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A/N This is my first attempt at fanfic. This is the only chapter that will be from first year. I wanted to have a nice basis. The rest of the chapters will be at sixth year. 

  Scorpius Malfoy rose from his bed before the sun was in the sky over the rebuilt Malfoy Manor. After the second Wizarding War had ended the manor had been destroyed. Years later when it came time to start a family, Draco and Astoria Malfoy rebuilt the manor with the new fortune they gained through a vast chain of apothecaries. The war had caused the Malfoy’s to lose their fortune, but Draco’s pride helped to regain it. Young Scorpius was an only child, he had been raised much better than his father. With the help of Astoria, Draco raised his son with care and had told him the horrors he had played in the war. Draco was a good father, even with his flaws it was apparent he loved his son.

Today would be an important day for the Malfoy family. Today would be the day every eleven year old wizarding child had waited for. Since Scorpius was old enough to understand what Hogwarts was he had dreamed of it. His father had always focused on the good times he spent at Hogwarts when telling stories to Scorpius. Like any child though Scorpius was nervous about the sorting, however on top of his nervousness he was also terrified of how his surname would affect making friends. Growing up with the Malfoy name was rather lonely. Few wanted to have their child mingling with the notorious Malfoy family. Scorpius hoped that being at Hogwarts would help him make friends, especially within his house.

That was also another fear for Scorpius. He wasn’t sure he really fit into a house. For one thing Scorpius never felt the urge to be cunning and his father had eradicated his old prejudices with the help of his mother Astoria. He knew his father wanted him to be in Slytherin, but Scorpius wasn’t very sure if he would fit in there. Scorpius was proud to come from the Malfoy line but he never really cared for blood purity and was an easy going lad who inherited his father’s customary smirk and mother’s wit.

As Scorpius finished getting ready he took one last look out his window, and this is when he decided he would redefine the Malfoy name. He would make friends and show people how his family had changed.

As Scorpius arrived at Platform 9 and ¾ his parents began to say their last minute goodbyes and reminders. Astoria began to ramble on as she said, “Now write to us once a week, we bought you an owl for a reason, if you forget anything at all I can send it immediately! I packed plenty of food for lunch on the train and your father will give you money if you want anymore! As soon as you get sorted let us know how it goes!” After her winded rant she began to whisper one last thing. “Also, I know your father wishes you to be in Slytherin but we will be proud of you regardless.” With a tight hug Scorpius turned to his father. His father appeared to be staring off before realizing quickly that Scorpius was waiting for any last words. “Ah yes, Scorpius I need you to promise me something.”

                “Anything father.” Scorpius was now listening intently, his father rarely seemed so nervous.

                “I want you to never be rude to a Weasley or Potter. I have told you the stories of how they saved me and you are well aware of their contributions to our world. I still have a strong distaste for their parents. However, you are now in charge of the Malfoy name. Make your mother and I proud and do not tarnish it like I did in my school days.”

                “I would never dream of harming any of them Dad! Even if I end up not liking them or they hate me for our name I promise I’ll never raise my wand!”

 The train whistle began to blow and Scorpius knew it was time to go. His father looked at him with admiration and gave him a quick hug. Scorpius boarded the train hoping for either an empty compartment or at least one not filled with people. He finally found an open one toward the back and began to ponder his father’s words. Yes, Scorpius would excel at everything he could while at Hogwarts so that everyone would come to love the Malfoy name and the cruelty of his grandparent’s would be forgotten. Just as he finished his thought a rather lanky boy walked in. He had short light brown hair and a button nose.

                “Hello there, may I sit here? All the other compartments are a bit to packed for my taste” the boy said quickly.

                “Oh yes of course. My name is Scorpius, I’ll take it you are also a first year?”

                “Rupert Dodgins. And yes I am! I’m hoping to be a Ravenclaw like my Dad! My mum is a muggle though so I only have one house to hope for! How about you mate?”

