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“Only month and a half until the Christmas holidays” Sirius grunted whilst they were sat in the hospital wing visiting Remus.

He was still shattered and weak after last night’s events. It was normal for this to happen after a full moon. Sirius kept trying to make conversation, but James was too tired to continue the conversation.

“Only a month and a half until we stay with you James” Peter squeaked. James just grunted in reply, he wanted to sit in silence he was so tired and he had patrols tonight with Lily.

“Prongs what the hell is wrong?” Sirius barked at him almost waking Remus up.

“Nothing, shh” James snapped at him.

“I haven’t seen you this mopey since the middle of fifth year when-”Sirius stopped and paused, looking quickly at James probably hoping what he had just said had flown over his head.

“Shut up Sirius” James barked at him.

“Pardon?” Peter whispered, quickly jumping to Sirius’ defense as usual.

“Pardon what Pete?” James snapped at him, whilst Sirius stood there open mouthed.

“You called Pad, Sirius, you haven’t full named him between us four, since second year, and that was before you know our animagi or unless you count fifth year when you know” Peter said in an undertone.

“So what?” James retaliated.

“So what have I done?” Sirius fumed, his face looking ready for a fight but James noticed a bit of hurt and sadness in there, sometimes he could feel himself and Sirius growing apart.

“nothing, sorry, just tired” James muttered, not looking at any of them, he could feel his face getting hotter and his eyes filling with tears, he couldn’t cry in front of them, they would call him a baby.

“Im going, to common room, stuff to do” James muttered stiffly.

He could feel Peter’s and Sirius’ eyes on his back, he could still feel the tears in his eyes he tried to blink them back but they rolled down, luckily everyone was at lunch, he turned into a corridor and came face to face with Lily Evans. He tried to dodge past her quickly in the hope she didn’t see his tears.

“James? What’s wrong?” he felt her hand on his shoulder, it was warm and comforting. He sighed and sat on a window sill and buried his head into his hands.

“Umm allergies” he muttered to her.

“Don’t lie to me” she put an arm around his shoulder, “what’s happened?”

She sounded concerned and James had no reason not to trust her. So he told her what had happened in the hospital wing, of course leaving out the Animagi bit.

“Ooook, so you and Sirius? You’re growing apart?” She asked him, he nodded.

“James, I think that might be in your head, I mean looking at you two together it doesn’t look like it, but if you feel like it is happening, talk to Sirius he may feel the same way, I mean you two are practically brothers, you can tell each other anything, but I don’t get what this thing was in fifth year?” Lily asked him casually but curiously. James sighed and started the story;

“So fellow Marauders minus one, shall we head to the ‘kitchens’?” James chuckled, walking through the common room door; they always called the shrieking shack the kitchens in company.

But as he walked through the portrait hole door, he noticed something very wrong, he could see Peter yelling at Sirius and Sirius yelling back, but he couldn’t hear, someone had cast a silencing charm. He walked up to Peter and tapped him on the shoulder and dragged them both up to the dorm.

“What the HELL is going on?” James shouted at them.

“Sirius is a twat that’s what’s going on” Peter yelled, James was shocked Peter had never acted like this around them.

“Whoa Pete, chill out, what’s happened?” James asked Sirius and Peter calmly. Sirius just muttered whilst Peter looked ready to sock him one on the nose.

“Sirius told Sniv how to get past the whomping willow and into the shrieking shack, he told him about Remus” Peter fumed.

“YOU DID WHAT?” James screamed at him, Sirius went red and muttered something about a joke. James ignored him and grabbed the invisibility cloak and chucked it over himself.

“Pete, stay here, don’t let him go anywhere” Peter nodded.

James ran out of the dormitory, out of the common room and headed straight towards the whomping willow, he hit the leaver and ran down, he heard a snarl, and Remus had just transformed. He prayed Snape was okay. He ran and ran and when he got to the end of the tunnel, he chucked off the cloak seeing Snape and dragged him underneath. Snape was petrified, he had seen Remus.

James dragged Snape all the way towards Dumbledore’s office, where he launched into this story about how all four of them had tried to kill him. James just told Dumbledore the actual story and luckily Sirius only got detention every Monday-Friday for the rest of the year, James had been expecting Azkaban. Dumbledore had made Snape swear not to breathe a word to anyone and luckily Snape had agreed. When James got back to the common room, nobody but Peter and Sirius were down there. Sirius stood up and James punched him right on the nose.

“What happened?” Peter squeaked after he’d got over the shock of James punching his best friend.

“Snape has been sworn to secrecy, no thanks to you Sirius” James spat.

“But you saved him right?” Sirius muttered.

“Yeah I did, but Remus won’t just care about that, he’ll care that his ‘best friend’ has told someone else about him when we swore we wouldn’t, he’ll care he almost murdered another pupil and he’ll care that it’s the fact Snape of all people knows” James shouted at him.

