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A/N: Hey all!

This is just a silly little Lily/James fic I thought up one day when I was completely bored, and I figured I may as well post it XD Hopefully you all like it, and remember, I own nothing.

xx Molly


Lily Evans was, for once, in a brilliant mood. And it was all thanks to James Potter.

Well, more like a lack of Potter. She hadn’t seen him around the castle once the entire day, and for her that was practically a blessing sent from Merlin himself. Usually James was pestering her every minute, trying to give her flowers or use some clever little pun in order to get into her pants. It was shocking that, after seven years of humiliating public rejections, he hadn’t given up. He had asked her out every single day since they were eleven years old, and she had thought that he always would.

Until that day.

She had seen him at breakfast, and when he usually would sit next to her and try to ask her a million questions about her day, he hadn’t said a word. She had seen him in potions, where he sat at the table in front of her, and he hadn’t spilt his own potion in order to get her to help him. She had seen him in every single class after that, and when he usually would have been clamouring for her attention, he hadn’t done a single thing.

It was bloody brilliant. Alice had noticed his strange behavior too, and even though she insisted that there must have been something horribly wrong with him, Lily just liked to think that he had finally come to his senses. Maybe he had found a nice little Hufflepuff girl to take to the Yule Ball, or another Slytherin floozy to pass the time? It was definitely a possibility, and Lily liked to think that maybe, maybe he had finally grown up a little. After all, they were in their second week of seventh year, and if he hadn’t matured by then, she had a feeling that he never would.

But, as far as she was concerned the reason didn’t matter. All that mattered was that James Potter had finally chosen to leave her the hell alone for one glorious, wonderful day, and she was going to take complete advantage of that.

She was so bloody close. The library was right in front of her, just steps away, and she was certain that she could almost smell the books, the beautiful aroma of fresh parchment and ink. The library was her haven, the one place she knew that James would never follow her into, and once she got there, she would be home-free for the rest of the day. It was perfect, and her plan was going off without a hitch.

That was, until a certain, scruffy Gryffindor blocked her path.

“Evans,” Sirius said, his voice thick with worry. “You gotta help me. There’s something seriously wrong with James.”

Of course.

Other than James, Sirius Black was the seventh year she trusted least of all. He always had a mischievous glint in his eyes that made her think he knew something about her that she didn’t, and there wasn’t a moment when she wasn’t certain he was up to something bad. The only so-called “Marauder” Lily could tolerate was Remus, who had always been unbelievably kind to her. There were many times when she had considered dating him just to make James furious, but he was always so absorbed in his studies that she wasn’t even sure he noticed girls.

No, the Marauders were simply infuriating, and James and Sirius were the most infuriating of all.

So as soon as the words came out of Black’s mouth, she decided she didn’t believe him one bit. “You’re lying,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest and giving him a hard look. “I should have known. I went the whole bloody day without one interruption from Potter, I should have been expecting something.” Sighing, she shifted her weight on her feet and tucked a red lock behind her ear. “What is it this time? Is he sick in bed, and wants me to nurse him back to health? Is he planning on asking me to the Yule Ball again? Because I already told him no, I thought that was made very clear.”

He didn’t say a word. It was rare, she noted, for Sirius Black to be silent, and yet for some reason he wasn’t saying anything. Lily frowned, beginning to doubt herself, but then she remembered who she was dealing with and sighed. Padfoot and Prongs were brilliant actors, and she couldn’t allow herself to be fooled by them so easily. Not when she was so close, so bloody close to a completely James Potter-free day.

“I’m serious, Lil,” he said gravely, and then, as if realizing what he said, grinned a little. “Get it? I’m Sirius!” The boy laughed at his own joke for a moment before noting the glare in her eyes, and cleared his throat awkwardly. “Please, Lily. You know you’re the only one who can help him. I wouldn’t be asking you if I wasn’t desperate.”

