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June was always so warm and beautiful. As such it was just cruel that we had to be stuck inside the castle for nearly two weeks of lovely mornings.

I watched the sand trickle slowly on the hourglass at the front of the hall. My fingers tapped softly on my parchment causing my neighbour to shoot me an irritated look. I smiled to myself and looked around the hall. The sunlight streamed through the high windows lighting up everything in a warm yellow glow. My quill twisted between my fingers unconsciously as I re-read what I had written.

Q8. Explain the rationale of approaching with a group rather than approaching individually when dealing with a Boggart.

I rolled my eyes inwardly at the O.W.L paper. A third year could have answered that!
My finger trailed along the vane of my quill letting the barbs brush past. The Anti-cheating quills provided were always very scratchy and blunt. My mind wandered boundless. The Great Hall ceiling was a clear blue with soft white clouds. I imagined it would be perfect for flying…

Bored and longing for freedom I checked my watch once more just as Professor Flitwick’s voice rang through the hall, “Five minutes left”. He passed by my desk, looking suspiciously around at all the busy students. I straightened up pushing my lop-sided glasses into place, set my quill on the table and pulled my parchment straight. Scanning across the hall my eyes then caught the sun playing in the auburn hair of one Lily Evans.

I’d spent many of my waking moments trying to vex her since I first met her on the Hogwarts Express. In turn Evans spent an equal amount of time wishing I'd vanish in a puff of smoke. It was an easy job getting young Ms. Evans’ knickers in a twist. One would argue that we were getting too old for such antics but there is something so entertaining about chasing after a girl who constantly resents you that even the prospect of it made me smile.

I decided right then to talk to her after the exam before she left the hall. Maybe ask her to “study” together for Transfiguration, possibly the only subject I could beat her at. That'll get her ranting for a bit! I laughed quietly at the thought.

Oh how I wished Quidditch was a subject! With that longing I yawned involuntarily, ran my hand though my hair and stretched a bit pulling my arms behind my chair. I was bored enough to contemplate if drawing a sad face on my paper would disqualify me. With a quick glance at Flitwick I turned in my seat. As usual Sirius was finished with his writing. He artfully balanced his chair on its hind legs and lounged on it, gently rocking back and forth. I grinned as I realised he was staging himself for Sophia Reese who had been on his “Must Date Before Leaving School” list for the past two years. Sadly she was busy scratching parts of her essay off while she reread the final work. He responded with a thumbs up when I gave him a questioning glance. Apparently he still thought he had a shot. He never learns. Behind Sirius, Remus was hard at work bent over his parchment.

Falling back into boredom I returned to my parchment sitting in front of me wondering how slow time moved. Carefully, I ripped a piece of blank parchment from a spare sheet and picked up my quill. My hand seemed to draw of its own accord, tracing ink into seemingly fluttering wings. As I shaded ink into the round centre of it the Snitch appeared metallic and more realistic. Once I could not further improve its look, my hand moved to the corner. The ink traced thick into the groove as my quill scratched into the parchment and the two letters stood out vividly against its pale background.
L. E ...

“Time’s up! Quills down please!” Flitwick’s voice called. “Please remain in your seats until all the parchment papers are collected. Accio!”

My answer script along with everyone else’s zoomed off the desk over to Flitwick’s outstretched arms knocking him to the floor instantly.

“Oh dear!” We heard him say as everyone broke into laughter.

“Yes, you may leave the hall now!”
I hastily scratched out the letters on the scrap of parchment and stood up, rolled up exam paper and shoved it into my bag waiting for Sirius to join me.

“You know, I wish they’d make it a challenge sometimes,” Sirius said as he reached me waving his exam paper.

I chuckled at his feigned disappointment and followed Remus and Peter out of the hall.

Sirius clapped a hand on Remus’ back as we reached the entrance hall, “How did you do, Moony? Did you enjoy question ten?”

“Excellent,” said Remus, “Give five signs that identify the werewolf. Absolutely brilliant!”

“Sure you managed to get all five?” I asked pretending to be concerned.

“Oh, I think I did alright,” he replied scratching his chin thoughtfully as we stepped out into the grounds. “One: He’s in my chair. Two: He’s wearing my clothes. Three: His name is Remus Lupin.”

Sirius chuckled. “You forgot four: He’s probably writing on my parchment!”

