For a moment, we both stood there, immobile with our lips pressed together in shock. I didn't know what made me do it, and I didn't know what to do now.

After what felt like a million years, Fred stepped back quickly, breaking our lips apart and inhaling shakily. He couldn't look my in the eyes as he scratched at the back of his neck in pure awkwardness. The silence was deafening.

"Fred, I..." 

Words had officially failed me.

My heart was thundering in my chest out of sheer panic. What do I say? I was the one who kissed him!

"I have to..." Fred muttered. "I left my... date with... um I have to meet McGonagall."

With a quick shake of his head, in terror or disbelief, Fred disapparated out of the flat. 

What in merlins name had I just done?!

I didn't like Fred in that way... I knew that. The only boy that had been on my mind all night was James... so why did I kiss Fred?

I'd spoilt things now, I knew it. What was wrong with me? I'd messed up things with James just by starting the whole thing with a kiss, and I'd lost him as a friend. I couldn't afford to lose Fred... I didn't have anybody else who could cheer me up like he could. 

What was I going to do?

Slowly, my feet led me to my bedroom, where I collapsed on my bed fully clothed. My head was spinning and my thoughts loud and ringing in my ears. 

I didn't realise I was crying until the salty tears dripped into my mouth.


My head hurts. 

It literally feels like somebody is repeatedly whacking my head with a stick. 

This was why I shouldn't drink alcohol, my hangovers are horrendous. 

Blinking in the harsh light that streamed in through my window, I pushed myself to sit up on shaky elbows and cleared my throat. Reaching towards my bedside drawer, I quickly found what I was looking for, Wheezes Hangover Solution. With a satisfied sigh, I downed one small vial of the potion out the collection of bottles and instantly felt better. 

That was until I remembered what I'd done last night. I wondered if Fred was home yet, or where he'd gone last night. I really hoped he wasn't on a date with McGonagall like he said he was... because that would be seriously creepy... 

With shaking limbs and a frantic pulse, I slipped into more comfortable clothes, (why did I sleep in my skirt again?) and slipped out of my bedroom and into the lounge. Pausing for a moment, I listened for any sound of life and breathed a sigh of relief when I heard Fred's familiar snores from his bedroom. 

I poured myself a glass of water, sometimes the Muggle way of doing things is nicer, and perched against the counter, noticing it was about half six in the morning. Why the hell was I up this  early?

I closed my eyes and leant back further into the kitchen sideboard, attempting to relax and brainstorm ideas on how to deal with this awful situation my drunken mind had put me into. I knew I had no feelings for Fred, more than platonic anyway, and that was what confused me so much. Why had I done it?

"Lise?" I snapped my eyes open at the soft, familiar voice and gasped in surprise as I spotted Naomi at the kitchen doorway. 

"Naomi? What in merlins name are you... Holy Hippogriff! Why are you half naked?!" I scanned my friend in a panicked manner as I noticed she was clad only in a shirt that just skimmed the tops of her thighs... a shirt that looked suspiciously like Freddy's. 

"Oh. My. Merlin" I stammered slowly, my eyes wide in shock as the truth hit me. "You fucked Freddy last night!"

"Shut up!" Naomi hissed, her eyes just as panicked as mine as she snapped the kitchen door shut and raced around to me, clamping her hands over my mouth. "You'll wake him up!"

I raised a suspicious eyebrow and Naomi sighed, removing her hands from my mouth slowly. 

"Do you mind if I ask why the-"

"Theo broke up with me" Naomi sniffed, her eyes shining with tears. "He asked me to meet him at the Leaky Cauldron... and then he ordered me a firewhiskey and told me it was over."

"Oh, merlin, Naomi I am so sorry" I quickly threw comforting arms around her and hugged her tight. 

"He's a bastard" Naomi wiped at her eyes angrily. "His parents wanted him to go out with one of the girls in Slytherin... and he agreed. He obviously didn't care about me as much as he said he did."

"He's a dickhead" I agreed as I rubbed her back soothingly. "But I still don't understand why-?"

"Oh..." Naomi bit her lip as she blushed. "It was a mistake... I was upset, and Theo had just left me at the bar... and then Fred arrived. At first, he said some asshole comment about me being alone... and then he saw I was upset" Naomi sniffed back a year. "He was just so nice Lise! He was comforting, and I completely fell for his charm... then next thing I know I woke up beside him with no clothes on."

"Is that a good thing?" I asked her tentatively and she shrugged.

"Did something happen last night? He seemed upset" Naomi glanced at me pointedly and I flushed. 

"I may have... may have done something I shouldn't have..." I shied away from Naomi inquisitive eyes and blushed further. "I may have, sort of... kissedFredlastnightbyaccident."

Naomi nearly screamed she was so shocked. "You what?!"

"I didn't mean to!" I whined. "I just did it... and then we were stood there, with our lips together, too surprised to do anything! It was so awful! I don't know why I even..."

