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A Game of Truth or Dare by I_love_fred_and_george
Chapter 13 : The Party - Part One
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-A Game of Truth or Dare-

-Chapter 13-

Lyrics – Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club (OMG yay!) as sung by Sirius Black ;D

Warning; Substance use - Alcohol

The Potter household…

James’s P.O.V

“Yeah, up there. That banner that way. No, not that way! Peter! The hell are you doing man!?”

“I-I’m so sorry Prongs!”

“Gah! Just…go eat cheese or something will you!?”

“Yeah, o-okay!”

And with that, rat man scurried into the kitchen hastily and out of my sight. I knew I wasn’t being fair on him, I was just so frustrated, and any of the other guys would most likely punch me if I ordered them about like that. Or something alike. And Moony with his werewolf strength hurts.

I blew my fringe up in frustration.

Sirius hopped down off the chair he was using to ‘survey the room as we decorated’ and slapped me on the back consolingly.

“Really man, is she worth this?” he asked gently.

I paused for a second and deliberated. Only for a second.

“Without a doubt. Padfoot, I’m just worried that she won’t come. I have no idea what I’ll do if she doesn’t, and I know Lily. She most likely won’t. And you guys will have your girls, which is great for you, but a massive reminder to me that the girl I’d die for hates my guts.”

“Dude, she prolly doesn’t hate your guts. I mean, they may look a little icky, but on the whole they do their job nicely!”

I shoved the grinning shaggy haired boy slightly and shook my head, a little smile playing around my lips. But my thoughts then inevitably returned back to the beautiful red haired love of my life. Who probably won’t show up to my party I invited her to. Although, on the off chance she did, I even bought some chicken; her favourite party food.

I was also worried about appearances. If Lily didn’t show up, then people would most likely realise something’s up and start who knows what rumours. And I didn’t need that. Plus, I’d look so sad to be the only bloke there, at my own party, without a date. Why must love be so cruel?

If I was honest, I still didn’t completely understand what I had done wrong. Sure, maybe I shouldn’t have said I saw a fit girl. Even if I was talking about her, she wouldn’t have realised that and would’ve taken it the wrong way. But even if she had taken it that way, why had it affected her so much? There was one answer I could guess. But I didn’t dare jump to that amazing conclusion. I was hesitant to even think it, just in case I’d get my hopes up and be wrong. But it was still there…

Lily liked me too.

There. I thought it. Could that amazing possibility be reality? I mean, she had said that kiss had meant something to her, right? She must like me a little. And if the reason why she’s not speaking to me right now is because she thought I was looking at other girls, she must like me a lot…

Did I just think that? Bullocks! I can’t take it back either! I’m gonna be jinxed now, she won’t love me! Dear Merlin I’m falling apart. Look at what you do to me Lily…if only I had the guts to tell you it all…

“Oi Prongs, I dunno if you’ve realised, but I’m kinda still up here…” Remus called from inside my living room’s chimney.

“Oh yeah, sorry. D’you think it’s clean enough for the people using floo powder?”

“Yeah, totally! ….So can I come down now?”

“Sure Mooney, I guess so.”

A few seconds later, a rather dusty looking Remus appeared, falling from my chimney coughing and spluttering.

“Ho ho ho!” Sirius greeted him back.

“Tell me I can get changed before doing anymore?” The sandy haired boy pleaded with me.

“Yeah, of course.”

And with that, the dusty, unimpressed werewolf left the room to change. I glanced around my newly decorated living room, considering the décor in place. There were a couple of banners strewn along the walls, nothing cheesy, just red, yellow and blue. No green mind. The fancy leather squishy sofas had been pushed back against the walls to create a big dancing area, the high tech stereo currently where the TV had been. Little Japanese lanterns had been charmed to float near the ceiling, so gentle red would glow for lighting, and then they’d change colour. Purpley red and then to lime green…  

“I think we should do the kitchen now Paddy.” I said, distracting myself and smirking a little, knowing Sirius hated that name. And I got the desired reaction.