Peter however didn’t seem to find it funny. His brow was furrowed as he looked down at his paper.

“’S’matter, Wormtail?” Sirius asked picking up on it too.

“I got the elevated snout, the crenated pupils and the tufted tail but I forgot-“

“Oh for Merlin’s sake how daft can you be Wormtail!” I asked exasperated, making a few girls look at me alarmed. “We just revised this last night! Besides you hang around with a werewolf every month!”

“Shh… keep it down!” said Remus anxiously.

We made our way down to our usual place under the beech tree. I suddenly realised then that my previous plans of encountering Evans had escaped me unnoticed and I looked around hoping to find her.

Damn, she was with her little group of idealists over at the edge of the lake. I continued to watch them as they splashed water playfully at each other, some wading a little into the water which rippled against the wind causing them to hoist their skirts up a little. I smiled to myself as I pulled off my tie and unbuttoned my top shirt button. It was hot as hell as we sat down under the shade of the tree and I longed for a nice pitcher of ice cold pumpkin juice.

I dropped my bag on the grass and pulled out the Golden Snitch from my pocket. I liked the feeling of the wings fluttering strongly against my fist. It seemed to give me an illusion of enormous power, like a giant holding a tiny little person. My mouth twitched to a smile at the idea and I let the Snitch go for a brief second before grabbing it back.

“Hagrid’s going to notice if you keep breaking into the Quidditch chests every other week,” remarked Sirius.
I simply smiled and released the Snitch again catching it back when it attempted to escape.

Remus had already settled himself into a revision cycle whereas Sirius seemed glad to have an excuse to do nothing. After a few minutes of me watching the girls scream loudly and splash water at each other, Sirius sulking about as Remus tried to coax him into learning something and Peter just watching the Snitch as if it was a large piece of candy that eluded him-

“Give it a rest will you? Wormtail is drooling all over you!” Sirius said loudly.

I smiled at his irritation and pocketed the Snitch hoping Peter wasn’t stung too much  by the blunt words.

“I’m bored,” Sirius voiced the obvious. So was I, but not for long…


There comes a day in every person’s life when something they did without consequence for so long suddenly results in an unpredictable and often unpleasant response. In this case taunting Severus, an art the four of us had come to perfect, hurt someone I cared about.
The most ironic part of the story being that I didn’t know I cared enough until the damage was well under its way.

“Evans!” I called after her as she strode quickly back to the castle. “Evans!” She didn’t even pause to look back.

“Red-heads and their temper,” I turned back to the group that had gathered around me. Some of them laughed and nodded agreeing with me. But I couldn’t bring myself to laugh along as I saw in the distance Lily Evan’s hand disappear in front of her face unmistakeably to wipe at her face. Suddenly the pain on the side of my face where Snape's curse cut across my cheek seemed less important.

My anger outweighed my guilt at that point and I was sure even if Lily had stayed back there was little that could have done to stop me from doing what I did next.
“Right then,” I said loudly to the group, regaining the firm grip on my wand, “Who wants to see me charm Snivelly’s bottoms off? Literally, of course!” There was a roar of laughter and cheering from the circle that had gathered beneath Snape suspended upside down in mid-air.

“Mr Potter?”
The laughter ceased immediately and I groaned internally before turning to face the voice I knew too well.

“Professor…?” I winced.
Her eyes flashed angrily behind her square glasses. She’d drawn herself up to her full formidable height as she surveyed us all with repugnance. I always pictured a hawk when I spoke to Professor McGonagall.
Her accusing glare lingered for a moment on Remus who I noticed had not moved from his spot between the roots surrounded by his books. Out of respect, Remus stood up slowly and stood still with his head bent low.

“If it were for you to behave as though you’re not a prefect, Mr Lupin, I would think it best you weren’t one.”
Remus stayed silent with his head bent low. It was an inherent quality he had, he never argued but simply took all that was thrown at him. I never quite understood that part about him.

“It wasn’t his fault, Professor!” Sirius and I said, almost together. Her glare flicked towards us.

“I would imagine so,” she paused and then let her eyes wander over the remainder of the group, “If the rest of you were born with inkling of self-preservation, all of you will disperse. Immediately.”

Loyal to their own skins, the gathered crowd scattered with a blink of an eye.

“Would you kindly release Mr Snape?”

“Certainly, Professor” I turned my wand tip down and Snape came crashing onto the floor again, lying there on the ground in a heap.

