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Liz immediately blew up, ‘What’s the meaning of this? What do you think your doing?’

‘Sorry miss’ said one of the security guards ‘but we have orders from Doctor Williamson to place Master Chris under house arrest if we saw him, until the Doctor can see him. And with that the guard called one of his colleagues to fetch the patrol car and take Chris up to the main house and take him to his room and stand guard over him until Doctor Williamson was ready to see him. The other security officer saluted and marched off, coming back a couple of minutes later with the car. Chris was taken from one car and led by the arm to the other car and placed in the back. Liz called out,

‘Don’t worry Chris; we’ll soon have this sorted out.’

Poor Chris seemed to barely hear what Liz had said, he was looking so sorry for himself. He was wondering what he’d done to warrant such behaviour from someone whom he’d thought of as a friend and saviour from him spending a life on the streets and possibly dying an early death. The car drove along the same route that he’d followed when he’d first arrived Eight months before, but instead of a feeling of curiosity this time the feelings that were going through him were a feeling of dread.

After what seemed like a life time, they’d arrived at the same front door that he’d arrived at all those months ago. At that time he’d felt much more free than he was feeling now. The driver alighted from the car and walked around to the passenger side; the other security officer got out of the front passenger seat and flanked the driver who had opened the back door. Chris stepped out and the security officer laid a hand on his shoulder and directed him to front doors.

Chris was led along the corridor to the lift and taken down to the same level where his room was and gently pushed into the room. The guard who’d escorted him said,

‘I’m sorry about this Chris, but I’m only following orders. If there’s anything you’d like, just ask and I’ll see what I can do.’ And with that he shut the door and stood guard outside to make sure no-one tried to enter who wasn’t authorised to do so.

Meanwhile back with the rest of Chris’s friends, after they’d gotten back to headquarters, Liz had nearly blown a fuse at the treatment Chris had received. The first thing that she’d tried to do was to see Doctor Williamson, but despite the fact that she had top level security clearance which entitled her unlimited access to the Doctor, she was for some reason being fobbed off with reasons as to why she was not allowed to see him. All the reasons were stupid and couldn’t even have fooled a three year old. Liz had even tried to get in to see Chris, but once again she was unsuccessful with the guard saying that it was more than his jobs worth to disobey what the Doctor had ordered. By the time that she got to the briefing room where the others were waiting, her mood still had not simmered down. Liz looked like she was about ready to kill the first person who spoke out of turn to her.

Once she’d entered the room, she was assailed by a whole bunch of questions all at once, ‘What’s happening? Did you manage to get to see the Doctor? How is Chris dealing with all the pressure?’ Liz put up her hands to try and stem the flow, replying in general that she was unable to see the Doctor and she doesn’t know how Chris is as she had been unable to see him since he was in his room under guard.

At that moment the door to the briefing room opened and in walked Doctor Williamson saying,

‘Well people, first I’d like to thank you for your patience in this matter.’

Liz spoke up at once,

‘Why has Chris been treated the way he as? I think what you’ve done is totally unacceptable.’

Again the Doctor put up his hand for silence saying’

‘Firstly I would like to say that there was a security breach a couple of hours ago, and Chris has been implicated in it, so for security reasons he was confined to his room until we could sort out what had happened. I now believe that the matter has now been sorted and we now know what happened. But we need to have a word with Chris to find out one or two things. For that reason I’ve sent for him. So if you could all remain calm, we’ll get to the bottom of things much quicker. So everyone tried to remain calm, though where Liz was concerned she was finding that idea very difficult to do. After a few minutes Chris entered the room, still under guard.

‘That’s alright George; you can go back to your duties now.’ Then turning back to the group the Doctor continued ‘At approximately fifteen hundred hours this afternoon we observed what we thought was a comet or meteorite approaching the earth, but with some of its actions we later established that it wasn’t either of the two. It turned out to be an alien space craft heading towards us at full speed. The space ship entered our atmosphere at approximately fifteen twenty hours and crash landed about half a mile from Ratho. We immediately dispatched several recovery teams and discovered what looked like a small one man craft. But not only did we discover the craft but we found two beings also at the site, they were called Tumak and Kanasa. It would be safe to assume that these beings were not of this earth. We’ve brought them back to headquarters and for the time being they are under guard in our maximum security section. But they did tell us an interesting story, and that brings us to you Chris. What I’d like to know is how someone resembling you managed to get into a top level security area and use the time machine.’

Now all attention was focused on Chris. He could be seen openly trying to swallow a lump that had formed in his throat as he twiddled his thumbs with nervousness. He swallowed once more and started to explain what had happened at the school. From the moment he’d heard a noise and saw a fleeting shadow and had decided to investigate until being knocked out and awakening with Liz kneeling over him. As he told his story, Liz had backed him up where needed.

‘That pretty much tally’s with what our guests have told me’ said the Doctor. ‘We now know that the person whom attacked you was also from another planet; in fact he is from a planet called Pirion which is in the Orion belt region of space. And he’s a shape shifter, able to assume the identity of any living being so that he could infiltrate enemy territory undetected. And on this occasion Chris, you were the unlucky one. He became you, somehow found out about the machine and used it to get away. Though why he’d want to do such a thing with the machine, I don’t know. I’ve tried asking our guests but their being very tight lipped about that particular subject. When the subject used the machine he’d tried to cover his tracks by erasing the travel details from the computer as he went. But we managed to recover the data from our back up data banks and managed to discover his final destination.’ At this Liz and the rest of her team become very attentive. ‘He’s gone back to the time of the first Hogwarts, Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry in the time of the relative of yours Chris. Harry Potter, the saviour of the magical world.


Well that’s chapter two. Hate, like please let me know in the little box below.

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