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A/N: Disclaimer: All Harry Potter-related characters, names, places, objects, spells, etc. belong to J.K. Rowling. I only own the original characters and the plot.

Chapter 18


          When I wake up, I become very aware of the fact that I’m not in my own bed. For starters, these sheets are purple, not scarlet. A second clue is there are no hangings pulled around. However, the confirming factor would have to be that Sirius Black sleeping soundly next to me.

          A very naked Sirius Black.

          Holy shit.

          I sit straight up in bed, holding the covers to my chest.

          I slept with Sirius. Sweet Merlin, Lily’s going to kill me. I can just hear her now. “Maddie, where were you last night? I was worried sick!” And then when I tell her what I’ve done…what we did…she’s going to just about have a heart attack. Great. I’ll be sending my best friend to St. Mungo’s before lunch. Either that, or before she has the heart attack, she’ll manage to hurt me pretty badly, and then we’re both going to the hospital.

          “Mads?” Sirius is awake. I turn my head toward him.

          “How can you have just woken up and still look so beautiful?” he asks with a smile. I could say the same about him. His hair falls carelessly over his face, and his grey eyes are glinting mischievously as he smiles at me. He sits up, leans over and gives me a kiss. Then he pulls me back down to lay next to him.

          He leans his forehead against mine and closes his eyes. I close mine too.

          “Do you regret it?” he whispers. I can tell it’s something he’s actually concerned about, which just about makes me melt. My answer comes easily.

          “No,” I tell him honestly.

          He smiles again. “Good. Neither do I.”

          He kisses me again and I start to think that we should just never leave this room, when it occurs to me that yesterday was Monday.

          Which means today is Tuesday.

          Which means we have class.

          I pull away abruptly. “What time is it?”

          We both turn and face the clock on the night table. It tells us that we were due in Transfiguration fifteen minutes ago.

          “Shit!” We say in unison, jumping out of bed and beginning the mad search for our clothes.

          I find my bra first, right on the floor next to the bed. My skirt and stockings have made their way under an armchair a couple feet away. 

          Sirius finds his pants under the bed and puts them on faster than I would’ve believed possible.

          “Oh this is so unfair!” I say as he snickers at the sight of me wrestling my stockings on. Next I grab my shirt and pull it hastily over my head, not even wanting to know what my hair looks like right now. “How are you so much faster at this?” I demand.

           He smirks as he buttons his shirt. “Practice.”

           This reminds me that while this was my first time, this was nothing new for Mr. Hogwarts Playboy. I’ve snogged a fair amount of boys but I never let it get this far. Unlike Sirius. I glare at him as I pull on my robes.

          “What?” he asks, dropping the conceited façade and adopting an expression appropriate to a puppy that’s just been told it has to sleep outside, but has no idea why. 

         “You know bloody well what,” I grumble, fastening my robes.

           A look of dawning comprehension comes over his face. “Mads, I didn’t mean it like that, c’mon.”

         “How am I supposed to compete with all the girls you’ve been with?” I ask him.

         “You don’t have to compete!” he says, walking over to me, now fully dressed.

         “You say that, but don’t think I don’t know you’re comparing-”
         “You don’t have to compete,” he cuts me off, “because you’re already the best.”

          “Okay, I love you for saying that, but we both know that’s not true,” I tell him. “I mean, I’d never had sex, and even I know that that could’ve been better.”

          He dismisses this argument with a wave of his hand. “I don’t mean it literally. You’re the best because you’re the only girl that I’ve ever been with who I’ve loved.”

           I look up into his eyes, which are staring at me intently, and kiss him again.

         “Okay, we really have to go,” I say apologetically. He nods in agreement. 

          We sprint out of the room, hand in hand, toward the Transfiguration corridor. We reach the door and he drops my hand. I know we’re both dreading this.

          We attempt to slip in unnoticed, but no luck. Every person in the class turns to look at us. Including Professor McGonagall.

         “Mr. Black, Miss Lane, how nice of you to join us,” she says coldly. “I’m not interested in excuses,” she adds, before we can speak. “Ten points from Gryffindor. Take your seats.”
       We do, and as I slide in next to Lily it dawns on me that I don’t have my bag with me, and therefore I have no textbook, no parchment, and no quills.

     “Maddie, where were you last night? I was worried sick!” Lily hisses.

     “Lils, can I please borrow some parchment?”

      She glares at me at thrusts some in my face. “We are talking about this later.”

       I nod hastily and thank her. I look across the room at Sirius, who is shaking off James, clearly attempting to get some information from him. Oh Merlin. This is a problem I didn’t even consider. I do not need James’ scolding as well as Lily’s.

     Class drags on for what feels like forever, and when it finally ends, I get up from my seat as quickly as possible and head for the door. Lily is right on my heels.

    “Madison Lane, you stop right this instant!” Uh oh, she’s serious.

    “Do you plan on telling me why you were late this morning?” Lily demands, green eyes blazing. “Or where you were last night? Or why you look like a right mess, I mean your clothes are wrinkled, your hair is…” she trails off, staring at me in horror. “Oh, Maddie, you didn’t.