“Mr Snape, if you have suffered no injuries you may go. Mr Lupin, would you kindly escort Mr Pettigrew and Mr Black back to the castle and make sure they both indulge in diligent study for tomorrow’s exam. Mr Potter, let’s take a walk…”

I dragged my feet slowly to the Gryffindor tower. It was late and the corridors were deserted. I was tired after the long hours of cleaning in the kitchen. If you thought the prospect of a looming OWL exam the next morning would get me out of detention, you've obviously never met Professor McGonagall.
The last studious girls were leaving the library with tired puffy eyes to get a good night’s sleep before the exam tomorrow. At long last I reached the seventh floor and headed towards the tower. Suddenly I heard distant voices arguing quietly about something and stopped in my tracks hiding behind a pillar. I recognised the voice that spoke next.

“Why?” she asked, her voice full of hurt and humiliation.

“Why am I any different from the rest of them Severus? All the people you hate so much, why am I different?”

I peeked around the pillar. Severus Snape stood at the entrance to the tower stooped low under Lily Evans’ imploring gaze, his tongue tied stubbornly on the words he wanted to say.

As the silence stretched on, Lily’s eyes narrowed in contempt and she turned her back on him.
“I cannot be your friend anymore,” she said in a broken whisper. Lily pulled up the hem of her dressing gown and disappeared behind the portrait hole.

As the empty portrait closed shut, the halls reverberated with the sound. I watched as Snape slowly let his hand rest on the empty painting that barred him from what lay beyond. With his head hung low his frame seemed to tremble slightly for a long moment. On any other day I would’ve unquestioningly grasped the opportunity to hex him, simply because I could, but at that moment I couldn’t bring myself to do so.

For a long while Severus stood in the dimly lit hallway staring at the empty painting. Then all of a sudden he pulled himself up to his full height, blew his nose on a rather dirty handkerchief and then looked around for a moment as though he was trying to get his bearings. His abrupt behaviour surprised me but I remained still and his eyes missed my presence in the shadows.
Snape walked off in the direction of the stairways and I stepped quietly out of the darkness.

As I walked toward the portrait of the Fat Lady, I wondered about the odd feeling I had: a strange mixture of relief and empathy.

Was it possible I felt remorse for my earlier actions?

No. It couldn’t possibly be. It wasn’t my fault! He said it. He deserved it.

Yes… definitely NOT my fault.

“Late again, Potter?” I jumped at the voice and suddenly looked up suddenly to find the Fat Lady back in her place in the portrait looking amused.

I shook my head and composed myself.
“Umm… Sorry?” I offered hesitantly. "Bluebird"

She simply rolled her eyes, “I’d say ‘Don’t make a habit of it’ but -" she sighed "In you go.”
The portrait swung forwards and I climbed in with a quick ‘Goodnight’.

The common room was warm and welcoming, as I always liked it. The lamps were put out and the only light came from the fire, crackling casting a dim light over the arm chairs around it. The room seemed empty. I was glad for that fact for I didn't want to be questioned about detention. Since I hadn’t gotten the time to revise for tomorrow’s exam I could only hope that at least being well rested would help.

I started to unbutton my shirt as I headed for the dormitory stairs.

“Did you hear us just now?”

I stopped dead in my tracks. Apparently I missed someone in the room. Slowly turning around I saw her sitting on the steps leading up to the girl’s dormitories.

Emotional crying girls always scared me. I had no idea what to say or do when they started crying and I always ended up just standing there staring at their blotched reddened faces, and judging by the nasal voice and slightly reddened eyes, Lily Evans was definitely crying.

“Umm…” I started in a small voice and then I sighed and decided to go with the truth, “Yes, I heard.”

She gave a stiff nod looking into the fire. I felt something I couldn’t explain as I watched her. I knew I was responsible in some way but I couldn’t find the right words to apologise properly for it. She would definitely hate me no matter what I said so I decided to go with the standard.

“I…” Although I knew her reaction wouldn’t be good, I found myself naively hoping that she might overlook it, even forgive me. She merely continued to stare at the fire, its light glistening on the tear tracks upon her face.

“I’m sorry it happened, I never intended for you to lose a friend. I’m sorry…” I said almost in one breath and turned my eyes to the fire too.

