Me, Pansy, Blaise and Nott were sat around Draco's bed in the hospital bed, it's been two days since Flint knocked Draco out, I'm so worried, I've never been so worried about a person in my life, not even Lavender, yeah she's my sister and I love her and all but I know we don't worry about each other, I new that from when I was in the hospital.

I was leaning on Blaise's chest, when I heard Madam Pomfrey come in, I looked around and seen everyone asleep, I smiled, then Madam Pomfrey seen me awake and gestured me to come to her, I got up and walked towards her.

"How is he? Madam Pomfrey!" I said worried

"He is doing well, I would like to keep him in for another day, he should be well enough to leave tomorrow lunch time!" she smiled at me, I nodded my head at her.

"Thank you!" I said and then sat back down next to Blaise, about an hour later, Blaise, Nott and Pansy woke up, I told them about Draco.

It was about dinner time when Harry Ron Hermione and Ginny walked in, they seen me staring at Draco, I turned my head and smiled at them.

"Hey guys! What's up?" I asked

"How is he?" Hermione asked

"He's fine, he's allowed to leave tomorrow lunchtime!" I answered

"Good!" Ginny said smiling, I looked at Harry and Ron, they had smirks on there faces.

"What's wrong with Tweedledee and Tweedledum?" I said pointing to Ron and Harry

"I don't know! Harry, Ron snap out of it!" Hermione said

They snapped out of it, I giggled, then I heard Draco shifting around on his bed, he didn't wake up he just mumbled something, we leaned in closer to hear what he was saying.

"Ch-Char-lie!" He mumbled, my eyes widen, he...he was thinking about me, I looked at the two girls and there mouths turned into a smile, but when I looked at Harry and Ron there face turned red, god! I stood in front of them.

"I think you two should leave, before you attack Draco before he wakes up!" I said

"You right!" Harry said and dragged Ron out of the hospital wing with him, I turned around and seen Hermione and Ginny smirking at me, they pulled the curtain around Draco, and started asking questions about me and him.

"What's going on between you and Malfoy?" Hermione asked

"Are you and Malfoy a thing?" Ginny asked

"Ok, one no me and Malfoy are not a thing, and to nothing I mean nothing is going on between me and Malfoy!" I said

"But...but he said your name? Plus, I'm not surprised if there isn't anything going on between you two since you are both Heads and have to share a common room!" Ginny said

"Me and Malfoy are taking our friendship if you can say us being friends slowly, we want to see if we are made to be friends! If you get what I mean?" I said

"But if you and Malfoy do 'end' up as a 'couple' would you want to be?" Hermione asked

I looked down blushing, over the few days me and Malfoy had to spend together I kinda may have started to like him, but I know we can never be together, I looked up still having red in my cheeks and seen the girls smirking.

"Yes!" I said finally "But I would never do it because I know how much you two Harry and Ron hate him!" I said

"Ha, Charlie! Harry and Ron wouldn't dare do anything with me and Ginny standing on your side!" Hermione said

" would be ok with it?" I asked

"Yes!" they both said together, my mouth dropped

"Mione' this is the guy that used to call you----mind my language, 'mudblood'? And you are ok with us 'together'?" I asked

Hermione just nodded, I looked out the window and sighed, least I know they will be happy for me. It's Harry Ron Blaise Nott and Pansy that I have to get through.

It was about eight when I heard Draco shifting, I looked away from the window that I was looking out of and see him sitting up while rubbing his head, I just stood there and waited for him to see if I was there, once he opened his eyes they met mine, he then finally spoke.

"How long was I out?" He asked

"Two days! You can leave tomorrow lunch time!" I answered

"How long have you been here?" He asked again

"Since you got here! I haven't left your side since!" I answered back

"Charlie! You haven't had any food or any sleep!" He wined

"I wanted to make sure you are ok?" I said

"I think I can take care of myself Charlie!" he said

"I know! But you where there for when I woke up so I thought it would be nice if I was here when you woke up!" I said

"Well thanks! What happened away? I can't remember, all I remember is that me and you walking down to the dungeons and me having ago at Flint, then everything went blank!" He explained

"Well, you went to hit him but he got there first and knocked up out! Thank you!" I said

"You're welcome!" he said

I yawned then sat down on the chair next to Draco, I seen him shift over a bit and tapped the space next to him, I hesitated a bit but went anyway, I climbed up and laid down and placed my head on his chest, I could feel his heart beat, I then felt him stroke my head and before I knew it I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to feel no-one next to me, I shot up and seen Draco looking out the window.

