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It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday night and what am I doing?  I’m in the library.  Did you know there’s a party happening right now?  Well there is.  Then why am I in the library?  I’m doing a Charms essay.  Is there anyone else here with me?  No, I am all alone in here.  How cool am I?  Don’t answer that.


I’m not really in the mood to party tonight anyway.  It’s the Ravenclaw victory party in the Room of Requirement because they beat Slytherin in this morning’s quidditch game, that of which I did not attend.  I have no affiliation with either of those teams, except for the fact that Sofia’s little bro is in Ravenclaw.  But I don’t like him, so tough luck.


As it is apparent, I’m not particularly happy right now.  I’m sulking.  That seems to be what I do now.  I think about Albus and Zabini together, and I sulk.  It is turning into an extremely vicious cycle.  It goes like this: I interact with Albus.  I have a faint glimmer of hope that he’s interested in me.  Something happens.  Usually something bad for me, somehow involving Emily Zabini. Then I sulk.


So why am I sulking right now, you may ask?  Because Zabini is on the frickin’ Slytherin quidditch team.  Beater, to be exact.  Fitting, isn’t it?    


I was taking a stroll around the castle when the game happened to let out.  I turned the corner and I saw Albus talking to her.  This was enough to make me snarl.  Then I heard what he was saying.  He was consoling her on Slytherin’s loss!  What gives?  He’s a part of Gryffindor!  The enemy!  And she’s my enemy!  He should know that!


I marched resolutely to the library and holed myself up in here doing work all day to keep my mind off of the two of them.  Em tried to drag me out of here, literally (my arm is still sore), but to no avail.  I would not and will not budge.


But hey, I’m now a week ahead of all my homework!  Eugh, I sound like a nerd.  A nerd with no social life who asks their teacher what’s on the final exam five months before they take it.


I really should get myself out of here, but I’ve been sitting in the same position all day and I am pretty sure my legs no longer function.


I heard the door open and saw a girl with violent red hair walk in.  A Weasley, no doubt.  She kept walking towards me and sat down at my table with a smile.


Oh, it’s Rose.


As she was pulling out a piece of parchment, she said, “Hello Emily!”


Have I spoken to her before?  Not that I’m aware of.  I am now slightly creeped out that she knows who I am.


“Er, hello.  Rose, is it?”  I respond slowly.  I feel bad, that was kind of cold.  I’m usually a lot friendlier. 


“Yeah!  So, what’cha up to?  Is that the Charms essay that’s due Wednesday?”  she asked nicely.


“Yup.  Figured I might start it now.  I hope this doesn’t come off as rude, but how do you know who I am?”  What?  I wanted to know.


Rose let out a slight chuckle.  “We’ve been going to school together for six years now.  I’m pretty sure we’ve had at least a few classes together.  Plus, you’re in my Arithmancy class this year.”


Oh, shit.  She is.  How could I forget that?  I guess she sits far behind me or something.


“Oh yeah, sorry!  I completely forgot.”


“It’s no problem.”


“Right.  Shouldn’t you be at the party right now?”  I asked curiously.  The Weasley’s were among the popular crowd at Hogwarts, known for frequenting these types of parties.  I even heard James sneaks into Hogsmeade to smuggle drinks. 


“I should?”  She gives me an incredulous look.


“…Uh, shouldn’t you?”  I reply nervously.


“Well, I happen to be doing the very same thing as you: avoiding someone.”


“Whaaaa?  I’m not avoiding anyone…”  Ok, so maybe I am avoiding possibly seeing Albus.  She doesn’t need to know that.


“Uh-huh, sure.”


“I’m not!  Who are you avoiding then?”


Her eyes darted to the ground and her cheeks reddened.  Jeez, if I thought my cheeks got red when I was embarrassed, it was nothing compared to her right now.


“I can’t tell you.”


“Sure you can!  I might not be Alice Longbottom, but I’m good at keeping secrets.  I won’t tell anyone.”  I am very curious right now.


“I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but I’m avoiding Scorpius Malfoy.”


Lover boy?  My potions partner?  I may have temporarily forgotten that he liked her.  But now I remember!  I must do anything to try and win her over in his favor!  For the sake of his emotional well-being.  You know, because I like him and I don’t like seeing people sad.




I over-dramatically stretched my arms above my head and said to her, “You know, I’ve been in here way too long.  Let’s go to that party together!”