     I don’t answer, knowing nothing can stop this train now that it’s left the station.

    “Oh, Maddie!” Lily says again, taking my silence as confirmation. “How could you?”

    “It was quite simple actually-”

   “Oh, stop it!” Lily exclaims. “Can we please talk about this seriously?”

   “We have class now,” I remind her.

    “Merlin, you’re right,” she says. “Fine. During free period after Potions, you better be ready to do some explaining.”


          “Padfoot, just please tell me you didn’t. Not Maddie. She’s practically my sister, mate. Just please, please, please tell me you didn’t.”

          “Okay, I didn’t.”

          A look of delight crosses James’ face. “Really?”

          “No! I just said that because you told me to!”

          “Ah!” He buries his face in his hands. “I can’t take this. I was never meant to picture these things!”

          “Stop picturing them then!” I tell him, not enjoying that prospect either.

          “I can’t, it’s too late!” he says as we reach the dungeon door. “The image is forever seared into my brain! I’m scarred for life!”

          “I suppose this means you don’t want to hear all about it then?” I ask him cheekily. He stares at me in horror.

          “So there we were, in the Room of Requirement, the lights were dim--”

          “Stop, stop!” James howls, and he barrels off to find his seat.

          I laugh and make my way to the table I share with Maddie.

          “So, how did Lily take the news?” I ask her. She shakes her head.

          “Can’t say she’s thrilled,” Maddie says. “James?”

          “Scarred for life, apparently,” I tell her.

          “Great,” she says. “Well how are you doing?”

          “Me? I’m great!” I tell her. “You?”

          “Me? Absolutely fantastic!”

          “Well at least we’re happy.”

          “That’s all that really matters, anyway.”

          “Lily and James can just deal with it.”


          “Okay then.”


          Maddie looks at me. “You really are happy, right?”

          I nod. “Yeah, I really am.”

          She smiles. “Good. Me too.”


          At the end of Potions, Sirius and I are accosted by Lily and James, both wanting to know more.

          “Come on, Maddie, let’s go!” says Lily impatiently.

          “See you later,” I say to Sirius, as I’m forced out of the dungeon.

          “Okay, start at the beginning,” Lily orders, as soon as we’re out of earshot of everyone else. She pulls me into an empty classroom and shuts the door.

          I tell her about the fight and when I get to the part where Sirius said he was in love with me, she gasps in excitement.

          “And then, well, one thing led to another and…you know,” I finish lamely.

          “Well, as happy as I am for you, I still think need to ask…are you glad you did it? You don’t think you should have waited?”

          “Lils, I appreciate the concern,” I tell her. “But I don’t regret it. I think it’s what was right.”

          “Okay,” she concedes. “Then I’m happy for you. And you’re telling Alice.”

          I give her a hug and we head out of the room toward Gryffindor Tower.


          “So if you don’t want to know details-”

          “I definitely don’t want to know details-”

          “-then what do you want to know?” I ask James, sitting across from him in armchairs of the Common Room.

          “Just…your intentions, I guess,” he says, attempting to look at me rather seriously. “I mean, look mate, I try to stay out of your intimate life, but when it comes to Maddie, I have to look out for her.”

          “I assure you, Mr. Potter, my intentions are nothing short of honorable,” I answer.

          “Well, that’s good enough for me!” says James. “So, moving on, do you realize what day this is?”


          “Wrong!” says James cheerfully.

          “No, Prongs, I’m pretty sure it’s Tuesday.”

          “Oh, fine, but more importantly, it is January twenty sixth!”


          “And Lily’s birthday is January thirtieth!” says James, clearly stunned that I don’t have this date committed to memory. “And we’re throwing her a surprise party, remember?”

          “We’re what?!” I exclaim.

          “We’re throwing her a surprise party!” James repeats impatiently. “Remember? I said, ‘Let’s throw Lily a surprise party!’ and you said ‘Good idea!’ and I said, ‘This’ll be the greatest party ever, won’t it Moon…” He trails off, and is clearly thinking hard. “Oh, that wasn’t you.”

          “Thanks, Prongs. Good to know you can confuse me with Moony so easily.”

          “I’m sorry! It’s just that normally it would be you but you were… off shagging Maddie.” James cringes at the thought.

          “Well, Prongs, we’ve only got like a week to plan this thing,” I say. “We’re going to need to get everyone to help.”

          “We can do it!” says James confidently. “And we have to make sure no one tells Lily!”

          “Tell me what?” says a voice from behind us. I groan. This party is doomed before it even starts.

          “Oh, nothing, dear,” says James with an attempt at a casual, cheerful voice.

          “Tell me what, James?” says Lily sternly.

          “Oh, fine!” says James. “Padfoot and I didn’t do our Charms essays yet, alright?”      

          “James!” Lily exclaims. “Those were assigned last Friday! They’re due tomorrow!”

          “I know, but we’ve been busy, what with Quidditch practice and…other activities,” James protests, looking at me.

          “Well you’d better get started, right now!” orders Lily. “I’m going up to my dormitory to write a letter and when I come down for dinner I want to see two finished essays.”