James! It’s Padfoot! Pad-foot! Get it!?” Said Padfoot howled and stomped his foot, following me to the kitchen.

Ahhh that had made me significantly happier. Nothing more amusing than taking digs at the drama queen.

“Right, the theme in this room is-”

“Alcohol?” Sirius asked hopefully.

“…no actually. Because we aren’t having any alcohol, are we Sirius?” I said rather loudly, knowing my parents would hear that.

That’s right James!” Sirius added in the same loud tone. “And you are very irresponsible for suggesting it Peter!”

The ‘culprit’ in question looked up alarmed from the block of cheese he was eating.

I and Sirius stared at him, cheese bits covering his mouth.

“Dude, I wasn’t being serious…”



Lily’s P.O.V

I winced again as Tracy tugged the brush through my hair once more. I wasn’t actually sure how she was styling it, I just knew that it better look bloody stunning, or I would be chasing the hair tugger in question with the brush all night.

Alright, so I wasn’t in the best of moods. So shoot me.

My nerves were thrumming with something that felt like…nervousness. Excitement. A little hint of want

No hormones, behave. We don’t like that stupid hazel eyed marauder anymore, remember? That’s right. We do not want that gorgeous, tempting, devilishly handsome, amazing kisser…

Not one bit. Nice to know I have everything under control.

Oh who am I kidding? I was a wreck! Underneath I was anyway. Truth was, I was wanting that damn marauder more than ever. And I didn’t know why. Why was he still not talking to me? That wasn’t right. And the longer he left it, the more I wanted to talk to him…to see those beautiful eyes cast over me once again, just like that night…

Oh sod off! Since when were you aloud to rule my body anyway hormones? I’m sure my brain never agreed to this, ‘cause if it did, it’s clear I didn’t actually have one. Gah, listen to me! I’m having an argument with myself. You stupid worthless marauder! You’re screwing with my brain!

“Lily, are you alright…? You look like you want to punch someone…” Beth’s concerned voice shot through my internal argument, and I realised how much of a lunatic I must have sounded. Even to myself.

“Yeah, I’m alright thanks Beth.”

“Are you still worrying about tonight? Merlin Lily, I thought we were over that.”

“Tracy, I’m not over it, I still reckon I’ll be the awkward turtle of the group. I’m not looking forward to it.”

She scoffed.

“That’s not what you’re worried about. You’re worried about bumping into him aren’t you?”

Alright, so what if I was? That wasn’t even the scary thing. No, the scary thing was that a part of me wanted to bump into him…I was worriedly unsure of how big that part may be… And I resented it. Therefore resenting that gorgeous marauder who was making me feel this way!

Can you say, conflicted? Little bit.

“Well, I know you want to look good in front of him, whether you’re worried about seeing him or not.” Tracy smiled at me in the mirror, filling in my silence.

I glanced gratefully back at her. You have to love your friends, right?

“Yeah I do. Though it’s gonna be some work on your part.” I teased.

“Be quiet! Have you seen yourself? You’re bloody stunning! And I’m gonna help that prat notice it, or my name isn’t Tracy Stone. Believe me babe, when he sees you, he’s not going to be looking at any other girl, fit or not.”

“Yeah! Oh, I can do your make up for you! It says here in this magazine that guys this month like the ‘vanilla look’. Sort of soft looking. I’ll do that bit for you if you’d like! And add a bit of my vanilla spray over here for added smelling effect!” Beth beamed at me, happy to help as always.

“Guys, you are just awesome.” I told them.

Tracy nodded in agreement and grinned.

“Right, Beth, you get ready in your dress now while I finish Lily’s hair. When that’s done, I’ll put my dress on and you can do Lily’s make up. Then when that’s done, me and you can do our make up and take your rags out, while this one here puts her dress on. Deal?” She planned, organising us.

