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Dora had been staying with her parents, which was why she’d suggested they should just move in with them for the time being. It made sense; she’d have her parents – both Healers – close by, and with all the disappearances and Death Eaters roaming their world freely, they could stick together. The Tonks’s house was also used as a safe house again, which meant it had all kinds of wards.

Still, Remus did not look forward to meeting his parents-in-law again. He could just imagine what they might have to say about his disappearing act. True, he’d been back for a while, but kept mostly to himself. So it was with a feeling of heavy anticipation that he followed his wife through the wards, and up to the front door.

“We’ll have to include you into the admittance list for the wards again,” Dora was saying, keeping up a constant flow of chatter.

He didn’t want to worry her, since she seemed positive that her parents would for some reason be thrilled about his return and welcome him with open arms – just she had done, to his amazement.

She opened the door simply by touching it; and they made it into the hall before Ted Tonks came strolling out of the sitting room. “Dora! We were starting to get worried!” He swooped her up in a big hug, which she found clearly embarrassing. Not heeding her, Ted narrowed his eyes at Remus. “Remus.”

Ouch.. He knew he had messed up when he heard the other man’s cold voice. Ted had been nothing but jovial with him, even though it wasn’t everyday one’s daughter married an older werewolf.

“Come on in then,” Ted said, throwing an arm around his daughter as he led her in. Remus pulled a grimace, feeling foolish and unwelcome as he stood there alone in the hall. “Well, it’s not like I can blame him,” he muttered.

Dora was sitting on the couch with her father, shooting him smile that held a mixture of uncertainty and encouragement. He chose the chair nearest to her, and he’d barely sat down when someone else came in.

“You! Whatever did you think you were doing? Screwing with my daughter’s mind and heart like you did?”

Remus barely noted Dora shooting up from her seat, as he had his attention on the woman who approached him. With her grey ablaze with fury, she was reminiscent of both Bellatrix and Sirius.

“Mum!” Remus caught his wife’s arm to stop her from interfering. Andromeda had every right to ask those questions. How could what he had thought was a reasonable decision turn out that catastrophic? When the witch ranted how torn up Dora had been, he felt even worse about it. Of course, the witch in question was trying to protest that it hadn’t been that bad.

“So? What do you have to say for yourself?” Andromeda had finally calmed down enough.

What could he say, really? “I am so sorry, you have no idea how much I regret that decision. I thought it would be better to have a quick, clean cut, instead of putting her through being associated with me.”

“And you think that justifies it?” she thundered.

“Mum! Please, I asked you to be polite. And that’s entirely my decision!” Dora argued.

Andromeda snapped her mouth shut, albeit grudgingly. Instead, she announced, “Dinner is almost ready.”

The meal was spent in a tense silence, and even Dora gave up after a while trying to make conversation. They exchanged a glance, ready to retreat to their rooms, when Ted’s voice stopped them. “Remus, a word, please.”

The last word couldn’t disguise that it was far from a request. Once again, Dora wanted to stay by him, but he had to do this alone; so he merely squeezed her hand in reassurance before following his father-in-law outside.

Ted was pacing. “I’m not one for violence, but I have a good mind to punch you square in the face.”

“And I wish I could say that I wouldn’t deserve it,” Remus answered just as solemnly.

“You know, I’m torn,” Ted stated, stopping just a feet in front of him, looking him directly in the eye. “I know how it is to be the one who possibly put the woman you love in danger. – Don’t be surprised. I’m suspended from my work at St. Mungo’s pending my hearing before the Registry, and these days, being a Muggle-Born is equal to being a half-breed.
Our start wasn’t uuncomplicated, either. After all, I’m the Muggle-Born who snatched a daughter of one of the oldest and most notorious pure-blood families. Believe me, her family did not look upon that fact kindly. But the important thing was that she chose me and this life.
And it’s safe to say Dora had made her decision, for you.”

“I could never believe she’d picked me. She could have done so much better.” It was hard saying those things out loud, but he had known when he came back that nothing but brutal honesty would work in his favour.

Ted nodded pensively. He hadn’t forgiven the younger man for hurting his daughter, but it couldn’t be denied that Dora had been positively glowing when she showed up the day before to tell them the news. And back in July, It had been a shock, to say the least, when she had announced her relationship and the impending wedding only days after the death of Albus Dumbledore.

