When they got back to the Burrow it was lunch time. Then after lunch they thought that perhaps it would be fun to go visit Harry’s godson, Teddy. They apparated to the Andromeda Tonks’ house, and when they knocked Andromeda answered. Harry told her why they were there she led them into a comfy sitting room, Harry remembered waking up in this room when they had escaped the Dursley’s so long ago. Teddy sat on the floor, with a curved pillow behind him, playing with little wooden blocks with letters on them he picked one up and sucked on the corner. He looked up as they entered. When he looked at Ron and Ginny his hair turned the same color as theirs, then he looked at Hermione and his hair turned brown, then he looked at Harry and it turned jet black. He started sucking on a new block. “You can take him out.” Said Andromeda, “Or you can just stay here. I’ve got some work to do around the house so I’m glad you came.” Ginny and Hermione went straight to Teddy, where as Harry and Ron hung back. It was a girl thing, Harry thought, to just rush up and take control when there were babies around.

“Come on you two, Teddy wants to meet you.” Hermione said she looked surprised that they hadn’t moved.

“Yeah, don’t be scared.” Ginny taunted them. Harry and Ron knelt beside the girls. After a while they got tired of the sitting room, so they decided to go to a muggle park.

“I’ll go tell Mrs. Tonks.” Hermione said. She exited the room, Ginny picked up Teddy and Harry and Ron stood up too. When Hermione came back she said Andromeda said it was alright, and that they could apparate with Teddy. Once they were outside they all disapparated. Ginny with Teddy and Harry, Ron and Hermione went alone. They appeared behind a large tree, as they walked around it they heard screaming and laughing. They saw a large playground with swings and slides. There was a smaller part for little kids and a larger part for older ones. They headed for the small one. There were little swings with fronts and backs on them and little leg holes in the bottoms. Ginny placed Teddy in one and started pushing him.

Teddy giggled and squealed, Ginny grinned, “I love kids!” She said happily. They took turns pushing Teddy until they started getting hungry then Ron and Hermione apparated back to the Burrow to get some food for everyone. Harry and Ginny sat on a bench with Teddy down on the wood shaving covered ground, “He’s great.” Ginny said, looking down at Teddy. “Teddy! Get that out of your mouth!” Ginny grabbed the wood shaving out of his mouth. Harry chuckled as she threw the small piece of wood half way across the playground.

“Good arm!” Harry said.

“Well, I am a chaser.” She muttered.

“And a good one too.” Harry complimented.

“That wasn’t near as heavy as a Quaffle.” She said. “But thanks.” Harry heard a pop from behind the big tree and Ron and Hermione walked out with a basket full of food. Ginny helped Hermione lay the blanket on the grass, and Harry and Ron laid the food out. They set Teddy next to Hermione and sat down they all grabbed some food and started to eat.

After awhile Harry noticed Ron merely playing with his food. “Are you feeling alright Ron?” He asked.

“Huh, what? Oh yeah, fine.” Ron told them, but kept playing with his food.

“Maybe we should bring Teddy back, and then we can go play some Quidditch!” Ginny suggested. The rest agreed, so they apparated back to Andromeda’s house.

“Thank you for watching him. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with him.” Andromeda told them when they brought Teddy back. The four teens said there goodbyes to Teddy and Andromeda, and then apparated to the Burrow. Harry and Ginny collected the brooms and Ron and Hermione went and waited at the Quidditch pitch.

As Harry and Ginny walked to the pitch they talked about why Ron hadn’t eaten at lunch. “Maybe he was just not hungry.” Harry said, although he didn’t think that was it.

“Harry, I’ve known Ron longer than you.” She told him, “And trust me, Ron is never not hungry.”

He nodded, “Yeah, I don’t think that’s it.” He said.

Ginny’s eyes got suddenly wide, “Harry do you think Ron is going to, well, um, propose to Hermione?” She asked.