“Deal.” I and Beth nodded enthusiastically while the latter hopped off her bed and went to get ready into her dress.

Oh Merlin. And the nerves strike back with double the vengeance…



Later on in the common room…

“Don’t be ridiculous woman, come on out!” Tracy hollered at me from the other side of the common room door.

“No! I look stupid! Who bought this dress? What was she thinking? I look like a green cream puff!”

“The ruffles aren’t that bad Lily and you bought the dress so you must’ve liked it.” Beth reasoned.

“The sales woman was really convincing okay? I didn’t try it on beforehand, and now I look like a tool.”

“You won’t do at all. Now get your butt out of that room now, or we’ll be late and I will not be impressed!” Tracy demanded, and she was right. We were going to be late.

I sighed.

“Fine! Just…give me a minute…”

Tracy huffed unappreciatively. I swallowed a gust of breath to calm me down, then twisted the handle and exited the room. Tracy and Beth beamed at me as I appeared.


“You’re rocking that dress and half girl!”

“You’re just being nice.” I told them while trying to pull down the hem of my dress.

It was quite short, only stopping mid-thigh, leaving the rest of my legs feeling bare. Lime green – my favourite colour – was the dress; it was tight-ish and ruffled slightly at the top, black lace outlining the dress. I felt weird in it. Oh why hadn’t I tried it on first? Damn it. At least Tracy had done my hair beautifully (looks like there was to be no chasing with a brush) curled at the ends and twisted into the most complicated bun, slightly to the left side of my head, so little stands could fall onto my shoulder. And my shoes were gorgeous in my opinion, the same lime green and quite tall in the heel; a little bow on the back of them with tiny diamonds in the middle of them. I still felt a little silly in my get up.

Tracy meanwhile looked stunning in hers, bluey-black like her nails; her dress flowed out at the back down to her calves while the front stopped at her mid-thigh too. Strapless and with no pattern it was simple yet stunning and striking. Typical Tracy Stone. Her shoes tied up with ribbons that wound round her legs to her knees and the heel was taller than mine. Her brunette hair was simply straightened, to add to the simple stunning effect.

Beth was stood at the side of her, clad in a pretty lemon yellow dress. She’d gone for a pastel soft look to match her personality, the yellow folds complimenting her body shape well, stopping just above her knees. A single strap slung over one of her shoulders, leaving the other bare, which looked pretty on her, showing her delicate skin. The ringlet rags had worked as her hair curled in tight little ringlets, spilling over her shoulders and down her back. Surprisingly, Beth’s shoes were the highest of all of ours (which she later explained that the only nice looking yellow shoes she could find were these ones, so she’d accepted them, not caring if she broke her neck just so she could look good in front of Remus.) And they were open toed pretty kitten heels.

The sandy haired Marauder would go crazy for her. In fact, Sirius too would probably resemble a dog when he saw Tracy with his tongue lolling out. But me…? I didn’t know. I wasn’t sure if I liked what I looked like, never mind the hazel eyed boy I was attempting to impress…

No, I wasn’t trying to impress him! God damn it. I could see this night being a long and difficult one…

“Right, let’s take this party by storm!”

And with Tracy’s declaration, we headed off to the Potter Mansion… Gulp…


James’s P.O.V

The party…

“Man, you know how to throw a party!” My shaggy haired best friend whooped as he and his quickly increasing conga line bounced past me. I laughed and high-fived him, determined not to look like the worrying misery guts I was on the inside.

Damn it.

Lily and her friends still hadn’t arrived yet, and the party was in full swing; people partying in every space downstairs I could see, the loud music hyping everyone up, helping them have a good time. Although Remus and Sirius didn’t appear to look in the slightest bit worried that their dates hadn’t yet arrived, I was kinda freaking out about it. At least I had an excuse; I knew my girl had a chance of not showing at all. And I didn’t know how I’d react to it if she didn’t.

