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A/N: Why hello there! I'm so glad at the response to this story :-D it makes my day to know that people like it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing apart from what you don't recognise, also a small part of the dinner scene is based off an idea from How I met your mother, which is owned by 20th Century Fox. 

Amelia practically ran off of the Knight bus as soon as it stopped at their destination, clutching her stomach and hoping that she didn’t throw up and make a fool of herself in front of the Potter family. She pushed her hair out of her face as she took deep breaths.

Ginny rushed over to her in concern, patting her caringly on the back with one hand and checking the temperature of her forehead with the other.

“Are you alright, dear?” she cooed, sounding like her mother, Molly, “you feel a bit hot, would you like to go straight in and lay down?”

Amelia looked up at the others and saw that all of the bags had been taken off, the Knight bus quickly zoomed off in the blink of an eye, the bags were levitating in front of them as they walked towards the house, all of them looking over at Amelia in concern, she shook her head as she told Ginny that she would be fine but thanks anyway.

James walked forward and over to Amelia, his bag being hovered in by Albus so he could come over and check on her.

“Did you need help getting in?” he asked her.

“No, I’m fine walking,” Amelia told him as she began to take a walk but James quickly stopped her

“No, you’re not I’ll take you,” and before she could stop him, he had picked her up and was carrying her towards the house bridal style. She could practically hear Ginny thinking ‘aww’ as she watched them walk off.

“You can put me down,” Amelia snapped, trying to push herself out of James’s arms, but he was refusing to let her go.

“You could stop moaning and enjoy the ride,” James told her as they walked in behind Albus and Lily and in front of Harry who was waiting for Ginny to catch up with them.

“And you could stop touching me,” Amelia snapped, James dropped his arms gently so she could stand up as they entered the house. Amelia dusted herself off as she moved away from him. She still felt sick, but was starting to feel better not that James carrying her helped her in the slightest.

“Shall I show you to our room,” James asked Amelia moving out of the way so his mother and father could enter the house and walk off to the living room, their bags placing themselves by the stairs, so they could take them up later.

“I would rather it just be your room and I have one for myself,” Amelia snapped at him.

Albus let out a laugh, “trouble in paradise?” he taunted them, and Amelia turned to glare at him, “what’s James done now?” Albus added.

“Just being a jerk,” Amelia growled folding her arms angrily as she turned back to James.

“Like normal, then,” Albus laughed.

“You’re not funny,” James told him as he walked up the stairs, carrying their bags, Amelia following him.

They walked up the stairs before going along the corridor, after a few door James opened one and they walked in. James set their bags down on the floor and Amelia was looking around the room.

“Oh, no. Not again!” she told him, turning to face him her arms crossing themselves again.

“What?” James asked, looking at her, she pointed accusingly at the double bed her eyebrow raised.

“We are not sharing a bed again.” she snapped at him, “you’ve got to sort this out. We need to change rooms.”

“But we can’t,” James told her wearily, “the other rooms have all been allocated to the rest of the family and we’ve been given this one, can’t you just make do with the fact that we’ll have to share a bed?” Amelia had a dark glare set on her face as she looked at him, “or I’ll just sleep on the floor again.”

“Sounds like a plan,” she told him before she walked over to her bag and beginning to pull her contents out of it.

James let out a sigh as he walked over to the door.

“I’m just going to see Albus will you be...” he began.

“I’ll be fine.” Amelia told him in an annoyed tone. James rolled his eyes before he exited the room and closed the door behind him. He walked down the landing and stopped in front of Albus’s room, walking straight in seeing as though Albus had left the door open.

“Still arguing?” Albus asked James as soon as he saw James’s face.

“How did you guess?” James stated as he ran his hands through his hair.

“There is one way for you to win this argument that you seem to have going on between you,” Albus stated looking at his brother a smile creeping on his face as the plan began unfolding in his head, “and that is to make you utterly irresistible to her, that way she will stop thinking about the argument and just want to get straight to the making up part.”

James stared at him as though he was crazy.

“I know what you’re thinking, ‘how can she possibly find me irresistible when the hunk of a man called Albus is in the room?’ and I’m here to tell you that there is a way.”

“I have never once thought that,” James frowned, worrying for his younger brother’s mind and wondering if James dropping him as a baby had affected him, even thought his dad had promised him that it hadn’t.

Albus let his eyes roam over his brother taking in every detail, James felt like he should cover himself up, “Hey. Don’t look at me like that, it’s making me uncomfortable,” James cried shoving his brother who shook his head at James.