She sighed and stood up and then made her way over to the couch in front of the fire. Lily wiped her cheek with the back of her hand silently and picked up a book she’d left there placing it on her lap. I was sure that her silence was probably the best reply I deserved but then she spoke again against all odds.

“I want to blame you Potter, I do… but maybe for the first time, it’s not your fault.”

I could not believe the words she spoke. Any other person in her position would have jumped at the chance to blame me, but she didn’t. Why?

My perplexity and curiosity kept me rooted there. Finally realising I wasn’t going to get any more answers and that it was probably best to leave,
“I’m still sorry,” I said quietly turning again towards the staircase.

“Do you want to stay?”

I turned back stunned to find her looking over her shoulder at me.
“Stay?” I voiced the word cautiously, trying to make out the expression upon the dark silhouette against the burning fire.

“Yeah, you’ve been in detention, haven’t you? You haven’t had time to revise for tomorrow,” she tapped the book on her lap softly and her eyebrow arched questioningly.

My face was probably a transparent veil of the confusion I felt. Never in the five years we’d spent in the same common room had Lily Evans ever suggested us spending any amount of time together. Now she wanted us to study together?

I scratched my head trying to understand this, “Let me get this right, you want me to stay and study with you?” I asked sure that there was some sort of mistake.

“Well yes,” she replied as if it was obvious what she was saying. “I can’t sleep so I’m probably going to be up the whole night and what better way to revise Transfiguration than with the one person who seems to know more about it,” she said with a slight patronizing air to it.

“You’re never going to let that one go are you?” I asked rolling my eyes at her.

“Not if I can help it,” she admitted with the slightest smile hidden in the corner of her mouth.


The fire, occasionally poked, still burned warm and bright. Books lay scattered across the carpet along with bound piles of parchment notes. Half-eaten mint chocolates and cookies were littered all around us.

I sat on the carpet with my back against the couch, one of my legs stretched out, with a copy of Freidhausen’s Principles of Transfiguration open on my other knee.
We had gone through nearly all of the O.W.L past question papers and finished most of the theory. Ordinarily I would have decided to sleep three hours ago, but Lily Evans was not content. She was never content.

However, I was surprised by how easily we both could get along when we were discussing a common interest. Unknown to me Lily apparently had a strong liking for Transfiguration. I had always assumed she favoured Charms since she seemed to have a natural talent for it.

Lily lay on the couch just above the level of my head with her legs hanging over the armrest and a book open over her face. My eyes closed sleepily for about the fifteenth time.
I didn’t know I could feel this tired.

… helping the transfer of vapours to solids by bypassing the liquid stage.

I had read the same line several times already. Slowly massaging the muscles between my shoulder blades I extended my neck, feeling its soreness. With the rest of the castle sound asleep all I could hear was the crackling of the fire. I checked my watch. It was half past four in the morning.


“Mmheh?” Came the sleepy reply from beneath her book.

“Know what I’m thinking?” I asked closing my own book and setting it aside.

“Surprise me!” the muffled sound said.

“How this is definitely not the way to stay up through the night,”

“Please tell me you’re not thinking of getting pissed right now!” even though the book her judgmental bossy tone was hard to miss.

Having successfully annoyed her I laughed heartily, “Come on, break’s over. Rise and shine!”

She groaned and finally got up swinging her legs over the arm rest.
“OW!” Her feet collided painfully with the back of my head.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so so sorry! Are you alright?” She sat up fast and held my head where she hit me. To be honest, it didn’t hurt that badly but I felt like milking it just the same.

“No I’m not alright! You just kicked me in the head!” I got up accusing her with a glare.

Lily’s anxious expression changed to scepticism in a second. I couldn’t fool her. She folded her arms across her chest, pursed her lips with her suspicious eyebrow arched high.

“What? It did hurt!” I said defensively.

“Well at least you’re awake now!” she laughed going around me to collect some of the scattered notes. I narrowed my eyes at her but couldn’t stop myself from smiling.
She clutched my elbow as she stooped low to retrieve her books. I reasoned it was possibly to stop herself from losing her balance. It had to be…
My free hand ran though my hair unconsciously. She didn’t see it and that was probably a good thing, it always seemed to annoy her.

“Where were we?” She asked sitting down on the floor and pushing her hair back.

“Drinking?” I offered. She laughed again easily.
I sat down again a few inches away from her. We’d never really been physically this close aside from when we were paired off at potions.