Huh, ‘my girl’. I smirked a little to myself imagining Lily’s reaction if she knew I’d called her my girl. Probably a string of obscenities, followed by an “In your dreams Potter.” Ahhh, she was so lovely. And funny. And smart, and utterly wonderful…

Christ I needed to get a hold of myself.

But where was this wonderful girl now? I could barely wait to see her. And besides, I was running out of excuses to not accept the offers of a dance from the other girls at my party. And I think I may be seriously close to getting punched by the dates of the some of the girls who asked me.

Well hey, it isn’t my fault I’m incredibly sexy, is it?

But if only Lily would see me that way…

“Hey, get this down you.” Remus suddenly appeared at my side with a red plastic cup in his hand, filled with a dark liquid. I smiled and nodded at him.

“Cheers mate. But fire-whiskey…?” I took the offer and glanced curiously at my friend. Remus wasn’t usually one to encourage drinking, especially the fire-whiskey sort. And also especially after Sirius once had drunk so much that he had mistaken Remus for a very pretty girl…

Sirius tended to lose what little sense he had when drinking fire whiskey. That’s why we do our best to hide it from him.

“Yeah, I figured you needed something to calm those nerves.” He smiled at me, also leaning against my living room wall as I was.

Avoiding his gaze, I continued to observe the party in front of me, watching people laugh, dance, drink and flirt to high heaven.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I attempted to achieve one of my signature Potter smirks at a random dancing girl, and she smiled and fluttered her lashes back at me.

Sheesh she was hideous. Although, I may just think that because she’s not the fiery haired girl I was seeking.

“Right, of course you don’t. And I thought you said brunettes weren’t your type?” He asked, nodding at the girl I’d ‘flirted’ with, an ‘I know aaaaall about you’ look plastered on his face.

“That was last year.”

“Of course it was.”

Tch, honestly! When he wasn’t being a paranoid, grizzly were-wolf, he was an annoying ‘know it all’ all seeing guy. Right now I wasn’t sure what I’d prefer more.

“She’ll be here soon Prongs.” He patted my shoulder.

As nice as he was being, I really didn’t want to talk about Lily for once. It’d just make me more depressed, at my own party too. I didn’t want that, I wanted to get away. Then suddenly a new song came on and inspiration struck me.

“What was that Moony? I can’t hear you!” I yelled, cupping my ear in imitation of not being able to hear him properly, despite the fact I was stood next to him.

Confused yet willing to console, he attempted to repeat his sentence a tad louder.

“I said, she’ll be here-”

What!?” I cut him off.

She will be-”

“It’s no use! I’ll talk to you later Moony!”

And with that, I left a very annoyed looking Remus behind, leaning against the wall. I thought my acting had been brilliant. However, Moony didn’t seem to have appreciated it. I don’t think he had believed me. His loss, I thought I was a true actor in the making there.

Dodging the dancing people, I made my way to the kitchen, seeking solstice in there. However I was only met by more of my dancing peers, who were excessively drinking as well. I sighed and poured myself some more fire-whiskey from behind the sink (where we’d hid it from Padfoot) Ah well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.



Lily’s P.O.V

We could hear the music as we arrived outside the house, walking up to the front door. There were people outside the house already, laughing and/or snogging. I wrinkled my nose as we walked past a particularly wild couple.

“Cheers Tony!” Tracy waved goodbye and thanked our lift as he nodded and went to meet his friends. Tracy had gotten him to apparate us here, through means of persuasion. Ew, not like that you dirty minded people!

“You’ll be fine Lils.” Beth squeezed my hand as she realised I was breathing a little heavier than usual. Grateful, I squeezed her hand back as thanks. Man I was kinda dreading this.

“Party time!” Tracy hollered, and swung the posh double doors back to reveal a busy scene of dancing, laughing, chatting people already, and we were only in the hallway.

“Where d’you reckon they’d be?” Beth asked aloud as we stepped over the threshold.

