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Slowly I reached for the white pillow at the end of my bed, hugging it against my chest. He hasn’t broken my heart, I told myself, pressing my face into the soft fabric. He hasn’t!

I sobbed quietly, almost wanting him to come back in that door again as he had oh-so many times. But the one time I wanted him to, he didn’t come. I waited and I hoped, but he never came back through those doors.


“Kaya, you need to get out of bed. You need to eat.”

Ronald’s voice sounded muffled, which was due to me having pulled the covers over my head the instant I heard the bathroom door open. My feet felt cold, as they were exposed to the chilly air.

“No,” I said firmly, still not removing the covers. I knew I looked horrible.

“Kaya, get the hell out of that bed and shower up. We’re having breakfast before our meeting with McGonagall. Which you ARE attending whether you want to or not.”

Violently Ron ripped the sheets off of me, and I changed the position of my head to look at him. “I don’t want to,” I pouted, giving him my cutest puppy eyes for no use. His expression didn’t even flinch. He was just as serious, and I sighed as I sat up.


I stood up and slammed the bathroom door shut behind me, turning on the shower.

I quickly stripped down, laying all my clothes in a bunch on top of the toilet before I stepped inside, letting the cold water wrap itself around me. Knowing not even Ron would see if I was crying, I allowed the flood of tears I’d been building up release itself, and I leaned my forehead on the shower-pole. I’d been building up so many emotions, they all escaped me at once, and I collapsed in the shower. I was a mess.

“Kaya? Are you all right in there?” asked Ron’s voice from the other side of the, knocking slightly. “Kaya?”

Unable to answer him, I pushed my knees up underneath my chin and wrapped my arms around them, hugging them tightly. Burying my face, I sobbed.

I heard the handle of the door being pushed down, and Ron enter. I couldn’t even be bothered with the fact that I was naked.

I felt the shower door being opened, before water was turned off.

“Come here,” spoke Ron’s soothing voice as he wrapped me in a towel and lifted me up. “It’s okay,” he whispered, stroking my wet hair. “It’s okay not to be okay.”

He sat down on the floor, placing me protectively on his lap. His arms were draped around my shaking body, comforting me without words.


Sitting on the bed, I stared at my own reflection in the mirror.

After my breakdown Ron hadn’t asked me what was wrong. He’d simply helped me helped me up and asked if there was something else he could do for me.

Why couldn’t I just be with him, he was sweet, caring, loving, and he didn’t hurt be. He was perfect.

But oh no, I was so stupid as to fall for the badest bad boy this school had ever seen.

Sighing, I stood up and straightened my robes before exiting my room. Down in the common room I met up with Ron, and I gave him a thankful smile. “Thank you,” I said, though Ron only sent me a knowing look.

“Come on,” he smiled. “We’ve got to meet up with Mcgonagall.”


Sitting on my regular place in the Great Hall, I tore a piece of toast loose and shoved it into my mouth. I had a fiery feeling on my neck, but ignored it.

Tearing off another piece, I played with it, twirling it between my fingers. I shoved it into my mouth as well after some time, before I took a sip from my goblet containing pumpkin juice.

Giving in, I turned around to confirm my suspicions.

Draco was picking on his food with his fork, his head hanging. However, his eyes were tilted up, staring straight at me.

Swallowing, I straightened my back as I stood up and walked out of the Great Hall. I was not about to satisfy that Slytherin by showing him how vulnerable I really felt.

I walked in a fast pace, wanting to be alone. I was absolutely not in a mood for company, so I decided to take a stroll on the grounds.

As the chilly December air met my face, my whole body shook in discomfort. I wrapped my arms around my waist as I headed into the cold.

A hand on my shoulder had me spin around abruptly, only to stare into a pair of all too familiar grey eyes. I shrugged out of his grip hard, before I gave him my blackest look.

“What do you want?” I sneered, shuddering slightly as a cold blast lifted my hair and exposed my neck.

“Drop the hostile act, Penelope,” sighed Draco, shaking his head slightly.

“Who said it was an act?”

“You said you know me – well I know you as well, whether you like it or not. I know I hurt you, and now you’re putting up this silly act to make it seem as if you’re stronger than you are,” said Draco, grabbing me by the shoulders and forcing me to look at him. “You’re not fooling me.”

