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I woke up in what I was assuming was the hospital wing of Hogwarts. My arms and legs felt like Jell-O, and I could hardly lift my head it was so heavy. I had felt worse than this before, but still, it’s a lot of pain. I can’t even remember what happened.




Annabeth was beside me, as well as a large glass of liquid, which I was assuming was nectar. “You’re awake! Gods, Percy, you really scared me… One minute you were perfectly fine, the next you fainted! Any idea why?”





I wanted to tell her exactly why, but could I trust her? I mean, of course she was my best friend, my girlfriend, the person I could talk to any time. But this was just … a lot.




“I don’t know exactly why… Something having to do with newspaper….”




She nodded. “OK, I’ll keep an eye out. Now, come on, we’ve already missed about half of today’s classes. What a way to start our first, and hopefully last, year at Hogwarts.” She smiled and took my hand.




We headed to our next class, Transfiguration. Luckily, we had all our classes together, not to mention, this class was at least with the Hufflepuffs, meaning all of us would be there.




“Percy, you OK?” Rachel asked me when we arrived.






“Yeah, I’m fine. How’re things?” I told her.



“Awful, I can’t seem to get this damn magic thing right!” she shouted, way too loud, that’s for sure.




I could hear a voice in the front of the class mutter, “Suspicious… Very suspicious…” I’m assuming it was Albus Potter, that annoying kid we found on the train.






“Watch it, Rachel, or we’re going to get caught,” Annabeth hissed.





Sheesh and I thought this Rachel/Annabeth tension was over when Rachel became the Oracle… Guess not.





“Welcome Mr. Jackson, Miss Chase. Well at last, I see?” the teacher, who I recognized from dinner, motioned for us to sit.





“Hi, Professor. Sorry we’re late…”





The teacher, Professor Yosabeth I think it was, told us it was fine and that we should take our seats. “Today, class, we shall turn these frogs into quills, which, all-in-all is about fourth year level in difficulty, and I’m sure you shall all do just fine. Mr. Potter, could you please hand out the frogs?”





Albus nodded and headed to the side of the room, where he grabbed a big cardboard box, which I was assuming was filled with frogs. He passed them out to everyone in the class. Annabeth squealed a little bit, because honestly, who wants to touch nasty little frogs?




“Just say the spell,” Yosabeth said. “Quillicus Frogicus,”





“Sheesh, so original,” Rachel muttered, rolling her eyes as she held her wand in front of the frog’s beady eyes.




Get me out of here! A voice said inside my head.





Oh, please don’t say I can talk to frogs, too. That would just be plain WEIRD.





Yeah, I’m talking to you! Let me go, please!




I sighed. “Alright,” I murmured out loud, as Albus walked by.





“Talking to yourself, Jackson?” he asked me, the suspicion clear in his voice.





“Yepp, that’s right, Potter. I’m Percy Jackson, the half-blood with a voice where his brains should be!” I mocked myself. Albus rolled his eyes and walked away. 




QUILLICUS FROGICUS!” Rachel yelled, but with no success. Wow, being a mortal must really suck.




“Quillicus frogicus?” Thalia said, and with a faint poof the frog turned into a pen. A pen, really?




Yosabeth eyed Thalia. “Not bad, Miss Grace. Not bad at all. Alright, class, you are dismissed. Tomorrow we shall work on something harder – cats into turtles!”




The joy.




“Percy, I didn’t get to talk to you, but um, I think someone knows who we are.” Nico whispered. Whoa – I had totally forgotten that kid was there until now! Wait – why is he even in our year? Wow, he’s like, what, four years younger than me? Poor kid…





“What?” I asked him. “But, how would that be possible?”





“I can feel things, Percy. Things are about to happen, but, I don’t really know what…” As the kid finished that sentence, something pretty much blew up right in front of us. Unfortunately, I can’t say I saw that coming, despite Zeus’ warnings the danger of Hogwarts may be.





My hand went to my pocket and I gripped Riptide. I stood up quickly, checking to see who was around. Me, Nico, Annabeth, Thalia, Rachel, and… Albus Potter. Of course. “What do you want, Potter?” I asked him. This kid was totally not on my ‘I-wanna-be-best-friends-with-you’ list. More like the ‘I-wanna-beat-the-crap-outta-you-and-shove-riptide-through-your-body’ list. Yeah, I have anger issues. Deal with it.





“I don’t want anything, except her,” he said, pointing to Thalia. “How can I get her to like me?”





