell after spell at the bird, sending purple flames.  Draco transfigured a stick into a sharp sword.

  “Don’t hit it with magic! Ekek’s feathers act like a shield.  You’ll only succeed in pissing it off!” Draco started to jump from rock to rock; finally his training with swords would come in handy. He transfigured another stick into another sword matching it, so he had a set of Ein hander. He stopped once he was in front of the bird. 

    He crossed the blades together as the Ekek attacked with its talons. Bending his body he leaned further. He was pushed back, but once his foot hit the edge of the mountain, He smirked and sliced them in an x cutting its claw. It let out a high pitched cry that pierced the air. Why it was distracted Draco pushed off; landing behind the bird only to jump off again so he was on its back.

  At the same time, Hermione had transfigured a bow and a quiver of arrows. Draco noticed as one went past him. “Aim for the throat! Its chest is too hard to penetrate. “Aim for the throat!” 

  Draco took his right sword and slammed it into the birds back. Ignoring the cries as it stretched out and started thrashing, trying to jerk him off. He kept a tight hold of the sword.  This gave Hermione a clear shot at its throat , Using the last of her arrows. She aimed and pulled back the string she Let go. The arrow pierced its throat hitting one of its lungs. It reeled its head back; landing on the ground with a loud thud.

 It took one last bite at Hermione.  Catching her side before it went limp. Its wings falling with two loud thuds, Thick clouds of dust and dirt rose from the impact. Draco pulled the sword out of its back, jumping down to the ground. The smell of Granger’s blood over powered his senses. His pupils shrunk and became almost pitch black. Ignoring the urge to bite her he ran to her side. He dug into her back to find some bandages a large hole was in her side. Panicking he put pressure onto her side.

  Her eyes were fading and she was trembling in his arms from pain and bitter cold.  He removed it only to put more pressure with bandages.  Her blood was soaking through them quickly. His hands soon became covered in blood. 

“Draco..”She started but passed out, going limp in his arms. 

“Shit” He cussed and dug into the bag. Finding the Essence of distiny, He poured half the bottle over her wound. He watched as the wound slowly healed, she would be weak. But at least she wouldn’t die…yet..But he needed to get her medical help. She had lost way to much Blood. He couldn’t use a blood replenishing potion. It was good if she lost a lot. But this was more than a lot. She lost about half. 

  Sharp Squawks and cries sounded over head.  He groaned. A whole flock of the things covered the sky. They barely let any light. Not that he minded, he saw better in the dark.  Pain shot through his back and he doubled over. Still He shielded Hermione with his body.  White hot pain went through him, with a hiss his fangs lengthened and his fingers and nails lengthened, becoming almost claw like.  He screamed as two slits started to tare open between his shoulder blades. His nails dug into the ground, his body shaking as he attempted not to pass out from the pain

    Two large black bat like wings that were tinted in red slowly started to form and grow from the two slits. When they finally unfurled and writhed, Flexing as he got used to the sudden difference. The pain slowly ebbed as his skin started to heal and form around the wings. 

  Adrenaline coursed through him and he took off into the air. He grabbed the nearest bird. He sank his fangs into its throat and pulled out the jugular.  As it fell he took his swords and started to Slice at the ones wings as he passed.  He stopped counting after the tenth as he kept fighting. He dug his Sword into the wings and bone, desperately trying to keep them away from Granger, who they were all aiming for.

  Finally he landed on the Ground, at least a dozen birds around them. And even more still up. Draco brought her against his chest. His Wings wrapping around her as he attempted to stop the attacks; Hissing as the talons dug into his wings. 

  He was starting to wonder how he would get her out of there, when she started to heat in his arms. Looking down concerned, he saw that she was starting to glow a faint pink. Her magical energy started to burst from her. Draco let go watching as she slowly rose, the beams started to pierce the birds around them. She floated on her back. Slowly the pink started to disappear and she went a bright white. Draco had to bring his arm up to shield his eyes.

   When the light faded all the birds were on the ground. And Granger was standing. Her hand outstretched having cast many balls of light. He squinted the light and the energy balls disappearing. He saw her standing a full minute; before starting to fall to her knees. 

  He rushed over catching her. She rested her head against his chest. He was happy to still hear her heart beating.

