Even though Harry didn't have the Marauders map he knew the secret entrances to the castle by heart, but still he prayed that, if he were indeed in the past, no one else knew them. The castle itself he could circumnavigate without the need for a map, though he agreed with himself that the better choice was to remain hidden until he found the headmaster.

Once he made it out of the passage that led from the shack to the womping willow he quickly had to side step a branch that soared in his direction. He looked over as he carefully darted toward the castle and noticed smoke billowing out of the small hut he knew was hagrid's, but resisted the temptation to take a look putting in the back of his mind that he'll check on it later.

The twists and turns of the corridors Harry knew by heart, having taken this entrance more than a few times. He had to take his chances though on the exit; he didn't have the map with him so he had to rely on luck to make sure no one was around. With uneasiness he opened the corridor exit, which happened to be the hunchbacked old hag. Harry released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding when he noticed the hallway empty. 'Great,' he thought elated.

Harry crept down the hallway, careful not to make a sound. He hoped that filtch wasn't roaming the corridors, but knowing his luck filtch was caretaker even in this time period.

“You Know,” came a familiar voice as he turned the fourth floor corridor. “Students aren't permitted to roam the school at night time.”

Harry turned to see a much younger Dumbledore, he noted the same kind smile on his face he always had, and a relatively shorter beard. Dumbledore was dressed in blue robes adorned with moons and stars. On his head he wore a rather large sleeping cap that came to a point just past his shoulder, he also wore bunny slippers.

“I'm not a student, Professor,” Harry said returning the smile. “But it is good to see you after all these years.”

“You look like James Potter,” Dumbledore adjusted his glassed as he spoke. “But unless you got that scar in an hours time i'm guessing your not.”

“I'm not my father,” Harry said frankly. “But what I have to tell you concerns even him.”

“Ah” Dumbledore said simply. He inched closer and placed his hand on Harry's back beckoning him to walk forward. They walked casually down the corridor lite only by the light of the candle Dumbledore held in his hand. “Come then dear boy, and tell me all about it.”


Hogsmeade still seemed to be lively in the twilight hours. Draco and Hermione slithered their way through the town, careful not to be noticed by anyone, Hermione thought that it would be easier if they had Harry's invisibility cloak but never brought it up to Draco. She studied him as he eyed around the corner of a building they were behind. Somehow she thought he looked more determined and just a little more cautious than what she last remembered.

Her memory was still hazy, honestly it was a wreck. She racked her brain trying to remember anything before the hospital, obviously the diner had been a hallucination brought on by something or some body, but she couldn't remember. She looked deep inside herself to try harder, but still nothing.

“...think it'll be safe to go...” She only half heard what Draco said. “Granger? Are you listening to me?”

Hermione snapped out of her trance to look in the direction Draco was pointing to. “Hmmm?”

“I was saying that the way looks clear and I think it would be safe to go over there.” He pointed towards Hunny-dukes tavern. “What were you doing anyway?” He raised an eyebrow to her.

She blushed realizing she had been lost in thought when she shouldn't have been. “Draco, can I ask you something?”

Draco looked back at her. Her voice was soft and sweet but he knew this was gonna be a discussion or a debate, knowing the person he was with. “Sure,” he said still eying the way.

“How long has it been since we left Hogwarts.”

Draco was surprised at the question. He looked at her dumbfounded. “Wha... What?”

“You heard me.” She said in a matter-of-fact tone. “Obviously you and Harry are friends, so how long has it been?”

Draco sighed. “You honestly don't remember the last five years?”

The color in Hermione's cheeks vanished, Draco could see it even in the small moonlight that was shining in their direction. She took a step back and met the brick wall stunned. How could she have lost all memory of five whole years, one was understandable, but five? She cleared her throat.

“What happened?”

“Sit,” Draco beckoned and flicked his wand. “We have a lot to talk about.” Hermione sat on the blanket Draco had just conjured up.