Well, she really didn’t doubt that. Sirius Black usually wouldn’t ask for a favor, especially from a girl, if his life depended on it. The only time he would ever actually ask for help was when James needed it, as the boy cared more for his friend than he did about himself -- which, from how completely egotistical Black could be, Lily had to assume was a lot. And that meant that if he was actually coming to her, shamelessly begging for help, the situation must have been dire. It didn’t help that James was her fellow Head, and it was her responsibility as Head Girl to help him.

“Fine,” she said after a pause, and tried to ignore the way Sirius’ face lit up when she consented. “But I’m warning you, Sirius, that if this is some sort of trap, we’ll be serving your head on a platter for dinner tonight.”

The boy merely blinked, eyes wide and innocent. “A trap? Evans, how immature do you think we are?”


Oh, they were all going to pay for this.

Lily should have known better. She should have known that James wasn’t actually in need of any help, that the whole “situation” would be that he was waiting for her in a broom cupboard to ask her, not for the first time, to the Yule Ball. And once the door closed behind her, and once she had already given him a definite “no”, she should have figured that the door would be stuck, and that no one, on the outside or the inside, would be able to open it.

“Potter,” she said, her voice full of venom as she turned around from the still-closed door to face him, green eyes flashing. “What have you done?”

To his credit, James at least had the decency to look offended. “You think I did this, Lily? Honestly, I’m not that immature. I asked you out, you rejected me. I’m not going to lock you in a broom cupboard until you said yes.” Narrowing her eyes at him, she gave him an incredulous look that said she didn’t believe him for one minute. If there was one thing she had learned over the past seven years of dodging his advances, it was that James Potter was exactly that immature.

“Let’s not forget that you did lock me in a broom cupboard with you once already.” The boy across from her cocked his head in confusion, and she rolled her eyes. “You seriously don’t remember? Third year, after our first Hogsmeade trip? The door wouldn’t open until I kissed you?” That had been the most miserable three hours of her life, and she had only been thankful that a prefect had saved her before she actually had to cave.

Finally James seemed to remember, and he gave her a sheepish look. “Oh, right. Sorry ‘bout that.” Lily pointedly ignored his apology, instead turning back to him and trying the door once more, although for some reason, she felt inclined to believe him.


“It won’t budge.” she said flatly, crossing her arms over her chest. “Are you positive Sirius wouldn’t have put an enchantment on it without you knowing?” It seemed just like something the other boy would do, but James shook his head, running his hand through his permanently messy black hair and sighed.

“No, I was with him the whole time. If he enchanted it, I would have seen. Honest.” Once again Lily found herself inclined to believe him, and once again this came as a shock to her, it was a rare thing when she trusted a word that came out of James Potter’s mouth, and when it happened twice in a row, it was practically a miracle.

She supposed he had been on good behavior, however. Not once in the ten minutes they had been stuck in the cupboard had he tried to make a move on her, or tried once more to ask her out. He was actually being strangely...normal, which was both a relief and set her on edge at the same time. If Potter was being mature while trapped in a dark broom cupboard with her, that could only mean one thing -- the world was coming to an end. The world was ending, and her last hours on earth were going to be spent in a locked closet with the bane of her existence.

It had only been seconds after she had these thoughts that James spoke up once more, giving her a mischievous smile. “You know, we could be in here for a while. Might as well take advantage of that, don’t you think?”

Lily didn’t hesitate to slap him.

“Ow!” he exclaimed, covering his wounded cheek with his hand and at least having the decency to look embarrassed. “Sorry. Bad idea.”

She rolled her eyes once more, amazed at how many times she did in James’ presence. Sometimes she thought it was impossible for one person to be so stupid, and yet his idiocy never ceased to amaze her. It was times like this that made her wonder how he got such high marks, when he was still the dumbest person she knew.

“Since there’s no way out of here, and I don’t think anyone’s going to come and save us soon, I’m going to close my eyes.” Lily made sure her voice was completely matter-of-fact, so that James didn’t even think about disturbing her. “You wake me up for any reason other than someone come to save us, and I’ll have your head. Got it?” Giving him a no-nonsense glare, she waited for him to nod his head in agreement, before flopping herself down on the floor, leaning her head on an old towel which, she had to admit, was less than comfortable.