“Alright, next question,” she read picking up where we had left off, “ ‘Why would transfiguring pure water to wood not only be impractical but also impossible? Explain your answer.’ Hmm…” she thought for a moment. Her brow furrowed as she stared into the fire. Her eyes reflected its glow, somehow masking the vivid green in warm golden. She searched her mind, her eyes wide as she tried to remember. I was almost lost in her transfixed image when she suddenly spoke.

“Oh! Because water and wood are both of same, non-metal, category and as such transforming them into each other requires three times more energy than conjuring the individual components separately?” She said in one breath and turned to me.

I really did want to nod my head and say ‘Brilliant!’ but, instead I gave half a nod which probably looked like I was paralysed on my left side, “Impractical yes, but read carefully, the question asks why it’s impossible.”

Her scepticism suddenly turned into interest. I would have never bet that Lily Evans was open to discussing her mistakes, especially academic ones. I’d always thought of her as a tad self-righteous and dignified. Turned out I was wrong about a lot of things when it came to her.

“You’re right, of course!” she exclaimed reading the question again. Her eyes then crunched up as she thought hard. After a long moment she sighed.
“I don’t… understand,” she said honestly looking down at the paper. I could sense she was disappointed in herself and I knew I had to be sensitive helping her with the answer.

“It’s alright, it’s a difficult one. You see it’s a trick question,” she turned to me again with that same spark of interest. I smiled as I continued, “We know that water can be transformed into almost anything with the expansion and restructuring of its impurities right? They just put in the word ‘pure’ to make it complicated. Pure water means that the water had no impurities and could not thus be transformed, which makes it the fourth exception to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration…” I finished.

She smiled nodding in agreement taking a second look at the question, “Water in its molecular form, distilled and untainted, can only be augmented, lessened, vanished or conjured but never transformed,” she recited the law to herself just loud enough for me to hear.


“I would’ve never thought of that! That was… impressive, James.” she smiled at me. I didn’t miss that she called me by my first name. I smiled back.

“No, it wasn’t me.” I knew that generally people are more likeable if they were modest, thought I might as well give it a go, “My dad had to teach me that one. I didn’t get it either,” I confessed.

“Really? Now who would’ve thought you were the kind of boy who did O.W.L past questions?”
She said with a hint of sarcasm.

I made a face at her, she laughed. For the first time I felt something unusual. I wanted to hear her laugh. I’d never had that feeling before and I was left wondering what it meant…

It was just the same as yesterday. The sun streamed into the room through the high windows. Beams of morning light threw patches of the Great Hall into spotlight. Soft white clouds floated around in the enchanted ceiling.
Quills scratched, papers ruffled. Time flowed slowly.

I finished the paper in good time. It was my favourite subject. Since childhood I had avidly read everything I could find about Transfiguration. All I had to do was to make sure not to get carried away with my answers and lose track of time. Once I finished, just like yesterday my mind wondered.

I wondered about last night. Had things changed between Lily Evans and I? Were we suddenly at the turning point to a new kind of relationship?
After last night, when we managed to spend hours in each other’s company, discussing, talking, laughing, making jokes… Could we possibly have unknowingly stumbled upon a friendship? Of course now we knew for sure, we could tolerate one another, even be more than civil.

As I watched her a few seats in front of me she turned her parchment over and continued to write. She did not once look up. Most of the questions were fairly straight forward and nearly all of them were from topics we discussed. I wondered how she was faring. I couldn’t help but hope that last night’s revision helped in her favour.

In the middle of a life-altering examination, my mind was ablaze thinking about a girl that I may or may not be friends with in the near future! I hit my forehead with the heel of my hand.

What was wrong with me? I had to stay focused!

“Five minutes left. Organize your papers now, please”

I tricked my mind to wander far from the girl before me. My fingertips fiddled with my quill as the seconds ticked past wondering if brooms would fly better if they had feathers instead of twigs. They were definitely streamlined and literally made to fly. What would they be named…?

“Time’s up, Please put your quills down” Professor Slughorn collected the papers with a wave of his wand and we were allowed to leave the hall. I got up instantly watching Evans as she collected all her belongings into a neat pile before stowing it in her bag.

"Oi!” a hand clapped on my back and I turned to find Sirius standing behind me, “Hope you don’t mind but I thought I’d sneak over to the kitchens early, I’m starving!” he said in a quiet voice before hurrying off. I nodded and told him I’d catch up.