Kitchen.” Me and Tracy answered in unison, and we set off, me a little lagging behind. I wasn’t so eager to find the hazel eyed marauder. We weaved in and out of the rowdy people in the mansion, getting wolf whistled and cat called as we passed. Tracy loved the attention, waving here and there. Beth just went red, bless her heart. She didn’t like it. I couldn’t care less on the other hand. Though, they were mostly drunk anyway, which slightly irked me a little. They were annoying. Finally, we made it to the kitchen after the long trek of getting there.

Seriously, could his house be any bigger?

Gulping, I quickly surveyed the scene… but to my disappointment, no Potter was to be found…

Wait! No! Not disappointment!

Oh dear Lord.

There was however, a suspicious looking Sirius standing near the sink. We made our way over to him.

“Black! What are you up to?”

He jumped about a mile in the air as he heard Tracy’s voice, then sheepishly answered;

“Don’t scare me like that Stone! You’ll give me a right…heart…attack…”

As predicted, Sirius turned into dog mode as his eyes met Tracy’s figure. It was seriously like watching a cartoon, eyes popping out, jaw hitting floor, tongue rolling out a mile… you know the drill.


“Yes Black?” She smugly observed her finger nails, smirking.

He suddenly regained his ‘cool’ and stood up properly.

“Well, you certainly scrub up nice, don’t you Stone?”

“Hmm, glad you think so. You’re not so bad yourself… if you tucked that bit of your shirt in."

Sirius seemed to have matched his messy hair with his look; a nice blue and white checked shirt, half tucked, half un-tucked, with his trendy blue jeans. He looked messy, yet cute at the same time. And he knew it.

“Nah, it’s the fashion Stone! And hey you girlies, you’re looking pretty fine yourselves girlfriends!”

“Um, thanks Sirius. You look pretty…uh, fine, tonight too.” Beth attempted to compliment the strange marauder.

“Cheers Sirius. You look awesome.” I answered simply, smiling.

He beamed at me, pleased.

“Um, Sirius?” Beth began. “Do you maybe know where I can find Re-”

“Padfoot! If you’re in here, I’m gonna-” We never found out what Remus was gonna do to Sirius, because as he charged into the kitchen looking like thunder, he caught sight of Beth and stopped in his tracks.

And dither girl strikes back!

“Leave it!” I muttered under my breath as Beth went for her fringe, her face warming a few million degrees.

“Beth! Wow! You look…amazing!” Remus came over to our group, holding his arms out for Beth to delicately fall into, which she did do. They shared a happy hug as Sirius and Tracy looked on like proud parents smiling, and I stood there. Like a plank.

I knew I’d be the dang awkward turtle! However, in the moment of hilariousness, I had to prevent myself from doing the awkward turtle with my hands, just to cheer myself up. I’d only look more of a weird loner if I was wiggling my thumbs to myself.

“So, shall we go to the living room then?” Remus stared hard at Sirius, who hiccupped and looked highly embarrassed. 

“I’m gonna have to find James to hide that bottle again. Just stick to the bloody butter beer Sirius, you can handle that. I seriously don’t want a replay of last time.”

“Right, to the living room!” Sirius cried over Remus, and we headed to the designated area, wondering what did happen ‘last time’.

As we made our way over to the living room, I couldn’t help but check everywhere I could for any sign of the messy haired marauder who hadn’t yet appeared. I thought I was inconspicuous, but it seems I’d been busted as Beth made a point of asking for James when we bagged ourselves a corner of the room.

“You guys seen James then?” Beth asked, nudging me slightly.

Gee. Thanks. Point attention to the needy loner everybody! Yoo-hoo! That’s me!

“Yeah, he’s been about. Though, I’m not sure where he is at the minute, he kinda ditched me.” Remus frowned and sighed as he recalled.

“Yeah, he seemed a little weird. He didn’t want to join my conga line!” Sirius admitted sadly.

Tracy humoured him and patted his back consolingly, as Remus’s frown deepened slightly.

