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It was a week until Halloween, and James Potter, as usual, some things about him had not changed, had taken every chance he had got to ask Lily to the Halloween Ball which was for third years and up, like Hogsmeade.

He had finally given up as Lily had agreed to go in a group with Him, Sirius and His date, Remus and Peter; who couldn’t find a date. Lily couldn’t lie, she missed female company she missed Rosie, Alex and Louise her bestest friends in the world. They had tried apologizing but Lily had never felt so betrayed by people so close to her.

After the first day of classes that week Lily was sat in the library doing her DADA homework when Louise walked in, Lily ignored her but she had promised Remus she would talk to her about him and Jasmine and explain it all to her.

Remus had fallen so hard for Louise it was unbelievable. So Lily got up out of her seat and walked to the aisle Louise had just gone down.

“Hi” Louise smiled, noticing Lily was there.

“Look, im not here to mend our friendship” Lily muttered, Louise smile dropped and looked hurt, Lily almost regretted what she had said.


“Im here to talk about Remus”

“What about Remus” Louise snapped

“Oh come on Louise, I know you like him” Lily whined


“Well, he likes you, Jasmine was a mistake he admits it now, come on we all know Remus doesn’t usually make mistakes, but he was bound to make one, and he wants to put it right”

“By doing what” Louise scoffed.

“I dunno” Lily shrugged.

“Well tell Remus to get over it and himself” Louise shot at her.

“Hey this is not my problem it’s yours and his, so don’t talk to me like that” Lily snapped at her.

There was a pause, both of them wishing they hadn’t said some things to each other, missing each other dearly.

“Lily” Louise started, tears welling up in her eyes, “I miss you”

Lily burst out crying at this. As did Louise, she flung her arms around her.

“Im so sorry” Louise muttered.

“Im sorry too” Lily cried into her shoulder.

“No we should have told you, we miss you so much”

“I wish you had, I’ve spent the last month and a half hanging around with either nobody or The Marauders and they’re ok company, but man boys are boring” Lily chuckled. At that moment the Library door swung open and Alex and Rosie walked in.

“Come on Lou, we’ve been looking for you everywhere, Halloweens next Monday and my mum has sent the catalogue for us to order our costume” Rosie yelled, the walked around the corner and Lily almost burst out laughing at their shocked faces.

“LILY” Alex cried.

“We missed you so much” Rosie started crying.

“We’re so sorry”

“I love you guys” Lily smiled at her best friends.

“We love you too Lil, now do you have a date for Halloween?” Rosie asked

“Why, you offering?” Lily asked her best friend with a wink,

“Ha, ha, No!, you’re not my type Lils” Rosie joked, “Come with us in a group, Me and Lou don’t have dates, Al is going with Daniel so come with us?” Rosie smiled at her.

“Or you guys come with me?” Lily replied.

“What do you mean?” Louise asked,

“Im going in a group with The Marauders” Lily rolled her eyes, “Potter asked me, but I said no, so I said I’ve go in a group with Him, Remus, Peter and Sirius and His Date” Lily glanced at Alex, but her face was set in stone.

“Okay, that sounds fab” Rosie laughed, “But Al, you have to come with us in a group with Daniel!” Lily laughed.

“That’ll piss Sirius off” Lily giggled.

“Sure thing” Alex grinned, but Lily noticed her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Okay, let’s go and order our costumes” Rosie yelled, running out of the Library with Madame Pince screaming at her about how she should go Azkaban for yelling in her sacred library. Louise ran after her giggling.

Alex was about to go after them, when Lily stopped her.

“Al, im so sorry about what I said to you in Hogsmeade back in September and what I said to you in our dorm and every time I’ve acted like im Sirius’ side, I didn’t mean it, you had every right to snap at him after what he did to you, and im always 100% on your side you know that right?” Lily asked her best friend.

“Of course Lily, im sorry I was bitch, he was just sticking up for you, which is something I should’ve done” Alex smiled back at her, giving her friend huge hug.

