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Chapter 4: Burning Desire “What the-” Jessica had muttered before the old wizard spoke. “Get in here…NOW!” Jessica scrambled over to the doorway Albus Dumbledore had just come through, tripping over a coat rack on the way. The whole thing fell to the floor and made a tremendous amount of noise. Jessica froze and looked fearfully up, preferring to look at Lupin rather than Dumbledore. Before either wizard could talk to her, curtains to the left of her went flying open. She saw what looked to be a picture of an ugly old witch, but what the weird thing was was that it was moving. Before she could comprehend how pictures could move, she shrieked. The picture had started yelling at the top of its lungs. “FILTH!! MUDBLOODS! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, HOW DARE YOU BESMIRCH THE LAND OF MY FATHER WITH YOUR WORTHLESS BLOOD!!...” More to look away from the horrible picture and the two wizards trying to shut the curtains, she looked up at some sort of banister connected to the stairs. At first there was no one there, but then a person came flying down the hall to look down below. The boy was the one she had thought about for more than two months. He had black hair, glasses, and was very skinny: It was Harry Potter. For a second they just stared at each other, and then he started to come down. However, at that particular moment, the curtains finally were pulled over the witch and Dumbledore again pointed his wand at Jessica. “Not yet, Harry. We do not know if this is an imposter.” And with that, he pulled her into the kitchen. She sat down on the closest chair and looked up at Dumbledore, a little frightened. She was sure he was going to put her through some tests to make sure it was her, but she didn’t exactly know what the test was. Harry Potter spoke up before Dumbledore could do or say another word though. “Can’t you just give her some veritaserum?” he questioned. “And how exactly do you expect me to get that? It takes about a month to make, Harry. Please, just go upstairs with everyone else and let me handle this.” Harry looked at Jessica, sorrow written in his eyes. She smiled. Don’t worry about it, she thought. He smiled and left. Dumbledore spoke again, but this time to Lupin. “Where did you find her?” “She was fighting in the park with a Death Eater,” he replied calmly. “She was ducking his curses and he was about to perform the Killing Curse when I saved her.” Dumbledore shook his head a little. “Still could have been a decoy. She wasn’t fighting back?” At this point Jessica stepped in. “Sir, I don’t even own a wand and have nowhere to buy one. How was I supposed to fight him back?” “You said in your letter that you have the power to make things move with your hands and eyes, as well as see visions. Why didn’t you do any of that stuff?” Jessica faltered and lowered her gaze for a second. Then, remembering people look away when they’re lying, she again stared into Dumbledore’s eyes. “I-I just had a feeling that I shouldn’t…that something bad would happen if I did.” Dumbledore sighed. “Jessica, or whatever you go by, you have a very convincing story. But what I am about to do to you is going to prove to me once and for all if you are indeed who you say you are. Please look into my eyes.” She laughed before she could stop herself. “What, are you going to hypnotize me or something?” He didn’t smile back. “Somewhere along those lines, yes.” Jessica intstantly stopped laughing and looked at him. “Oh.”. “On the count of three then, ready? One, two, three…Legilimens!” Before Jessica knew what was happening, she was looking at pictures from her past. There was her 4th birthday party, where she got the stuffed animal of Nemo that she had wanted ever since they went into the Disney store, her first day of school, the first time she ever saw someone else’s past, and then more recent things. She saw her father telling her about the lab, saw her family eating outside while she watched miserably from her room, she saw again Harry Potter and Voldemort, saw her family wrapped up in a volleyball net, and finally saw the Death Eater shooting sparks at her. At once everything stopped. She was gripping the edge of her chair very tightly and breathing very ragged. What on earth had just happened? Dumbledore had just read her mind, she was sure of it. But didn’t he say that he had never heard of anyone else who could do that? Dumbledore also appeared exhausted, but looked a whole lot nicer than he had before. His eyed were twinkling, and he had a bit of a smile on his face, though it looked a little pained. “Let me explain, because I feel I owe you that. I can see certain memories, flashes of people’s past with the spell I just used on you. No matter how many lies someone would tell, their memories will always say the truth. It is true that I have never known anyone with the power to read minds before-without a wand. Everything you can do we can also, but there must be something special about you if you don’t need a wand. I am sorry, but once you get to know our world a little bit better, you will understand the need to be overcautious and not trust people you have not heard of before, especially if they have unusual-powers. These are evil times, Jessica, and one can never be too wary. But I know now that you are indeed who you say you are, and I must say that this puts your letter and your warnings in a new perspective. For right now though I suggest you go upstairs and meet the people your age and wait for dinner. I’m sure you are hungry, and it will be finished soon.” Jessica gave a quick glance to Lupin, who smiled and nodded encouringly, and she quickly got up off her chair and left the kitchen. She had planned to go upstairs in order to find Harry Potter, but she was wrong. As soon as she got out of the kitchen door, she started to run, but collided with something very solid. “Ouch!” she said, then looked up into Harry’s face. He smiled. “I wanted to show you where you’re going to be staying. Come on, everyone wants to meet you.” And with that, he took her by the arm and led her up the stairs and into another door, this one full of beds and people.

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