“Just when did you find that bottle of whiskey…?”

“Um…uh…well…’AND SHEEEE SPOKE, WORDS THAT WOULD MELT IN YOUR HAND’!” Sirius suddenly started bellowing out the lyrics to the current track playing, and he wasn’t in tune either.

“Sirius! Hey! Oi! Siri- ugh. Forget it.” Remus face palmed as the shaggy haired marauder continued to sing his heart out. Badly.

Beth giggled a little at the scenario, and Remus smiled at once as he heard the sound, turning his face towards her so he could see her pretty face laughing. They were lost in their own world, smiling and giggling to each other. I knew what would come next, those laughing lips meeting…

I couldn’t watch. But then to my horror, as I turned to face Tracy, I found that she’d already gotten one step ahead of Beth and Remus, and was kissing Sirius like there was no tomorrow. Even if it had been a desperate bid to shut him up, I was stood on my own.

Argh! Awkward turtle/plank isn’t enough to cover what I felt like! Never mind a third wheel, how about a lone wheel when the rest of the wheels in the whole world were being used? Am I not good enough for the bike? Has the bike forgotten about this wheel…? Damn it Lily, enough bike metaphors, get out of there!

“Um, I need to…yeah.” I coughed awkwardly, and began to leave.

“Oh, Lily! You don’t need us to come with-”

“No! Uh, no, I’ll be fine, I’ll um, catch up later.”

And with that I spun round and left the happy couples before I puked. Seriously, could they get anymore gross, ‘in your face Lily’?

I sighed as I left the living room, knowing they weren’t doing it to torture me. They were just having fun and liking their relationships. It was hardly their fault I had thrown a fleggy at James. Ugh, why did I have to be such a hot headed fool? We could have just talked about it at least…

Lost in my thoughts, I bumped into someone, some lanky kid with greasy blonde hair who grinned at me.

“Hello there lady, wanna dance?”

“Uh…no.” I told grease ball and continued down the impossibly long corridor, thankful he wasn’t following me.

“I know you want me!” He called after me.

Ugh seriously!? Now people were looking at me! Amazing. Brilliant. Thank you grease ball, thank you. I just hoped he was someone’s friend from Drumstrang or something so no rumours started. Although if I was honest, he didn’t look DS material.

Grumbling to myself I walked along down the corridor, trying to focus on something else other than my humiliation. And that’s when I realised I’d walked straight down snogging street. Seriously, the walls were littered with lip locked couples.

Oh nice one. Thank you Merlin! You sure know how to make me feel wanted! Stupid karma! Fine, the next time I see that bloody marauder, I’ll snog his face clean off, is that what you want?

Brilliant. Now I’m talking to myself some more. Just have another internal argument why don’t you Lily? Ugh! You’re losing it! Go somewhere!

Angry tears threatened to overspill from my eyes and I suddenly broke into a run, finding some stairs and deciding to leg it up them, away from the kissing couples. Ignoring the ‘off limits’ sign, I reached the top of the stairs and was welcomed by a much needed quiet. Only a faint thrumming of the music from way downstairs could be heard.

The hallway upstairs was huge as well; I couldn’t see the end of the left or the right side of the hall, although the lights weren’t on so that probably would have helped. I could still see quite well though, despite the darkness, and I took a moment to observe my beautiful surroundings. The celling just above the stairs where I was stood, curved outward into a dome shape, beautiful swirls chipped into it. Royal red wallpaper covered the hall walls; a golden dido rail separated the wall in half, looking very majestic in gold. A red plush carpet surfaced the floor that I was suddenly aware of, as I realised I was most likely digging holes into it with my heels.

“Oh bugger!” I mumbled and kicked them off quick, deciding to carry them instead. My bare feet were now in contact with the carpet, and it felt like it had never been stood on in its entire existence. I wriggled my toes in the fabric for a minute, enjoying the soft feel on my already hurting feet. I then looked up from the carpet and my eyes spotted something.