“Well, it’s possible.” Harry considered the idea. It seemed highly unlikely, but as he had just said it was possible. Ginny seemed so stunned at the idea of Ron proposing to Hermione that she could not speak. As they neared the pitch Harry said, “You’d better pull yourself together. You’re playing with Ron and that’d just make him more nervous if you lose.”

“Your right.” She said, and arranged her face to look normal.

Once they got there they took off and started play. Half an hour later Ron and Ginny were winning twenty to ten when it happened. Ron suddenly turned very pale and fell off his broom, he was about forty feet off the ground, for which Harry was thankful, had he been higher Harry probably would not have been in time to catch him, even with his fast reflexes. As it was Harry had just enough time to catch him before he hit the ground. “He’s unconscious.” Harry said, “But he’s alive. I’m taking him to the house.” Harry said, headed up the path to the Burrow. Hermione and Ginny cleaned up the Quidditch things and followed Harry.

“Mom!” Ginny yelled when they entered the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley came running down the stairs and gasped when she saw Ron.

“What’s wrong with him?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“We’re not sure.” Harry told her. Harry carried Ron all the way up to his room with the help of Hermione, while Mrs. Weasley and Ginny got healing supplies. Harry and Hermione lay Ron on his bed and sat down, panting from the climb up the stairs. Then Mrs. Weasley bustled in and Ginny came in behind her, limping slightly.

“You three go down stairs. I need to work on him.” Mrs. Weasley said, setting the healing supplies out on the nightstand.

Harry wanted to stay, to make sure Ron was alright but he did not want to argue with Mrs. Weasley so he started to leave the room. Ginny must have felt the same way because she followed, but Hermione, however put up a fight. “No! I want to stay here. I can help you!” She said.

Mrs. Weasley looked at her then said, “Alright, Hermione can stay. Ron will probably want you here anyway.” Then she shepherded Harry and Ginny out the door. Harry helped Ginny down the stairs (it was still a little hard for her because of her ankle), and they sat in the sitting room.

“Hermione’s lucky.” Ginny said. “I mean I’m his sister. Sure he can be annoying sometimes but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about him!” Harry thought that it sounded like she was talking to herself more then him. “And you are his best friend!” She said pointing at him, “You should be there too!” Harry just nodded. “I’m flooing dad.” She said after a long stretch of silence. She limped over to the fireplace, reached into the vase next to it and took out some green powder. She threw it in the fireplace and stuck her head in. After a moment she said, “Dad!”

Harry heard a muffled voice say, “Ginny! You frightened me. What’s wrong? Is everyone alright? You don’t usually floo me.” Mr. Weasley’s voice said.

“Well, Ron is unconscious right now. We aren’t sure what’s wrong with him. Actually that’s why I called. I thought you might want to know.” Ginny told him.

“Oh my! Yes thank you Ginny. I’ll go ask Kingsley if I can come home right now! I’ll see you in a bit.” Mr. Weasley’s voice told Ginny. Ginny pulled her head out of the fireplace.

“Well that’s done.” They sat in silence for several more minutes Ginny continued to fret about Ron and as he sat watching Ginny he thought how pretty she looked, the biggest change he could see was that her hair had grown longer and was all the way down her back. Suddenly the fire roared up and Mr. Weasley stepped out.

“Hello Harry, Ginny. You’d better tell me what happened.” He said. Once Harry and Ginny finished Mr. Weasley stood up. “Well I’m going up there. I’ll let you know what’s happening.” And with that he started up the stairs. Harry and Ginny sat for what felt like hours, and then Mr. Weasley came down the stairs from Ron’s room.

“What is it?!” Ginny asked, jumping up, then wincing and falling back into her chair.

“We’re not sure. Molly sent me to call a healer.” Mr. Weasley walked to the fireplace, threw some green powder in, and stuck his head in the flames. After a moment he said, “Yes, St. Mungos this is Arthur Weasley. My son Ron is very sick but we don’t know what it is or how to treat it. I’m calling to request a healer.” He pulled his head out and turned to Harry and Ginny. “When the healer comes I want you to send him up.” He told them. They nodded and Arthur went back up the stairs. Five minutes later a healer dressed in white healer robes spun out of the fireplace.