"Draco?" I said, he turned around and smiled at me. I smiled back.

"Hey, sorry I didn't want to wake you!" he said

"It's fine, are you feeling ok today?" I asked getting up and straightening my school robes out, I could see Draco staring at me.

I admit I have changed since first year, my hair is more straighter, I have curves in all the right places, I wouldn't say I'm pretty but I wouldn't say I was beautiful either, I'm more in between, I finished straightening my robes out when Madam Pomfrey walked in, we both looked at her.

"Oh Mr Malfoy your up, if your feeling fine you can leave now?" she asked

"I'd like that! Thank you!" He said and walked to the bathroom to changed.

I was sat on the chair waiting for him to come out, once he did, he shocked me, he was wearing muggle clothes, dark blue jeans and a white polo shirt, I smirked at him. He walked up to me and held out his hand for me, I looked up at him and into his eyes, I smiled then took his hand, we walked out of the hospital wing.

We got back to the heads dorms when I was pushed lightly against the wall, I had my eyes shut but opened them when I didn't get hurt, but as I opened my eyes I came face to face with those amazing grey eyes, I looked straight at him then he spoke.

"I heard you Granger and Weaslette talking yesterday?" He said

"W-What? I thought you were asleep?" I said

"I was but I woke up and heard you three talking!" he said placing his hands on either side of my head

"I-I!" I was lost with words, how was I supposed to answer that, then I felt him stroking my cheek, I closed my eyes, then he moved his fingers to my lips and traced them, I still had my eyes closed, I felt him leaning closer and closer to me face, he was inches away from kissing me when he spoke.

"I would kiss you, but I can't!" he said then pulled away and walked to his room, leaving me there shocked and upset, I walked out of the common room and walked to the grounds were I see Ginny and Hermione sat on the grass, I walked up to them and sat down, I felt a tear go down my cheek, they looked at me.

"What's wrong?" Hermione asked

"It's Malfoy!" I said looking down

"What about him?" Ginny asked

"Well, he got out of the hospital wing before, I kinda may have stayed the night in the hospital wing with him, well anyway we walked back to the common room, once we walked into the common room he lightly pushed me against the wall and stroked my cheek and traced my lips, it was perfect, he was inches away from kissing me when he said 'I would kiss you, but I can't' then he walked to his room and I walked here!" I explained

Hermione and Ginny's mouth dropped.

"W-What? You nearly kissed? Good for nothing Malfoy, thinks he knows what's best!" Ginny said

"Can we stop talking about it! I want to talk about something else!" I said

"Like what?" Ginny asked

I looked down, then blushed then looked up, it was the Christmas ball coming up soon, well two week today.

"The Christmas Ball! And the problem here is though, I have to have the first dance with Malfoy!" I said

"Aww...wait Malfoy?" Hermione asked

I nodded "I think I have to! Mcgonagall said we have to!" I said

"Well have fun with that!" Ginny said "I have to get back to Harry, he is taking me to Hogshead for a nice dinner!" she said smiling, me and Hermione smiled at her and then she left.

"I better be going to! Ron would be wondering where I got to! Plus I think he is taking me to dinner tonight as well!" she said I smiled at her then we hugged, and then she walked away.

I sighed and walked back to the common room, Its hard for me to see them going off to see there boyfriends because I don't have one which they usually use against me, every time they go to Hogsmead they ask if I wanna come but always decline because I'll be a fifth wheel.

I just walked in and seen Draco and Pansy making out on the couch, my heart dropped he used me, I sighed but they didn't hear me, I ran passed them and started crying.

Well today has been a really bad day, first Draco tries and kisses me then I find out he just used me, could my life be anymore sad?

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