“Let’s go get our costumes im going to be a cat” Alex giggled, “how about you?”

“Fairy” Lily smiled, Alex chuckled.

Lily had missed her friends so much.


“Lily, we are meeting the Marauders, Sirius’ date and Daniel on the 3rd floor in 20 minutes and you have only just got out of the shower” Rosie shouted.

“Calm down I didn’t wash my hair I only need to fling my wings and dress on” Lily smiled picking up her cardboard fairy wings, Alex shook her head.

“No, you can’t wear those Lily” Alex said to her friend. Lily stared at her putting her dress on, what was she thinking.

When Lily had her dress on, Alex putting the cardboard wings on Lily’s back and tapped them with her wand. Suddenly the cardboard wings turned into a pair of glittery white angel wings which matched her green thin strapped dress, which ruffled out down to just above her knees. Alex always was the best at Transfiguration, another thing her and Sirius had in common but now the colour of her dress matched her eyes.

Alex was wearing a tight black cat suit and she was wearing black ankle boots with her long blonde hair curled to past her chest, she was wearing tiny ears on the top of her head.

Rosie was dressed as spider, she had bought a black costume with eight legs, and her brown wavy hair had been straightened and tied up in a ponytail at the top of her head.

Louise was dressed as a princess she was wearing a floor length purple dress which made her bright blue eyes stand out, she had a small crown on the top of her head and had curled her normally straight blonde hair, into cute tight ringlets.

“Well, well, well don’t you look like a slut McCord” Came Jasmines sneering voice, her and Alisha were dressed as pixies and Lily’s opinion they looked like house elves instead. Alex was obviously thinking the same.

“What are you two meant to be? A pair of house elves?” Alex scoffed.

“Nah Al, they look more like the goblins that work in Gringotts” Louise spat.

“Shut up Edwards you filthy little man stealer” Jasmine hissed at her.

“I did not steal your man Jasmine, Remus broke up with you, I am not dating Remus, you two can’t seem to get it through your thick sculls that people are not stealing your boyfriends, your boyfriends are dumping you for people who aren’t a pair of pathetic little slags” Louise raged at them.

Lily opened her mouth in shock, Alex snickered and Rosie grabbed their arms and they ran out of the dormitory giggling.

The girls made their way down to the Entrance hall where they saw the boys and Sirius’ date who was a Hufflepuff sixth year by the name of Jessie Figgs, Carrie Figgs sister. James was dressed as a Merlin, which made Lily chuckle, Sirius was Dumbledore, Remus was a Knight, which was ironic as Louise was a Princess and Peter was dressed a rat.

To Lily’s surprise and amusement Sirius’ new girlfriend was dressed as a Cat a very slutty cat in fact and Daniel was dressed as a vampire. When they walked down the stairs Lily saw Remus’ mouth drop open at the sight of Louise, Sirius was practically drooling over Alex and James was beaming at Lily. Lily looked at Alex, who was grinning at Daniel, but shooting glares at Jessie.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Louise glared at Remus and linked arms with Lily, Lily chuckled at her friend’s stubbornness.

“So shall we go in then” James smiled.

“Uh, you guys go on in, I need to talk to Louise” Remus muttered.
Lily looked at Louise, Louise smiled and nodded and mouthed ‘five minutes’.

The Great Hall looked amazing; cobwebs were draped from the ceiling with plastic spiders which were hanging of them bewitched to move and wish every a happy Halloween, the ceiling was showing a very clear night sky, there were tables scattered around the room as they would be eating before the actual dance, the tables were draped in white table clothes and had candles in the middle of them, the whole hall was being lit by candles. Lily had never seen it look so beautiful other than Christmas.

They made their way to their table which would include; Lily, James, Remus, Louise, Rosie, Peter, Sirius, Jessie, Alex and Daniel. They sat down chatting amongst themselves, they were just talking about the Slytherin Quidditch team. Alex was going on about how she would kick the new Slytherin seekers arse whilst James kept shouting ‘hear hear’. When Louise and Remus came in and to nobody’s surprise they were holding hands.

