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Old Friends
Young teacher, the subject
Of schoolgirl fantasy
She wants him so badly
Knows what she wants to be
Inside her there’s longing
This girls and open page
Book marking – she’s so close now
This girl is half his age
STING, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”

Hermione woke up to the some one shaking her arm gently. Her eyes fluttered open and she felt to comfortable to move. She was warm and felt very comfortable. She saw Sirius and James looking at her grinning. She felt warm and cozy, her eyes closed again. She heard the muffled chuckling and whispering of the two boys.

She heard someone groan. She figured it was Remus. The person she was leaning on groaned again and shifted. The person I am leaning on…oh Merlin. She thought, he eyes shot open to see black. It felt warm and soft against her cheek it was cotton. She groaned and pulled away from the warmth. She looked at a very disgruntled Remus. He looked as though he was trying to sleep. One of his arms had been around her shoulders and her head resting on his shoulder. She assumed his head had been on hers as well.

Her cheeks burned red and she mentally screamed at herself. He is your professor! Nearly 18 years older than you are! A voice screamed in her head while the other tried to convince her it was alright.

She looked to Sirius and James who where muffling their laughed so not as to wake their sleeping friend. “I think someone fancies Moony. Wouldn’t you say Prongs?” Sirius inquired is voice full of mischief.

James nodded, “ Why yes Padfoot indeed I think someone does fancy ‘ol Moony, proof of the picture before us.” He said waving his hands at Hermione and Remus who still was asleep. James only grinned slyly and took out what looked like a camera from behind his back. Hermione who had rolled her eyes and began straightening out her robes stopped in shock.

“You didn’t.” She said her voice full of malice. James gulped and tossed the camera into Sirius’ hands.

“I didn’t but Padfoot did.” He said, his eyes glinting.

If looks could kill Sirius and James would be dead. Sirius and James started fighting about who had taken the picture and whose idea it was. She ignored them and picked up the book Remus was reading before. She heard James stop arguing with Sirius and groan.

“Oh the old I think I’ll stick my nose in a book, silent treatment.” James said, Hermione just kept reading, She stop and glance quickly seeing Sirius jab James in the ribs indicating it was a bad idea and gave him that look that is was defiantly a bad idea. James obviously ignored because he just continued. “Yes well Sirius and I have gotten that from Lily and Remus many times. There is a good solution to end it.” He said and yanked the book out of her hands.

Hermione knowing it was going to happen because it was a daily thing with Harry and Ron. She just stared at James and saw the grin on his face fade away and he stared back at her. “Oh talk already!” He whined and continued after a few seconds. “This always got Moony to talk, and Lily too, granite Lily would just insult me or bite my head off.” He said and sat there in front of her with an exaggerated sigh.

Hermione just kept quiet, she knew it was killing him. She could only help but smirk in her mind. He reminds me so much of Ron. She thought as someone started to speak. “Who bloody says something?” A groggy voice said fm next to her. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw Remus stretching wiping the sleep from his eyes.

“Oh nothing much just that Hermione over here was, no, no is still giving me and Sirius the silent treat meant.” James said giving Remus a grin, who in fact turned to Hermione and gave her a questioning glance.

“Prongs just drop it already. You’ve already dug your self a big enough hole, why dig further.” Sirius said and continued before James could say anything. “Besides if she wanted to talk, she would have, so stop pestering her.” Sirius said, Hermione was shocked; he was sticking up for her. She liked that.

“No, what? Wait? Hold on, why is she giving you two the silent treatment?” Remus said directing the question more to Hermione than anyone. Hermione just looked out the window.

“Well we, as in me and Padfoot just figured that she-” James began stuttering at first then stopped all together by the loathing glare Hermione was giving him.

Hermione quickly said something before James could finish his sentence. “Potter, if you so much as finish that sentence you will wish you never met me some six hours ago.” She said her voice low and dangerous. James gulped and nodded; this girl scared him shitless. She is worse than Lily, in his mind anyway, one minute she’s all not talking to you and the next she threatens you. I could have some fun with this. He thought and smirked.

“Ok, ok I give.” He said throwing his hands in the air as a sign of Defeat. Hermione then smiled and nodded. The train then pulled to a steady stop and Hermione stood, as did the others.

“I guess we are there.” He said quietly and the others nodded. James went over and nudged Peter.

He jerked violently and his eyes opened wide, he stumbled for his wand. “What? What’s going on?” He said looking around frantically. James rolled his eyes pushing Peter’s wand down away from his face.

“We are at Hogwarts you dolt, c’mon.” He said as he reached down for his pack. Peter’s cheeks turned read and Hermione suppressed her giggle. Peter then stood, wiped his mouth and grabbed something from under his seat and jogged after James who just left the compartment.

Hermione grabbed her bag that she had totally forgotten about and looked at the doorway, Remus was standing there waiting for her. She then gasped, realizing something was missing. She searched her pockets in her black cotton robes and sighed when she felt the 9 inch mahogany piece of wood in her pocket. Her wand. It was 9 inches made of Mahogany wood, polished and sanded down to make a nice grip on the end with Hippogriff feather residing in it’s frame. “What? What is it?” Remus asked his voice full of concern. She held it up and he raised and eyebrow and shrugged.