“What?  No, I couldn’t.  He’s there right now, I don’t want him to see me.”


“Why not?  Scorpius is really sweet.  Isn’t he a good friend of yours and your cousin?”


“Yeah, but he’s been acting weird recently.  I can’t really describe it.  He never looks me in the eye anymore.  I don’t know why.”


Note to self: whack some sense into that boy the next time I see him.


“We are going to that party whether you like it or not.”  I was going to be the better person and ignore my own qualms about seeing a certain someone with a certain someone at that party for the sake of my friend.  I’m such a good friend.


I stood up, almost fell over (I hadn’t stood for quite some time, my legs really did forget how to work), and grabbed her arm.


I dragged her out of the library and we started walking towards the Gryffindor common room.


“Wow.  Everybody must be at this party, there’s no one in sight!” I said as I scanned the hallway.


“So, who are you avoiding then?”


Ok, right to the point there, Rose.


“I told you, I’m not avoiding anyone.  I just happened to be in the mood for studying.”  Lies. 


“Fine.  But I’ll get it out of you by the end of the night.”  She said with assurance. 


I rolled my eyes as she said the password to the Gryffindor portrait and we walked in.


This is weird; I’ve never been in their common room before!  It was nice in here.  It has the same warm atmosphere as the Hufflepuff common room.  There was still a fire going in the fireplace near a bunch of old, semi-tattered sofas.  Above the fireplace hung a huge banner of a roaring lion.  I liked it in here. 


“Are you coming?”  Rose said as she stood by the staircase to her dorm.


“Oh, yeah.”  I said as I snapped out of my trance.


“Wait,” I said, “All my stuff is in my dorm.  Does this mean I’m going dressed like this?”  I said as I looked down to my current outfit: a pair of black yoga pants, an oversized sweatshirt of my dad’s, and slippers.


“Don’t worry about it, I think you’re my size.  How tall are you?”  Rose asked.


“Five feet and eight inches!” I responded proudly.  I happen to be very comfortable with my height.  I like being taller than people.


“Ok, I’m 5’6’’, so my skirts will rise a little higher on your legs, but for the party we’re going to, that should be fine.” Rose said while waggling her eyebrows.


She grabbed my arm this time and pulled me up the stairs and sat me on her bed.


“I’ve always wanted to make someone up.  It’s always my cousin Dom’s job to dress the girls in my family up.  Will you let me dress you?”  she asked with a smile.


Eh, why not.  I liked her enough.


Half an hour later, the two of us were ready to go.  She put me in a navy, low-cut, sleeveless blouse, a black ribbed mini skirt, black patterned tights, and a pair of grey peep toe pumps.  She gave me a silver bangle bracelet and a silver medallion necklace.  My hair was straightened and my make up was applied tastefully.  Thank Merlin Rose has good taste.  I looked good, but I didn’t look like a slut!


Rose had her hair in barrel curls and was wearing a dark green puff sleeve dress that was belted around the waste and went to her mid-thigh.  She had on black strappy pumps and a long gold necklace.  Again, make up similar to mine.


We looked at ourselves in the mirror and simultaneously let out a breath.


“We look good.”  She stated simply.  I merely nodded.


“You ready to go?” I asked.


“Ready as I’ll ever be.”  She looped her arm around mine and we headed to the Room of Requirement.




So as it turns out, I really like Rose.  Good thing, too, because my plan is unfolding before my eyes.


We had arrived at the Room of Requirement to find Nico, Sofia’s little brother, guarding the entrance to the party.


“Oi, titch, let us in.”  I said to him.  As previously stated, I’m not particularly fond of Nico.  He’s way too smart for his own good and likes to be a smartarse about it.  He’s also in love with me. 


“Anything for you m’lady.  Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven,
having some business, do entreat your eyes to twinkle in their spheres till they return.  You know that’s Shakespeare, don’t you?  I’m quite fond of his literary works.” He said.  See?  Even when he’s trying to be charming, and failing quite miserably at it, might I add, he still comes off as condescending and smart-allecky.  And I have no patience for it.


“Allow me to repeat myself.  Oi, titch.  Let.  Us.  In.”  I know, I know, I’m not usually this mean to anyone else.  But I hold a little special place in my heart for Nico.


Here comes the flashback.  Picture this: 


It’s the first snow of the year.  Emily Prince, a measly third year, is playing out in the snow with her friends.  She is perfectly content lying on the ground making snow angels, but no, Em insists on a snowball fight.