“Hello, I’m healer Day, where is the patient.” Healer Day asked.

“Upstairs, in the attic bedroom.” Harry told her.

“Ah, you must be Harry Potter!” The witch exclaimed.

“Yes, but I think you should probably get up to Ron now.” Harry told her.

“Oh, right.” And with that she went quickly up the stairs.

Ginny moaned, “Oh, I wish I could go up there.” Harry nodded. Several minutes later Mr. Weasley came down with healer Day.

“Thank you for coming, healer Day.” He was saying. “We wouldn’t know what it was if you hadn’t.”

“You’re quite welcome.” The healer said, “And I’m sorry.” With that she went to the fireplace and flooed back to the hospital.

Mr. Weasley sighed and sat down in his big sagging armchair. “What is it dad?” Ginny asked worriedly.

“The diversus rememdium virus.” Mr. Weasley said sadly.

“What?” Asked Harry.

“It’s a little known sickness. The ministry has covered up the few stories there have been.” Mr. Weasley told them.

“Is it fatal?” Ginny said all but whispering.

“It can be, unless we find a cure.” Arthur looked at them and Harry could see sadness in his eyes, Arthur looked as though he had aged ten years in the time he had been in Ron’s room.

“Well then all we have to do is find the cure. That can’t be hard.” Ginny said.

“Actually, it’s harder that you think. You see, every time someone gets it that person’s cure is different from everyone else’s.” Mr. Weasley explained. “I have no idea how Ron could have gotten it.”

“I do.” Harry said. Then he explained about the book store and the cough he had heard.

“That could very well be it.” Mr. Weasley said. “Harry, I want you and Ginny to go question him about this.”

“First I want to go see Ron.” Ginny said. Harry agreed.

“Go see this man first and then you can.” Arthur told them. They left reluctantly but walked to the book store. The bell chimed overhead as they walked in. The store clerk stood behind his desk and looked up as they entered.

“Hello, hey wait haven’t I seen you today already?” He said looking closely at them. “Where are your friends?”

“Hello, yes you’ve seen us today.” Harry greeted the man. “And our friends, well one of them suddenly became very sick today, and we were wondering if you could help us.”

The man looked at Harry. “Well, I’m not sure what you’d find here but you can look.”

“Well, actually we were wondering if we could ask some questions about his sickness.” Harry told the man.

“Well, I’m sorry but if you hadn’t noticed I own a book store. I’m no doctor.” The man said.

“I don’t think you need to be a doctor to know about this. I think that you already know what I’m talking about.” Harry said.

“The diversus rememdium.” The man said sadly. Harry nodded. “My father had it. He also died from it. One can usually live for a little over a year when they have it without a cure. Also people always go mad within a day or two, until they get the cure. I’m dreadfully sorry to have given it to your friend.” The man said.

“Do you have any idea how to find the cure?” Harry asked.

“Yes you see the person who has it will start muttering in their sleep they will say what the cure is and tell the general location of it, follow the directions and you’ll usually find it in time. Obviously I didn’t find it.” The man told them.

“Well I don’t think Ron has had it long enough to have done that, but we should get back so we can tell them all this.” Ginny said. Harry agreed and they got up to leave.

“One more thing, you might want to watch out, my dad, once he started going mad, he some times attacked me or people who visited him. I wouldn’t be surprised if your friend did the same. Also I would like to help you find the cure, as I got you into this.” The man told them.

They were about to walk out when Harry noticed he didn’t know the clerk’s name, “I’m sorry, I never asked your name!” He said.

“William. And what are your names?” William said.

“I’m Harry and this is Ginny.” Harry introduced them.

“Nice to meet you. Wait, are you the Harry, Harry Potter?” Asked William incredulously.

“Yes actually I am.” Harry said, William almost shook their hands but remembered that that was how he had given the sickness to Ron and stopped himself.

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