 “I won’t lose you again Rikiar.” She spoke in a slightly different voice that didn’t quite sound like Hermione. She looked into his eyes as she said that and kissed his cheek, finally passing out.  Draco held her confused, shifting so he was holding her up bridal style. His wings beat and he jumped into the air, flying toward the castle. The whole time thinking

. “Who was Rikiar, and why was she talking like I was him? “  He flew for an hour, night having fallen. He wasn’t surprised to discover that he and her were the only ones back. Considering he just FLEW. And they were dropped off not even 7 hours prior. 

  Draco ran down the hall once he past the falling down part of the castle and into the underground estate. He instinctively went to Damien’s room.  Knocking loudly he waited for him to answer the door. That didn’t take long.

“Draco? You’re back already?” He asked seeing who it was. A girl with long black hair and bright hazel eyes and a pale complexion, appeared beside him. Smelling Damien’s scent on her, he assumed that was his mate.

“Oh dear, “The female whispered. “She is hurt, Come inside quick.

Damien stepped aside to allow Draco in with Hermione.  The woman came back with a muggle needle thing and too packs of blood.  “What is that?”

“This. Is an IV, It will replenish her blood. She won’t smell like herself anymore, but when her blood takes over she’ll begin to get back to normal. So don’t freak out, your mate will be fine.

“Wait, wait just one minute, she’s not my mate! “ 

“But, your aura’s say differently... And you seem to care for her. “She trailed off as she slowly inserted the needle into Hermione’s arm. Tapping it and strapping a board to her arm to keep it in. She hung the bag up.

“I don’t know what you mean by our “Auras” but I can tell you we aren’t mates, we aren’t even really friends. “

“Don’t freak him out Susan, now what was she attacked by? “ Damien interrupted.

“Keke’s  , I don’t know what they are doing so far north. But before that we were attacked by these giant jackals that had to be as big as an Ancaralantula. “

“Sounds like Montague’s doing. Anything else?”

“Yeah…Actually. She started glowing…and this weird pink light and then white light hit the birds and she called me…Well She called me Rikiar.

“So she is Afina, I knew it! Well, Her reincarnation anyway. “

“Who’s Afina? What the hell is going on? “He growled now annoyed. Hermione wasn’t anyone, she was Hermione, plain and simple, she wasn’t this “Afina” Girl they were calling her.  “She’s Hermione. “

“Go feed, “Damien started slowly. “I’ll explain what I mean when your fully functional .and she is awake and healthy. ”

“No, you’ll tell me now.” He folded his arms stubbornly, refusing to move until he got some answers. 

“Draco?” A soft voice that was unmistakably Hermione’s spoke up. He turned to see she was awake but still pretty tired. She looked scared. Something she was failing to hide though trying.

“Hermione. I’m right here. “He moved and sat next to her. 

“W-where did you learn to fight like that?” She closed her eyes tired.

“I will tell you when you’re better. Where did you learn to use a bow and arrow?” He unconsciously took one of her hands holding it.

“T-took lessons in the summer with my parents..” She trailed off starting to doze. Draco pushed her bushy hair back and out of her face.  Once she was asleep, he got up and left the room; Going off to hunt. 

    He went to the nearest village, sticking to the shadows. He crouched down waiting. Eventually a drunken man stumbled out of a bar and wandered down the alley Draco was waiting in wait in. Pouncing he pinned the man. Covering his mouth so he couldn’t scream, He sank his fangs into his neck, draining him almost dry, he left him alive. 

  He did this 7 times until he was no longer thirsty and his wings had retracted and his fingers and nails went back to normal size, though his nails were still a little long. Satisfied he headed back to the castle. He was determined to get some answers. 



    Forest smirked as he watched the fighting. Draco was a lot stronger than he had initially given him credit for. He let one leg dangled over the ledge that he sat watching from. He sharpened his dagger inspecting it when he occasionally got bored.  That was until something started happening that he became really interested in. Draco, the new born had transformed completely into his vampire state.

“How interesting, maybe you are a worthy opponent, He watched mildly surprised at the skill He was showing. But I wonder about my little mouse though. What can she do? “

  He didn’t have to wait long. Soon he saw her start to glow and release energy beams and plasma balls at his pets, so she was her reincarnation. Perfect.