“What exactly happened during your little ‘chat’ Remus?” Sirius winked at him, Lily giggled.

Louise went bright red and Remus put his arm around her and kissed her on the cheek, Lily looked around the hall and there she saw Jasmine glaring at Louise, they would not hear the end of this.

“We just decided that we were arguing and being jealous for no particular reason” Louise glared at Sirius. Sirius chuckled, Lily looked around the table and felt strangely alone, a Ravenclaw sixth year had just come over and started whispering in James’ ear he was raising his eyebrows eagerly, Rosie had got up to go and talk to a cute Hufflepuff seventh year from Charms class, Sirius and Jessie were cuddled up talking, Alex and Daniel were chatting to each other whilst Alex was sending jealous glares at Jessie and Louise and Remus were completely loved up now. Lily sighed; they had been planning this for weeks but now, oddly she just wanted this night to be over.

“I will not keep you from your food much longer, I just wish to say this Happy Halloween” Dumbledore smiled at them, he winked at Sirius as Sirius gave him a thumbs up.

When they were finished eating the food, the tables and the chairs magicked away and everyone made their way to the dance floor.
After about 3 songs, Lily had been dancing with a cute Gryffindor sixth year, when she noticed Alex and Daniel arguing.

“Al? You ok?” Lily said smiling at her as Daniel stormed off.

“No, the idiot says he’s bored, tired wants to go to bed as he has a tiny headache” Alex raged, “I wanted to dance, now im gonna have nobody to dance with I can’t even dance with any other boys as he will see it as a personal offence”.

Dance with me and Rosie and when there’s a slow song on, we just won’t dance” Lily suggested to her. Alex nodded in agreement, luckily it was a fast song next and for the next 5 songs they were all fast.

Until a slow one came on, Alex glanced at Lily and Lily nodded her head to the edge of the dance floor, until she was tapped on the shoulder.

“Hey Flower, can I have this dance” Came James’ voice, Lily sighed, Alex giggled.

“No Potter” Lily muttered.

“Hey, I thought we were past this; I hate James thing now?” James grinned awkwardly messing up his hair again as usual, Lily blushed she was beginning to like his hair more messy, she ignored the butterflies in her stomach not really knowing why they were there, “Come on just as friends? I won’t even try to kiss you I swear”.

“Fine” Lily sighed as Alex nodded to say it was ok, Lily was just about to follow James to the dance floor, when she saw Sirius walk over to Alex.

“Wanna Dance?” He said with a cocky tone in his voice, he was smirking at her and Alex was glaring at him.

“No” Alex sighed
“Come on Al, we’ve both got nobody to dance with, I mean come on, we can be friends surely?”

“I wouldn’t go as far as friends, not after detention the other night, but I’ll dance with you” Alex agreed. Lily smile, she made a mental note to ask Alex about detention.

Dancing with James wasn’t all that bad, he was a terrible dancer though, but then again so was she. They were laughing the whole way through the song.

“So where’s Jessie then?” Lily asked whilst dancing,

“Ill, gone back to her dorm, left Sirius looking like a lemon” James replied,

Lily turned to look at Alex and Sirius who were very close, they were talking and Alex kept grinning, then suddenly Sirius kissed her and Alex did not refuse. Then Alex pulled back and mouthed something like ‘oh my god’ and ran out of the hall.

“Im sorry, I’ve got to find her’ Lily apologized to James.

“I understand I need to talk to him too” James said to her.


“AL WAIT” Alex heard Lily shout, Alex stopped and turned, tears rolling down her cheek, she seemed to be crying a lot recently and in public too.

“I kissed him, the third time since we’ve been back, I’ve cheated on Harry three times” Alex muttered.

“I saw” Lily replied
“Why? Look what he did to me, im a mess because of him, I don’t love him, I mean I can’t love him, it hurts too much to love him”

“It hurts to love Alex”

Alex started crying, ‘what is wrong with me’ she thought, she needed some air.

