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       Bright sunshine flooded my room. I groaned, wondering who could be up in my house at this ungodly hour. I rolled over and glanced at my alarm clock. 10 o’clock.

“Oh shit!” I screamed and fell out of bed, landing with a resounding thunk and letting out a stream of other curses that I will not mention as to avoid damaging your innocent virgin ears.

I heard feet pounding as people ran up the stairs, and sure enough I saw my mother and twin brother Andrew stick their heads in my door just as I was finishing up my profanities.

 “Aurora Rose Davies if I ever ‘ear those ugly words coming out of your mouth again, I will personally wash zat mouth of yours out with ze soap!” yelled my maman in her extremely French accent.

My eyes narrowed at the use of my full name, and at the sight of me tangled in my sheets on the ground, Andrew started to laugh loudly. He was quickly silenced with one glare from my mother. She moved to help me up, but I shook her off and stood up by myself, taking care to shoot Andrew a particularly dirty look.

“ ‘oney, why aren’t you up yet, ze train leaves at eleven!”, Maman scolded.

“My alarm didn’t go off!” I replied hotly.

Looking around my room, I realized I was screwed. I was supposed to pack my trunk for Hogwarts yesterday, but failed to do so, and my things were scattered aimlessly around the room. Noticing this, my mother waved her wand and my trunk packed itself.

“ ‘urry up,” she said “or we will be late and you will miss ze train!” and left me to get dressed, dragging Andrew out with her.

                Oh hi. My name is Aurora Davies, but most people call me Rory. Just kidding, everyone calls me Rory because if you try to call me Aurora, your wand will be stuck so far up your arse that you will not be able to sit right for a month. Nice to meet you too.

I am a seventh year Gryffindor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I am sixteen years old. My father is Roger Davies, star chaser of Puddlemere United, and my charming mother is Charlotte Dubois, half-veela and head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports at the ministry.

She is probably where I get my looks from. I have long wavy blonde hair, greyish eyes, and despite the fact that I eat like a pig, my body is pretty toned from quidditch.  I am a Chaser along with my twin brother Drew on the Gryffindor House team, and we make an unstoppable duo, one of the best Hogwarts has ever seen. We were both taught how to fly as soon as we could walk and have a strange connection on the Quidditch pitch.

Drew looks just like me except for his baby blue eyes, and to my obvious disgust, is considered quite the ladies’ man at Hogwarts.

What? You try listening to your roommates drone on and on for hours about how unbelievably good your TWIN brother is at snogging. Insert gagging here. I mean, I love him more than anyone in the whole world and all, but he does have a few quirks that slightly irritate me, okay that make me want to kill him- namely his obsessive overprotectiveness of me when it comes to boys, and his best friend and the bane of my existence, James Potter.

                James Sirius Potter is the biggest prat to have ever walked the planet. I think his sole purpose in life is to annoy the crap out of me. No, I’m serious.

He thinks he is all high and mighty because his dad (whom I actually love and am very close with) is the savior of the wizarding world, but he really is a conceited jerk. I do believe that he has a calendar in which he checks off “Annoy Rory” every day. Every girl in Hogwarts other than the women in his family is obsessed with him, and I suppose he is fairly good looking, with jet black hair and hazel eyes I am told he got from his grandfather and namesake.

James is also my newly appointed Gryffindor Quidditch captain. That bastard. Everyone, including me, thought that I was a shoo-in for captain, so it came as a great surprise when I received my annual letter from Hogwarts and failed to find a Quidditch Captain pin. That old bat McGonagall must have been off her rocker to have chosen James captain as he is the most irresponsible and lazy prat I have ever had the displeasure of meeting, even if he does know a fair bit about quidditch.

I was so furious when I found out. I had waited years for the chance to be able to boss around Drew and Potter, and all of my hopes and dreams were ripped away from me in a matter of seconds. Yes, I’m a tad overly-dramatic. Get over it. The only thing that makes me stand him is that his cousin Dominique (Dom if you want to live) Weasley is my best friend.

                Dom is bloody amazing. She is part-veela like me, and completely gorgeous. She has pin straight long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and many people mistake us for sisters. Most of the time we just go along with it, because we really do consider each other sisters. Fleur, her mother, and my mother Charlotte, went to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic together and are best friends, so Dom and I were introduced at a young age and clicked immediately. I spend a lot of time at her house, so I know all of the Wotters (Weasley-Potters) fairly well. 

Dom is a seventh year Gryffie like me and is completely crazy at times, and her totally independent, outgoing, sarcastic, sometimes violent, and just overall awesome personality is just one of the many reasons I love her. She has an older sister named Victoire who is bloody perfect and we all hate, but her little brother Louis is incredible. Louis is a fourth year and is the most amazing person I have ever met. I swear if I was two years younger I would marry the kid. That’s how cool he is. Dom is the Keeper on the quidditch team with me, and helps to keep me sane when confronted by Potter.

Our other best friend is Sinead Finnegan, daughter of Seamus Finnegan and Lavender Brown. Sinead is in Gryffindor with us and is stunning, with curly dark brown hair, chocolaty eyes, and a spattering of freckles across her nose. Her mom was bitten by a werewolf in the Final Battle of WWII (Wizarding War II), so Sinead inherited some wolf-like tendencies including liking her meat especially rare, but she is always cool, calm, and collected. You may be wondering why she decided to be friends with two crazies like Dom and I, but she helps hugely to keep us in line. Sinead is the ultimate peacemaker and a very understanding prefect, making her very well known as the nicest girl in Hogwarts.

My other two friends in our Gryffindor group, which unfortunately includes James, are Liam Moran, aka complete sex god, and another one of Dom’s many cousins, Fred Weasley.

Liam is completely hot with light brown hair, gorgeous green eyes, and sexy quidditch body. I’ve known him since we were little because his mom, Maeve Moran, used to play Quidditch on the Irish National Team, but now works as a trainer for Puddlemere United where she met my dad. I’ve always had a teensy-weensy little crush, okay a HUGE crush, on Liam and we went out last year in secret because my brother would freak if he knew that his “baby” sister (yeah, I don’t get it either considering we are twins and I was born first) was dating one of his best friends. This arrangement continued until James sodding Potter found us snogging in a broom cupboard and told Drew. Drew flipped out but eventually, after a lot of prodding from me, forgave him, but Liam is now not allowed within at least five feet of me. Add that to the list of reasons why I hate James Sirius Potter. It is now up to reason 8,476. Whoop-de-do James, congratulations on this stellar achievement- not. Liam is a beater on the house team along with Fred (Freddie) Weasley, who is a pretty great guy.

Freddie is cute, with his tan skin, messy black hair, and warm brown eyes, and I consider him a brother. He is completely in love with Sinead, but has yet to grow the balls to tell her even though all of Hogwarts- hell the entire wizarding world-knows they would make the perfect couple. Fred is also always pulling pranks and causing general havoc, so of course I have really grown to like the kid.

Well, I guess that is everyone! It should make for an awesome last year- right?



A/N: Hello everyone! Welcome to Living, Laughing and Loving (LLL) for short! This is my first fanfic, so please be kind, but if you could make my day and leave a review in that little box down there I would be forever grateful! Pretty please? Hope you liked the first chapter even though it is reeaaallyyy slow (I hate introductions)! I promise it will pick up from here! Thanks for reading!  EDITED 8/19/12

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