“I’ll never think that’s anyone’s quite good enough for her. But, she has made her decision; And she is too much her mother’s daughter to change her mind once it’s made up. As long as she’s happy, I’ll put up with it. I don’t know what good it would have done if I’d said this before, but: If you hurt her again, I won’t heed her pleas to be nice to you.”


“Just a word of warning: We’re reserving judgment, because Dora asked us too. And as for Dromeda, she’ll want to let off some steam. She’s not through with you yet, but I think you know that. We’ll see what the future brings.”

All in all, Remus mused as he climbed the stairs, it had gone well. Hopefully, he’d manage to mend the relationship with his in-laws with time.


Fred was moving around the room the Slytherin girl and her father had been staying in, straightening it up, while George did the same downstairs in their shop. He had seen her around at Hogwarts, of course, but she was only ever registered as that quiet girl from the Snake house, someone he didn’t care to socialise with. When she had wandered in that day, he just had wanted to help her, without really knowing anything about her. When he found out about her house at Hogwarts, it had come as quite a surprise, one which he didn’t get over quickly.

He had been in a sulking mood too. Which was entirely uncharacteristic for him. And then she’d stormed by him, and he’d barely made it to her side, when he saw why. The mixture of emotion was something new to him, anger at the man who molested a single mother, but also appreciation that she would want to go help immediately; and yet he had to keep her from rushing into something stupid. The same kind of stupid thing she must have done before, to even get herself in a position where she had to run from her former house mates.

After that, there had been too much going on what with them needing to get the woman and her child to safety, and then Nora and her father leaving. It was curious he would miss someone he wouldn’t have considered exchanging a friendly word with only a month before, who he hadn’t, in all honesty, spoken to often during the week she’d spent with them. What was wrong with him? He tried shaking himself out of his mood, when he heard the door chime start of again, only it was interrupted immediately, supposedly by his brother.

He heard George rush someone in, and when he darted out the door, he already saw his brother’s bulky figure - followed by another, smaller one – head up the stairs. His eyes widened as he realised it was the very same girl he hadn’t managed to get out of his head for the whole day.

Fred backed into the room again, throwing a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure the blinds were drawn and dimmed the light. His gaze returned and stayed unwaveringly at Nora’s face, while George offered her a seat and asked if anything had gone wrong or why else she would be back. Nora moved her gaze to George to answer his question, which left him feeling strangely cold. There was something there, a cold determination he hadn’t seen before.

“I want to help in the fight. And don’t tell me don’t know anything about it, because I know you do,” she cut them off as both had opened their mouths simultaneously.

Fred blinked incredulously, not sure what to think of that Slytherin girl, at all.


George gaped at her, but caught himself fairly quickly. Fred seemed currently unable of an answer, so he took matters in his own hands.

“Right, we helped you some days ago, and helped that poor woman. That doesn’t mean we are organised fighters. Who says you’re not just trying to gain our trust, trying to get us into trouble and find something on us. Which there isn’t,” he added a bit too fast.

“I think you know where to find the Order of the Phoenix,” she ploughed on. There had been lots of talk about Dumbledore’s rumoured society, and not a pleasant one, in the Slytherin Common Room. So that meant they were not on the pure-blood extremists’ side.

George narrowed his eyes at her. “Take a sip of Veritaserum, and then ask again.” He held his hands up in anticipation of Fred’s interruption. “I don’t care that you think you can trust her, I want to be sure. Now, do you agree?” He addressed Nora again with his last words.

Fred and George seemed to have a whole conversation between them without having to utter a single word, and Nora watched them with interest. George, who still had a large band-aid at the right side of his head, seemed to be the more level-headed, whereas Fred was the drive and intuition behind their antics. She had learned to tell them apart, without having to consult their ears. She shook herself, this was not the time for drifting off. “I agree,” she answered firmly, causing both twins to snap their heads back at her.

Fred disappeared in the next room, returning shortly afterwards with a glass and a sip of a clear liquid in it while George watched her warily. Nora was suddenly positive she had struck gold, and was slightly apprehensive what they would do if she didn’t pass the test. Surely they would want to guard the secret.