Draco took a seat on the grass, he didn't know how she would react to him sitting beside her, if her last memory was hogwarts then she still might hate him. “Let me just start out by saying,” he took a deep breath. “Not long after the war I made the front page news.”

Hermione cocked her head slightly a little confused. Noticing this Draco continued. “I...” he blushed slightly knowing this might get a laugh. “I committed myself.”

Indeed Hermione did chuckle. “The great Malfoy admitting himself into the looney bin, why?” She crossed her legs Indian style and placed her elbows on her knee's 'This should be good,' she thought.


July 24, 2000

Draco Malfoy, son of the infamous Death Eater Lucius Malfoy, today has committed himself into the psychiatric center adjacent to Saint Mungo's. A spoke's woman for the Malfoy family has declined to say why,but this reporter believes that the stress of the past war with he-who-must-not-be-named took it's tool on the poor boy. We here at the Daily Prophet wish him all the best recovery. In light of his father being sent, yet again, to Azkaban prison we can only wonder now how Narcissa Malfoy will cope.

Reanna Golstaad
Senior Columnist.

Harry and Hermione re-read the article ten times each hoping they weren't reading what they thought they were reading. Draco was acquitted of charges right after the war, why would he send himself to a mental institution? It just didn't make sense. They had to go find out for themselves, but should they really? They looked at each other as if knowing what the other was thinking and at the same time agreeing with the question.


“They wouldn't let you two in for a week you know.” Draco was looking at the stars while he spoke. He was being candid with her and he knew he had to to gain her trust again. He looked back towards her and into her eyes. It was the one feature he adored about her. He smiled.

Hermione blushed. “What?”

“Oh nothing,” Draco lied. “It's funny us ending up this way, especially since i'm sensing you still dislike me if the last memories you have are Hogwarts.”

She was surprised at his candor. She couldn't understand why the slimy little ferret she'd always known would open up to her like that, it was almost as if she was in the twilight zone or maybe he was a pod person and the real Draco was no more. The smile though shot right through her. “Sorry,” she looked towards the ground. “I wish I could remember, but since Harry trusts you i'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here and frankly it's really hard.”

He knelt down to her and gently took her hand in his. “I know and i'm sorry, but believe me when I say that the war changed the person I was. Besides my mother, you and Harry were the only ones that visited me.”

“We were?” His touch felt soothing to her and she had no idea why. She let this one slide.

“Yes, at first both of you just bombarded me with questions,” he sat closer to her as he spoke. “I didn't want you there but you kept returning. At first I thought it was out of pity.”

“How long were you in there?” She was looking into his eyes now. Searching, scanning him for some sign of truth or lie, she found none and she was unaware that involuntarily she was moving closer to him.

“A year.” He said simply. By now they were almost nose to nose.

“What made you leave?” They were closing the gap between themselves little by little.

“You.” Just before the small gap was sealed they heard a voice that jarred them away from each other in the blink of an eye.

“So,” Ron cleared his throat. “What did you find?”

'Damn you weasley.' Draco thought. He shot Ron a glare, which Pansy picked up on.

“Ow!” exclaimed Ron, rubbing the back of his head. Pansy smacked him across the back of the head with enough force it made him take a step forward. “What the bloody hell was that for?”

“If you don't know by know hun you never will.” Pansy said in a sweet voice. She turned her head toward Draco “So what have you two found?”

“I think,” began Hermione standing up, welcoming the interruption. “We best discuss it at the shack so everyone can hear.”

“Fair enough,” said Pansy.

“What date is it by the way?” Draco questioned.

“From the papers we've found, October 18th, 1976.”

Hermione's eye's widened. “You have GOT to be joking!”

“What?” Ron's face contorted.

Hermione turned her gaze over to Pansy who was standing just opposite Ron. Sensing what she thought Hermione wanted she simply said “Go right ahead.”

She thought about it but decided not to smack him upside the head, instead she begrudgingly answered him. “We're in the middle of the first wizard war Ronald!”

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