“Please. You’re not that good looking,” Albus laughed and waved his hand as though dismissing James’s statements, “No, I’m trying to think how to get Amelia to find you attractive, although I can’t think of anything. Your hair is sticking up at a funny angle; you have some sort of butterbeer belly going on -”

“And God knows what on earth is going on with your clothes,” came Lily’s voice as she pushed her way into the room Albus was going to sleep in and sat down on the bed.

“Well, no one asked you two did they?” James said, getting annoyed with his siblings as he flattened his hair and looked down at his clothes not seeing anything wrong with them. And as if he had a butterbeer belly! If anything Albus was getting one.

“There has to be something she likes about you,” Albus cried, throwing his hands up as he couldn’t find anything.

James suddenly let out a yell as he began clicking his fingers at them and jumping up and down slightly, causing them to recoil slightly in fear and confusion, “I have something.”

Albus raised an eyebrow at him in question and Lily looked a bit bored.

“My arms,” James said and with those words he threw off his jacket with some difficulty as his hand got stuck and threw it onto the floor before he began flexing, “She can’t resist these bad boys.”

Albus and Lily looked at each other before bursting out in laughter, Albus was slapping his legs as the laughter caused his eyes to water and Lily had fallen backwards on the bed clutching her stomach as though the laughter was hurting her. James stopped flexing at them and felt hurt at their laughter.

“I’m telling you she loves it,” James cried in defence.

“Oh yeah, we believe you,” Lily said through gasps of breath as she continued laughing at him, Albus had sunken to his knees and was bent over on all fours as he too carried on laughing hysterically.

“Fine, don’t believe me, but you’ll see later on,” James snapped, grabbing his jacket before he stormed from the room, leaving his two siblings laughing behind him.

He was mumbling to himself as he rushed down the landing not paying attention to anything before he ran straight into someone, knocking them both slightly so they stumbled slightly, they regained their balance before looking at each other mumbling apologies, which were cut off as soon as they saw who it was.

“Rose,” James shouted, pulling his cousin into a hug as she laughed, “How are you?”

“I’m good thanks, how about you?” she replied as James pulled away.

“I’m very good,” he beamed.

“Well, Hugo, mum and dad are downstairs if you want to see them?”

“Oh, great I’ll go get Amelia then,” James said as he began walking to the room they were staying in.

“She’s already down there, James,” Rose told him as she walked down the hall and to the room next to Albus’s.

James hurried to his room and threw his jacket in there before racing down the stairs and into the front room where everyone else was situated.

“James,” called Ron, pulling his nephew into a one armed hug and ruffling his hair.

“Ronald, leave the poor boy alone,” Hermione said, pulling James towards her and hugging him tightly, giving him a kiss on the cheek and then holding him at arm’s length, “You better be looking after lovely Amelia here, I heard she was sick earlier.”

“I’m fine, Mrs. Weasley,” Amelia stated from her seat next to Harry, who was looking a little uncomfortable.

“Is there something you’re not telling us,” Hermione said, letting go of James and winking at Ginny who was smiling at them. James looked a little confused.

“You’re not going to be having any children soon are you?” she asked. James and Amelia couldn’t answer quickly enough.

“Oh, Godric, no,” Amelia said, as James said, “I mean – no, not anytime soon.”

Amelia had to stop herself from glaring at James her eyes quickly looked down and saw that he was wearing a short sleeved t shirt, “I can assure you that it’s just motion... sickness -” she found herself staring at James’s arms and had to shake her head to stop herself from looking. She looked over to Hermione and Ginny, who were still smiling at her.

“I just don’t use the Knight bus that often,” she told them.

“Well, give it a few months and you’ll be changing your mind about children,” Hermione said with a laugh and Amelia couldn’t be sure if she was joking or not, she had to bite back her retort of ‘hell no.’

“So, where’s...” James started he was about to ask where Hugo was until he looked around and noticed his father looking uncomfortable. Hugo was sitting next to him and sitting so close to Harry if he was any closer he would be sitting on his lap. Hugo was a big fan of his Uncle Harry and seemed to worship him, much to the annoyance of Ron, who thought that he should be his son’s hero.

“How are you, Hugo?” James asked his cousin, feeling Amelia’s eyes on his arms, he decided to flex them slightly; peering out of the corner of his eye he saw that Amelia’s face went a little red.

“I’m fine,” Hugo stated slowly as he turned to look at Harry, “how are you, Uncle Harry?”

Harry nodded at Hugo and smiled a small smile before turning to look at his wife and pleading with his eyes for her to save him.

“I think Lily is upstairs,” Ginny told Hugo, who looked away from Harry and rose from his seat. Off in search of his best friend and favourite cousin.

“Well, Hugo seems a bit -” Harry began coughing uncomfortably.