“Im sorry” Sirius murmured.

“Oh don’t say sorry to me you dickhead I don’t care about your apologies, it’s Remus you need to apologize to and if I were him I would never forgive you, because it wasn’t even me who was involved in that ‘prank’ and I’m not going to forgive you” James spat him with such hatred in voice, Sirius looked shocked.

“James...” Peter whispered.

“No, he can’t treat people like that and I won’t let him” James snarled on his way up to the dormitory leaving a startled Sirius frozen in the common room.

Remus had forgiven Sirius a week later, but James it had taken weeks, he had stopped hanging around with the rest of The Marauders, he spent time on his own. People would whisper in the corridors every time Sirius tried to talk to James, but James just shoved past him.

Eventually Sirius and James had both got detention and they were cleaning the Great Hall, when James had walked over to Sirius who was next to the water bucket, James had tried to ignore him but Sirius’ upset and alone face had made James realize that they were best friends and Sirius had made a mistake.

They had embraced and both said sorry. The next day it was like everything was forgotten, but James always thought about it when him and Sirius had a little disagreement.

“Wow” Lily muttered, “I never would have even guessed that”.

“I know” James replied, “He can be a complete idiot”.

“I mean I knew he hated Severus but wow” Lily looked shocked, James didn’t blame her.

“Look can you not tell the others, not even Louise even though she knows about Remus, Sirius felt so guilty about that night, he still does, the least he needs is more people hating him, I mean; His family, All the Slytherin’s, You, Rosie and Louise, Alex…” James finished.

“I don’t hate him” Lily gasped, “I couldn’t hate him, I know what he did was wrong, but I couldn’t hate him, I mean you, Remus and Peter don’t hate him, how could i? I mean im angry about what he did to Alex yeah sure, but I don’t hate him and im pretty sure she doesn’t either”.

“Thanks Lily” James said looking at her.

Their eyes met and they just stared at each other for a really long time, until James leaned in and to his surprise Lily followed suit. It was the most amazing kiss James had ever had, fireworks and everything you were supposed to feel when you kiss someone even though it didn’t last very long. Lily quickly pulled away and gasped.

“Lily im sorry” James muttered.

“Me too” Lily replied bright red in the face, she wasn’t looking him in the eyes.

“Let’s just forget about it yeah?” James said quickly and Lily nodded, he chuckled gave her a hug and they made their way up to the common room without and awkward moment.


Sirius made his way up to the common room, ignoring all the glances at him. Alex’s stupid rumors were still going round school, he couldn’t believe after everything they’d been through she’d do that. He shrugged the feeling off and focused on James.

What had he done, I mean all he knew that he and James were not as close as they were before his stupid moment in fifth year and that had been ages ago. Sirius felt guilty whenever he thought about it. He pushed open the portrait hole.

Luckily James was sat in his arm chair by the fire reading his transfiguration homework with Lily Evans sat on an arm chair next to him doing her potions homework. Luckily there was no sign of Alex, Rosie or Louise. Sirius took a deep breath and sat down on the sofa next to James, James barely looked up at him.

“Prongs?” Sirius asked meekly.

“Yes?” James’ reply was croaky and sounded like he had been crying.

“I’m sorry” Sirius looked at his best friend.

“For what?” James muttered not looking up from his book, Lily nudged James and glared at him. So James looked up at Sirius with a non-plussed look on his face.

“For that night in fifth year, when I told Snivellus” Sirius muttered assuming Lily probably already knew.

“You’ve already apologized for that ages ago when it happened” James snapped.

“And I’m apologizing again and im also apologizing for the fact that because of that, me and you are no way near as close as we used to be” Sirius said weakly.

James grunted and looked back down at his text book obviously pretending Sirius was not there. Sirius sighed and tried again.

“Prongs, i-i-I mi-mi-miss you” he muttered, he finally got it out and he could feel his cheeks reddening as Lily looked like she was about to cry.

“Awwwwwww” Lily burst out “Come on James, you have to forgive him I mean look at him, he feels so bad”

“Paddy I miss you too mate” James wrapped his arms around Sirius in a huge bear (man) hug.

“Right” Sirius said after their emotional moment, “Let’s go die the Slytherin’s hair Gold and Red, for GRYFFINDOR” James chuckled and followed his best friend out of the common room.


“Hey Lily” Alex smiled at her best friend who was curled up in an arm chair reading a muggle fantasy.

“Hey Al” Lily said putting down her book and smiling up at her friend.

“Want a chocolate frogy?” Alex teased, Alex knew Lily loved chocolate frogs but she was rubbish at hitting them before they jumped away.

“No” Lily muttered, Alex chuckled.

“Much staring and whispers today?” Lily mused.