          With that, she disappears up the girls’ staircase.

          And that’s how a Marauder does it.


          “You finished your essay already, right?” James asks Sirius.

          “Finished it on Saturday,” Sirius replies.

          “Great, then we can use this time to our advantage,” James says.

          I squeeze into the armchair with Sirius, who puts his arm around me.

“So, what’s really going on?” I ask.

          “We’re throwing Lily a surprise party!” James says excitedly.

Just then, Moony and Wormtail walk in through the Portrait Hole.

“Where have you been?” James asks them.

“I was helping Peter practice that charm we learned last week,” Moony explains.

Remus is always helping Peter. He struggles a little more than the rest of us in the academic area. 

“Well get in here and take a seat. We need to start planning Lily’s party right now,” James says.

Before he can get another word out, Alice and Frank come in through the Portrait Hole.       

“Come sit down!” James orders. They do.

“First we need a way to get Lily out of the tower so we can get things ready,” James tells everyone, once he’s explained to all the new arrivals what we’re doing.

“How long will we need?” asks Remus.

“Half an hour?” I guess. “Is that enough time for you lot to sneak into Hogsmeade and the kitchens and get the food we need?”

James and Sirius nod. “Can we put you girls in charge of decorations?”

“Sure,” says Alice cheerfully.

“So how are we going to keep Lily out of the tower?” asks Peter.

“How about we do it during dinner?” Sirius suggests. “That’ll give us enough time. And Lily will be eating.”

“But won’t she wonder where we are?” asks Alice.

“She won’t if my plan goes the way I think it will,” Sirius says. “Listen to this.”


          Friday in Transfiguration is essential. Everything has to go perfectly.

          It’s a normal class; we’re all sitting, listening intently to Minnie’s words of wisdom. Okay, maybe not the listening intently part but whatever.

          I check my watch. Five minutes left in class. Time to go.

          I nudge Prongs, and he nods. He makes eye contact with Moony.

          Moony begins nudging Wormtail, who has fallen asleep next to him and hissing, “Wormtail, wake up!” He’s saying this louder than he would under normal circumstances.

          “Mr. Lupin, what is the reason you are disrupting my class?” asks Professor McGonagall sternly.

          “Oh-I-er-was just trying to help,” Remus stutters. Professor McGonagall sees Peter.

          “Mr. Pettigrew! This is the fifth time this week you have fallen asleep in my class! Detention, Saturday evening, my office!”

          “Professor, please don’t,” Remus protests. “It’s not his fault.”

          “Oh? Then you can join him Mr. Lupin.”

          “Oh, come off it!” exclaims James, jumping out of his seat. “He didn’t even do anything!”

          “Make it three, Mr. Potter.”

          “Well the Marauders have to stick together,” I say firmly. “See you Saturday night, Minnie.” I wink at her.

          “Sirius!” says Maddie. “The first Saturday night we’re a couple and you’re spending it in detention?”

          “Miss Lane, stay out of it,” says Professor McGonagall crisply.

          “But Professor, we are supposed to spend time together and he’s ruining it!” Maddie says angrily, folding her arms over her chest.

          “Oh, I suppose you want to be together on Saturday, do you?” asks Professor McGonagall. Maddie nods. “Then you can join him and your other friends in detention.”

          “Oh, Professor!” says Alice. “That’s just not fair. No one even did anything wrong!”

          “Questioning my judgment, Miss Bradley?” asks Professor McGonagall. “Looks like you just bought yourself a detention as well.”

          “This is ridiculous!” exclaims Frank.  “I can’t take this anymore!”

          “What exactly can’t you take, Mr. Longbottom?”

          “They’re all landing themselves in detention for no reason! If you’re going to get in trouble, at least make it for something reasonable! For example, Alice and I were passing notes and not paying attention for the last fifteen minutes. That’s something worth getting detention for!”

          “Congratulations, Mr. Longbottom,” says Professor McGonagall. “It looks like you’ll be proving your point on Saturday evening.”

          The bell rings. “Pettigrew, Lupin, Potter, Black, Lane, Bradley, and Longbottom, stay back, we need to arrange your detentions,” says Professor McGonagall. “Go on, Ms. Evans, they’ll catch up,” orders Professor McGonagall.

          Lily leaves the room, looking dismayed.

          Once she and everyone else have gone, Professor McGonagall looks at each of us. “Well? Was that sufficient?”

          “It was perfect!” says James enthusiastically. “May I say, Professor, I think you may have a future in the dramatics?”

          “Why thank you, Mr. Potter,” says Professor McGonagall. “So, shall we say your detention will be lines in my office during dinner on Saturday evening?”

          We nod in agreement. “Very well then,” she says. “You may go.”

          We’re almost to the door when Professor McGonagall says, “Do be sure to give Ms. Evans a good birthday, won’t you? I daresay she deserves one.”

A/N: Hey, guys! Hope you liked this chapter. Leave a review letting me know what you thought (likes, dislikes, favorite lines, anything)! Thanks for reading!

Sabrina :)

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