I, Ronald Bilius Weasley, have always been a protective older brother. I think it’s because I really only have one sibling to be older than in the first place. But really, who can tell where my obsessive protectiveness comes from?

And Ginny, well, she never made my job any easier. Mostly because she yelled at me (and I already got enough of that from Hermione, bless her) every time I’d try to help her. It was also because she was much too popular for her own good. I mean, really, how many blokes did she have on the go at Hogwarts?

Dean was the worst, especially because I couldn’t do anything but glare at him because of the annoying fact that we shared a dorm. I got Michael Corner when he had come along, though. That was really satisfying: hexing the obnoxious git. And the thing was he was always too afraid to tell Ginny I had done anything. Wimp. He didn’t deserve her.

But her past boyfriends don’t really matter anymore because she’s with Harry now. And Ginny and Harry are almost as perfect for each other as me and Hermione are. There are only two things in life I can beat Harry at and they were wizard’s chess and love (who cares if he started going out with Ginny before I finally got Hermione? That was just sheer dumb luck. It wasn’t like I was scared or anything...).

I mean, when he first started snogging her in the common room after we won the Quidditch Final, my brain sort of let out a stream of choice swear words before I finally got out the coherent thought of, What is he doing?! That’s my little sister! He’s supposed to be my best mate!

But after a couple seconds I realised that it was a prime opportunity to get Ginny off the market for good! And Harry, being my best mate, would listen to me when I told him not to mess around with my sister. It was genius! One of my finer moments, I think. So Harry is the one boyfriend of Ginny’s that I actually approved of.

Even so, I was still pretty pissed when I caught them snogging at the Burrow on his birthday after he’d ended it. I told him not to mess her around, didn’t I?!

But when we finally killed old You-Know-Who and they got back together, I knew they were completely perfect for each other and that she couldn’t be with a better guy. He’s my best mate; I couldn’t know him better. So it really didn’t surprise me when he proposed to her and they got hitched.

Despite my realisation that they were almost as perfect as me and Hermione, though, I was still extremely close to shouting out “I object!!” when that old bloke that’s at pretty much every important wizarding occasion said “Speak now or forever hold your peace.” So what if I was Harry’s Best Man? She was my sister first and she was walking down the aisle in that white dress and was about to get married! Over-protective-brother mode took over and it was only a look from Hermione (how does she always know what I’m thinking?) that could keep my big mouth shut. I honestly can’t imagine how many family members would have hexed me if I’d interrupted that wedding. And I’m not talking about Harry, here; he’d just be upset and give me that ‘disappointed’ look he gets when he’s angry (I sort of wish he hadn’t learned to control his temper...) No, I’m talking about other members of the Weasley clan. Cough. Mum. Cough.

But you know? Looking back, I’ve always been pretty much okay with Ginny’s love life, especially when it involved Harry. That was until now.

“Ron? Ron, are you still listening?” Ginny says as she waves her hand in front of my face. I’m still in shock. Harry stares at me knowingly. I really hate that look.

“Sorry. What?” I mumble to gain some time. Of course, I already know what she said. I just can’t comprehend it. It’s crazy. Where’s Hermione? She’s the only one who can keep me sane!

“Ron,” Ginny says carefully, as if afraid that I’ll blow up if she doesn’t say what she’s already said in exactly the right way. Come to think of it, maybe I will blow up. Just for kicks. “I’m pregnant. Harry and I are going to have a baby.”

She smiles cautiously in almost the same way that Harry does. How on earth do they do that?

“Oh, well, that’s.... erm... great,” I say, but it comes out sort of garbled so I’m not sure if they think I’m completely right in the head or not.

Then it hits me: Ginny, my baby sister, is pregnant. And it’s Harry’s! My best mate got my sister pregnant! I mean, I know they’re married and all that, but it’s still freaking me out! I know what that entails! I know what happens when someone gets pregnant! I’m not a completely gormless prat!

I stare at them for a split second before over-protective brother kicks in. “What?!” I yell. Explosion time. I can almost hear over-protective brother rubbing his hands together in anticipation and grinning evilly. Splendid. “You’re pregnant?! Wha- How? How did this happen?”

I round on Harry. He puts his hands up in surrender before wrapping them around Ginny’s waist. He’s holding her back. Smart man.

“Would you like me to draw a diagram, Ron?” Ginny says as she glares at me. Crap, Ginny has more of a temper than I do.

“N- no! But you’re my sister... And he’s- he’s my mate... and- and-” I’m stuttering. This is just great.

“Why can’t you ever just be happy for me, Ron?” Ginny says and she looks like she’d about to cry. Do the pregnancy hormones really come in that early? Merlin, do I pity Harry.

Then it hits me.


Like the Hogwarts Express has just smashed into me.

I’m being a total git. I can’t even be happy for my best mate and my little sister during one of the happiest times of their lives! What kind of brother/ friend am I?! A horrible one, that’s what.

At that moment, over-protective older brother is kicked out in a silent scuffle by wise and mature elder brother. Personally, I sort of like wise and mature elder brother better. And he is telling me to be happy for Harry and Ginny because really, it’s a pretty great thing.

Just as I’m about to open my mouth to congratulate them, Hermione runs in in a whirlwind of that bushy brown hair that I love so much. “Harry, Ginny, I’ve only just heard! Oh my goodness, congratulations!”

She sprints forward and hugs them so tightly I’m pretty sure it’s not at all good for the baby. As she gossips with Ginny and talks about how they have to go shopping for baby clothes, I say congrats to Harry and he smiles that much wider.

Merlin, I’m going to be an uncle.

A/N: So I'm convinced that they need to make a waterproof laptop for me to take in the shower- that's where I come up with all my ideas. It's really ridiculous. But that's where I came up with this one-shot. I hope you liked it. I actually really enjoyed writing Ron and I hope I got his character right. Let me know what you think in a reivew!

~cb ")

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