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Hogwarts, it so long over due, hundreds and hundreds generations have past through my great times a lot grandmother established with three other wizards. but yet the first girl in that whole time. My surname throughout 1000s of years and will be lost on my wedding day. I looked around, so many other first years waiting to be sorted, so unsure of which house they will be put in to. Wonders who will be friends and who will be emenies. 

"Don't make friends with no mudbloods, dirty, lil foul creatures. How dare they let them in our pristine school," my mothers words rang through my head. I've never understood blood purity. Whats so wrong about muggles, yet she's my mother and i must listen to her wishes. I scanned the crowd for some promise… then I spotted a lighting scar. Could it be? In my year? None other then Harry Potter. The great Harry Potter, standing to what must be Ron Weasley. 

"Hello, " a small but strong voice said from behind me. I whipped around to see a girl and boy, one looking quiet secure and the other about to fall to bits.  She has big pouffy hair and bucked teeth. The boy had a rounded face with brown hair.

"I'm Hermione Granger," she stuck out her hand so far it almost hit me in the stomach,"this is Neville."

'H-h-hi" sputter what must be Neville.

"Hi, I'm Gabby, Gabby Hufflepuff, nice to meet you."

"You mean like the house?" Nevile asked.

"Um, yeah. Helga Hufflepuff is my many great grandmother. I'm the first girl since her actually." I said quietly trying not to sound too bragging. My mother taught me to be proud of my blood. The blood of founders mixed with the Black family… rare and priceless she says. But its just blood, what does it matter.

"Wow so your the heir of Hufflepuff, no surprise where you'll be sorted then." Neville said excitedly for some odd reason.

"So you can trace your family through hundreds of magical generations. That must be interesting. I'm muggle-born, my parents are denist." Hermione said matter-of-factly. 

"What are denist" Neville and I said in unison.

"They clean teeth." Hermione stated. Then Professor Mcgonigall stormed in.

"Ok single file, time to get sorted." she shrieked as everyone shuffle together. Neville stammered behind me as Hermione glide eagerly infront. I peered my head around Hermioes bushy hair to get a better look at the Great Hall. It was simply magnificent. 

The ceiling looked exactly like the night sky, with every star to match. Hermione leaned back and said, "Its enchanted to look like the night sky… I read about it in Hogwarts: A History."

"Cool," I whisper half-heartedly still amazed by the scene. As all the first years approached to front, I felt my nerves bindle up into a ball. The air seemed to grow thicker with every step. There was a hat on a stool, it must be the sorting hat. It opened its mouth to sing. I listened intently to the song, it was rather comicalty espically since the hat said it would eat itself. Quite nice visual. 

 The hall erupted with cheer as the song eneded. McGonagall started reading off the list of people to be sorted. Hermione got put into Gryffindor. 

"Hufflepuff, Gabby." It was my turn. I looked over at the Hufflepuff table. Most them were scooting to make room for me, figuring that I was joining them, then again, I probably am.

McGonagall slipped the hat on me. It fell straight down covering my eyes. 

Then it spoke.


Ah yes, interesting, strange yes. You showcase your ancestors loyalty, yet your superbly different at heart. Your truer more determined, braver, yet you will die for the onesyou love. So many quailtys of so many house. One stands out the most. Guess theres a first time for everything.


"GRYFFINDOR!" Wait what?

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