“I thought I might have forgotten it is my time.” She said and as if it classified everything he merely gave her an understanding look and nodded. Remus watched as she swung her bag over her shoulder. His blue gray eyes looked her up and down. He gulped, she was beautiful and her scent was intoxicating, it just aroused him. He shook off the thoughts he shouldn’t be feeling this way.

Hermione walked over to him. “Ladies first.” He said and gestured for her to go. She laughed and walked out of the compartment, he followed stepping in line with her. They walked off the train and Hermione was greeted with the smoke from the train and the smell of the Hogwarts grounds. It smelled like home. She smiled and wrapped her cloak around her more. There was a light drizzle and a low breeze. Remus just shrugged it off as he glanced up at the sky and walked on looking over the crow of students to find Sirius, James and Peter.

“First years this way!” A voice all to familiar to Hermione called. “C’mon now all of yeh! Over ‘ere!” Hagrid called out. She smiled at the site of an old friend. Hagrid was younger looking, sort of. He was holding a large oil lamp in one hand and waving his free hand. He was wearing his large black over coat, she noticed his hair was still as wild and his beard still tangled. She then saw Lily and James talking to him. Sirius and Peter there as well. She tugged on Remus’ sleeve, he looked down at her, it was only then she realized she went up to his shoulder.

“Hmm?” He mumbled obviously deep in thought.

“Oh, um…they are over there. See?” She said and stood on her toes and pointed. Remus laughed at her antics and nodded. He started walking through the crowd of students. He then grabbed her hand quickly so they wouldn’t get lost. Both not even realizing as they pushed past the students. They made their way over to James, Sirius and Peter. Lily was talking to Hagrid about the first years that had just started to group near Hagrid. Most of them looked frightened at the site and size of him.

Sirius glanced at Hermione and Remus as they appeared behind a group of small first years. He stared at them, looking at their intertwined hands. Sirius then nudged James and motioned with his eyes at the two. James snickered and his eyes glistened with mischief.

Remus felt someone watching him and looked to Sirius and James who where beaming at him. Sirius wiggled his eyebrows and smirked, Remus looked down and saw why. Hermione’s small hand was in his.

She must have realized it too, because they both let go at the same time. Remus ran a hand through his hair blush creeping onto his cheeks. Hermione once again straightened out her robes and looked away her cheeks flushed. Why do I keep getting like this. I mean sure he was the hottest professor. But I can’t like him he is at least 18 years older than me. For Merlin’s sake pull your self together Hermione. A voice screamed in her head.

She watched James and Sirius try to hold back their laughter. Lily saw her and smiled, which Hermione returned. “Oh I’m sorry. Hermione this is Hagrid. Hagrid this is Hermione.” Lily said pulling Hermione over to stand in front of Hagrid.

She looked up and smiled at the half giant whom she called a friend since her first year in her time. “Nice ter meet yeh ‘ermione. Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.” Hagrid said in all too familiar booming voice. She smiled and shook one of his gigantic hands.

“Nice to meet you Hagrid, I’m Hermione Grant.” She said and smiled sweetly. He nodded.

“On with yeh now, on with yeh. First years this way! Ter the boats!” He yelled, making a few first years jump.

“C’mon Hermione we should get a carriage, I bet almost all of them are taken.” Lily said dragging Hermione away from the marauders once again.

Sirius walked over to Remus as he watched Hermione be pulled away by Lily. Sirius patted him on the back and walked on following them. James and Peter followed Sirius towards the carriages. Remus sighed and followed digging his hands into his pockets shuddering because of the dampness that had set into his cotton robes. His sandy brown hair was plastered to his forehead from the rain and walked over to the carriages.

Most of them had not left yet. That he was thankful for. He saw Hermione standing there out side the carriage patting the creature that pulled the carriage. Lily and the other three looked at her as if she had grown another head. He knew they couldn’t see it, but he could. It was a Threstal they were like great black winged horses with a skeletal body and a dragon like neck and face with large bright white eyes.

James, Sirius, Peter and Lily where watching her carefully. Remus wondered how she could see them. He saw only because he had witnessed his brother’s death some years ago the same night he became a monster. He walked over to them and held his hand out for the Threstal to sniff. It flicked it’s fork like tongue along his fingers. Her turned to Hermione and smiled slightly. She smiled back, stepping into the carriage. She had a distant, far off look in her eyes.

Lily followed after Hermione into the carriage, James followed, hearing a low groan form Lily as he sat down next to her. Peter went in to sit across from Hermione and then Sirius and Remus followed closing the carriage door. It was silent for some time, Sirius decided to break the silence. He had shifted uneasily the asked Hermione “So what exactly are those things pulling the carriages, I mean how do you see them?” He asked his voice full of curiosity.