“Why won’t you just go away?” I asked, a sob escaping me without permission.

“I don’t want you here. I want you to go away. Go away.”

“You think you can just say ‘abracadabra’, and I’ll vanish? Sorry, love, but that is not the way it works.”

“Just please,” I begged, covering my face with my hands. “Please, just go away!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, squeezing my eyes shut.

Taking a deep breath, I removed my hands and opened my eyes. I felt a rush of relief and sadness that I was all alone.


The fire burnt wonderfully, warming me perfectly. I sat in the armchair, reading Hogwarts: A History.

“You’re like Hermione.” Ron’s voice snapped me back into reality, and I peeked over the top of its cover. “Hm?”

“She keeps reading that book as well,” said Ron, nodding towards the large book in my lap. “Don’t get why, though. But I bet you do.”

“It’s my favourite book,” I defended, and Ron grinned at me. “No surprise there.

“Hey, could you take the check today? I’m kind of behind on homework and Hermione refuses to do them for me.” Ron grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.
“Yeah, sure,” I smiled before I folded the corner of the page I was on, and closed it.

Grabbing the list on the wall, I let my finger trace the names and dates before I stopped at the 21st of December.

“Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini,” I said in disbelief.


“Oh, nothing,” I lied as I let my hand fall to my side. Trying to focus, I slipped outside of the common room and made my way down to a corridor I crossed my fingers they wouldn’t be in.

Turning a corner, I smacked right into someone, and I looked up at Draco Malfoy.

Of all the corridors in this castle! The ONE I chose just HAD to be the one he was walking through?

“Well, well, looked what the cat dragged out of bed. What are you doing up, wondering the corridors of Hogwarts?” he asked, smirking superiorly down at him. I couldn’t understand why – after all, being a Head Girl put me above him.

“As much as I regret to say this, I was looking for you.”

“Were you now?” His smirk formed into a wicked grin, did I can’t say I liked.

“You and Zabini to be precise. Where is your friend?”

“Blaise has a bad throat so I told him he could stay in. Now, over to you.” He leaned on his arm against the brick wall, looking down at me with a pair of teasing eyes.

“Right,” I muttered, cursing my bad luck. Actually, bad luck would be understating it. “Well, how’s the round going?”

“It’s getting better and better,” smirked Draco, leaning closer to me.

I tried to clear my throat, hoping to get in control of the situation again. But I knew I never would. I was never in control around him. Probably never would be. Gosh, curse that smart arse Slytherin!

“That’s good,” I strangled out, trying to ignore what I knew he really meant.

“Met any problems, or?” I scratched my hand instead of my arm, as I guessed he knew if I scratched my arm I was nervous.

“Wouldn’t call it a problem.” He leaned a bit closer, and I inhaled. His aftershave infiltrated my nostrils, sending me into a daze. Damn, he smelled sensational.

I shut my eyes, hoping he would go away just like last time. I could hear his amused humming. “What are you doing?”

“Hoping you’ll go away. It worked like a charm last time.”

“Last time? Babe, I haven’t talked to you since that night in your dorm,” said Draco as he looked at me, slightly cocking his head to the right.

“You’re lying,” I accused, not daring believe he was doing anything but.

Draco chuckled slightly. “Trust me, I wouldn’t even occur to me to lie to you. You always seem to find out if I am anyhow, so there’s no use.

“Which means, you think about me so much that you are actually daydreaming about me.”

I bit my bottom lip, thinking over his words. Could it be true? Had I just imagined him earlier?

Gently placing his index finger underneath my chin, he lifted my head so I would meet his gaze so I opened my eyes again.

“Don’t sweat it, Gorgeous.”

I couldn’t help the smile forming my lips. “Don’t try to fool me,” I warned, though I didn’t sound as serious as I had wanted. My goofy smile was ruining everything.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Draco gave me a meaningful grin before he wandered off into the dark corridor, and I quickly retreated to my own common room. It was empty; one a single torch still alit. Blowing it out, the common room went black, and I retreated to my room.


A/N: Sorry for taking so long, peeps!

But what's up with Kaya? Did she imagine meeting Draco, or did Draco lie? Hmm..

And what do you think of Draco's little behavior? I would really appreciate all the reviews you're willing to give me! xx

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