 “There you are my little dominita “He waited for the fight to end. Once Draco had flown off with the girl, He jumped down onto the battlefield. He walked around the bodies.  Slowly they started to shimmer and sink into the ground. Each bird leaving behind glowing orbs that he then collected into a glass jar.

“You have done well my pets. Rest for now.” Once he collected all of his pet’s souls. He shimmered appearing in Obsidians chambers.

“My Lord, I have the information you requested, plus some” 

“What is it you have found?” He asked, curiously, like always he had a hood over his head so you couldn’t see his face.

    “I found that there is nothing remotely significant in the granger’s family tree, save for one of her ancestors was Afinas sister Maria. I also just witnessed her power, she was knocked out so we can assume she doesn’t know about it and doesn’t know how to control it. As for Draco.. Your hunch was correct. Sunnigilda was Rikiar’s only living relative that managed to escape that night. I have a feeling Draco is Rikiar or his reincarnation at any rate. But I cannot be for certain.  The boy’s skills.; Are too professional to clean cut and old fashioned to have learned all that. He was going on instinct I bet. I haven’t seen skill like that since the 5th century before Rikiar Died.”

“Do you still plan to try raising the Dahmphire alexandru? “

“Yes, We will preceed as planned, we just have to tred carefully, follow them. Alert me immediately if they do anything or seem to be getting close to Finding out what we are up too.”

“As you wish my lord.” The wraith bowed smirking evilly.  “As you wish.’



  Harry had gotten up early and was ready before the monks and Ron were even ready. “So the orb and the sword, Can we hurry this up. The sooner we get the items the quicker we can find your “Princess”.

  When they finally started out, Harry refused to eat; if he got hungry he ate an apple, something he could eat why walking. He refused to rest until nightfall. 

 “Harry, I’m worried about her too, but you need to rest, we won’t get there if you’re tired and walking slow besides Hermione wouldn’t want you to exhaust yourself finding her. 

 “Yes but we can’t get to her until we get those darn items and find that woman that is apparently oh so important that we find.  I can tell she’s hurt, I can feel it. I don’t like just wandering around her doing nothing. “

“Come on harry, I’m sure your just over reacting. How do you know she’s hurt? The monks said there sources said she was fine. “

“Well she isn’t Ron. Trust me something is terribly off. “He sighed finally allowing Ron to coax him to get some rest.



   Hermione stirred. She felt something heavy on her legs; it took her a few moments to remember what happened. Not that she remembered much. All she could remember was the pain as the bird bit her; also waking up and vaguely something about where she learned to use a bow and Arrow. She was suddenly grateful for the lessons.

   She slowly got up, only to find that the weight on her leg was Draco’s head, He had fallen asleep by the bed apparently.  She blushed some as Draco looked up at her with his familiar Silver grey eyes. She calmed. They weren’t red.

  “What happened? “ She asked clearing her scratchy throat. Wincing as the Iv was pulled.

 “Careful.” Draco handed her a glass of water, which Hermione started chugging down. Draco repeated Aquamente. Several times before Hermione was finally able to speak normally and wasn’t incredibly thirsty. 

“What happened?” She repeated.

“Well, what do you remember?” Draco got up and started to pace.

“I remember being bitten by that bird. I remember looking up at you and then. Nothing. It’s blank. “

   “Well, that’s because you fainted. “ Draco launched into a blow by blow about what happened. Hermione listened intently, her mouth falling open as he explained what she had said and what she had called him. When he was done telling her that they were so far the only ones to come back on time, and that he had fed and was waiting for her to wake up so Damien and Susan could explain, Who Afina and Rikiar were.

“Maybe we should wait until Hermione is 100% better” Damien began.

“No, I want to know and I don’t want to wait. This could be important too what Obsidian is up too.” She interrupted.

“All right..But nothing said here can leave this room; this is the only room he cannot bug because of Susan’s protective charms. So only discuss things here.. In the future.

“It began in the mid 5th century. Your Ancestors were related to Afina and rikiar. Maria and Sunniglia. Maria is your ancestor Hermione, and the sister of Afina, Sunniglia was Rikiar’s neice and the only one that survived the massacre. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

  We don’t exactly know the whole story.  But we will tell you what we do know, what wasn’t covered up by Obsidian. 

“Go on.” Said Hermione and Draco; who were both listening intently. 