Peter waved at me and followed Sirius towards the kitchens.

“Something on your mind?” Remus approached tugging gently at the strap of his bag.
“Nah, just wanted to talk to Slughorn about Potions,” I brushed off his insight.

Remus laughed, “Hah! Good luck getting exam secrets outta him! I’ll see you in the common room.”

“I thought we were heading out to the grounds?”

He gave a half-pitying half-exasperated look, “Yeah, because that worked out extremely well yesterday?”

I was suddenly and unpleasantly reminded of yesterday’s events, events that led to Lily and Snape ending their friendship, events that led to the unstable ground that Lily and I now treaded upon... 
When I looked up from my thoughts Remus was gone.

I turned back to Lily. She stood beside her desk clutching her bag to her chest with her arms folded across it. A foot apart from her stood Severus Snape. My eyes narrowed as I watched them from a distance. They seemed to be arguing discreetly about something, I couldn’t be sure what. Snape looked away from her as he spoke, as if she was invisible. Lily’s lip visibly trembled but she faced him defiantly. I merely stood my ground and watched the rapid exchange of words, knowing that it wasn’t my place to interfere. At the end of it Snape handed something over to her in a tight fist. Lily looked at it for second upon her palm and then pocketed it.

Without so much as a last glance Snape turned on his heel and walked away, leaving Lily Evans swaying on her unsteady feet. She shouldered her bag with a sombre expression and brushed her hair back, turning to leave the hall along with the last remaining students. When she looked up and saw me watching her, her eyes glanced over to Snape who was making his way over to his blood-thirsty Slytherin friends.
It was no secret what they did when they weren’t cooped up in the Dark Arts section of the library, just that no one had caught them in the act.

“What was that about?” I asked casually as Lily reached where I stood waiting.

“Nothing,” she replied with a somewhat forced smile, “Severus was just returning some of my things,” her hand waved carelessly in his direction. Her tone seemed to suggest it had upset her more than she cared to let on.

“Oh… Ok,” I let the matter drop and fell into stride with her as we both headed out of the Great Hall.

Many students still lingered in the Entrance Hall loudly discussing their varied answers to the paper. We had to squeeze between several of them to head for the staircases.

“How was the paper?” I asked her over the babble eager to change the subject since I knew she was irritated. By now I could fairly accurately recognise when Lily Evans was nearing her boiling point, having been the cause of it on many occasions.

“Fine,” was all she said in reply as she continued to push through the crowd.

“Question five was a good one huh? The evolution of Theory of the Matter versus-”

“What do you want?” She stopped in her tracks at the foot of the marble staircase and turned to face me.

I skidded to a sudden halt in front of her.
“I’m sorry?” I asked, caught off guard.

“Why are you following me Potter? What do you want?” she asked plainly with her brow furrowed.

I felt the sudden sting of unwanted company. Instantly I felt the heat rise behind my ears. I cleared my throat. “Umm, what do you mean? I thought we-”

We?” her eyes widened at the word as if it was offensive.  Several passer-bys looked at us oddly before going about their way. 
“Potter, hope you understand that yesterday night, it doesn’t change anything between us! We’re not friends, we can’t be! I’ve lost someone dear to me and most of that is your fault!”

I’m fairly certain my jaw might have dropped open at that point.
“Wait, I don’t understand. Yesterday you told me it wasn’t my fault and now you’re saying it is?”
I could feel my own anger rise slowly at the irrationality and humiliation.

She gave an impatient sigh, “I’m saying he wouldn’t be the person he is if it weren’t for you!” Her fingertip pressed slightly against my chest as she accused me.
“If you had stopped for ten seconds and thought about how you humiliate other people just for your own entertainment, and physically and emotionally torment them just for a pathetic laugh, then you would have noticed that people don’t greet you and adore you out of respect, they do it out of humiliation and fear. The only difference was that Severus never gave in. You’re so blinded by your so called talents and your bravado and that stupid ‘I’m a Gryffindor! I’m better than everyone else’ attitude that you can’t see he is MUCH braver than you ever were Potter!”

Lily paused as she realised her voice had risen attracting a fair fewon-lookers. She was nearly shaking. I could see the tears beginning to well up in her eyes as she looked at me. Those gleaming emerald eyes pierced me before she spoke again.

“If you didn’t exist, he’d still be my friend.”


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