Scorpius could tell this boy was very kind and he knew by befriending him he could start erasing the old Malfoy prejudice since Rupert was a half blood. It appeared the magic of the Hogwarts Express was already helping him. “My father was a Slytherin but I don’t feel like I am too cut out for that. My mother was a Ravenclaw though so perhaps we will end up in the same house!” As Scorpius said this he still somewhat hoped for Slytherin, he wanted his father to be proud.

                “Yea hopefully! I don’t know anyone around here so that’d be a relief! Anyway, do you enjoy quidditch?”

Scorpius continued to talk about different quidditch teams and all the Hogwarts passage ways his father had told him about. Rupert would make a grand friend he decided. Without seeing how much time had flown by it was finally dark. “Wow mate we need to be getting on our robes it’s already that time! Blimey I’m getting nervous already!” Rupert exclaimed rather quickly. The boys got dressed and their compartment grew quiet at they contemplated their arrival at Hogsmeade.

“Firs years! Firs years o’er here!” Said an extremely large man who Scorpius knew to be Haygrid. Or maybe it was Hagrid? He could not quite remember but he knew his father did not get along with him while he was at school. Scorpius decided he would befriend him in time to. As they boarded the traditional boats Scorpius felt his stomach drop. Hogwarts was so much more than any picture or painting had ever captured. Even after all of the descriptions nothing had prepared him for such a breathtaking sight. Rupert sat next to him with his jaw open clearly as amazed as Scorpius. Finally they landed and were ushered into a room where Headmistress Chang explained rules of the sorting. Scorpius did not hear a word as he was so distracted with his feelings about which house he would go to when finally he was moved into the great hall. The breathtaking ceiling was incredible, as were the floating candles. However the faces staring all around him did nothing but heighten his nervousness.

                And then, the sorting began.

 “Allen, Ruth.”

                She looked very confident Scorpius thought. He felt he would fall on his way up from his nerves.

“GRYFFINDOR!” The hat yelled!

                “Ah figures she looked so sure, bet she’s brave” said Rupert. Scorpius only gave a small laugh. The sorting continue and Scorpius barely paid attention until he felt movement next to him when Headmistress Chang said “Dodgins, Rupert!”.

                “Good luck mate!” Said Scorpius. But Rupert did not acknowledge him as he walked up. Before the hat had even touched his head it rang out “RAVENCLAW!”

Scorpius deemed that was good since it was what Rupert wanted. Again he zoned out until his own name was called. He hastened up to the hat and sat as it was put on his head and he heard the voice.

                “Ah Mr. Malfoy. Interesting, you seek Slytherin even though you know it is not for you. You would rather help another than look out for yourself and do not have strong ambition. You are loyal but have a quick mind as well. The nobility you have is quite surprising as well but you have no desire to be a Gryffindor. Hm very difficult indeed.”

                “Just put me in Slytherin is would be easier on everyone!”

                “No, no that’s not what I see in your mind. I must put you where you will best fit, anyone else’s ideas for your placement do not concern me. You enjoy knowledge and find joy in not scheming as a Slytherin but planning. Therefore I must place you in…”

                “RAVENCLAW!” The hat shouted. Around the hall everyone seemed shocked. Scorpius was quite shocked himself. With weak applause from his fellow Ravenclaw’s he sat next to a smiling Rupert.

                “Well done mate! Your mom will be proud at least!”

                “Yes, I suppose you’re right. My father’s reaction will be interesting however. He has gotten better, but all Malfoys are in Slytherin.” Scorpius continued sulking until he heard an unbearable silence. He looked up and found Albus Potter walking towards the Slytherin table. “Wow” was all he could say. Rose Weasley ended up in Slytherin as well which allowed even more shock to enter the great hall. This had to be the most outrageous sorting Hogwarts had held. The sorting finally ended with Acacia Zabini being placed in Slytherin.

                “Well mate, here is to first year!” Rupert smiled triumphantly and the few other first year Ravenclaws followed suit. “Yea, to first year!” Scorpius cheered. He would make it work. He would give the Malfoy name a clean slate.   

A/N Hope that was a nice chapter. Any reviews would be great and feel free to point out any errors. Lastly, any comments on the housing placement would be great!

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