A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t updated this story in a long time, school and real life caught up with me. But I’ll be more regular with it. This is sort of a filler chapter introducing Scorpius’s character and the first of our OCs Jacob Zabini. Once again I do not own Harry Potter.

The Weasleys and Malfoys by principle had never seen eye to eye. There was a brief moment of peace after the war where Harry Potter had shown the family mercy and kept them out of Azkaban, but tensions rose merely ten years ago when Lucius Malfoy was convicted with torturing two muggles in broad daylight and sent to Azkaban with a life sentence. Britain came down on the Malfoy family and Draco and his wife were forced to leave Britain with their seven year old son. No one really knew where they went; some guessed they had moved to Ireland to live near Astoria’s family. However this had to be the first time in ten years that Draco Malfoy was on British soil in public.

Rose looked at the livid expression on her father’s face; he was already standing up wand clenched in hand staring at the recent arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy. Harry was on his feet too with his hand clamped on Ron’s shoulder the expression of calm on his face matching that of Draco Malfoy himself. For a man in his late forties, some would have argued that he had aged well, but the war had left his mark on him his eyes were almost empty and cold, his face pointed, his hairline receding he looked about ten years older than he actually was. His wife, Astoria on the other hand had kind green eyes and she was wearing an awkward smile as she clutched her husband’s arm.

“Last time I checked Weasley, this was a free country” drawled Draco moving to the section in the far corner pulling out a chair for his wife and then sitting down beside her, no longer listening or caring to what Ron had to say. Ron on the other hand wasn’t going to quit so easily he lunged for his wand only to be stopped by his own best friend.

“Ron…he’s not doing anything wrong” whispered Harry in his ear.

“But he’s a death eater” argued Ron angrily his blue eyes still focused on the Malfoys who were now scanning the arena excitedly.

“Was a death eater, he’s probably just here to see his son play “corrected Harry astutely taking his seat back and shaking his head.

At the mention of the younger Malfoy, Rose’s attention shifted toward her Uncle beside her Al was doing the same staring at his father with wide green eyes at the mention of the new information while Hugo dropped the British flag he held in his hand in surprise. For a moment Harry looked sheepish as he saw the three of them staring over there. Finally Al broke the ice with the question that was twittering in both his Rose, and Hugo’s mind.

“What do you mean, Dad? Watch his son play?”

For a moment Harry thought about glazing over the question with a vague answer, but the way his son, niece, and nephew were looking at him he knew he couldn’t do it. Instead he withdrew his wand and pointed it at the other people in the box muttering muffliato before leaning close to the trio speaking barely above a whisper.

“Alright..if I tell you this, you need to keep it absolutely silent for the next hour or so, because it is a matter of utmost security…Scorpius Malfoy is England’s new seeker”


Scorpius Malfoy gripped his broom tightly as he looked at himself in the mirror. He was his father at seventeen, but he had his mother’s kind eyes, blue at first sight with flecks of emerald green mixed in, he was tall for age over six feet tall with a toned body due to years of Quidditch training. A smile appeared on his lips as he touched his blue red and white uniform and the seeker badge on his chest. Finally after years of shame and scorn he was going to make his family proud, more so he was going to make his father proud. Draco Malfoy was a cold man, who didn’t show affection often, his mother always insisted it was because of the war and what it had done to him, but Scorp knew it was mostly because that was just the Malfoy way; showing emotion was a sign of weakness. Still his goal in life remained to make his father proud and after he caught the snitch today everyone would forget about what happened during the war.

“There he is the man of the hour” said a familiar voice from behind he turned to see his manager, best friend, and Cousin Jacob Zabini. Jacob was four years older than Scorpius seeing as how his mother Daphne Zabini nee Greengrass was two years older than his mother and had married his father’s friend Blaise a few years after the war ended. They were less like cousins and more like brothers, and had lived next door to each other since Scorpius was seven and moved to Ireland shortly after his grandfather was arrested for murder.

“Jacob…you were supposed to be here half an hour ago” said Scorpius sternly. Jacob shrugged running a hand through his dark hair gesturing at a pretty brunette standing a few feet away smiling at him.

“I got tied up, mate. That pretty bird over there agreed to have drink with me after we win the match”

“You’re such a wanker, Jake. You’re my manager remember? Try to keep it in your pants” Scorpius rolled his blue green eyes, when it came to personality and looks Jake was his complete opposite. While Scorp was calm and collected, Jake was a wild child. Jake had dark jet black hair, tanned skin, and barely stood over 5’8”, was Scorpius had platinum blonde hair ,pale, and towered over the older boy. From an angle they didn’t even look like cousins, but Scorpius knew Jake always had his best interests at heart and although he was at times immature there was no one else in the world that Scorpius would have to manage him.

“Come on, Scor all work and no play makes Scor a very dull boy”

“Easy for you to say, you don’t have England’s and your family’s reputation riding on your ass” pronounced Scorpius bitterly suddenly feeling sick to his stomach as his eyes flitted towards the clock on the wall. Jake shook his head sitting down next to him clapping his shoulder.

“Look mate, we’ve been over this. This isn’t about you being a Malfoy. To hell with that, fuck you’re brilliant Scor, and you’re going to go out there and win”

“You know he’s right” added a voice from the entrance of the younger Malfoy’s dressing room both stood up at the arrival of a beautiful blonde girl with cascading blonde locks down to her waist, blue eyes, and a perfectly sculpted angelic face. “Your name doesn’t make you who you are”

Jake immediately sidestepped Scorpius tripping over his own two feet as he took a hold of the girl’s hand and kissed it. The girl was taken aback and she took a step back at Jacob’s formal greeting, Scor feeling embarrassed tugged his cousin back by the collar.

“Sorry..he was dropped on his head as a baby” Scorpius apologized trying to study the blonde. “And you are?”

“It’s quite alright, I shouldn’t have barged in so rudely, I’m Victoire Lupin and I’m in charge of your security tonight”

“And what are you doing after the match, beautiful” quipped Jacob. Victoire gave him a stern looked and then flourished her hair back.
“Going home with my husband…now Mr. Malfoy have you been briefed about security?”

“Please…It’s Scorpius, and yes I am not to leave my dressing room without a proper security escort”

“I still don’t get why?” contended Jake, still upset about being rejected.

“As it was explained to your family before, it is not safe for the Malfoys in England. During the war, people lost a lot and they still blame the Malfoys for what they did” Victoire countered impatiently.

“That’s not Scor’s fault though.”

“It’s not, but it’s just the way things are. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to meet the rest of the aurors and debrief, you’re expected to be at the gate in ten minutes for the introduction. Good Luck Scorpius”

“Thank you, Mrs. Lupin”

“Please, it’s Victoire” said Victoire with one final smile before she left the tent.

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