"Fred said to me you had dinner with his family" Naomi threw me a pitying smile. "He said you kept being reminded of James all night."

I nodded, then sighed and let my head fall into my hands. "I don't like Freddy like that... I was just..."

"So hurt by James you went for the guy whose been kind to you?" Naomi suggested and I raised my head from my hands in shock.

"Yeah" I breathed. "I guess I thought that I should kiss Freddy, because he's helped me... But I shouldn't because I still like James, and I've never liked Freddy like that and...wait" I looked sharply at Naomi. "Do you... fancy Freddy?" my tone was incredulous and Naomi blushed. 

"No! Well he's good... in bed..."

"Ew, need to know, Naomi" I breathed and she smirked slightly. 

"I just... no, I love Theo you know? And even though he broke up with me... I still feel like I'm cheating on him being with Fred like that..."

"So Fred's just your rebound guy? I don't have to worry about you two suddenly falling in love with one another?"

"No" Naomi snorted as she moved to engulf me in a hug once more. "You don't need to worry about that."


Naomi left an hour later, after making me promise to come and see her off from Platform 9 and 3/4 tomorrow morning. I was making myself some lunch when Freddy finally emerged, yawning, from his bed at one in the afternoon.

He stopped and fixed me with an awkward look as soon as he noticed me in the kitchen.

There was a deafening silence for one long, awkward moment. 

"Morning!" I broke the silence with my unnaturally chirpy tone and flashed Fred a grin. "Or should I say afternoon, been sleeping off your hangover?"

"Uh..." Fred seemed unable to answer as he stared at me with a bemused expression painted on his face. He scratched his belly as he moved to make himself some toast. 

"Tea?" I asked as I busied myself with the kettle and mugs, my back turned. 

"Please..." Fred replied unsurely, as it he was confounded or something.  

I couldn't help but smile slightly at his confused behaviour, it was amusing to say the least. 

"Enjoy" I flashed him another smile as I slipped the cup of tea over to him and he narrowed his eyes slightly. 

"Oh, by the way, Naomi said she was sorry she left, but she had to spend the day with her parents before she goes back to school tomorrow..."

Fred cleared his throat as blush painted his cheeks. 

"Did you have a nice time with her?"

"Sorry" was all he said, his expression sheepish as he avoided my gaze. 

"For what?"

"Shagging Naomi... She's your friend, I shouldn't have..."

"Fred, it's fine. She obviously wanted it too."

"Aren't you... upset?" Fred met my gaze this time, his expression hardened and showed his Gryffindor courage. This was the moment I knew he wanted to talk about the kiss. 

"No, Fred" I smiled tightly. "I'm not."

"But... you-"

"I shouldn't have done it" I replied quickly, feeling the familiar heat flush my cheeks.

"I... um... what?"

"Kissed you" I blushed harder. "I shouldn't have... it was-"

"You don't have to apologise."

"I didn't mean to..." I caught his eye then and we were suddenly locked into an unwilling staring contest. "I don't even like you like that."

"Well, why did you...?"

"I don't know" I shrugged. "I guess, I was just upset about James and you were just..."

"I'm already Naomi's rebound guy, Lise, I'm not yours."

"I know you're not! It wasn't like that! Look, Fred-" I inhaled deeply and moved closer to him. "I don't think of you in that way at all. You've just been a good friend, and I was drunk and stupid... I shouldn't have and it won't ever happen again. I kne you don't..."

"You're like my sister, Lise" Fred admitted with an embarrassed smile. "I've never thought of you... like that."

"Neither have I" I smiled gently. "I'm sorry for ruining everything."

"You haven't ruined everything" Freddy patted my arm awkwardly. "Let's just forget about it... yeah?"

I nodded quickly and moved towards the door. 

"You're still my best mate, right Fredster?"

"Of course, Titch" Fred reached over to ruffle my hair and I ducked away playfully. "Oh, and I wanted to ask you a favour..."

"What? Put in a good word with Naomi for you?" I teased.

"Shut up" Fred mumbled, embarrassed. "I want you to get over James" he told me bluntly and I stopped smiling, my heart thumping against my chest. 

"I... what?"

"I want you to get over him, Lise. It's not fair, alright? Look, I understand why you rejected him, I do, but..." Fred sucked in a nervous breath. "But it's cruel, for you to still have feelings for him when you hurt him like that."

Cold fury washed through me and slammed my mug down onto the counter, a crack appearing at the top of it due to the force. 

"What do you think I'm trying to do?!" I hissed at him and Fred didn't try to be abashed, in fact, he seemed more disgruntled.

"Well, try harder then" he suggested in an indifferent tone and I glared at him. "It's not fair to him Lise."

"Oh!" I exclaimed, a slight hysterical tone to my voice. "So, what he did to me was fair was it?"

Fred raised his eyebrows at me and my hands shook harder from anger. 

"You promised me Fred, that despite being his cousin you wouldn't take sides..."

"He's my best mate too!"