    “ Afina was the princess of Romania at the time. Rikiar was her Guardian, but also her secret lover. She was married to Obsidian at the time.  They truly did love each other. Rikiar and Afina, They were planning on running, getting away from Obsidian.  But apparently, He somehow discovered there betrayal and in a fit of rage, Killed Rikiar. And the next morning he had a noose tied around his wife’s neck and had her dragged by horse over half the city. “

  “She was my best friend” Susan whispered. I loved her like a sister. She wanted to tell me something the day she was suppose to leave, but I got called into a battle…why didn’t I have five minutes to listen to her? “ I saw her. And Rikiar’s bodies..Their wounds.. They were not like what was described though there was a rope and bruising around Afina’s neck. And drag marks. Her stomach had been completely cut open; which is also why we believe that we were not told the whole story. Also..There were strange abrasions on Rikiar’s body. There were no stab wounds or anything but a few scratches. Anyone who fought him would tell you it wasn’t easy to get close to him. We don’t know how he was killed..

“That’s horrible!” Hermione gasped, putting a hand to her mouth, trying not to get sick at the images. “What they must have gone through!”

Draco looked at her sideways before speaking up. “What does this have to do with us exactly?” 

“Before they died her sister Maria, Said she heard her sister and Rikar both shouting they would see each other again, she said they cursed everyone that they would get there revenge, that they would come back. They would come back through one of their descendants. “

 “That night Obsidian had both their family’s slaughtered. He killed the men women and children. However Maria and Sunnigilia escaped. They ran to England. Maria was a squib. And Sunnigillia was already turned.

“So you think we are them.” Hermione concluded.

“Not quite, We think their souls latched to yours. You are two completely diffren’t people. But I think they are living through you.” Damien said slowly.

“What are we supposed to do? “ Hermione spoke out loud but wasn’t really talking to anyone in particular. 

“Nothing. For now just go on as usual. I will have my mate tell you if we find anything new” Susan smiled. For now. You need rest.

Draco sighed and got up, leaving the room .

“Where is he going?” She asked confused.

“To get Information for the second task. He will be back, until then. Rest. “

 Hermione nodded and laid back down.  



     He was pissed, no there wasn’t a word to describe how angry he was right now. , Blowing his crimson hair back from his forehead, playing with his wedding ring that he had never taken off.” Afina…If you had just done what I had asked.” He thought, as he petted Serena his panther between the ears. Getting up obsidian locked and warded his room. 

    Removing his robes he grabbed a purple potion from the cabinet and putting a pen in his mouth to keep from biting his tongue. He poured I over a long gouge that went from his shoulder down his torso. It never healed. But the potion kept it from bleeding.  He hissed in pain nearly breaking the pen.

    He relaxed and put the potion back on the shelf. “We will have to get more Serena.” He said to his pet.  Striding over to the other end of the bedroom, he pulled back the curtains. Once he pulled back the curtain it revealed a small room that held a single coffin surrounded by candles. Passing the unmarked grave he went to push aside more curtains to reveal a wall that had maps taped everywhere and different colored pins.

  “Where did you put it…” He muttered, as he stuck another red pin in a small town outside of Berlin.

“Great it was just More false leads. “

  In fit of rage he kicked the left wall which was already covered in small holes from where he had kicked and punched in the past. 

  “I don’t have time for this. Serena. Come. We have to get the rest of the stuff we need for the raising. Two more months.. If the Dhamphire can’t find it, No one will. If he can’t we at least will have less annoying humans and other pathetic creatures to worry about eh?”

  The giant cat just purred. He went over to his bedside table. He sat down, the chains of his pants clinking. He poured a glass of wine and brought it to his lips. He drowned it in one gulp. Lying back on the bed he stretched out cat like. Serena jumping in next to him curled up. 

  He petted her cranium as he stared up at the ceiling thinking, plotting. Using the annual Vampire games for newborns was a great cover up. But he had a nasty feeling in the pit of his stomach that just wouldn’t go away.

   He closed his eyes. Focusing he tried to keep the memories at bay. The way she had looked at him. He clutched the bed. Slowly he started to push back her look, and Rikari’s .

  “I regret nothing. She’s the one that betrayed me!” He spoke to the wind.

   When really, he knew he was the one who had betrayed not just her; But everyone. And no amount of blaming would ever make it right.


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