A golden frame hung on one of the walls, the fancy swirls outlining the picture it held. The picture itself was of a small boy who was hard to make out, so curious, I stepped closer. He came into focus, his little face beaming, his tiny hands outstretched happily with five year old joy, clutching a little toy train in one of them. Dressed in oversized robes, his messy black hair on end, his hazel eyes shining…

I gasped, lifting my finger and placing it on the little boy’s hand.


His dad was kneeling beside him, looking happy and proud at the camera, laughing at his five year old boy wearing his old Hogwarts robes…

Unknowingly, a smile tugged at my lips as I stared at this little boy’s face, his joy radiating through the picture to me. So innocent, so young, so happy… A nice James Potter…

Standing up, I shook myself a little and stepped away from the photograph. It’d had a weird effect on me, and I was keen to go sit somewhere and sulk to myself. But I wasn’t sure which way to go, I’d never been upstairs before. Deliberating, I decided to just drop my shoe on the floor and let that decide.

With a soft thud, the shoe landed and the toe pointed to the right. That’s where I set off. After picking my shoe up of course, you numpties.

“Hmmm, three.” I decided after seeing the hallway stretch right down, doors popping up left right and centre. I closed my eyes, spun round in a circle once or twice with my hand outstretched, then stopped. Opening my eyes, I saw I had picked the right side of the hall way again. I counted three doors down, and wearily put my hand on the golden polished doorknob. Ah what the hell, may as well.

I opened the door and walked in, flicking a light switch and shutting the door behind me. The surroundings now illuminated, I found myself in a bedroom. I wasn’t sure if it was a spare bedroom yet, but it looked a little too personalised to be one…so I decided to snoop, praying this wasn’t Potter’s parents love nest or something.

Now that would be an experience I’d love to forget.

The room was also red and gold. I could certainly see this family were proud Gryffindor-ians. A large king sized bed stood proud in the centre of the room, red bed covers neatly pulled over it, plenty of golden pillows at the head of it and a gold throw placed over the foot of the bed. Red gossamer curtains were either side of the bed, ready to be drawn shut when the person wished to sleep. Perhaps this was a guest room for Gryffindors? There may be others in the house decorated for Hufflepuffs and such. Regardless, I continued to snoop, heading for the dark polished wooden draws at the other end of the large room.

I opened the top draw to find neatly folded shirts. Perhaps this room had been taken by a guest already. But who? Deciding to shut the draws as they’d most likely be full of clothes also, I headed for the bed to search under it. Sticking my head under, I put my hand out in front of me and felt something metal. Quickly I withdrew my hand with the item in question clutched in it. As I slowly unfurled my hand, a worn blue colour became prominent. I cupped the item in my hand, and saw that it was a blue train, the paint worn off in some places it was that old.

“Aw.” I smiled, turning one of the wheels with my finger, when I was suddenly reminded of that picture outside…

“Holy crap!” I screeched, dropping the train suddenly.

James’s room. I was in James’s room!

Well of course. Out of all the millions of freaking doors down two possible hallways, of course I’d end up here.

I’ll be honest; I was pretty pissed off at karma right now.

No, it’s okay Lily! Just leave. He’ll never know you were in here. Quickly I rose to my feet, not bothering to put the train back under the bed and leaving it on top of the bed instead, and headed for the door.

Which opened as I reached it. Revealing James of course, his hazel eyes blinking in wonder.


Aw nuts!


A/N; Hello thar! What do you think? I have honestly been typing this for ages. I have had an essay a week, and essay a week! How unfair? But I carried on typing thanks to you awesome readers/reviewers out there! I had to stop the chappie here, I had originally planned to continue, but then I saw the word count... but on the plus side, the next one should be written pretty quickly!

Anyway, little explanation over! Please leave a review if you've read, always fills me up with the happies when I read them! And encourages writing! ^^

Happy New Year everyone! =D 

Love, Alie xxxxxxxx

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