Fred stepped in front of her, pushing the glass into her hand with an unreadable expression on his face. She brought it to her lips and drank, her eyes never leaving his.

Her mind blanked out after that, and when she came to again, she was sitting on the sofa in the corner, her head had sunken to her chest. She lifted and shook it to get rid of the residual mist in her head, and then spotted Fred and George sitting at the table; stew already ready to be served.

“Miss Arrows, you passed with flying colours,” George said with a much lighter tone than he’d ever used before with her. She tried to return his grin, but she needed to know now.

“So, did I come to you in vain?” she asked, following his inviting hand gesture to join them.

They were dodging her questions for a little longer, digging into their meal instead. Then, George excused himself with a smug laugh, “I’ll leave to it, bro. Fill her in, don’t do anything I wouldn’t, you ‘ear?” And to Nora he said, “He’s got a soft spot for you, did you know that?”

Fred cursed his brother, and threw the bread basket after him, which bounced loudly from closed door. Nora chose to ignore George’s last statement, certain he was only trying to make her uncomfortable.

She put her cutlery down, drawing Fred’s attention back to her.

“Oh, yes, sorry. I should probably apologise for subjecting you to that, but we cannot take risks in what we say. Our father is under enough suspicion as it is, and in extension, so are we. And your upbringing and Hogwarts house don’t speak for you …”

“Isn’t that very hypocritical of you? You think Slytherins are all the same and that they judge others because of their blood, but you condemn all Slytherins, stereotyping and generalising them?” she interrupted him hotly. It felt like this had been brewing for a while in her, she’d always had to contend with that ‘reverse prejudice’ during her school years. “Can’t I condemn torture and abuse, of any human being, and be ambitious and cunning at the same time?”

“Of course you can,” Fred replied just as hotly. Just because she intrigued him didn’t mean he’d let her put him in the defensive. And in the same vein, he needed to pay back George for the earlier quip. He focused back on the matter at hand. “Maybe you’re an exception, but that doesn’t change the fact that so many of you turned bad …”

“So you lump us all together in one, generic, evil Slytherin, yes? Because Gryffindors are all brave and noble? Did you even attempt to get to know a Slytherin before you wrote them all off as Death Eaters in the making?”

Fred’s pride was nettled. “What for? Malfoy’s constantly discrediting my dad, put my sister in mortal danger, my oldest brother was mauled by a bloody werewolf, and my twin was almost killed by the former Head of Slytherin. Why should I?”

Nora cooled almost instantly. She drew her hand through her locks, frustrated. “Listen, I didn’t come here to fight with you. Just tell me where to turn to.”

Fred closed his eyes for a moment, drawing a calming breath. “Okay okay, as I wanted to say, we also questioned you for your motives. We believe you, and after hearing your tale again, I probably shouldn’t have thrown you in a cauldron with them. I’m just frustrated, because there isn’t much we can do, you know?” No, Nora didn’t know, but she didn’t have the opportunity to say so because he already continued. “After Dumbledore’s death, the Order kind of disbanded, only inner core is still around. Also, it’s dangerous arranging get-togethers or any organised actions. The last time we tried to pull something off, was my brother’s wedding, and that was the day the Ministry fell. Officially. It’s even more impossible now, because they can do whatever they please under the pretence of Ministry business. We’ve been helping out any way we can, like you already did yesterday. Then there’s Potterwatch …” “That’s you!” she interrupted, flummoxed. “Why yes,” he couldn’t resist the jest. “I’ll be givin’ out autographs later; there’s enough for everyone. – No, really, but that’s something you cannot, under any circumstances, repeat. This wasn’t discussed with George, he’ll most likely have my head for it.”

“I promise,” she answered solemnly. “So, what can I do?”

Fred shook his head. “You’re on the run from the Ministry yourself, it’s probably best you stay at a safe-house. You should have just stayed with your father, helped out there. That’s what most of us are doing, anyway.”

Nora nodded with a heavy heart. “I’m just endangering you more, right?”

“I wish it wasn’t so, but yes.”

Nora heaved a sigh. “I – I shouldn’t have come. I just – I don’t know why I thought I could do something, something more, but just sitting back …” She shook her head, frustrated. Fred’s hand hovered over hers for a bit, but then he laid it upon hers.

“I know how you feel. It doesn’t feel like enough.”