“Come on let’s go sit in this classroom and chat yeah?” Lily smiled at her. Alex nodded, she could hear the music from here, she just wanted to sit and talk. They made their way into a classroom which they thought was empty, until they opened the door and shouts and yells stopped them, but they weren’t just any shouts and yells. Alex turned on the light.

“DANIEL?” she fumed, “what are you doing with her” pointing at Jessie, Sirius’ date, Alex didn’t an answer she already knew.

“Alex, it didn’t mean anything we only kissed, I was on my way back to the dorm, I didn’t lie to you or anything I love you Alex” Daniel pleaded, Alex looked at him, it hurt that he had done this to him, especially with Sirius’ girlfriend, but she couldn’t break up with him. She had done the same.

“It’s okay” she said ignoring Lily’s shocked face, “I forgive you’’.

“Now get out of here you little skank, and don’t worry I will be telling your boyfriend you cheated on him and Sirius Black does not like to be made a fool of” Alex snapped at her as she ran out the door.

Alex kissed her boyfriend and said goodnight, she made her way up the staircase to the Gryffindor common room, followed by Lily who still had her mouth open, when they got to the common room, she flopped down into a chair next to the fire and Lily sat next to her.

There was hardly anyone in the Gryffindor common room; it was only 11 o Clock, only 1st and second years were up as everyone from third year and above was down at the night before Halloween, ball. Lily had explained that they had to have it on the 30th as they couldn’t have it on Halloween night because of the Halloween feast.

“Alex? Please tell me you’re not really forgiving him?” Lily sighed.

“Of course I am Lily, how could I not? I did exactly the same thing as he did tonight, if people find out about it that I have dumped him because he kissed another person and then they find out I did the same thing, how hypocritical will that make me look?” Alex chatted away.

“I guess, but what if he does it again because he got away with it the first time?”

“Then it’s over” Alex said simply.

“You know everyone will know again, tomorrow, and it’ll be similar to the buzz when you found out about Sirius?”

“Oh shit, I don’t think I can deal with being humiliated again” Alex groaned.

“Don’t worry; it’ll die down in a few days.

“So you and James?” Alex winked at her best friend.

“Shut up, we’re acquaintances” Lily groaned, trying not to blush as she could feel her face going red just at the sound of James’ name, ‘gosh what was happening to her’.

“It didn’t look that way”

“Shut up” Lily snapped at her, Alex chuckled, “actually I was dancing with a cute Gryffindor Sixth year and he invited me to Hogsmeade next time and I agreed” Lily continued very matter of factly.

Alex smiled at her, they continued to sit there and talk till about 2 in the morning, most people had come in, it wasn’t till just gone two when the Portrait of the Fat Lady opened for the last time and in walked, Sirius, James, Peter, Remus, Rosie and Louise n’ Remus. Alex and Sirius looked at each other.

“Right well im off to bed, night guys” Alex fake yawned and marched up to the dormitory. She fell onto her bed but didn’t sleep; she didn’t hear the others come in for a few hours.


“What’s going on?” Louise asked as Alex had gone straight upstairs,

Lily sighed she might as well tell them, the whole school would know probably tomorrow.

“Alex, um, saw Daniel cheating on her earlier this evening” Lily said awkwardly to Louise, James, Sirius, Rosie and Remus as Peter had gone to bed.

“WHAT?” Sirius yelled, “im gonna beat him to a pulp”.

“Don’t act so fast Sirius, he was snogging your girlfriend” Lily added in, “and she forgave him”

“What why?” Louise spat,

“Im not going to say the reason as it’s down to her, but Sirius don’t act like you think she’s a fool, you know why she forgave him, for the same reasons you should forgive Jessie” Lily put in. James nodded at his Sirius, Lily smiled at him, and Potter had actually helped her out in an awkward situation.

“Is she ok?” Rosie asked.

“Let’s go see her” Louise added, kissing Remus goodnight. They made their way up the stairs, but when they got up there Alex was ‘asleep’.

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