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Chapter 1: Uncovering the Truth The window that looked over her backyard showed a pleasant view. There was a family, obviously enjoying each other’s company. They had food set out on a table, a little inflatable pool, a volleyball net, basketball hoop, and many other fun things to do. The family had a mom and a dad, two sons and three daughters. But one of the daughter’s was inside her room, looking down on the party rather than being there. Jessica felt like she didn’t belong to that family, not really. She was different then them, then everyone in the entire world. If one wanted to label her, she supposed that she would be a witch, but she was different from the rest of the witches and wizards out there. She had known for five years about the other world, where they used wands and had big castles used as schools and even had the threat of some serious evil and a war. But that was not her world. She didn’t own a wand, and only knew about them because of her visions. Her visions were what separated her from everyone else, muggles and wizards alike. Since she was eleven years old, she was able to touch someone and get flashbacks of their past. She would see them as they grew up, know every fight they had had with their parents and which teachers they loved and hated. People were able to tell that something was different about her, but some still ended up being her friend. That all changed one day when she was foolish enough to confide in her then-best friend. She told her everything, about her visions, and about how she was starting to be able to move small objects with a wave of her hand. The girl didn’t believe her, but then after Jessica told the girl what had happened in the girl’s past and moved things for her, she became scared. The next day at school everyone treated her differently. They would avoid looking directly at her and not one of her friends sat by her at lunchtime. Jessica then decided to tell her parents to see if they could do something. Her parents were as skeptical as the best friend, but Jessica again moved things for them. But they had the complete opposite reaction of her friend. They were excited and said that they were pleased about having a witch in the family. They were overly nice to her, which was a surprise to Jessica, as they usually yelled at her more than the rest of her brothers and sisters. But it all became clear one day: her father told her of an exciting new lab which tested on people with “abnormal” powers, as he had put it. She was suspicious, but her father continued to tell her it was just a good way to find out more about her and for the family to learn along with her. Jessica had believed him up until the point when she accidentally touched his hand at dinner the night before she was supposed to leave for the testing. She had more recent flashbacks, and one of them included him talking to the owner of the lab. She heard Dr. Forkes tell her dad that he would be rewarded with a large sum of money if he lent Jessica for some testing. When her dad asked what it was about, Dr. Forkes said that recently there have been complaints about people with “strange talents”. He, Dr. Forkes, wanted to research this more carefully. He had said that sometimes the kids might not be able to come back home though. But when he handed her dad a piece of paper with a number on it, when Jessica saw how much she was being sold for, the image faded. She was back at the dinner table, with her father looking at her the same way he always did. There was nothing on his face to show he regretted, even the littlest bit, for sending her away, perhaps permanently. She had never been so angry. With one swoop of her hand, the table and all the plates and silverware went flying. A thrust of her hand and her dad was sprawled out on his back, gasping for breath. The rest of her family was too surprised and frightened to do anything. She confronted him, moving objects at him until he finally confessed. Her mother then tried to step in, but Jessica glared at her, willing with all her might for her mother to stop talking. And she did. She would move her mouth, but no sound came out. Jessica had a new power, one that worked from her eyes. She turned back to her father, finding a knife and holding it inches away from his chest. She made sure he heard her, inside his head. She inscribed the words inside him, inside his brain, so he would always remember: ‘I could do it, with a twist of my hand, so easily you would be dead. But killing you is something that would not make me happy. No, I think I can make you regret your decision more then you would if I just outright killed you.’ She let the knife fall harmlessly on top of him and ran up to her room, locking the door and never seeing her family again. She sat alone in her room for four years, constantly wondering how to get revenge on the family she thought had loved her. Not until she was 15 did she find another power, one that would be far more helpful than the ones she already possessed. By a lucky chance one day around the end of May or early June, she had woken up early and saw an owl flying outside her window. What was strange about the owl was that it seemed to be carrying something on its leg. She stared at it and willed it to come to her window, and it did. She took what looked like an ordinary newspaper and glanced at the front page. She saw the headline only for a second-‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-Returns’- before she was shuttled into images. She saw a little boy staring up at a grown wizard with a wand. Jessica could tell he was evil, she could feel it radiating off him. Next thing she knew there was a flash of green light and the evil wizard was gone, a high pitched moaning scream filling the air. Next, a boy with black hair holding onto a red stone while a man with a face on both sides attacked him. The boy plunging a sword into a huge serpent’s mouth. Fighting dementors, holding another teen boy’s arm and summoning a gold trophy from the distance. Finally she saw the same evil wizard that had disappeared so many years ago, fighting an old wizard with very long hair, and the black-haired boy watching behind a statue. She came out of the visions only for a second, just in time to register the names of people and places. The evil wizard was named Voldemort, the black-haired boy was Harry Potter, and the good wizard with long hair had the name of Albus Dumbledore. As soon as her brain told her about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she was off. She was following Voldemort around, watching him converse with people called Death Eaters. Heard them talk about terrible things, about the Harry Potter boy and Dumbledore. Flashed over to Harry and Dumbledore and a dozen other people in a very dark, musty home. She gathered that this was a secret society called The Order of the Phoenix, and they were busy fighting the Death Eaters. But they were not talking about what she had just heard Voldemort saying. They obviously had no idea what was going on out there, really. Jessica fell forward, toppling onto her desk, gasping. She was certain she had just seen the future, she was certain she was the only one who knew what evil Voldemort was planning. Jessica had to let this Dumbledore know, and also the boy Harry Potter. They were in grave danger, whether they knew it or not. She had to tell them, warn them. She was the only one who had the power to stop the evil. It gave her something to do at least. Better then sitting in her prison of a room another day, doing nothing but watch her family have fun outside. Looking out the window for only a second, she sat down and began to write, the owl watching her from its spot on the desk.

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