Well, she thought to herself, eyes fluttering shut. Anything’s better than spending another waking minute with Potter.


“Lily! Lily, wake up! Someone’s coming for us!” Opening her eyes, Lily was greeted with the image of James shaking her excitedly, a bright smile on his face. “We’ve been in here for hours, but someone’s finally come!”

Rubbing her eyes, the girl turned her head to the door and saw that the knob was indeed rattling. Grinning, she jumped up on her feet and stood beside James, anxiously awaiting her savior. Hopefully it was Alice, because she really didn’t feel like having to look at Sirius’ face right then, but honestly anyone would do as long as they got out of there. She figured that if she spent any more time with James she might go mad, and after her lengthy nap, she didn’t think that she could use sleeping as an excuse again.

Finally, after what felt like hours, the door opened. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Alice. It wasn’t even Sirius. It was Flich, looking like he had aged about twenty years in the past night. His hair had turned grey, and she was almost positive that there were wrinkles on his face which hadn’t been there the night before. Lily looked over to James, trying to determine whether he was seeing what she was, but the boy looked so happy to be rescued that he was completely oblivious to everything else.

Flich smiled then, a particularly nasty smile that Lily had no desire to see ever again, and grabbed both of them by the elbow. “Little lovebirds cuddling in my broom cupboard after-hours, eh? I’ll bring you right to the ‘eadmaster, is what I’ll do.” And with that he began dragging them along, causing Lily’s stomach to fill with dread.

“No!” she exclaimed, trying to fight her way out of his grip while being dragged along. James seemed perfectly content to not do a thing, something which frustrated her to no end and made her struggle even harder. “You don’t understand, we’re not lovebirds, we were trapped! Please!” But Filch paid no mind to her pleas, and when she looked over to Potter for help, he just flashed a smile at her. Of course going to the Headmaster wasn’t a big deal for him, but for those with an unblemished record, it was practically a tragedy.

“I’m going to murder you, Potter,” she muttered, and out of the corner of her eye she swore she saw him smile.


“Something’s different,” James muttered to her as Filch deposited them in the office. “This doesn’t look like Dippit’s office. Dippet doesn’t have a phoenix, I know that for sure.”

Lily pointedly ignored him, however, fixing her eyes on the floor. This was his fault, all of it, and there was no way she was going to talk to him ever again. No, he would be on the receiving end of her permanently cold-shoulder, and nothing he could ever do or say would change that. Lily Evans, Hogwart’s star student, had ended up in the Headmaster’s office because of him, and that meant that he was forever and always on her bad side. Not that he had ever been on her good side, but still. At least she knew that now it was permanent.

“The carpet’s different too. Plus, Dippet would never have a bowl of sherbert lemons on his desk. There’s no way.” He’s mental, Lily thought to herself, clenching her fists so her fingernails dug into the palm of her hands. “Plus, why would his portrait be on the wall? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Finally she found she couldn’t bite her tongue any more, and she turned to him with a scathing look. “Just shut up, will you? We’re in the Headmaster’s office. I really don’t care about your commentary on the decor.” After that James went silent, although he still looked worried, and Lily decided that he really was mental.

That was, of course, until Albus Dumbledore entered the room and gave them a sugary smile. “James, Lily! What a surprise to see you in my office.”

His office?

Blinking in surprise, Lily ignored James’ pointed look and focused all her attention on Dumbledore. “Your office, Sir? What happened to Headmaster Dippet?” She didn’t bother to hide the confusion in her voice, because it was certainly warranted, and from the sympathetic look on Dumbledore’s face he seemed to agree.

“Headmaster Dippet passed away four years ago, Miss Evans.” He said casually, as if what he was saying made complete and total sense. “You’re in 1996 now, and I’m afraid I’ve got some explaining to do.”

The last thing Lily remembered before she blacked out was James’ laughter.

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