“Exactly.” She confirmed. Then she stood up with a conviction “I’m going back, do what I can in the safety house. Thanks for helping me in the first place.”

“I’ll bring you.” Fred said it impulsively.

“No, it’s not … I know my way back, you don’t have to take me again.”

“Nonsense,” he waved off her remark. “I couldn’t leave a young lady to fend for her own. Mum would be scandalised.”

He showed her his lopsided grin again, and Nora relented.


They appeared near a group of trees, and Fred barely managed to pull her down on the ground with him. Two figures strolled by, not bothering to keep their voices down. One of them swayed in the pale light of the stars, doing an odd sort of jig while she kept abreast with her more sombre companion, as if she had no care in the world.

“Yaxley Yaxley Yaxley,” she was saying in a condescending voice, that sounded entirely too high-pitched and artificial. “I can be as childish as I want. And you know why? My dearest sister lives here, just here. She’s hiding, she is. Thinks her little Fidelius is enough. Little naive Anromeda, but she’ll have to come out at some point. And then, “ her eyes lit up manically. “I’ll say hello to her, and to my dearest niece, and her mudblood of a husband. Give her my regard, you see, for all the happy family gatherings I missed.”

She went on in that vein in a kind of malicious glee as the pair continued on their way, her dancing her way around something only they seemed to see. Nora shivered, and Fred had grown tense upon hearing her voice. “Bellatrix Lestrange,” he bit out, but not loud enough to be heard. “How I wish I could go after her!”

“We could,” Nora whispered, just as wound up. “She sounds completely deranged, and I’d hate to know she’s free to roam the streets, with no one stopping her.” She didn’t get an answer from him, but she had the distinct feeling he was watching her intensely.

Fred was once again caught off guard by this girl. How could she not have been a Gryffindor? he wondered, and in his world, that was a pretty high compliment.

“We can’t underestimate her. Anyway, we’ll have to go in, and warn them that the location is not a secret any longer, only the Fidelius Charm is protecting them now. Follow me, okay? Only a few people know how to get into a safe house, and this isn’t the way we’ll usually get fugitives in.”

They cautiously got to their feet, and Nora held onto his hand tightly. They crept forward as silently as possible, until he pulled her closer, and she could hear him mutter something as they passed some invisible barrier.

“Come on, we need to find one of the Tonkses.” Nora followed Fred into the house that had suddenly popped into existence some distance away, and led her in. He hurriedly greeted the one or other lone night-time stroller, and Nora wondered how many people there were. Too many for a night, but then she too couldn’t sleep with all that was happening. She wasn’t sure about the number of people the Tonkses accommodated, as she’d only been here long enough to make sure her father was comfortable. In any case, the size of interior of the house seemed decidedly at odds with the exterior.

Fred led her to what a room which he explained was reserved for the family. He knocked, and they entered on the quiet “Enter”.

“Good evening everyone, or should I say good night? Tonksie, Remus!” He greeted easily.

There were questions what he was doing here or if something had happened.

“We got notified someone with the proper identification had crossed our wards, but why are you here in the middle of the night? Oh, and Miss …? I’m sorry, you were here today with your father?” Tonks asked them.

“Yes, I’ve brought her back,” Fred told her, but waved off further questions with his hand. “Your Auntie-dear is taking a midnight stroll outside, looking for a way in.”

Andromeda gave a strangled noise, and Ted put a hand on her shoulder before standing to exit.
“We should probably check and enforce our wards,” Remus agreed, following his father-in-law.

Tonks looked torn between following her husband and father, but then went to her mother to calm her. “You need that room, after all?” She said to Nora, who nodded gratefully. “Are you okay finding it by yourself or should I …? Okay then, I’ll meet you tomorrow, I’ll go see how they’re progressing. Fred, you’re coming?”

“I can help too,” Nora said fiercely. Fred nodded at Tonks and Andromeda in confirmation.

“I trust her,” he said.

Tonks, Fred and Nora went outside, finding Remus and Ted and some others busy patrolling along the perimeter of the wards, checking and recasting wards under the light of the stars. At some point, Nora thought she heard footsteps outside, and held her breath. Fred was beside her, and she was all too aware of his presence. It sent strange shivers down her spine; something she hadn’t felt ever before.