Thalia scowled. “Sorry, punk, I don’t date.” She told him, and it was true, because when she became a Hunter of Artemis, she vowed to remain a maiden forever, meaning, no dating. 





Rachel rolled her eyes. “Come on, Potter, ignore them. I’ll give you some tips on getting girls – clearly you need them.”




“Uh, hello? Are you guys even paying attention to what’s going on? The whole hallway just blew up!” Annabeth yelled.




“Oh. Right.”




“WHAT IN MERLIN’S BEARD IS GOING ON HERE?” Professor McGonagall shrieked when she saw the remains of the hallway.





I was really shocked at her sudden appearance, so I said something really intelligent, like, “Uhhh…”




Albus, who clearly hated me by this point, pointed his grubby finger at me. “HE DID IT!”




Wow. So mature for a seventeen year old.





“I swear I didn’t do anything, Professor. I was just talking to my friends when the whole hallway went KABLOOOOOOOM!” I shrieked, using hand gestures for dramatic effect.





Her beady eyes stared at me. “I’ll let you off with a warning. This one time. Next time, you won’t be so lucky. I’m going to have to owl your parents though. Both of them.”





I gulped. “Both of them? That – that really won’t be necessary, Professor… My dad, erm – he’s uh … He’s on a cruise to Guatemala. No one knows exactly where he’ll be, let alone a stupid owl…”




“Very well. I shall owl your mother.” She turned on her heels and paraded off, reprimanding first years for pulling some cat’s tail.




Until that moment, I hadn’t realized that (thankfully) Albus Potter seemed to have left. “Thank the gods,” I muttered. “That kid’s getting on my last nerves.”





Annabeth took my hand. “Come on, Seaweed Brain. Let’s go check out this explosion and see what caused it.” 










I walked outside the next day to see Rachel sitting on a bench chatting with some random Hufflepuff girl. The girl was short, I could tell, with the curliest black hair ever. She had freckles sprinkled across her nose, and sparkling gray eyes. If I hadn’t have known better, I would have said she was Athena’s daughter.



“So, Rachel, tell me. How can I get Scorpius to like me?”



Rachel laughed. “Scorpius as in Scorpius Malfoy? Bad-boy Slytherin, son of Draco Malfoy, who happened to be on the Dark Side?”



“Yes, Rachel, yes!”



“Alright, Mary, I’ll help you. I’ll create a series of tips for your use: ‘Rachel’s Guide to Dating the Dark Side.’” She said. “Step number one: Find out what Scorpius likes.”



Mary smiled and jotted the tip down in a notebook. “Check, Rachel. He likes quidditch, potions, DADA, and girls.” She giggled.



“Alrighty then. Step two: Talk to him.”



“Talk to him? That’s it? OK, I’ll go do that right now,” she said, clearly eyeing Scorpius Malfoy, who was walking through the courtyard. “HEY, SCORPIUS? OVER HERE!” she yelled. Mary waved at him, winked at Rachel, and then ran to the boy’s side.



“Rachel’s Guide to Dating the Dark Side?” I questioned, Rachel nodded.



“Any leads as to who blew up the hallway?”






“I see…” she muttered.   “Percy, why do you think Zeus sent us here? I mean, he must be really desperate, considering he sent me… I mean, he actually allowed me to go to Olympus, Percy! Something can’t be right.”



I nodded. “I know, Rachel… Well, we just need to be rational about this… Figure it out along the way.”



“Who are you and what have you done with the real Percy? The Percy I know would never act rationally.”



“Ha ha ha, very funny.”



“PERCY! PERCY! I FOUND OUT WHO BLEW UP THE HALLWAY! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, I KNOW WHY ZEUS SENT US HERE!” Annabeth shouted frantically, with Thalia and Nico chasing after her.



“What is it, Annabeth?” I asked. 



She pointed at a picture in the newspaper, The Daily Prophet, which she had been reading. “Read this article before I show you the picture.”



I took the newspaper from her and began to read the article, even though it was pretty difficult due to my dyslexia:



A wizard of around nineteen was found half-dead on the beach. He awoke to see trees on fire and people screaming. As he was very brave, he put the fire out somehow – details unknown. He saved us from the fire, and now he says he is hunting a criminal. The boy’s name is Perseus Jackson. If you know of the whereabouts of this boy, please report him to the Ministry of Magic.



We all gasped in horror.  Some dude was looking for me! “But, look at the picture of the guy,” Annabeth told us, so we did. There was the boy, alright, but I recognized that face – the sandy hair, the beady eyes, and the white scar on his cheek. That was a picture of Luke Castellan, and he was supposed to be dead.



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