“Sofia!  Mamma said you have to include me in stuff like this!”  Nico, Sofia’s first-year brother, yells as he runs down the hill to meet her friends.


Ay, perché?  Nico, go play with your little Ravenclaw friends.  Go on, get.”  Sofia responds, attempting to shoo him with her hands.


“No.  Mamma said that you have to!  You don’t want me writing to her saying that my dear sister, that of whom I idolize greatly, won’t let me play with her?”  Nico refutes with a nastily raised eyebrow.


Sofia glares intensely at him and grumbles, “Fine.  We are having a snowball fight.  I’d watch out if I were you.”


Alice decides to name the game a free for all, since she can’t be burdened with picking favorites for teams.


Emily finds herself hiding expertly behind a tree, planning to attack Sofia from behind.


Splat.  A large snowball hits Emily square in the back.  She turns around to find Nico giggling uncontrollably with his hands mockingly raised in defeat.  He raises that snarky eyebrow of his again and runs off, still laughing himself silly.


“OI!  GET BACK HERE!” Emily yells.  She runs after him, chasing him as he dodges through the forest back into the main battlefield.  He turns around suddenly, startling Emily and making her fall onto her back.  Nico topples over her feet, landing on top of her chest.

Before she can make a move to push him off of her, Nico kisses her smack dab on the mouth.  Too stunned to do anything, Emily lays there still, before snapping out of it and shoving Nico from her.


She stands up, eyes widened, fingers touching her lips.  Her first kiss.


End flashback.


You see how horrible?  There I was, an innocent, un-assuming third-year, waiting for my first kiss from a boy that I liked, who liked me back.  A boy who was not some titchy, irritating first-year who subsequently became obsessed with me. 


I could go on and on about how much I loathe Nico Lombardi, but I’d like to get into this party sometime soon.


“Now.”  I repeated.


Nico raised his signature eyebrow and bowed as he opens the door, allowing Rose and me to walk in.


I scanned the party with Rose as we hid near to the doors.  We need to evaluate the scene before we (I) do anything rash.  Just for luck, I grabbed a fourth-year’s drink and downed it.  Oh Merlin, what was in that?  My body involuntarily shivered as I detected hints of firewhiskey and some other ridiculously alcoholic substance.  Ah, instant courage.


The fourth-year looked at me with shock.  “Oi!  You owe me another drink!”  he said.


“Trust me kid, I just did you a favor.  Aren’t you a little young to be drinking anyway?” I responded.


He rolled his eyes and walks away.  I turned back to Rose.


“Oh, forget about Scorpius, I see Albus!  Let’s just go talk to him instead.”  Rose said with a hopeful voice.


Oh hell no.  We are not dragging my own problems into this thing.  “Nu-uh.  I see Scorpius right over there,” I said as Rose followed my finger to the bar area, “and we are going to say hi.”


“That’s really not necessary, I mean, he’s so absorbed in his conversation with Zach…”


“I can guarantee you they are talking about quidditch.  Trust me, that’s a conversation that needs to be interrupted.”


And here comes the following debate:


“No.” said Rose.


“Yes.” I responded.


“No.” she said again.


“Yes.” I exclaimed.


“No.” she said with more urgency.


“No.” I said, hoping to trip her up.


“I’m not falling for that old trick.”  Damn you, Rose.


“Well why not?  What was the point of even getting dressed up to come here?  In fact, you dressed us in these nice clothes; I would have been perfectly fine going in my sweats!  But no, Rose wanted to look nice!  For whom, might I ask?  Scorpius!  He likes you and you like him back but you two are obviously too scared of each other to make a move!”  I responded with vigor.


Rose stood there with wide eyes, processing what I just said.  Yeah, that’s right.  So what if I lied about wanting to come in sweats.  You just got told. 


“…Scorpius…likes me?” she let out.


Crap.  I wasn’t supposed to tell her.


“Uh….uh…is that what I said?”




“…what did I say again?”


“Scorpius likes me.”


“What, who?  You?  Albus?  Your cousin likes you?  Oh how nice, cousinly love.”


“For Merlin’s sake, Emily, you said Scorpius likes me!”