Finally, the group called it a night. Fred held her back when everyone went inside. He shuffled his feet a little, before clearing his throat. He ploughed ahead, despite how uncomfortable he felt under her curious gaze.

“I think I need to apologise again, for judging you. I’ve learned a lot about you today, and if you wanted to as well …” he stopped, and ruffled his hair. He’d never had problems before talking to others, boy or girl. “… I mean, we could talk sometimes, I’ll probably be over here now and then …”

“We could … I’d like that. Very much,” she answered shyly.

“Oh, okay then,” Fred breathed, giving into the urge and leaned down slightly, not sure how she’d react.

Nora had felt the charged air all day, thinking nothing of it, as she had felt like she was riding on an emotional roller-coaster since her and her father had heard their neighbours’ screams. Seeing him bent down to her, and feeling his warm body so close to hers – she couldn’t recall when that had happened – she stood up on her tip-toes and closed the distance to his mouth.

The kiss grew more intense, making them dizzy with desire. Nora wondered briefly where it had come from, but that didn’t seem important, only the boy – man – she wanted to get closer to still.

They gave into the temptation, forgetting about the fact that they had been separated by prejudice, that they were outside only protected by the dark of the night and a thin magical ward, with a notorious pair of Death Eaters probably still patrolling only meters away. The tension they’d both been under since Dumbledore’s death melted away, the fear they both harboured deep down that they did not show to their loved ones, as they both let loose for the moment.


Percy debated the wiseness of moving to Hogsmeade of all places when he apparated at the newly-created, Ministry-approved – and Ministry-watched – apparition point. Yet, the small flat which had been his home since he moved to London for his job, did not feel right anymore. The room had been advertised in the Daily Prophet, and as good an opportunity as any. At least, he told himself, he could have a look at it.

Searching his pockets for the newspaper clipping to verify the address again, he barely looked at his surroundings. He didn’t think there would be much for him to see anyway.

The cottage was located at the outskirts of the village, which suited him just fine. Tucked away a little from the road, it was surrounded by low hedges, and the stone walls covered with strands of ivy.

The image alone made him stop; having grown up in the country himself, the feeling the house emanated reminded him a lot of The Burrow. Not in size, but certainly with the homely feeling.

“Let’s hope that image is not deceiving,” he murmured to himself.

In answer to his knock, a man’s voice answered him firmly, “What’s your business?”

“I’ve come for the room you advertised.”

The door was opened a crack, and he saw half a face peering at him over a wand point. He could not say he blamed the man for being cautious.

“Come in, Sir,” the man answered after some deliberation.

“That’s a nice house you have there, Sir,” Percy commented politely, meaning it.

“Aye, that I have. But flattery won’t get you the room, young man. You work at the Ministry?” He eyed Percy’s work robes with a critical eye.

Somehow, this glance reassured him more than words could. “That wasn’t why I said it. My name is Percy Weasley, and I currently work at the Ministry, yes.”

“Arthur’s son?” he asked pensively, to which Percy nodded slightly. How ironic was it that the family he had turned away from was proving to be more helpful than the persons he had sought his luck with? “Well, I show you round, let’s see whether it’s to your liking or not. I am Aaron Kendrick, by the way.”

Percy climbed a flight of stairs behind the other man.

The hall was rather dark, and so it was quite a shock to his eyes when he entered his potential new flat first.

It wasn’t overly spacious, but just as the exterior, the room seemed to immediately welcome him. A comfortable looking couch, next to a small table that held a wizarding wireless and a bunch of Charmed Camellias in a delicate vase. One wall was completely covered by shelves, which currently held some decorative knick-knack but would be perfect for his books, and was only broken by the door, which he guessed led to a bedroom. Another corner held a small kitchenette, a slender brunette was just straightening up; it seemed he had caught her in the act of putting the finishing touches to her cleaning.

“You gave a bit of a short notice, we’ve only just given it a quick clean. It’s not much, which is one of the reasons I haven’t yet found a new tenant. There’s the bedroom, and a small ensuite bath. It’s fully equipped, though you can opt to pay for board and lodging both. We run – or should I say we used to run – a guesthouse. – Are you finished, Audrey? Good. Mr Weasley, this is my daughter, Audrey, she must be around your age, if I’m not mistaken.”

