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'Why do I have to go again Harry?' I asked as I magicked my cloths into my trunk. 

Harry sighed and fell onto my bed, taking my pillow with him as he moved to the edge. He looked like he was about to scream into my pillow—given that could be because this was the sixteenth time I had asked him the same question in the last three days.

'I told you. They don't allow magic there, but if there is some sort of trouble I'd prefer you having my back then...' Harry darted his eyes away from my face as his sentence trailed off.

My breath hitched as he did so. 

I closed my eyes, counting to ten, before continuing with my packing, 'You know Harry, you can talk about R—' I counted to five this time, '—Ron. Just because we broke up after his...infidelity...doesn't mean he isn't your fri—friend anymore.' I practically chocked on the word. 

Friend. I had gone through a stage where I refused to talk to Harry because he was still friends with Ron. Luna had called it my post break-up anger, she mentioned something about Angry Beetles or something that are attracted to girls that had been cheated on. Then I had gone through a stage where I was mad at Luna.

That word stilled bothered me. Friends where suppose to be companions, someone you could trust no matter what—and with everything we had been through I had assumed that was what we were. All three of us. Best Friends.

I figured that honesty and trust would follow Ron and I into our new found relationship...I guess I could call this the first time I had actually gotten something wrong.

I failed. Everyone pretended that I didn't but I knew the truth. I had failed at love.

'Yes...well...' Harry tugged nervously at the back of his hair. I smiled at the familiar habit.

'I assume Luna is going?' I smiled, folding another shirt as I looked at him with knowing eyes. I knew Luna was going to join us for the Ball but not for the whole trip. Harry wouldn't risk her safety for anything, and he especially wouldn't tempt fate in the magic-free zone of Camelot.

'No...but she will be coming for the Ball...' Harry's eyes glossed over a bit as he went into the dream world he now shared with his lovely Luna.

'Alright.' I stuffed the last shirt in and pulled my wand out. With a quick flick my wrist the trunk shrunk and fit into my cloak pocket.

I looked up to Harry who stared back at me with a dismayed look.

'What?' I asked, frozen where I stood.

'Magic Hermione.' Harry smirked. Enjoying to much that he got to correct me for once.

My mouth made an O as I pulled the trunk back out and grew it to full size.

'Wait...aren't we Apparating?' I said, raising an eyebrow at Harry. 

He had the courtesy to blush and turned away before quickly jumped off the bed and linked my arm, his other hand on his trunk. Without another word we were being pulled through space and time.

We landed with a thud on our feet, showing how professional we actually were at the typical form of wizard travel.

'I never knew traveling dimensions was so easy.' Harry said as he picked up my trunk.

I smirked, 'Harry?'

'Hum?' He asked, barley paying attention to me as we started walking.

I bit on my lower lip, trying not to laugh, 'Why am I here again?'

He made a strangling noise in the back of his throat and continued to walk, his shoulders slumped.

I smirked and followed behind him. Readying for our next adventure and, if I was being completely honest, a new beginning.

I could feel that something was going to happen.

Whether it was good or not—I wasn't sure.


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