"Then what am I?!" I screeched at him and rendered him speechless. He at least had the decency to look apologetic now. 

"Lise, I-"

"Forget it, Freddy. I heard it. Don't worry" I spat aggressively. "I'll try harder to get over him."

With those last words, I stormed out of the kitchen and into my bedroom, slamming the door hard behind me. 

The next morning I apparated to Kings Cross alone. I knew Fred was coming, to see his family off, but I didn't wait for him. Instead, I appeared in the centre of a busy Platform 9 and 3/4 and glanced around anxiously for Naomi. 

I spotted her a bit further down the platform, hidden by the large group of people with predominantly ginger hair, although there was a slight variation of colour in the mass. 

I awkwardly slipped past the Weasley and Potters, I didn't want to see them all, especially as Fred was probably with them and we hadn't spoken since our argument yesterday.

"Hey, you came!" Naomi crushed me into her chest as she threw her arms around me and I laughed disbelievingly. 

"Naomi, you said you would curse me into the next century if I dared miss it" I chuckled as we broke apart. "So, how does it feel being a big, bad Seventh year?"

"Scary" Naomi breathed anxiously. "Did you see that Rose Weasley got Head Girl?"

"Not a surprise really" I smiled bracingly. "Who got Head Boy?" 

"Scorpius Malfoy" Naomi smirked evilly and I burst into a fit of giggles. 

"Is McGonagall insane? That's a disaster waiting to happen!"

"I think it's romantic" Naomi sighed. "The sexual tension between the pair of them is so obvious."

"Oh, and all those rendezvous with McGonagall are surely going to be romantic" I rolled my eyes and Naomi smacked my arm. 

"Positions of authority always bring romance! My two friends were both Prefects and got together by doing their rounds together."

"I still remain confident that Rose will murder Malfoy."

"I would bet you on it, but I don't have any gold at the moment."

"It would be unfair anyway, you might slip them a love potion or something... you're in the same castle as them." 

"I would never cheat!" Naomi gasped, but the tell-tale twinkle in her eyes told me otherwise. "Oh, merlin" she groaned, moving to hide behind me. "There's Theo..."

I moved my hands to rest on her shoulder and looked her square in the eye. Pep talk time!

"Naomi, you will be fine" I reassured her. "You don't need him! I swear, by the end of the year I will have rustled you up a perfect man" I smiled at her softening expression. "You're going to have a great year, babe... just enjoy yourself."

"I'll owl you" she promised as she wrapped her arms around me. "And you have to come to Hogwarts whenever the first weekend is, yeah?"

"Promise" I nodded and kissed her cheek quickly. With a nervous glance in the direction of the Weasley/Potter family, (I guessed she'd spotted Freddy) Naomi shot me one last smile before moving away to say a last goodbye to her parents beside the train. 

"Lise!" a voice yelled in my ear and I spun around in shock.

"Oh, hey, Lils! Aren't you meant to be getting on a train?"

Lily shot me a sarcastic smile before breaking into a smile. "I just wanted to talk to you, before I left."

"About?" I pinched her cheek in an annoying manner and she frowned, smacking my hand away. 

"I just wanted to tell you how proud I am, and how good you're being about the whole... thing."

"Thing?" I blinked at her and she flashed me a grin. 

"You know... it's just, I can tell you're not over him... but you're being so good to Freddy by letting him live with you. I mean, he's had a miserable time out there... and I'm so glad he's home. And I know Mum's glad he'll be with you and Freddy, you know? So thanks" Lily leant forward to kiss my cheek then dashed off to hop on the train as the last whistle sounded. 

What in merlins pants was Lily going on about? Or rather, who was she going on about?

I sighed as the Hogwarts Express pulled out of the station, I wished I was on it, going back to school. I was terrified of the future, especially as I'd be starting my first day at work next week, and I wanted to make the best impression possible. 

As I turned on my heel to leave the platform, a head of familiar messy black hair caught my eye. My heart stopped for a moment of pure fear as his laugh filled my ears and I hoped on all my hopes that it was my imagination. That I hadn't seen that head of raven black hair, that it wasn't him. 

But as I lifted my head, the apprehensive fear pounding through my body, I froze as I met the gaze of James Potter.

James Sirius Potter. 

Who was not meant to be here, on Platform 9 and 3/4. 

James Potter, who was the one Lily had been talking about. 

James Potter, the boy I was still very much in love with. 

James Potter, who I was going to have to share a flat with. 

...Oh dear Merlin, Avada Kedavra me now. 

A/N- ooh I seem to be leaving you on a lot of cliffies at the moment! JAMES IS BACK YAYYY!! Apologies, but I hope you're enjoying this fic! Not long to go now, a few more chapters I should think- definitely no more than 30. I was hoping that I'd have the fic done by Christmas, but the length of the queue recently hasn't been in my favour :( hopefully, this chapter will have been validated in time for the closing of the queue, so in that case Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody! Thanks for the reviews, don't forget to keep leaving your comments :) love Jem x

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