Remus fidgeted in his seat, Hermione looked uneasily at him. Lily was a bout to say something when Hermione spoke up softly, her voice quivering. “They are called Threstals, people see them when they have seen someone die.” Said softly and sadly.

“Ah…I know why you see them Moony, but why do you see them Hermione?” Sirius asked, James and Lily both made disapproving grunts and gave him disapproving looks too.

“No it’s ok, he’s just curious. It’s fine. I just saw one of my best friends get murdered.” Hermione whispered sadly trying to force back the tears that threatened to fall. That’s not all you seen or done. A voice said in her head. She closed her eyes, forcing away the gruesome flash back. She felt Lily’s arm wrap around her, and a hand grasp hers. She opened her eyes and looked to James, who was holding her hand, she smiled at him and he squeezed her hand. She looked into his eyes, they were asking forgiveness for Sirius’ stupidness. She bowed her head and he let go of her hand.

“I- I’m sorry…I didn’t know.” Sirius mumbled and Hermione nodded in understanding. They are so nice. I can’t believe these are the same people I’ve heard about. I can tell Lily and I, are going to be friends, and great ones at that. But shouldn’t her and James be together? If they don’t get together soon, Harry wont be born…I will have to play match maker…I think Lily just needs a little push, it’s obvious she likes James. Hermione thought to herself.

They went on to Hogwarts in silence. The carriage pulled to a stop some ten minutes later. She never realized until now how long it took to get to the castle. She noticed how James had not messed up his hair at all being in the presence of Lily. She smiled remembering when she learned he used to do that. Remus and Harry had been talking one night at Grimmauld.

It was the summer before sixth year and Hermione was staying with Harry, Remus and the Weasleys. Harry had shown up a week before school started. One night she was going to visit Buckbeak. But she found two people were already in there talking.

One was Remus and the other Harry. She knew she shouldn’t have listened but she did anyway. She remembered their conversation perfectly.

“So my parents started dating in seventh year?” Harry mumbled.

“Yes,” Remus said chuckling slightly. “Actually, Lily had gone soft for James during sixth year, but never showed it. She was good at locking up her feelings, so no one could ever hurt her. She built walls around herself. She eventually went out with him when she noticed he had stopped ruffling his hair in her presence and stopped hexing most people for the fun of it. She also got a little push from a close friend.” Remus said, he sounded as if he was remembering fond memories.

“Really? Why didn’t he…well…why didn’t you ever stop him from hexing Snape?” Harry asked his voice low as if he knew someone was listening.

“I never had the guts to. I didn’t want to loose them as friends, you see I was always unsure if they were really my friends when we where younger. Especially in sixth year, when Sirius told Snape to come to the Shrieking Shack and nearly got him killed. I thought Sirius was using me as a sideshow freak. But he wasn’t. I did make them feel very guilty most of the time though. Especially when they really hurt him once. You want to know why his nose is crooked?” Remus said, Hermione guessed Harry nodded because Remus continued.

“In second year, Sirius, James and him were dueling in a hallway, near some stairs. Snape ended up falling down them and broke his nose in three places. That’s when the war began between your father and Snape” Remus said guilt was high in his voice.

Hermione was brought out her thoughts ad the carriage pulled to a stop. James jumped out first holding the door open for Lily offering his hand which she didn’t take. He let it fall to his side as if it where dead weight.

“Me first Moony.” Sirius said and pushed past Remus. Hermione sat there a small smile on her face.

“Go ahead Peter.” Remus grunted and Peter scrambled out of the carriage. “Ladies first as always.” He said again. Hermione thought he was so polite and charming. She smiled and jumped out. Only to be caught by Sirius who whirled her around in the air.

“Sirius Black put me down!” She shrieked as he laughed. He gently set her down and wrapped his arms around her. She felt him laugh as his arms wrapped around her. “Sorry if I scared you, I get ahead of myself sometimes.” He whispered in her ear.

She pulled away trying to give him a stern look but failing miserably. “Oh Sirius, don’t ever scare me like that again.” She said swatting him on the arm. He only grinned. She looked over his shoulder at Remus who seemed frozen at his spot on the carriage steps. When he noticed her staring he looked away and started towards the castle.

Most of the students where heading up the steps and walking through the Great Oak doors. Sirius and her followed James, Lily, Peter and Remus towards the entrance. As they neared the doors it started to down pour. Once they got inside Lily started to ring out her hair, as did Sirius. Hermione simply took out her wand and muttered the drying spell. All of them watched her amazed. Remus though had the funniest way of getting dry.

He shook his whole body, like a dog does when they dry off. Sirius groaned wiping the water from his face that had flown off Remus. “Remus just because you are an animal doesn’t mean you have to dry your self off like one!” Sirius snapped, earning a kick in the shins from James. He rubbed his leg and scowled at Remus.

Hermione pretended not to hear and waved her wand at them and their robes and hair became dry. “Thank you.” Lily said and the boys just nodded still looking amazed. “C’mon Hermione I should bring you to Dumbledore now before the first years get here.” Lily said grabbing Hermione’s hand and leading her away once again. Lily then turned a corner where they nearly collided with someone.

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