“No, it’s all pretty much died down” Alex replied, that was a lie, there had been lots of staring, it was meant to be a weekend.

Alex could avoid people but it was like people were following her just so they could whisper about Sirius. Alex hated it every time he saw her, he just glared at her. She ignored it, he wasn’t worth it, but they were going to James’ in just over a month and it’d be really awkward if they still weren’t on speaking terms.

“Yeah I believe you” Lily snorted.

Alex blushed; Lily could always tell if she was lying, better than Louise could. It was weird Louise was meant to be her bestest friend in the world, but recently Louise seemed more interested in Remus. Alex and Lily were growing closer, they had always been best friends but Lily’s bestest friend had been Rosie and Alex was seeing less of her too. ‘Ah well’ Alex thought, ‘maybe this is what happens when you get older’.

“Ah well, I’ve had worse, I mean it happens to me, I think people just love gossiping about me really, I mean I don’t blame them” Alex said sarcastically, “no seriously I wish people would find someone else to talk about I mean it all happens to me doesn’t it and every single time Sirius seems to be involved I mean; Dumping me for ‘unknown reasons’, me punching him in the nose, cheating on me and now all the stuff going round about what I said to you privately some of it I didn’t even mean”.

“Oh yeah it’s all my fault people talk about you McCord” Sirius voice came from behind her and he sounded nasty and angry. Alex sighed.

“Eavesdropping much?” Alex spat.

“Bitchy much?” Sirius retorted.

“You know what Sirius, I am not going to pick a fight with you, and because Alisha is sat over in that corner listening to every word we say and I do not have time to confront that bitch okay so leave it” Alex retaliated.

“Hey, leave my girlfriend out of this” Sirius raged at her.

At that point Alisha got up, obviously looking for a moment to get up and poke her nose in to the argument, just as she got up to join, Louise, Rosie and Remus came in, Remus stood by James and whispered something in his ear and James just shrugged nonchalantly. Rosie and Louise stood by Lily, ready if their friend needed them.

“Girlfriend?” Alex spat.

“Yeah, problem?” Alisha smirked.

“Stay out of it Alisha” Louise snarled.

“Make me Edwards” Alisha growled.

“Don’t make me hex you” Louise said drawing her wand, luckily Remus went over to her and grabbed her wand and held her back just as James expelliarmused Alisha.

“How long for?” Rosie asked Sirius.

“A few days why?” Sirius shot at her. Rosie shrugged and muttered something like ‘enjoy it whilst you can then Alisha’. Alex snickered.

“You do know she started those rumors about us? She was the one who told everyone what I said!” Alex snarled.

“Bull” Sirius glared at her.

“True, Sirius I was there” Lily said. Sirius ignored Lily his eyes on Alex, this made her uncomfortable.

“I didn’t even mean it when I said I hated you, I was trying to convince myself I didn’t lo-” Alex stopped, she hated telling her feelings, especially in front of a crowded common room and as she did have a boyfriend.

“You didn’t what” Alisha taunted. Sirius had gone bright red and muttered something like ‘leave it’.

“No I want to hear her say it, I want her to be embarrassed, how dare she accuse me of things I didn’t even do, how dare she make a fool out of you and of my best friend” Alisha snarled.

“Go on say it, I dare you” Alisha snickered.

“Wow you really should’ve been a Slytherin shouldn’t you?” Louise snapped.

“No I just want her to be revealed for the bitch she really is, everyone thinks she’s so perfect well she’s not, she’s a cow, a slut, a bitch and virgin” Alisha taunted her.

“Im not a virgin” Alex raged.

“No? Well I asked Daniel and he said you and him still haven’t slept together, hmm why not?, you claim you and Sirius never did, you were never with anyone in between Pain and Sirius, so who did you sleep with McCord” Alisha spat.

Alex went bright red; everyone would know she was a liar. Louise had slept with Remus and they’d only been together a few weeks, Lily had slept with Paul and Rosie had slept with some guy she met on holiday. Alex was the only virgin out of her friends, she wasn’t ashamed of it, but she had lied and now everyone would know.

“Just so you know, now. I actually do hate you Sirius Black” Alex muttered before turning on her heel and walking up to the dormitory where she lead on her bed and cried, she cried, she ignored Sirius’ knocks at the door, she ignored Lily trying to open her curtains even though Alex had put a hex on them so only she could open them.

She ignored Rosie and Louise’s pleading voices. She ignored the fact that her parents hated her. She ignored the fact that her younger sister wouldn’t look at her even though they used to be best friends. She ignored the world.

do i have to beg you guys to review it;)?
-i know its not that great at the moment but i promise it gets better, i promise!
and im almost finished with it now, im writing chapter 50 at the moment, so im almost done, but im probably going to write another after that:D.

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