*** Hermione’s P.O.V. ***

I tend to be the first person awake these days, as I’m always having bad dreams (first Harry, and now me), so I was surprised to find Ron sitting by the fireplace, watching the arch to the girl’s and boy’s dormitories, clearly waiting for somebody. His face loosened up when I came down, and he got up off the sofa. I closed the distance between us in three short strides, and gave him a huge hug good morning. He kissed the top of my head, and whispered,


“What day is it today?” I looked at him, puzzled. Then, it suddenly dawned on me. It was August 27, our anniversary. This was the year mark of the beginning of our relationship, and we had promised not to get each other anything, as we already had enough just by having each other. Clearly, he had cheated. I could tell by the excited tone of his voice that he got me something, and I instantly felt regretful for not getting him anything. However, I did not have time to tell him about my dilemma, as he had already grabbed my hand, and led me out of the common room.


“Ron, where are we going? You know I hate surprises!” I called after him, however he either did not hear me, or chose to ignore me. After about five minutes of running, he came to a stop, and walked back and forth three times, muttering something to himself. We had reached the seventh floor corridor, where the Room of Requirement is. The door appeared in front of us, and Ron led me inside, covering my eyes with his large, but warm hands. As we walked in, awkwardly, but not uncomfortably, I was hit by the smell of Earl Grey tea, strawberry shortcake, and the most fragrant of flowers.


“Happy Anniversary, love!” Ron said. My eyes filled with tears, as he took his hand off my eyes, but keeping them on my waist. The floor had been turned into grass, covered in small daisies, and roses and honeysuckle lined the walls. In the center was a French-styled table and chairs, with a full breakfast set out. Small bluebirds flitted across the room, and I could have sworn I saw a deer duck behind a small rose bush. I turned around, and hugged Ron’s middle. It was the most perfect gift in the world.


“Ron, love, I’m so sorry. I don’t have anything for you! If I had known you would surprise me like this, I would have gotten you something!” I looked at him, my eyes filled with fresh tears of guilt. One little teardrop fell out of my eye, and rolled down my cheek. Ron wiped it away with a kiss and said


“Don’t worry, Hermione, it’s fine. Really.” He looked sincere, so I led him to the table, and tucked into the delicious breakfast that had been laid out for us.


“Harry! For goodness’ sake, you’ll be late for your very first lesson! Get up, brush your teeth, get dressed and into the hall! NOW!” I screamed. Harry still wasn’t awake, and his lesson was supposed to begin in half an hour. Ron had jumped onto Harry’s bed, squishing him to a pulp.


“Geroff me Ron!” he mumbled. I stifled a giggle as Ron made faces at Harry.


“Come on, you really don’t want to be late. Not with McGonagall at your tail.” I pointed out. Professor McGonagall had been appointed as ‘teaching assistant’. In Hogwarts, that basically meant ‘woman who makes sure you don’t get up to anything stupid’.


Eventually, Harry got out, and was clean and fresh at his desk as soon as the bell rang. Ron and I stood at his flanks, eyeing up all the students coming in. There were the ex-DA members, Dean, Seamus, Neville, Luna and Ginny (I saw Harry blush slightly, and look pointedly away. Ginny did so, too), as well as some people we had never met before, supposedly the muggle-borns that were banned from attending the school last year, as well as some fifth years. However, we all froze, mouths gaping open when the last person walked in. There stood Draco Malfoy, his pale hair sleeked back the way he always had it, but this time it was a completely different Draco from the one we used to know. This time, he wasn’t smirking, nor did his cronies, Crabbe and Goyle, flank him the way they used to the year before. In fact, I don’t think either of them is here at all. No, this Draco was much, much nicer-looking. He had more color to his face, and his hair had more of a shine to him. His eyes twinkled, almost eagerly! It was definitely a different Draco from what we knew before.


“Alright class! I’m Harry; please do not call me Mr. Potter, as I am still your classmate. Welcome back, DA members, I think you will all be familiar with this, however all new comers may feel a bit nervous. Don’t worry, anyone wearing a blue ribbon is here to help.” By then, I noticed that all ex-DA members were wearing the blue ribbons pinned to our cloaks, not just Ron and me. I was surprised at how confident Harry sounded, but I guess facing the most evil dark wizard of all time does that to you.


“OK, we are all familiar with self-defense spells? Or would you like me to re-cap it with you?” Harry said.


“How about we pair up, and then practice attack and defense spells?” Someone said. It was Draco.


“Yes, er… Draco. I agree. Find a partner, Neville you can join me.”


“It’s ok, I’ll work with Luna.” Said Neville. We all smiled knowingly, and looked around for someone who didn’t have a partner. Cho Chang sat at the back of the room.


“Cho, how about-“


“I’ll go with Cho, and then you can stay with Ron” I said. I knew what Ginny would think if she saw Harry and Cho together. She still loved Harry very much, which was why she’s able to wait a whole year to get him back. I really admire her courage; I would never be able to sit back if I had to wait a whole year for Ron to be able to date me again!


As the lesson came to an end, Harry set the homework. I knew he wouldn’t set foot-long essays, but I wasn’t sure if he would set any sort of homework. This left me slightly surprised as he said,


“For homework I want you to practice a little bit everyday with your partner, and we will have proper dueling practice on Thursday! Have a great rest of the day. Class dismissed!” as everyone rushed out of the classroom, Ron and I stared at Harry. He looked completely relieved, and we all started laughing at the prospect of him having to do all of this every week. However, he looked comfortable. It was what he did in the fifth year, and he really knew what he was doing.


“Well done, Mr. Potter!” Ron teased. Harry whacked him in the head, and we laughed all the way back to the common room, where we landed in a heap in front of the fire. This was going to be some term.


A/N: Hiya guys! This is my third chapter now, I hope you like it ^_^ 1226 words went into this, I tried to make it as long as possible, as I remember there were some problems with short chapters before. Please Rate and Review, I would really appreciate it!

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