“Strange? Weird?” Ron stated looking in the direction his son had just gone Hermione scolded her husband.

“Don’t say that about Hugo,” she stated.

“But he is, Hermione!” Ron said, turning to face his wife, “you can’t tell me that he’s not.”

“He’s different, Ronald, not strange,” Hermione said, taking the seat next to Harry.

“I was going to say Hugo seems a bit tired,” Harry said, but he was ignored by his two best friends who were still bickering about their son. Amelia stood up and walked over to James.

“I know what you’re doing,” Amelia told James quietly as got close enough so only he could hear her.

“And what’s that?” James asked, moving his arms slightly causing Amelia’s gaze to shoot down at them quickly.

“I know why you’ve got your arms out,”

“I just got too warm,” James stated at her, “is it illegal for me to take off my jacket if I become too warm?”

Amelia looked back up at him and glared, “I know exactly why you’re doing this and I’m telling you now that it’s not going to work.”

“Oh, really?” James asked before he pretended to stretch, his arms going out and one wrapped itself around Amelia’s shoulders. She shivered slightly and looked down at them before coming to her senses and shoving them off of her.

“You are playing a very dirty game and I am not going to give in,” she told him moving away so she wasn’t within ‘arm's length’.

“Oh, really?” James repeated himself with an eyebrow raised challengingly as he continued ‘flexing’ Amelia was trying her hardest to not stare at him.

“James?” came his father’s concerned voice, “what are you doing with your arms?”

This was all Amelia needed to break herself from staring at James’s arms and to her horror, her daydream about having them wrapped around her. In horror, she stared up at James, who was smirking.

“Just moving them,” James told his father who was still looking at his eldest son in concern and hoping that he wasn’t going to turn out like Hugo.

“Two can play at this game,” Amelia warned James quietly pointing at finger at him threatening, “you just wait and see who wins this,” she turned away from him and exited the room but not before glancing at James’s arms before she turned around.

James sniggered before mumbling to himself about how she will never be able to get him like that.


“Go away, Albus.” Rose groaned, a few hours later, pushing her hair away from her face as she continued writing her letter, trying to ignore Albus who was sitting extremely close to her and poking at her side, making her squirm away from him.

“Make me, Rose,” he told her as he continued poking at her, she gripped her quill tighter, telling herself not to give in to him as it was exactly what he wanted. She continued writing her letter, trying her best to ignore Albus, but it was difficult as he began to lean over her letter reading what was written on it.

“Dear Hank,

I think you are the best fiancé in the world and I will love you forever and ever and ever! And Albus is the best cousin,”

Rose shoved Albus away angrily as she grabbed the letter and shoved it into her pocket, leaving the quill and ink on the side.

“You jerk, it doesn’t even say that,” she told him angrily.

“Oh come on, Rose. Mine was entertaining, yours was just boring,” Albus said, straightening himself up and looking at his cousin who was starting to go red with her anger at him.

“Yours sounds like it was written by a five year old, which seems just right for something that you came up with,” she snapped moving away from Albus and out of the room.

“Rose. Oh, come on now that was just harsh. Don’t go, don’ what am I meant to do?” Albus said as Rose continued walking away from him and out to the kitchen. He threw his hands up in the air, now that Rose was gone who was he going to annoy now? He looked around the hallway and saw that his mother was coming down the stairs towards him. He backed up slightly, trying to think of an escape before his mum made him do something to help out with the dinner that would soon be ready. He almost made it back to the room he had been in before Ginny had spotted him.

“Albus, there you are.”

Albus had to restrain his groan as he beamed at his mum who had by now walked over to him.

“I thought that you were going to get ready,” she told him looking him over and frowning.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing now?” Albus asked defensively as he looked down at his t shirt and jeans ensemble, sure it might be creased and there was a very questionable stain on the shirt which he wasn’t sure if it was cheese or custard. He sniffed at it, causing his mother to shriek at him.

She pushed him towards the stairs urging him to go up them and change into something decent. He flounced up them moaning with each step he took as though he was a three year old being told off.

“But, mum, It was fine to wear this morning.” he moaned turning to face Ginny, who had her hands on his hips and was frowning at him sternly.

“You change this instant, don’t make me get your father.”

“Oh yeah, as if he can do anything,” Albus muttered, he glanced at his mother who started up the stairs angrily causing Albus to sprint up the rest of them and into his room closing the door behind him hurriedly and locking it.

He caught his breath as he walked over to his suitcase and opened it, trying to find something in the mass amounts of creased and tangled clothes, not knowing what on earth was up with his mum. She seemed pretty uptight recently.