The girl moved closer to shake his offered hand, which caused her to stand in front of the window. The view alone was breath-taking, since the window showcase both the Hogsmeade high-street and further away, the unmistakable towers of Hogwarts, bathed in the various shades of a sinking sun, and left Audrey in a nimbus of light.

Shaking his head briefly, the apparition was gone, and he chided himself a romantic fool. Instead, he shook her hand, which was small and warm in his.

“Miss Kendrick,” Percy said, keeping a level voice.

“It’s a pleasure, Mr Weasley,” she answered him in a melodic voice, a certain something dancing in her eyes which he couldn’t place. It might have been mischief, but her smile only showed politeness.

The bed and the bathroom were practical and would fit his needs, so he waited for the Kendrick’s final decision, as Mr Kendrick consulted his wife in the downstairs kitchen. Audrey was standing with them, and added a few quiet words of her own, not even looking at him. Percy tried not to appear as if he was eavesdropping, but couldn’t help the odd surreptious glance at the three of them. He wondered what the young brunette was saying about him; they had most likely attended Hogwarts at the same time, which meant she knew of him. If only he could remember her, too.

After a round of nods and noises of agreement, Mrs Kendrick stepped towards him, opening her arms in a welcome-gesture. “You got yourself a room, Sir. We’re not renting to just anyone these days. If you’re still interested, Aaron will prepare the papers.”

Akwardly, he asked himself whether she would go and hug him, but then offered her hand instead. He shook with her, and then with Mr Kendrick.

Not my own family, Percy mused when he set his signature on the lease, but it felt certainly better than his posh – and empty - little flat in London which he had come to despise.


The door of the kitchen fell closed behind him, and Ted put his satchel down, both relieved he had made it seemingly without waking anyone, and sad he’d have to leave like that. Just when he was telling himself that it was for the best while stuffing some food into his bag, the door was pulled open slowly.

By the dim light of his wand, he saw a slim figure slip in, and found himself enveloped in a fierce hug.

“Dromeda,” he murmured, tightening his arms around her waist. He’d left her in their bed, aware that she must be awake from the rhythm of her breathing, though they had agreed they wouldn’t say a final goodbye.

Tucking her head in the burrow of his neck, Ted nestled his chin atop her hair, breathing in the familiar scent of lavender. His eyes had fallen closed on their own accord, and despite his best efforts not to let the fear that this might be the last time he ever got to do that overwhelm him, he stored the scent and feel of his wife away in his memory.

“How can I let you go?” Andromeda whispered into his chest.

With a calmness he didn’t know he had left he answered her, “What is the alternative? I’ve already ignored the reminder of their invitation. Soon, they’ll come to get me, and I’ll be damned if I let them take my wand away and chucked into Azkaban like we heard happened to so many others.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“And Dora?” He knew that was the best argument to get her to stay. As much as he would miss his little family, he did not feel guilty to use his unborn grandchild if it meant they were all safe. Or as safe as they could be; and he knew Andromeda wouldn’t leave Dora.

Andromeda response wasn’t with words; rather she lifted herself up on her tiptoes and kissed him softly, first on the fore-head, then the nose and then his mouth. Their lips found the other’s with the ease of a life spent together, and yet in a fierce, passionate kiss.

He – very reluctantly – pulled away, although he kept his fore-head pressed to hers. “Promise me one thing, will you? Please don’t give up, I’ll never be too far gone, even if I cannot physically be with you for a time. I love you, you know that, right?”

“And I love you. You taught me what love is.” They both stepped a step back, letting go as if in slow-motion.

A thick lump formed in his throat, but he managed to press a few words out. “I’ll be back before you know it.” Ted hitched a fake-smile on his lips, before turning sharply on his heel.

“I’ll be right here. And know that I don’t regret a single second I’ve spent with you,” Andromeda whispered after his fading footsteps.

A/N: Another chapter! Hope you enjoyed, and I think it's time for a big thank you to everyone who reviewed! You always make my day :)
On another note, I originally planned to have only members of the Order of the Phoenix. But then, Percy does not fall in that category, nor do Ginny or Dudley. So, is there any other character/ scene you'd like to see? Maybe I can squeeze it into my outline ;)

Thanks for reading!

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