I take a moment to consider my options.  Seeing as I already blew his secret, and she most definitely knows she wasn’t supposed to find out, what can I say?  There’s always the stand-by: deny, deny, deny.  That might anger her more.  Can I blow it off?  Pretend it doesn’t mean anything?  Nope, that won’t work.  Guess I’ll have to be an annoying bitch about it.  Ha.  As if I wasn’t already being one.  Oh well, all’s fair in love and war.  That didn’t make any sense.  I didn’t just say that.  What is with me tonight?


I snapped out of my inner monologue and pursed my lips.


“Alright.  Even if what I said is true, why are you getting so worked up about it?  You must like him back if the mere mention of his amorous emotions elicits this sort of reaction.”


Again, what is with me tonight?  ‘The mere mention of his amorous emotions?’  I never talk like that.  Must be the party mood.  Parties have always made me weird.  Oh yeah, might’ve been that sketchy drink I took from that fourth-year.  Am I drunk?  Nah.  Maybe.  Probably.  No.  Can’t be.  It was only one drink.  Only one drink.


“What?  No…” Rose trailed off.


Aha!  Proof!  Rose likes Scorpius!  Even my possibly sloshed brain can tell!  I’m not sloshed.  Am I?  Dear Merlin, what was in that drink?


“My dear, the proof is in the pudding.”  I said.


“Emily, are you feeling ok?”  Rose asked.  “You seem a bit tipsy, which is weird, because you’ve only had one drink…”


“Only one drink, I know!  That’s what I’ve been saying to myself all night!  One drink.  One.  Drink.  Drink is a weird word, you know?  Drink.  Drink.  Drink.  If you say it enough times it makes me want to drink.  Drink.  Let’s get more drinks!”  I responded.


“Let’s not.  How about we sit down on the sofa?”  Rose said as she guided me through the room.


“But what about our plan?  Let’s find Scorpius.  SCOOORPIUS!  OH SCORPY, WHERE ARE YOU?”  I yelled.


We need to find him again!  My plan can’t have gone to waste!  I’ll try calling again.


“SCORPIUS HYPERION MALFOY WHERE ARE YOU!  Ha!  That’s bizarre, I wasn’t aware that I knew his middle name!” 


Rose’s hand clamped down on my mouth and made me sit on the couch. 


Voices are becoming a bit muddled.  No, scratch that, it’s like they’re zooming in and out of focus.  Like a camera.  Weird.  I’m closing my eyes; the pretty lights are making me dizzy.


“She’s right here.  I’m not quite sure what to do, since I don’t exactly know what she drank.”  someone said.


Is that Rose?  Who is Rose talking to?  I hope it’s my dear friend Scorpius.  I very much like him.


“How much did she drink?”  a man with an enticing voice said.  Who is that?  He sounds very handsome.  But my eyes are closed, so I can’t see who it is!


“Only one!  She grabbed it from some random fourth-year when we got here.  Her coherence has been going downhill ever since.”  This sounds like Rose again. 


“Yikes, that doesn’t sound good.  Do you see any of her other friends here?”  the deep voice rumbled.  You know what else rumbles?  Lions.


“I know she’s friends with Emily Ringling, but she seems a bit pre-occupied at the moment.”  Hey!  Emily!  I love Emily!  Where is she?  What is she doing?  Did you know she has the same name as me?  Bizarre. 


“Oh…yeah.  That’s just…” the man took a deep sigh.  Uh-oh.  Deep-voiced man doesn’t sound too happy.


“Hey, snap out of it.  Focus back on this Emily.”  Hey, that’s me!


“Right, sorry.  Let’s get her out of here.  I don’t think we can get her into the Hufflepuff dorms, so let’s just take her to the Gryffindor common room.”  Am I leaving?  So soon?  Noooo, I was having fun at this party! 


“Good idea.”


Whoa.  Why does it feel like I’m flying?  Oh, ha!  Deep voiced man is carrying me!  Wheeeee!


Whoa.  All this flying makes me tired.  I think I’ll take a nap.


Wait, hold on, I’m being put on something squishy!


It’s a bed!  I quite like beds.  And blankets are being wrapped around me!


I snuggled into the warm covers. 


“Good night, Emily.” a voice said.



A/N:  JKR owns everything you recognize, Shakespeare does not belong to me either.

So that was chapter 6!  I had a lot of fun writing drunk Emily.  Just so you know, that was no ordinary drink.  She’s not that much of a lightweight ;)  And if you are confused, I promise it’ll all make sense in the next chapter!  Thanks so much for reading, any favorite quotes?

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