James looked down at his watch before looking over at the door, scared that Amelia had come to her senses and had run off whilst everyone else had got ready for dinner. Ron let out a cough as he moved his knife and fork around.

“So...what’s taking Amelia so long?” he asked the table, everyone had taken their seats a few minutes ago and they were waiting for Amelia to enter the room.

“She isn’t taking that long, we’ve only just sat down,” Hermione said as she straightened out her napkin on her lap.

“Yeah, well, I’m hungry,” Ron stated, causing a smile to appear on Harry’s face at his friends bickering. Ginny turned to look at James.

“Did you want to go see if Amelia is ok?” she asked him, James nodded as he stood up but didn’t take any steps as the door opened and Amelia came in an apologetic look on her face as she walked over to the table.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” she told them, everyone stared at her in shock, including James who tried everything he could to stop his eyes from wandering down to her dress.

She gave James a small smile as she walked over to the seat next to him and sat down. Everyone around the table had fallen silent and were staring at Amelia. Albus had his mouth open as he looked at Amelia shamelessly; Lily had to nudge him in the side to stop him staring.

“That is a very... nice dress, Amelia.” Ginny said, coughing slightly and bring the adults out of their shock as they began to move around their cutlery and plates to distract themselves. Amelia looked down at her short, very tight, red dress, knowing that this was James’s favourite dress of hers for obvious reasons, and the look on James’s face made it obvious that she had gotten him back for earlier.

“What this old thing?” Amelia said, waving her hand dismissively as she settled in her seat more comfortably, “I haven’t worn it in a while so thought I would wear it tonight.”

“Well, you look hot,” Albus stated smirking seductively at Amelia, James was brought out of his thoughts and sat down quickly moving his chair closer to Amelia and taking his jumper off and passing it to Amelia attempting to cover her up.

“James, stop it. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? Sure, you’re not cold?” he asked still trying to get her to wear the jumper, but she took it away from him and dropped it to the floor.

James looked up and glared at his brother as the adults starting to dish out the dinner, warning him with a look to keep his eyes off of his wife.

“So, Hugo,” Amelia said as she began eating her dinner, she took a mouthful before leaning across James for the salt, causing his breath to hitch in his throat, she continued her comment, “how is your band going? The last time I saw you, I think you were saying something about going on tour with them-”

Hugo looked up from his dinner at her, not at all fazed by her dress or lack of. James was pleased by this fact although he himself was struggling to keep his eyes and his thoughts from her.

“You mean the heavy metal band, ‘Wrock on’? Yeah that kind of fell through, even after that excellent gig we had back in Rocktober,” Hugo told her sadly as he stabbed at his beef irritably, Ron and Hermione shot looks at each other, knowing that the band was a touchy subject for Hugo.

“There’s no such thing as Rocktober, its October,” Albus told him, trying to not stare at Amelia. Ginny tutted at her son’s behaviour, but other than that no one had paid much attention to him.

“Oh, you seemed to be really enjoying yourself, what happened?” Amelia asked cutting up her roast potato and eating some.

“They kicked me out of the band,” he told her moodily continuing to stab his beef with his fork, “apparently I ‘ruined the music with my outrageous solos and thought I was bigger than the band, because I was the best player in the wizarding world’.”

“Oh,” Amelia said, nodding slowly before she tried to remember what instrument, it was Hugo played, “what instrument was it you played again?”

“The triangle,” Hugo said proudly causing Albus to choke on his drink as he took a drink. Ginny patted him on the back as she too tried to contain her laugh.

“The triangle?” Amelia said, nodding and trying her hardest to keep a straight face, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a triangle solo.”

“Would you like to?” Hugo asked his mood suddenly changing as he put his knife and fork down quickly, “I have it with me I can play you a solo now.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Ron said, holding a hand out to stop Hugo, “not whilst we’re eating dinner.”

Hugo nodded at his father as he sat down and continued eating his food, his annoyed mood returning. Lily patted him sympathetically on the arm.

They all shot looks at each other before they all began making small talk at each other.

“You know you’re not playing fair,” James said in Amelia’s ear, Amelia turned her head to look at him.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” she said simply as she carried on with her dinner.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about and you are pure evil,” he told her as he too carried on eating.

“Excuse me, are you calling me evil? You are the one with your arms out all morning flexing them at me when you know they’re the one thing I can’t resist,” she said quietly pointing her fork at him.

“And what about you? Having your...your...” he pointed at her dress, “You know you drive me crazy when you have that dress on.”

Amelia didn’t reply to him, merely smirking at him as she got drawn into a conversation with Harry. Knowing that she got James back and was winning whatever it was that made James start all of this.

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